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Hello everyone. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 (23...

Hello everyone. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 (23 and 11 year old). I have developed sagging breast and feel as though I need a lift. I have been contemplating a lift or implants for over 4 years. I would prefer the lift. I am not really a implant lady. I had 2 consultations and one PS told me that I needed a lift and implants. For some reason I felt as if he was trying to get more money out of me. I finally was referred by a friend to Dr. Chiaramonte at the National Harbor in Md. I just went for my free consultation. I was very impressed by his knowledge, personality, sense of humor and office staff. Everyone was so friendly. After speaking with him and a brief exam. He informed me that I would only need a lift. That's exactly what me and my husband was thinking. My breast are full but saggy. I am not interested in bigger breast I just want them tight and perky. After discussing the price and looking at plenty of pics from his website. I have decided to schedule my surgery. My surgery is a gift from my wonderful husband. He made the deposit and I just called to set my surgery date. My date is 6/19/14. I will keep you updated. Wish me luck!
Trae, I too liked the look of breast implants BUT I urge you to look into the HEALTH complications of breast implants. I'm probably wasting my breath as I know when I first looked into mine in 2006, no one was talking me out of it! And yes the first 3 yrs they were amazing, but it's what they don't tell you from then on. 8 yrs on I've had a rupture and basically thought. 'It will never happen to me' I want you to ask yourself why is it illegal to inject silicone straight into the breast (DUE TO MAJOR HEALTH ISSUES OF SILICONE) yet we allow these ps that stand to profit greatly to tell us we need implants and to reassure us that they're safe. Yet it is 100% fact that ALL silicone shells 'leak' silicone, it's also a fact that all breast implants are linked to ALCL -yes cancer! If someone said I'm gonna place this bit of Lego under your skin you'd say NO WAY but because we're bombarded with images of BIG BOOBS=SEXY we are sucked in. I encourage you to google 'explant' information site. You will hear the REAL STORIES OF AUTOIMMUNE ILLNESS AND silicone toxicity! Interestingly, there have been no long term studies. Don't be a guinea pig like I was!!! If you still go ahead...get saline filled and get an MRI every two yrs to monitor ruptures and use a surgeon with FRACS AS THEIR CREDENTIALS IN AUSTRALIA!!! Good luck!
Thanks for your feedback. I will continue my research. Cheers!
Thanks for your graciousness! You are enough Trae, just how you are! Hope you make the right decision as life is short. Sadly, no one could talk me out of it, as I wanted that look. Now look at me and many other women 8yrs on...how life and your value of life changes. I now have a four yr old and just want these toxic time bombs out and hope the silicone doesn't continue to poison me and cripple me with disease in the future. I wish I had've done the research I'm now doing back in 2006. It is mind blowing. There are NO long term studies, even with my rupture it's up to me to report it further which many women don't, so none of us are getting the real facts . I asked my ps if he's sending the implant off for testing or to check the weight to see how much silicone has leaked over the 8 yrs, he said 'No, we used to do that in the Dow Corning days but not anymore'. So who is regulating this? Who is doing long term research? I even have an email from a Doctor stating 'The breast implants we use for replacement are by the brand, Silimed and are guaranteed to last for life.' This is from a current ps dated 5/6/2014!!! We are vulnerable, we just want that quick fix and we all think 'it won't happen to me'. Cancer takes 15-20 yrs to develop...have there been reputable studies done??? Often any short term studies are run by plastic surgeons so very biased OR only researched over 3 yrs when most major issues are from 8yrs onwards. Think about FB, we don't put the ugliest photos of ourselves up, same with breast implant complications - you can find a million look at my amazing breast pictures, but not look at me regretting my decision and battling autoimmune disease pictures. A rupture is not a possible but a given. 100% your implant will rupture!!! It might be 3 yrs, it might be 10yrs. We run to go under the knife then when it finally ruptures we're in a different phase of life. The excitement of a boob job is a totally different feeling to the fear of rupture, explant and wondering if they've got most of the silicone. The ps that we trust don't report the prevalence of ruptures, capsular contracture, autoimmune illness symptoms and the girls like me that originally shouted loud and proud about how great their boobs are, have to eat our words and are fearing for our lives. My leak is extracapsular which is NOT good! I'm sorry to harp on Trae, I'm hoping other girls will be reading this thread and may get better educated!! My theory is if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it generally is a duck!!!!! So when you take the time to read all these women's silicone poisoning stories, try not to brush them off as the ps community do. I told my ps that my symptoms were 'brain fog' and he dismissed it and said,' no that's unrelated to breast implant rupture!' We are all vibrant excited women looking for a quick fix solution to make us more attractive/happy and at the end of this silicone nightmare we have many illnesses and are a shadow of that hot chic we used to be! Please go to healingbreastimplantillness.com or thenakedtruthaboutbreastimplants.com For further info on implants and toxicity. I am completely unrelated to these, I am just a scared lady looking for answers and realising the ps that I looked up to to protect my health are more interested in protecting their finances! I want these implants out and hope to fight the issues related to extracapsular silicone floating through my body and affecting my organs. But I made a STUPID decision when I was 29 and now at 37 with a whole life ahead I'm paying for my vanity! They are not all they are cut out to be and the risks far outweigh the benefits! Think of one lady you admire the most and who is a beautiful person - I bet it's not the woman with the big set of norks! We envy our girlfriends for a whole set of reasons - height, great legs, weight, and BIG BOOBS! Why is it that this one feature we are stupid enough to put our lives at risk. MEDIA and DOCTORS THAT STAND TO PROFIT! Again, you have to do what's best for you, but if I could go back 8 yrs ago and talk to myself like I'm doing to you, I would and I hope I could've just realised Im ENOUGH AND PERFECT JUST HOW I am!!!! Something I want to teach my daughter! My final piece of advice-last yr prior to my rupture 4 girlfriends were interested in getting a boob job - I managed to talk 2 out of 4 out of it. The two that did when asked are you happy now? One said, 'I don't think anyone with implants will ever truly be happy with them' If that's our thing we allow our silly minds to obsess about then having them blown up bigger we are still going to find flaws' the other lost all sensitivity in her nipples and has now had a baby and has massive stretch marks and regrets getting them simply to fill out her wedding dress! Maybe we should all go and see a psychologist to talk through our reasons and why we feel the need to take these risks with our lives and appearance rather than seeing a ps who will just say yes, yes, yes! As for the two that didn't , they are both happy, in a relationship and I view them as strong beautiful women that love themselves just the way they are! Again, I am not saying you shouldn't do this as that would be hypocritical, I'm saying please weigh it all up from someone that knows and like with 'the secret' if all we focus on is wanting big breasts, it's gonna happen and we'll only hear the positives whereas if we start to QUESTION implants and silicone beyond what our drs assure us of, you may bring some other perspective into your world to make an informed decision!
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