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I just had a breast lift with augmentation with...

I just had a breast lift with augmentation with 375 cc's, silicone on Fri March 8, exactly one week ago, still in recovery. The first few days were pretty rough for me... Still feel very sore and tight, I have an appt Thurs to remove the steri strips... We'll see... I thought about this for probably 4 years or so, I finally had the courage to do it. Im hoping for great results! Cant wait to see the results

Its been 10 days since my surgery, im back at...

Its been 10 days since my surgery, im back at work, still a little stiff and sore, but feeling a lot better. I can already feel my breasts are softening up a little bit, although they are still quite firm. I went shopping yesterday and wow... I love them, its crazy how such a small change can give you so much confidence, before i hated shopping and always felt like nothing looked good, yesterday I purchased more clothes than I have for the past year for myself! (Which isn't much, haha) I look forward to seeing the changes... On Thursday I will have the steri-strips removed from the incisions! I hope the scarring wont be too bad! We'll see!

What a difference a good nights rest can do! I was...

What a difference a good nights rest can do! I was finally able to sleep and movement of my arms are starting to affect my soreness less... I feel more mobile!

Had my appt today, they gave me a strap to hear to...

Had my appt today, they gave me a strap to hear to help push the implants down, and told me to massage more vigorously to help soften then up, they did say theyre a little firm. I dont get my steri strips and sutures off until next Thursday. I can tell my left breast is a little firmer and hurts more when I massage! Im def going to get the massaging going! Dont want to end up with cap. Contr!!!!

So... Its been 19 days since my surgery, I'm...

So... Its been 19 days since my surgery, I'm feeling a lot better! The wierd feeling of the heaviness is getting a lot better! I dont usually notice it as much! My nipples are a little sensitive, I think its just because now they are always 'hard' as to where before for the most part the remained smooth and flat. Im glad I can still feel both though! I always feared how they said it was a possibility youd loose feeling. I've been wearing the compression strap since Thursday and massaging vigorously when I have the change as per my PS's orders. My implants have dropped, im not sure if theyre supposed to drop anymore or not? Ill find out on Thursday. I did have a little bit of a brownish liquid seep out of my steri strips when I first started the massages, but after that it never happened again. I am supposed to get my sutures and steri strips removed on Thursday! Im very anxious to see the results and to be bandage free! I might be able to wear a normal bra! I cant wait, its hard to find work clothing that works with the sport bra straps and clothing that hides the compression strap is soooo hard to find, ill be happy to get rid of that! Hopefully Thursday!? We'll see.

Almost 3 months post op

I am SO happy with my results... My breasts have finally dropped and softened up. I got measured for a bra and I am now a DD... Started out with small B. I had asked for a med C but decided to go for a full C, but my doctor chose a high profile implants, i am so happy with the size i ended up with. Theyre perfect,with a C i probably wouldve wished to go bigger. The only thing about bigger breasts is not enough cute bras!! Hahaha... Oh well...


So happy!
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How long it took u for ur implants to drop? Did you have one side that dropped faster than the other one?
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I meant how long it took for ur implants to dropped..
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It took about 2.5 months... They dropped at the same time.
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I have my BA/BL scheduled for June 13th, 2013 with Dr.Gorodisky, I am so worried about the Benelli lift. Some of the google images I find are horrific and some are amazing. I know I don't keloid when it comes to scarring, I tend to get faint white flat lines, and that's the same way my 2 cesareans healed up as well so I'm hoping that holds true with my aerolas. lol I am super nervous tho!
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Researching photos is brutal!!! Haha it almost scared me out of doing it because of all the horrible photos i saw and all the things that could go wrong!!! But I asked myself.... Am I ever really going to be happy this way or... What about it going perfectly? And I gave it a chance! I actually just paid it upfront so I wouldnt back out. I was very worried about keloids as well. My scars are fairly flat and the silicone strips really help! Almost completely flat.
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Hi, can you please post more pics? Im considering a BA (i really want it) and i need a slight lift on my right breast w a benelli lift as well. How r ur scars? How was ur Dr? Is he board certified? Please update ur post. It would help us out so much. Thank u. Looks good from the pics u ave. u also rated ur surgery as not sure? Are u happy with them? Sorry for all the questions. :-)
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Sorry for the very late reply!! I would it again in a second!!! My doctor is great, my scars look better all the time. He says it usually takes about a year for the scars to really 'dissapear' but i really dont mind them. I rated it not sure because i hand done it, but i should update it. I am VERY happy and I feel a lot better about myself.
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Had a consult with him ast month, going back in june to look st before and after pics (totally forgot to ask when i went, was so caught up w questions lol) anyway i liked him, but would like to see the after result of the lft thru the areaola. Would u please post pics before n after? Thats what im really scared of :-( the healing process How long did u take off from work? Im a 38b ( barely lol) thinking of doing 550 ccs. And high profile as well! Pls keep us posted.
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Hi socalstarlight your new ones look great yesterday was 3 weeks fit me. I had a lift and implants. One is 500cc the other is 475cc I'm not as in pain like the 1st week but omg I'm still in discomfort. I saw my ps yesterday and told her how I've been reading on rs on how quickly others have recovered on their surgeries. I went from a b cup to like full big D's and today they were hurting some. I guess everyone heals differently. I will not go back to work until another month I'm a hair stylist so I need to be 100% healed. Good luck on your continued recovery.
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How have you been feeling now? Yeah i used to do hair and i cant imagine doig hair right away with the use of your arms yikes!
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I have the same boob birthday as well. I am back at work and more tired than when I had a newborn. WIPED out! I can't wait to get back to regular workouts so that it revs my metabolism again. Plus all this sitting around isn't great for the waist line. You look great, BTW! congrats on the new wardrobe and the new hardware.
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Thanks!! The sitting around hasnt been very kind to my waistline either...
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We have the same boob birthdays! I went back to work today too. Amazed by how exhausted I was just halfway through the day. Did you notice the your energy level as being low also?
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Yay! Congrats! :) I did as well... Im so exhausted! Havent been able to sleep very well since. Im hoping tomorrow will be a better day!
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Congratulations! It's so nice to hear your how happy you and all. A photo with a new outfit would be nice. Let us know how your appt goes on Thursday!

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