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I am scared. But my new mantra this year is: do it...

I am scared. But my new mantra this year is: do it scared. My surgery is tomorrow. And I am going through with the surgery even though my 3 adult daughters are against the surgery. I'm 54 years old with long flabby breasts. I lost 170 lbs with the lap band. My size F breasts now look like tube socks hanging from my chest.

I wanted the surgery for over 30 years, but I was afraid of the pain. So I suffered with incredible back, shoulder, neck pains. Headaches so severe at timed that it felt like someone shot an arrow through the back of my head.

I expect to look and feel better. I need advice about self care. I look forward to reading your replies.

Made it through the night. No pain meds. No...

Made it through the night. No pain meds. No assistance needed to go to bathroom Getting ready fort my morning walk. Going home today. Spent the night because PS removed loose skin under my arms. No problems with that either.

Will update on discharge instructions.

Thankful that my state employees health insurance paid for everything.

Just met with Dr. Shell. Going home this morning ...

Just met with Dr. Shell. Going home this morning Any lady who lives near Oxford or Memphis should see this kind compassionate PS. The nursing staff at Baptist hospital are the absolute best.

Explained discharge instructions clearly. Asked if I had questions.

Went to church yesterday. I didn't drive, But i...

Went to church yesterday. I didn't drive, But i believe that I could have driven.

This morning I had the strangest sensation in my left breast ( a deep fluttering). Not painful. Just different.

I can see swelling now in my breasts. More like a C now than the A/B that was present immediately after surgery. They look good. Nipples look dry. Will ask the PS on Wednesday if I can apply vitamin E cream.

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Oh yes, I'm going to work this afternoon. I'll let you know how that turns out!

Definitely not ready to return to work full time....

Definitely not ready to return to work full time. Will take it easy the rest of the week.

Last night I started itching. I am thankful that I have bandages covering my incisions. But I believe that itching is a good sign of healing.

Ladies, thank you so much for your support and wise counsel. Will update on my first post- op visit tomorrow.

9/19/12. One week post-op visit with PS. He...

9/19/12. One week post-op visit with PS. He removed my bandages. Just put steri-strips on certain spots. My boobs are beautiful. I feel so pretty. Pain and swelling under my arms. But not such that I need a lortab.

Will contine to wear the sportsbra. Return in two weeks. I can drive again. Work half days until I return in two weeks. I forgot to ask about vitamin E cream. Can't pick up anything heavier than 10 lbs.

Worked four hours today. Noticed bruising. Is this...

Worked four hours today. Noticed bruising. Is this normal? Bruising on my back where PS removed back fat.

What type of daily care do you do? Do you use creams, polysporin, steri-strips etc?

I'm near two weeks post-op. when can I sleep on my...

I'm near two weeks post-op. when can I sleep on my side? I find myself waking up on my side without pain. But I don't want to harm myself.

I now keep my scars covered with paper tape. It is much easier to work with. I was sent home with large bandages that looked like small pillows stuffed into my surgical bra.

I now put thin gauge bandages in my bra. Is this ok? I also switch the surgical bra with two sports bras. The surgical bra has Velcro that is very uncomfortable. Is this ok?

I use Dial soap for my shower as I read that it is an antibacterial soap. How long will I have to wait to use Dove?

I will travel to DC on 11-8-12. How do I handle a carry-on bag? I will pack light. But I'm worried about putting the bag in the
overhead bins on the plane.

Laugh out loud moment: before having the surgery my breasts hung like deflated balloons from my chest, but now when I've bent down to pick up something my new perky breasts have bumped into my knees Ouch!

I just look at them and thank God for my surgery. I am trying to do everything to protect this precious gift that God has allowed me to have. This is a life-changing blessing for me!

Ladies, thank you for your words of instruction and comfort.

Pics! I have tried to post pics to my profile, but...

Pics! I have tried to post pics to my profile, but they are upside down. Please help!

Will see my PS 10/03/12 for 3 week post- op visit....

Will see my PS 10/03/12 for 3 week post- op visit. Little nervous about tape coming off. Nipples become erect at touch but still basically numb. However I am very thankful for my new breasts. When I'm given clearance, I plan to start exercising more instead of just walking. I'm considering an arm lift, but I want to see if weights will help the appearance of my arms.

All bandages removed and not replaced. Told to...

All bandages removed and not replaced. Told to just use cocoa butter for scarring. Slight burning now in incisions. PS removed tape from nipples. I am very pleased. Next Post-op visit is 12/03/12. Purchased a Genie bra today. Loved the feel of it! PS stated that I could wear underwire bras in another 3 weeks. Nipples react to touch but sensitivity is still minimal. I am still pleased!

Truly a wonderful life-changing experience!

My breasts are beautiful! Yesterday, my PS...

My breasts are beautiful! Yesterday, my PS released me. I'm using cocoa butter and cocoa therapy oil. I also take a multi-vitamin daily and vitamin E three times a week. I have minimal sensitivity in my left breast and moderate sensitivity in my right breast. This is ok with me because before they were highly sensitive but resting on my thighs, lol. Now they are ski slopes. Lol.

My BF loves them even though he was worried about the surgery. Today, he is very happy. I've decided to have a tummy tuck and an arm lift. I'm also considering labiaplasty and a thigh lift. Again, my BF is worried about medical risks. I will consult with my PS next year about the tummy tuck.

Our bodies are our temples. I'm just polishing my temple, lol.

Readysetgo! - Oxford, MS

I'm great! My breasts are beautiful! I'm constantly telling ladies about my PS. I have No regrets. Best thing that I ever did for myself.
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

My students and church members recommended him. He is an excellent PS. I'm so thankful that he is located in our community. I'm going to encourage other ladies to seek out His services. This man has blessed hands. He is so kind. The office staff is superb. I will return for an arm lift and tummy tuck in the very near future. Dr. Shell restores lives. When you sit in the waiting room, everyone is happy! We are all excited about meeting with him and his nurses.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So did you ever decide to have the tummy tuck, arm lift, labiaplasty and/or thigh lift?
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I'm going to wait until I retire from work in three years.
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Excellent - good for you.
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Update. 2/14/13: All is well. Working on reducing scarring. Love my breasts. BF and I broke up. It was initially devastating, but now I'm free! Dating again. Still not comfortable going braless at night. I like the security. Love wearing sexy bras. I'm considering a tummy tuck in the next few years. I again highly recommend my PS. You will not be disappointed.
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Seems like you are doing great! Glad to hear that everything went well with your surgery and recovery.
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Wonderful news!   You are doing fantastic and the burning you are feeling will come to an end.  

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good for you congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good luck at your 3 week post op tomorrow, I go for my 2 week tomorrow.... I am exactly a week behind you.... I have alot of nerve ending weird feelings in both my breasts but more in the right that is so much more swollen than the left. Not sure how to make the pictures download rightside up. Maybe if you save a copy of them rotated to a file and download them from that file.... don't know but sounds possible... good luck getting clearance for exercise.... i am eager to do some too
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When I was recovering I thought that if I woke up on my side, or resting on my breasts in some way, that it must not hurt enough to wake me up, so it was OK. Good luck!
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Thank you. I'll try not to worry. I forgot my password. When I remember. I'll post pics from my work computer.
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Will be anxious to see them!
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No creams or lotions until incisions are completely healed. You don't want to risk introducing any form of bacteria to the area. Also if you keep the incisions moinst with ointments it can actually make a breeding ground for the bacteria. Keep them dry and clean until healed. However if you should notice a problem contact your PS because then you may need an antibiotic ointment, but that would be different all together.

It sounds like you are maybe doing too much. You are only a week from surgery, right? Don't push yourself too hard. You have to give yourself a chance to recover.

Good luck
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Thanks for the information. Ok. I've got to stop thinking that I've got to be in that office. Only thing that I have to do is teach one day per week.
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One day a week for teaching...and the rest for healing! You won't regret it later. You waited a long time to do this, so treat yourself to a recovery you deserve!
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I'll teach tonight. From 6 to 9 pm. I'm going to stay home until just before class. Had a 1:00 meeting to possibly attend, but will bow out of that meeting.
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Hope work went well, Strummer!
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I forgot to take a pain pill. By the end of the day, I was in serious pain. Especially along my back incisions. Staying home today.
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Sounds like a good plan!
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Other than seeing the PS tomorrow, I'm staying home a second day. Tomorrow is my 1 week post-op visit. I think that he will change my bandages. My BF calls the bandages a medicinal corset. I'll update after the visit.
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Hope your follow up went well. Loved the term "medicinal corset"!
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I'm taking your advice and slowing it down a bit. Just relaxing. Got a headache. Guessing it's the anesthesia. I'm so thankful. Praising God.
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Lots of water will get that anesthesia out of your body..... also might help the headache.... Take care of you and those pom poms girl!
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Margie. I stayed home today. Just rested. I took a pic of my new boobies. I'll post when I get to a computer. I'll see the PS tomorrow.
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Strummer, Great, sounded like you needed to do just that! finally took the before pictures tonight!!!!!!nothing like waiting to the very last minute.... I think I was so afraid that it wasn't going to happen that I just kept putting it off..... but I have to be there at 6:30, so I believe it is real now.....After I take pictures of the "new girls" I will have to learn how to post pictures..... not tonight another day.... I wish you luck at the PS tomorrow....:-)
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margie i will be thinking of you and sat a orayet got you to do fabulous. will be waiting to hear soon as your able. good luck. whoohoo
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