NEW PICTURES - 7 months Post-op...Feeling AMAZING!

I am a 37 year old mother of two beautiful girls...

I am a 37 year old mother of two beautiful girls who has always wanted to fix my ugly stomach after my second daughter was born. I have several stretch marks and loose skin around my abdomen. I also have larger breasts that sagged after nursing both of my girls. My surgery is just 7 days away and along with a fully tummy tuck I am having liposuction of my flanks, inner and outer thighs and breast augmentation to help "lift me up".

So I have 2 days until my surgery and I have to be...

So I have 2 days until my surgery and I have to be honest and tell you I am really excited. No, the nervousness has not set in yet but my Fiance is plenty nervous for the both of us. Last night he actually asked me if we could get married before the surgery in case anything happens to me. I just love him to pieces.

I have been really good about following all the pre-op instructions the past 4 weeks. No alcohol, ibuprofen, extra salt, etc. I started taking my iron pills and Vitamin C a month ago as well. I have gone through hundreds of pictures of what I want my boobs and belly button to look like. During my Pre-op appt on April 19th my doctor showed me where my scar would be and I was astonished at the location being so low. He has been doing this for 20 years so I am confident it will be just as he says. I just can't wait to be able to rock a two piece bathing suit again and look amazing.

Let the countdown begin...I will go under the knife in just 48 1/2 hours. Woohoo!

Okay, I now have just 21 hours left until surgery...

Okay, I now have just 21 hours left until surgery and I am starting to feel nervous. More so because I am worried my house is not clean enough, the fridge is not fully stocked of the families favorite foods, etc. I am super excited to be doing this tomorrow and a little worried my expectations of what the final results will look like are too high. I will be posting some pics tonight of the chest area uncovered for my before shots. I have also decided to get a measuring tape from JoAnn Fabrics to record the starting measurements of my breast, hips/waist and thighs. I am interested in seeing just how little I will end up being.

We are heading out the door in a few minutes but I...

We are heading out the door in a few minutes but I wanted to say I am still so excited today has finally come. I thought the past 6 weeks would take forever to get here but actually they flew by as I prepared for this. I am nervous now, not that much though. I know everything will be great. Wish me luck...I will post some post-op pics as soon as I can.

Surgery done! We made it home around 3pm and all...

Surgery done! We made it home around 3pm and all I can say is that this pain pump is amazing. They inserted 650ccs in the right side and 700ccs in the left. I went with above the muscle so I could get all work done at once. Just a little discomfort around the boob area, mostly on sides though. The worst pain is where he did lipo on my left outer thigh. A little ice pack action and it was gone. He removed 2 liters of fat during the Lipo...thats a whole bottle of soda size, lol. I had not realized there was that much. :-) One pain pill at 3:45 and another at 6:45 along with a Tylenol. I am full prepared to feel like a truck hit me tomorrow. Moving aroud ever 2-3 Hours, VERY SLOWLY. I did take a little peek at the incision and OMG it is about 1 inch above my hair line...almost right at the pelvic bone. Also, it only extends about mid thigh on each side. Can anyone say Miracle worker for my awesome doctor. My BA already looks great from the top, lol. The pain is so minimal right now I feel like I just worked out really hard yesterday. I have an amazing husband who has been the best recovery nurse I could ever ask for! Pictures to follow in the next few days.

Good luck to all the ladies getting there surgery tomorrow or later in the week!

Today has been much worse so far. I guessing the...

Today has been much worse so far. I guessing the extra numbing medicine they gave me during surgery wore off around 8pm last night. I did get about 5 hours of sleep but not all at one time. I have this area on my right side that must not be getting any of the pain pump numbing meds and I feel the "burning" sensation when I get up or try to sit back down. The lipo areas are still hurting much more then any other area.

I have lots of bruising but I expected that. All in all things are going well! I can't figure out how to post pics from my phone but will try to get some post-op photos this evening.

So day 2 was terrible in every way possible, I...

So day 2 was terrible in every way possible, I even got so light headed I almost threw up. The fear of how badly that would hurt was maybe even worse then actually doing it. I was able to keep my "cookies" down and after resting a little felt much better. I have loaded some pics from yesterday. Again, the lipo bruising and areas hurt the most. I know each day will get better and I am confident that this was the best thing I could have done. Staying positive always helps!

Today was even better then yesterday. I am mostly...

Today was even better then yesterday. I am mostly sticking to ibuprofen and Tylenol for the daytime pains. My 1st shower last night felt pretty good but it does take a lot out of you. I don't really have an appetite so I am eating yogurts, jello, fresh fruits and veggies every few hours. Still no BM nor do I feel like I need to go.

The incision already looks good, slight swelling in my upper abdominal area and by the end of the day my pubic bone area swells too. I already have the itchy, tingling spells across my stomach. I really thought that would take longer to happen. My drains are down to about 35ccs each on average and I have an appt on Tuesday to get the 1st one out. Yeah!

I hope everyone else is doing well and starting to feel better.

Just posting some pics from my 48 hour doctors...

Just posting some pics from my 48 hour doctors visit to change the bandages and remove the pain pump. A little ouchy when the catheters came out but they did it very quickly. So they are from Post-Op day two (Friday). My next appointment is Tuesday at 1pm, lets hope this is less painful then the other day!

As a side note...the Arnica gel or cream is working already. My bruises are less sensitive and not as dark.

To all the ladies who had surgery this past week...

To all the ladies who had surgery this past week remember to take it slow even if you are feeling better. I learned the hard way this morning that getting up too fast and trying to do too much can make you sick. Again I almost losses my cookies. As a side note...I got more sleep last night then the previous three! I weighed myself this morning and even with the swelling I am about 5lbs lighter then the morning of surgery. Woohoo!

Post-op day 4 pics just posted. Check out my...

Post-op day 4 pics just posted. Check out my newly "lifted" boobies. Oh, I also tied on 4 different bikini bottoms and amazingly enough, no scar can be scene. Woohoo, bring on the beach this summer. Now I just have to buy some new, bigger bathing suit tops. :)

Well, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but the...

Well, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but the swelling is so bad I am now drinking Miralax to help me have a BM. Other then that discomfort I am doing good. Planning on taking a little walk this evening, if the weather holds out. I am faithfully applying the Arnica gel 3 times a day to help the bruising. Some spots are still so tender.

I remember when I had my girls, my boobs swelled so large when I was nursing them. That is the kind of pain I feel today in my chest. I just hope all this swelling and skin stretching doesn't produce more stretch marks. :-/

Holy scratching! I got very little sleep last...

Holy scratching! I got very little sleep last night because I itched in every possible area I had lipo or was cut open. That is almost worse then the little burning sensations or stretching tugs. On a positive note, I have a 1pm today to get one drain out. THANK GOD!

Can anyone tell me how stinking long this god...

Can anyone tell me how stinking long this god awful itching lasts. I tried working in the office today. I made it about 3 hours until the pain was too bad to stay. My amazing boss sent me home to work from home the rest of the week. Yeah! I sure hope the pain gets better soon. Still lots of swelling but I know that too will pass.

I hope everyone else is doing well.

Today is Post-op Day 8 and it has been good so far...

Today is Post-op Day 8 and it has been good so far. I never mentioned the other day that having a drain removed was TERRIBLE. It hurt so bad, burning for about 60 seconds after. I am so not looking forward to getting the other one out next week. UGH

I am 12 Days Post-op today and all I can do is...

I am 12 Days Post-op today and all I can do is wonder why I am starting to feel worse then a week ago. I am still taking the tylenol and advil for pain but my breasts hurt so badly now. Also, my bruises, while almost gone on the surface are still too sore to sit right or lay on my side. Has anyone else had this happen? I am carrying around a drain still, and it still produces about 40cc's a day. When will that slow up so I can get the darn thing out. I guess I am having my turn at being depressed, the constant aches and pains have worn me out. UGH

Today is day 13 post-op and I am definitely having...

Today is day 13 post-op and I am definitely having a better day then yesterday. I have an appointment this evening to get the stitches out from my BA, hope that doesn't hurt. As soon as I get this last drain out I am going to post some new pics. My swelling seems so minimal at this point but I can't figure out why my drain is putting out so much. I was excited when I woke up this morning, I was semi sleeping on my side. Although the Lipo areas are still very tender I tolerated that little bit of discomfort so I am crossing my fingers that I can fall asleep like that tonight. I miss my husbands arm around me, snuggling at night while we sleep and hope we can get back to our normal routine soon.

Have a great day everybody!

TWO WEEKS POST-OP TODAY! Well, last nights...


Well, last nights appointment with the PS to get my BA stitches removed included, unknown to me, the removal of the stitches in my belly button and at the ends of my TT incision. Can you say OUCH! The belly button area felt strange and a little pinching but there were only a few of them. I thought I was ready to get the BA stitches out but I was not prepared for the pain that came with it. Very sore this morning, almost like I was in a car crash. I think I tensed up during the procedure and that doesn't help. I still have one drain in, but it will come out on or before next Tuesday which coincidentally is also my birthday. Ugh! Not my idea of a good time. hahaha

Still swollen, especially at night. Not a lot of...

Still swollen, especially at night. Not a lot of pain from the BA but lots of hypersensitivity. That can be annoying all day long. Anyway, uploaded some new pics of a side view and front view. Still one drain in but it produced a lot less then yesterday. I hope that is a sign.

I am 19 days Post-op today and I think I have...

I am 19 days Post-op today and I think I have become attached, literally, to my last drain. I am scheduled to have it removed tomorrow and can only hope the time flies by quickly. This has been the most annoying part of the whole procedure. My bruises are fading more and more each day. My swelling is so minimal it shocks me every night when I look at myself in the mirror. I started using scar reduction cream the end of last week and my silicone scar tape should be delivered this evening along with a new one piece mid thigh to upper stomach garment. I am so excited to be at this stage of recovery. I am ready to get back into the gym and work out.

I hope everyone is healing well!

Change of Plans! My PS had a death in his...

Change of Plans! My PS had a death in his immediate family so my appointment to remove the last drain has been rescheduled for this afternoon at 2pm. Can you say wahooo and very nervous now. LOL Guess I will be posting some fabulous non drain pics this evening. I am a little sad to be losing my little friend a day early, not. Tomorrow is my bday and I was not looking forward to spending the dinner hour in discomfort from drain removal.

Drain free as of 2pm compression...

Drain free as of 2pm compression garment on and it feels good!

Last night, sleeping drain free, was probably the...

Last night, sleeping drain free, was probably the best nights sleep I have gotten in the past 3 weeks. My new compression garment came in before I got home from the doctors so I was able to put that on right away. While I feel like a sausage in a small casing I know the extra squeeze will be worth it. For anyone looking for stage 2 binders/garments, go to They have a huge selection of every kind and they also carry the silicone scar tape and scar reduction creams. As soon as my last drain site heals I am going to start using my scar tape. I promise I will take and post some pics tonight of the new look, drain free of course! Yeah!!!

I can't believe it has already been 3 weeks since...

I can't believe it has already been 3 weeks since my TT and BA with Lipo. Today I feel amazing anf am loving my new body. I swell very little at the end of each day now and my incision is slightly pink and only raised in a few areas. The scar cream and silicone scar sheets are helping a lot. I know I mentioned uploading pics the other day but I have been super busy and did not get a chance to take any. I will try really hard to load some tonight. My new compression garment is AMAZING and really helps with my Lipo areas. The bruising is barely visible in most areas and the tenderness ia almost gone as well. I am finally able to sleep comfortably on either side and I move around a lot at night with out any pain. I would NEVER have thought, even last week, that I would feel this good already. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

FINALLY - 3 weeks Post-op pics are uploaded!

FINALLY - 3 weeks Post-op pics are uploaded!

So the past few days have been wonderful. Besides...

So the past few days have been wonderful. Besides a great weekend with my love I went bathing suit shopping and although I am still swollen some I managed to find an adorable suit at the mall that looks amazing (according to my love). My pain has been minimal if at all except for the irregular twinges or tweaks that feel like I am pulling to one side or the other too much. I wear my garments all the time, even when I sleep although Sat night I chose to sleep all natural and I regretted that in the morning. My new girls were sore and my tummy felt wierd, over exposed, when I woke up. Soon I will be garment free according to my PS but I wonder how I will deal with the funny, numb, feathery feeling everytime something brushes across my incision. I have been using the silicone scar tape regularly and my incision is looking pretty good. The only area I dislike is right where the last drain was but since it has only been out a week I am trying to give it time to heal also.

I have a fluid check tomorrow afternoon but I am confident I will pass with flying on to the negatives. The LIPO was the worst part of the whole thing as I have said many times before and now that a month has passed I am still not seeing the results I expected for all that pain. The bruises are gone finally but the areas are still VERY tender to the touch. I am not sure how long that will last but I continue to rub the Arnica gel onto the areas each day. I hope, after tomorrow, that I can get the all clear to resume my normal gym routine as I feel like I have a lot to do on my thighs which the Lipo didn't work on as well. Ugh!

Had my 1 month check-up yesterday with a fluid...

Had my 1 month check-up yesterday with a fluid check and I passed...yeah! I still have to wait 2 more weeks to be able to go to the gym but I will have NO restrictions at that point. No ugly wireless sports bras and no annoying compression garments. So excited for that stage of recovery. I asked about the swelling below and right above the incision and was told it is normal and could take another 2-3 months to go away fully. I have a raised bump under my right butt cheek from the Lipo incision that is still painful to touch or sit on and my nurse tried to get something out of it but she thinks it is just scar tissue and told me to use hot compresses on it. I hope that helps! I have a follow up appt on July 24th where we will take the "after" photos to compare. I can't wait to see those!

I would like to lose this last 5 lbs by August 1st for our OBX trip so I am going to go into full diet mode. Also, I tried on my wedding gown last night and even though I am still a little swollen up top I could almost get it all the way zipped up. The waist area is too big and will definitely have to be taken in but my BA has made the top half larger then planned. I was a little scared that I would need to buy another dress. Wooh, crisis diverted for now at least.

ALMOST 5 weeks Post-op! I had a very eventful...

ALMOST 5 weeks Post-op! I had a very eventful weekend hiking and camping in PA and I was very happy that my swelling at the end of each day was still at a minimum although more noticeable. Why is it that when we look straight down at ourselves our tummys look far worse then when looking at a side view. I know I have not been allowed to get back in the gym yet, but the 4.5 mile hike over the river, through the woods and up hill was refreshing to complete. My legs are still sore but it was lots of fun. I am looking forward to our beack trip this coming weekend and will post some new pictures tonight with my recently purchased bathing suit on. :) really has been 6 weeks since I had my... really has been 6 weeks since I had my surgery. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. I know I owe you all some updated pictures but I can't seem to stay still long enough to take them anymore. Now that I feel so good I am doing tons more and today I am off all restrictions. What does that mean you ask? No more compression garment or binders all the time, no more ugly sports bras without underwire, I can go back to the gym and work out as hard as I want to, I can take bubble baths again! YEAH! Last weekend we were at the beach for a soccer tournament and I wore my bathing suits like a champ. While I am still a tad bit swollen just above the center part of my incision I didn't care all that much. I must have asked my love a dozen times if I looked okay but I hadn't worn a two piece in about 16 years so I was a little bit self concerned. I also ROCKED a fabulous strapless sundress when we went out at night and it felt so great to know I looked nice and not saggy. I am excited to start losing even more wiight and toning back up now. Happy times at the gym tonight. :)

As promised updated pictures finally of my 6 week...

As promised updated pictures finally of my 6 week progress.

I am very sore this morning from my hour long leg...

I am very sore this morning from my hour long leg and ab workout last night. I thought I was taking it easy too. I cut my weight for squats in half and did less reps for lunges and the inner/outer thigh machines. I also felt wierd, very different doing ab exercises. It hurt from the first rep and I can feel it working in different areas then before the surgery. I was very nervous I would danage the MR part of my surgery but I kept going and hopefully by next week will not really stress so much about it anymore. My butt muscles are hurting the worse today and my upper thighs are sore to sit or stand up. I will be doing some pilates tonight and then running/ab stuff tomorrow morning. I am really trying to get back into my normal gym routine again.

On the sad side of all of this, I am swollen and I assume very bloated today and have been the past 3 days. I wieghed myself this morning and I gained 4 lbs, which I am hoping can be attributed to me getting my period in the next 3 days. I haven't over done it with my eating and have been staying active so hopefully it is a combination of swelling and bloating. I guess we shall see next week!

Because I am so paranoid and afraid that the swelling will be permanent, I have gone back to wearing my compression garments all night and most of the day. Has anyone taken water pills to help with bloating at this point?

I know women are picky and very much self abusing...

I know women are picky and very much self abusing when it comes to our bodies. Overall I am very pleased with my surgery results except I still have a small area directly above the center of my incision that bloats and swells each day. It can even be swollen as soon as I wake up. I noticed last night, after a 1 mile run with the dog, that my incision was purple...PURPLE! That freaked me out a lot but my fiance (nurse at Hopkins) explained to me that during my run there was a lack of blood flow to that area and it would go back to normal within an hour or so. Of course, I was panicked and nervous...a bluish purple scar is not pretty, but he was right as usual. I have been working out 3-5 days a week, really hitting the cardio the most but I am not seeing any additional changes to my body. I hope this swelling issue gets better soon. On a positive note, we leave for the OBX in 3 weeks. I can't wait to be on vacation, at the beach, in the sun for a whole week. I have not gone swimming yet or even taken a bath since my surgery. I am wondering how that will feel on my tummy. By the way, I am starting to get back more feeling along my incision, it tingles and itches often but still feels like a numbed mouth after dental work. Oh well, atleast I dont have an ugly flabby, extra skinned, tons of stretch marks stomach anymore. :)

I had my 12 week post-op check-up on Tuesday...

I had my 12 week post-op check-up on Tuesday evening and my PS said everything looks good. The swelling right above my incision is normal and could last a few more months. I am very happy with the results and can't wait to see what my 1 year pictures look like compared to my pre-surgery ones. Pics have been uploaded from today.

It has almost been 6 months since my "mommy...

It has almost been 6 months since my "mommy makeover" and I am feeling great! Still having a little swelling at night sometimes but it is only worse right around my time of the month. I am able to work out my abs and mid section even harder now so I am feeling the pain a little more the next day but I believe it is well worth it. My incision is still numb, but when I rub on my scar gell it tingles afterwards. Not sure if the gel or the added pressure from rubbing it in does that. My PS does not do Lipo above the incision site, he said it was so that the skin would reattach easily and more firmly. I still have a small amount of baby fat above the center of my incision that bothers me and I often wonder if my PS just wanted me to have to pay for another round of Lipo later on. My inner thigh lipo sites are still tender and sensitive. That can be very annoying. My breast augmentation to help lift me up is completely healed. At times I do wish I had not been so energetic when choosing an implant size as I have trouble finding bras, dresses and shirts that fit well. Although, it does help my waist look smaller.

All in all I am very please with the Tummy Tuck results, wish the leg lipo areas were a little better and am happy with my BA look. I would definitely do it again! It was a pain well worth it. I will post some new.updated pics this week.

So in love with my new body and look...uploaded...

So in love with my new body and look...uploaded new pics.
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Surgery went well! The entire team at Dr. Vogel's office is amazing. Surgery started around 8am and we were home around 3pm. It was an amazing experience and I would refer him to anyone who asks.

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Are you having tightness along your incision line on your tummy still? Or can you move normally now?
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Just looked at your 12 week pics again. Looks really good!!!! There's a significant difference between week 6 and week 12. Do you have any recent pics of yourself? I feel like my left lower abdomen and hip area is a little fuller than my right side. Oh Well, I'll wait and see what happens.
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I will work on posting new pics tomorrow... I think I will have time. Do you sleep on your left side more? Our bodies tend to adjust, water,fluids and swelling seem to settle more in certain places. Just think how swollen your feet get after standing for 8-10 hrs.
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thanks for the answers to all my questions. you've been really informative. Wishing you all the best.
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Thanks for your response. When did you feel that you got your final body (JUST FROM THE SURGERY PART ALONE)? When did all the swelling go down, so that you felt that, THIS IS FINALLY IT? I realize that the additional improvement is the past 2 months was probably from a combination of diet and exercise. I am PO week 4, and I'm happy with my shape now. If I have no additional improvements from this day forward, that's fine with me. If I get better than this, that's icing on the cake. I'm just wondering if I'll get even "skinner" than I am now. Thanks for your quick response. Your latest pics look fantastic. All the best to you.
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I don't know if I have actually had a "This is it" moment...I remember feeling less puffy and swollen around week 9/10 but my DR wanted me to wait to go back to the gym until week 12. I may have cheated and gone to do a little cardio before then but I really needed to feel like I was working towards an end goal on my own level. Sitting around sedentary is not my style.
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You look fantastic. When did you feel that you got your final shape? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? 6 months? Do you still feel your body is changing or have you started to plateau out? As for the abdominal lipo, my PS said that he normally does contour lipo on the hips, but little or no lipo of the abdomen because there's already too much disruption with the dissections, that with extensive lipo of the abdomen, the area does not heal well. That sounds believable to me. Scar looks good too.
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I feel like I am still changing, I got to a really good point at around 4 months PO but then picked up a little weight and had to work harder on my butt and legs again. My wieght has remained around the same since the surgery, I would like to lose another 5-10 lbs but am happy with where I am at right now. I had flank and inner/outer thigh lipo done. Than included my lower back, hips and sides as well as my inner and outer thighs.
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You look really great. Congrats :)
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Your body shape is very beautiful. Congrats!
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The purple would have freaked me out as well! Glad it went back to normal. Cant wait for updated pictures and to see what you have planned to wear on the beach!
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I am 12 days out from TT:) Drains were awful but had both removed after 1 wk out. Things are getting easier and yes I to have stretch marks left on both sides of bb :( They are very light, white, n I am still swollen, so hopefully the appearance will diminish over time. It is very upsetting tho, I wanted all evidence of my "fat" body gone! But unfortunately,, those few lines will be a constant reminder of my old body 120 pounds ago:(Its a small price to pay I figure,, becuz everything else is amazing already.My scar already is actually very flat n thin n seems to be lightening,my PS was amazed :) my bb looks perfect, n I am already seeing the definition in my ABS from the tightening :) Its been just ten days, if final results comes much later, im super excited, if I look this nice already,, its mind blowing that it will look even better:)I am so grateful. I do have I guess what they call "dog ears" where the scars ends on
my sides, but its so early im not really concerned,as with the leftover stretch
marks,, its such a small price to pay, to have a flat, tight belly, n a belly button I CAN SEE! lol I think you look wonderful :)
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Good for you.!!!! i'm sure you look amazing.. and you should be so proud of yourself, thats a lot of weight loss. 12 days you are so good for only a short amount of time.. I am 10 weeks and still feel like im not myself on some days. i am going to post some new pics... Dont worry about the light stretch marks on the side of the BB they most likely will fade away. so happy for you ...
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Im glad to know we have each other. I'm still swollen too. I can't wait to get back to the gym and tone up and shed some pounds. I wear my full body garment everyday all day. I have a question, when u went back to the gym did u have your garment on? If not, how did it feel without it?
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For the 1st week I wore my new compression garment that I ordered from It was a full one and came down to my knees. It was wierd to sweat in it but it didn't hurt at all. After that week I started going without and the only thing that bothered me was how my stomach felt (still feels) when my shirts rub against the area around the incision.
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I have been experiencing the same problems with swelling. I thought it was just me, but evidently it's not. I hope it all goes away. My husband tells me I am so harsh on myself and that I look beautiful. I haven't updated my profile on here or even added any new pictures because I have been so down about it. I had one really good week where I was down in weight and measurments, then the following week I swelled up and haven't been able to get completely down again. I think the swelling will be around for at least 6 months though : ( It's just so nice to talk to other women having the same problem. At least we have each other right? ; )
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I had the same weight drop thingy too...for about 1 week I was 5lbs lighter but now I find I weigh as much or more then before the surgery. Granted, I did get implants also, 750cc and 700 cc but I figured the 2 liters of fat they sucked out of me during the lipo procedure would equal that out. My eating habits are the same or even better then before the surgery and I have also been avoiding carbonated beverages as they expand the stomach and make you feel hungry faster. My fiance tells me that muscle weighs more than fat but I am not buying it. lol
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you look great!!!
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You look really good. Congrats :)
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Wow you look beautiful! Just wait till the swelling is completely gone!
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You look fantastic! Wow! Im excited because Im 17 days away! yeeks!
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Wow, everything turned out great! I got everything but the BA, I told my DH, maybe later. I'm glad you're so happy with your results, I can't wait to be 6 wks PO!
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Looking good momma! :)
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Thats awesome that u are back to yourself. I cant wait to be back that way too. Your are one of my favorite after results. U look amazing!!!
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Thanks a bunch! I promise to take som epicture this evening of my 6 week look. It still shocks me to look in the mirror naked and see myself changed so much.
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