Getting Veneers Was One of the Worst Decisions I Ever Made - Owings Mills, MD

I had old bonding on 1 front tooth. I was told...

I had old bonding on 1 front tooth. I was told that if I had 2 veeners put on my front teeth then I would have to always whiten the rest of my teeth, so I decided to get 8 veneers for my front top teeth so they would look uniform in color.

6 of my veneers have small gaps between the top of the veneer and the gumline. While they look nice, they really don't look that much different from what I used to look like, just a few shades whiter - which for $11500 is not worth it. In the past I would use teeth whitening strips for 2 weeks to get a whiter look.

Anyway, I think the only time veneers are worth the potential future problems are when you must rely on your looks for your livlihood - like a movie actress or model. I think your natural teeth add character to your personality.

For me, it was definitly NOT WORTH IT. Plus the procedure was extremly uncomfortable. I'll never get my money back, and I will always have to keep up with the expensive maintenance when they start to break down in about 10 years. Plus the procedure is irreversable. I'm sure I will be in dentures one day because of these. I wish I could go back and tell myself to NOT DO IT. I very much regret it. I even went to a cosmetic dentist featured in a magazine. Not worth it, not even if it only cost $100. Not worth it. Im sure the doctor was good, but his lab can't be if 6 of the 8 veneers left gaps between the tops of veneers and the gumline. I feel like they charged me way too much and I really feel like I was taken advantage of because they knew how naive I was.

I couldn't agree more! I'm on my second set of veneers, and regret making the decision. I first had the procedure done due to vanity reasons when I was only 17. Then, at 35, I had an injury and had to have them redone due to medically necessary reasons. There is nothing prettier and healthier than natural teeth. Although my veneers "look" great. The unnatural, awkward feeling of them really bother me. It's not worth the damage, invasive irreversible procedure and long-term costs, financially and physically. I wish everyday I could go back in time and undue my regretable decision.

I am sorry to hear you are so unhappy. I hate to hear of people having bad experiences. I would be happy to take a look at no charge to help you decide what may possibly be done to feel better about your investment.


Hi Westminster,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. Have you been back to your dentist or another to see what can be done about the gaps? Please keep us updated.



Dr. Lazer

I believe he is a good cosmetic dentist and I really believe he knows what he is doing but the lab they use for veneers is terrible.

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