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Hi all! I'm schedule for my BL/BA Sept.9 and can't...

Hi all! I'm schedule for my BL/BA Sept.9 and can't wait for it to get here! I've always had bigger breasts and since a 40lb weight loss back in high school, recent pregnancy and breast feeding, the girls are less than perky with excess skin. I'm currently 5 ft and 125lbs and bra size of 34 D. So my PS plan is a mastopexy with removal of 100cc from each breast and 400cc silicon gel implant, mod profile under the muscle. His goal for me is to be a full 34 C. Very excited! Will update closer to time with before and after pictures! Prayers appreciated for a smooth operation/recovery! Thanks!

Less than 1 week!

Here are a few pre-op photos!

Before surgery preparation

What to expect and do prior to the surgery.

Tomorrow is the day!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow but of course have some nervous energy! I'm so glad I joined this website because reading and seeing results from other surgeries has been very helpful and talking with some of you has put my mind at ease, especially you moms that have went through this procedure. Surgery is first thing in the morning and if everyone reading could say a prayer for a safe procedure and good recovery, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll post again soon!!!!

Seeing the new girls a couple of hours!

Everything went smooth yesterday! Thanks everyone for your support and prayers! No real pain, just tightness. Staff and Dr. Edds were wonder and it all around a great experience! Pics to follow post check up!

The big debut! 1 day post op!

I'm loving them even if it is just 1 day post op!!

Front view

Front view

4 days post op

Healing well! They used to look like flat pancakes in this top!


Did any one else have swelling in their lower mid section of the stomach and some bruising on the sides? I'm assuming it could be from being positioned on operating table and just swelling having to go somewhere? Just curious

5 days post-op

Hi all! Doing well for the most part. Up moving around but still taking rest breaks and sleeping in the recliner. I'm off all the strong meds and just on Tylenol. Continuing to have quite a bit of tightness and the girls are riding high. The weirdest thing is that I have swelling and bruising in my stomach. Looks like I've gained 10 lb really. I'm assuming its fluid/swelling and being positioned on the operating table. My surgery is different in the fact my PS does all his stitching on the the inside and that's why there are no steri-strips. Still happy with results thus far! Here are some new pics even tho they aren't too pretty with increased bruising and swelling.

1 week post-op appt!

My appointment went fantastic! My PS said I was healing well and at a quicker rate than most! Nurse demonstrated the breast massage which felt really good to them and tomorrow i have to start vitamin e and milk thistle, all to continue to promote healing. I'm just so thrilled everything is healing well, I'm feeling better each day and of corse the fact My breasts are full and perky! When you've never had them this way, it's an amazing feeling! Will post pics soon! Happy healing to those who have done this and good luck to anyone who's about too!

Increased drainage

Has everyone experienced low amount of drainage some days and other days more amount? I noticed the past 2 days, right after starting the breast massage and doing more activity in general, I've had more drainage than the first week.

11 days post-op

Feeling good here! Too good really, I'm one of those people who forget precautions/restrictions when I feel pretty normal! Everything is really starting to feel like its a part of my body. The pressure of the implants are way down and now it's the incisions that are healing and sometimes itchy! Had fun trying on a bikini! Never in my life have the girls looked like this in an average off the rack top! Feeling excited about the every day progress!

Almost 4 weeks post op!

I'm doing well and really loving the shape and feel of my new boobs! The hardest part has been following all the precautions and continuing to work and being a mom. I'm really tired of still being in recovery mode but I'd do it again in a heartbeat! The only thing I'm dealing with is skin rash around the incisions which my ps prescribed me a steroid cream to put around the incisions. It seems to be helping!

1 month check up today!

My 4 weeks post-op check up went well! I can now ease back in to working out, picking up my toddler and instead of polysporin on the incisions I can use mederma and I'm allowed to wear any bra I want! Yay!!!! I think the post-op restrictions is the most difficult part of a BL/BA, not the surgery or pain. I am curious as to why surgeons have different protocols but I guess it's by patient to patient basis? I have a friend who had just the BA with under muscle, silicon and was on a #10 weight lifting restriction for 8 weeks. I'm curious what the differences are. Thoughts? Here are a couple of pics! I wish I had different lightening b/c the scars really don't look this red in other lighting. Anyway, I counting to be thrilled with the way the girls are progressing! Happy healing everyone!

Looking great week by week!

Continuing to do well! Tried on a former top tonight! Love the new fit! 6 wks post op tomorrow!

6 months post op!

Doing well! Scars continuing to heal. Can't wait till summer!

1 year next week

Thought I would update and share some photos. Very pleased!
Owensboro Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful and caring staff with an amazing Doctor who made me feel completely at ease, took his time to answer questions and transformed my breasts from sad and saggy to happy and perky!

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Are your implants sub-muscular or sub-glandular? You look fantastic!
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Thank you! They are sub muscular. My PS really didn't give me a choice on that. I can't imagine them looking as natural if they weren't placed under the muscle!
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You look great! Your before is very similar to what I look like now. I hope my results are as good as yours! :)
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Thank you! Good luck with your upcoming procedure! Feel free to ask me any questions you have :)
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How long until your scars don't show anymore? We have a similar skin colour and I am very nervous about scars!
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They were pretty bad from weeks 2-4 and now they are progressing each day since I was given the green light to use the mederma. They look lighter every day. My PS told me 6 mo- 1 yr for them to be "unnoticeable" but I feel in another 2 weeks they will be very hard to see from the progress each day.
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Hey.... I am going in for my third consultation tomorrow and one says mini breast lift and one said full. I have had 3 kids and nursed all of them. I have a 14 month old. I am planning on taking a week off to heal and I have a ten year old that can lift him in the car seat/high chair for me, but I am worried about the recovery and having a toddler at home. Any thoughts and insights will help.
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Hi! I took a full week and 4 days off work. The first 5 days are pretty rough but if you have help you should be good. And the pain was tolerable with meds. I was off pain pill and muscle relaxer by day 4 and only doing tylonel for a week after that. It felt like my boobs were engorged and I couldn't milk them! When I went back to work the only hard part was making sure I didn't reach above me head. And I actually have a physically demanding job but my md did release me back with conditions that I practice good lifting mechanics! Good luck and please ask if you have any other questions!
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Oh and as for the toddler: I made just gave him plenty if hugs and kisses and would get down in the floor to hold him Oren him climb up to me.
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Looking good!
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Have an awesome workout, but take your time. I envy you and look forward to that in a couple weeks. You look great.
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You are looking great! I'm so glad you recovery has been easy!!
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Thank you!
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Looking great! LOVE your suit! Your new rack looks great in it ;)
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So happy for you! Where did you have drainage from. Drains or an incision? Love the bikini!! :-))
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No drains but just having minor drainage from incisions. All of my stitching is internal and had no steri strips so I always see slight drainage on my protection pads I wear. Thank you!
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Looks like you are doing great. I don't have answer regarding drains- my doctor did not put any in.
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I didn't have drains either. I'm talking about drainage from the sutures. Some days I have very little ( blood tinged ) on the coverings and other days not as much.
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oh - got it!
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You look great! Your breasts are even and nipples where they should be! Awesome results!! When they settle they will be perfect!! :-))
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You are looking great! You will be so so happy when they have settled and soften. Great shape already! :) Congrats!
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Thank you to everyone on here for their positive comments! One week post-op check up tomorrow!
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You are looking great! I have to tell you that everyday the pressure drops. I am on day 7 and feel really great. My back is the most sore of all. I am still sleeping on my recliner and doing ice packs. As for stitches my PS does the same - with the stitches on the inside but he also puts in temp. ones on the outside for extra hold. I go in for my 1 week check in today and I think he removes the outside stitches. I too am so swollen - I don't even bother to get on the scale I know that the number would shock me!
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i had surgery Thursday & gained 7 pounds and looking at my belly it looks like im about to pop out a baby!! hope the swelling goes away soon.
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