4 weeks post op and bra shopping - Owensboro, KY

I have always been super little. And when I say...

I have always been super little. And when I say little I mean shop in the little girls bra section little. It's always been a huge insecurity of mine. I hate not being able to fit the clothes I want correctly. I hate not feeling comfortable getting into a bathing suite and going to a public swimming area. Of course, I've always asked my husband what he thought and he always answers the same. You are fine the way you are. Well, finally I told him how I really felt. And how I told him its really not about him its about me and my feelings. Of course him liking the new look would be a big plus. LOL! :)

And soon after discussing my feelings he was the supportive husband he always is.

I have a consultation scheduled for Feb 5. with Dr Gerald Edds in Owensboro KY. I am super nervous and insecure about the personal topic, but I am ready to feel comfortable in my own body...FINALLY.
I will update throughout the journey and would love any feedback from you. :-)

So..my consultation was moved to tomorrow. Which...

So..my consultation was moved to tomorrow. Which is kinda cool. I am super nervous and don't know what to expect. But I am also very excited. Cant wait to see what he says. I just feel very unsure. I know that I want to do it, but I get scared because I have never even had surgery.

I will update whe he says tomorrow.

Good luck at your consultation tomorrow! Don't be afraid to consult with more than one doctor to learn about different approaches to your situation. Any idea if you 're leaning toward saline or silicone?


So I just got home from my consultation with Dr...

So I just got home from my consultation with Dr Edds and lets just say that I am thoroughly pleased. :) He was so nice and I wasn't even nervous with him. Which I think is a very big thing. I have chosen 300cc silicone high profile plus. :-) He said with my small frame they will look very nice on me. So I am so excited. Now I have to call and book my appointment tomorrow. I can't wait to find out what day it will be. I am nervous about my recovery but very ready for the outcome! :)
Thanks Angiemcc, I really loved the dr. And based where I live I really want to stay close. I am leaning toward silicone. Have you had the surgery, do you have any feedback?

So I called and scheduled my surgery day this...

So I called and scheduled my surgery day this morning. Yay! It is scheduled for Feb 6! I go for pre-op tomorrow at 1!
I feeling excited, nervous, and a range of emotions. I can't believe this is happening. Its very surreal! WOW. I wonder if any of you can tell me what to expect for my pre-op tomorrow?

I also was wondering about any moms with...

I also was wondering about any moms with kids/toddlers. How did you deal..etc?
Thanks guys.
Ill be posting pics soon!

So I had my pre-op today. We went over everything...

So I had my pre-op today. We went over everything to except the day of and some of the recovery. I got my prescriptions. Now I just have to wait for the day of! I have to be there at 7 am. But since the dr is an hour a way I will have to be up early. I have to to get Hibicleanse soap and clean the night before and the morning of. Has anyone elses dr recommended that. They also gave me a website to order my surgical bra from. Its clearpointmd.com. Has anyone else used this, or can you get them other places?
I am so excited and nervous. I cant wait to get it done and heal. LOL!

Oh by the way. I did add pics today. Very embarrassing..LOL I am so small!

I cant get the pictures to upload right. So they...

I cant get the pictures to upload right. So they might still be up side down.

So I have been working on my to do list: Which...

So I have been working on my to do list: Which seems like a lot. I want to be sure and be as prepared as possible. I have decided to compile a list of freezer meals (2 weeks worth) so hubby can pop it in the oven ect. I want to organize and clean house include doing all laundry, change beds, and have some rest stations made. I still have to get my prescriptions filled. I already have been taking a multi vitamin, but my dr also wants me to get vitamin c. So I have to go buy that. I am still confused whether I should order the bras they suggested or just go to walmart and hope I can find one that clasp in the front. Any advice on that.
Last night I had a bad dream that I got it done and my nipple was in the wrong place. Apparently I have been thinking about this too much! LOL...
I am not nervous with my doctor or staff at all. Their office is connected to their own surgery/recovery suite..which I really like. :) I guess it's just the count down.

I am so ready to feel like a woman:)

Please guys. Give me some feedback. I welcome any advice!
If you have a Sear nearby they have a Hanes front zip sports bra that works great, and has wonderful reviews. I saw the reviews from other BA patients so I went and found it in the store. It was only $12. I need to go back and get another one, because they surgical bra they sent me home in is awful, tight, and itchy. I love my sports bra. I have to wear a sports bra for one month and then I can switch to a normal bra after that, but no underwire for 6 months, yikes. I was also extremely small, check out my profile for pics. I got a super small implant (265 CC) and I love how they look on me. I am so happy with my size now. You would never guess I had implants. No one has noticed, because wearing my sports bra under clothing I look the same size that I did when I wore a super padded bra (which I wore every day, let's be honest). I have 2 small children, and it was hard, but we told them that I hurt my back and they never knew anything different... except when my daughter's daycare teacher asked me how my back was because my daughter kept talking about it! Oops. I told her my back was better, thank you very much! You will love the new you. I am so glad I did it.
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback so much! How long was you down before you could do anything with the kids? My kids are 17 months and 5 years. I am anxious about my17 year old.

So I found a front clasp bra on walmart.com called...

So I found a front clasp bra on walmart.com called Fruit of the Loom - Women's Front Close Sport Bra. It looks comfortable. I ordered it. I also bought 3 sports bras as I was told by several people you wont feel like wearing a regular bra for a while. How long was it before you bought a normal bra?
I bought some Danskin foam zip up bras - Walmart under $12. Grab a few ice packs .. Make sure your recovery room is ready with plenty of pillows/support because you will most likely be sleeping upright for awhile or propped up. Fill your scripts, take Arnica pills 3-5 days before and after, buy Arnica gel and creme and also Bromelain .. I also stocked up on a few comfy jammies with button up shirts. Take your meds and get plenty of rest. Excited for you!!!!
I had to use the hibicleanse the night before and day of. It's kind of odorless which is really nice, and the directions are pretty easy. I came from super flat land too, I think one of the hardest things for me is getting used to the weight when I don't have my surgical bra on. Definitely not used to that.
I was wondering. Lol. I haven't read anyone else had to use hibicleanse. So overall how would you rate your recovery?

Okay. It's almost two weeks away now. My nerves...

Okay. It's almost two weeks away now. My nerves are starting to really kick in. Yes, I am so excited and can't wait. I can't believe this is really happening. I can't wait until I can look in the mirror and like how my tops fit. I can't wait until I can look at sexy bras and actually fit in them.

Things I am nervous about:
Being put to sleep
Recovery Process
Not being mommy I want to be during recovery process.

I am majorly obsessing about boobs. I keep googling any thing I can about breast augmentation. LOL..I am going nuts!

Well. I will update a bit before my day. But I had to get on here and let you guys know about being nervous.
By the way..the comments from people really help me feel not alone. I really appreciate it.
Good luck to you!!!!
thanks limaboro..:-)
I know how you're feeling - I went from excited to nervous to excited to just "okay, here I go!" the morning of. It's normal to have mixed feelings about this. I've had two open heart surgeries (9 and 25 years old) and I was still nervous. Surgery is surgery. For me it was the unknown of how they'd look and feel afterwards. Going through puberty in an hour and a half and waking while you're asleep is not how we expected it to be! LOL. You'll do great and by springtime we'll all be feeling awesome! Can't wait for updates from you.

So hard to believe that tomorrow is the big day!...

So hard to believe that tomorrow is the big day! I'm making last min preps. I grocery shopped last night and today I'm catching up on household chores. In just 24 hours ill be in BOOBYVILLE:-)
Yayyyyy!!!! I'm excited for you!!! Update us on how you did ;)
PS mariebee is right. Stay up on meds xx
I will update you guys as soon as I can:-) thanks!

On the way to te surgercal suite. A range of...

On the way to te surgercal suite. A range of emotions on my mind. Lol. I'm mainly nervous/excited. Just a few hours ill be with u guys on the other side. Please say a quick prayer for me this morning. I will update later today if I can. Thank you everyone for being there. I am so thankful to have found this site as met a network of girls as heartfelt as y'all!

I just wanted to let you guys ml know all went...

I just wanted to let you guys ml know all went well. I will post my experience after a nap.

Okay guys, I think I'm ready for my update. I woke...

Okay guys, I think I'm ready for my update. I woke up this morning and showered washing target areas with hibicleanse. I got dressed and double checked my bag of supplies to take. I was prescribed with Adivan for te night before and the morning of. So I took it. I was pretty nervous, but the med calmed me down a bit. We arrived at Dr. Edds. We went in through the surgery suite entrance. Even though I knew it was real, it really began to feel REAL. As from the beginning, the staf was super nice and attentive. She asked me a few questions and got my vitals. My blood pressure was slightly high, so she said she would recheck it again in a bit. And then gave me two white pills that she said would coat my stomach. Then she laid my on a bed and gave a very warm blanket. I felt so cozy and was starting to calm down. My eyes felt heavy as did my body. I felt so tired. They came back in and sprayed numbing medicine on my arm and gave me my iv. Once that was in she put something to dry my mouth and an antibiotic. She said Dr edds would be in shortly to mark me up. He came in but by that time I was pretty loopy lol. So he marked me up and spoke o me a second and said ill see u soon. They laid me back down and took me to pee. Then they wheeled me tore OR. They helped me on the table. It was so warm they hooked me to monitors and gave me an oxygen and she said okay I'm going to give you to go to sleep. I was like okay. I laid there and was thinking its not working. But the next think I knew I was in the recovery room. I woke up and was thinking open your eyes but they was so heavy and blurry. She asked me what i wanted to drink and all i could say was 7 lol. My nurse said they out some kind of eye drop in my eye so they wouldn't dry out. I asked her is it okay to sleep more and she said yes don't fight it. So I closed my eyes and slept a bit more. When I woke up again I was more awake and she gave me 7up and I set up and she got me dresse and moved me to a couch and briefed my husband or my care instructions. Then she got a wheel chair and wheeled me to pee and lol me to my car and helped me in.
Ill finish my update later girl I'm kinda tired.
Woo hoo!! Happy for you!! :)

Well girls. I guess I will try and pick up where I...

Well girls. I guess I will try and pick up where I left off yesterday. After my nurse loaded me in the car, my husband took me to Chic Fillet. He went in and ordered me a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some crackers. We was going to set and eat it in the car because I didn't want to go in with my pjs on. But by the time Joe, my husband, got to the car I had to pee again. LOL. So I asked if we could just take it home and eat... He said sure. So, we drove home from Owensboro to Central City which is about a 45 min drive. On the way I tried to eat some soup because I was literally starving lol. But the the drive plus food made me feel nauseated. So, I decided to wait. When we got home, my husband helped me into the house and helped me go pee. We have a childproof lock on our toilet and I couldnt get it open. So then he got me settled and gave me my soup. I scarfed it down. And was like I got to lay down, I was just so tired. He helped me to the bed and propped my up on some pillows. And I was out. I slept till about 2:30 pm. I woke up starving again. So, Joe gave me some Jello. I held it down and wasn't sick at all. So then he fixed me a big bowl of beef stew and corn bread. It was delicious. I ate it all. But then I made a bad mistake and tried to open my toilet myself with those child proof locks. I couldnt do it and using my muscles to try made me have spasms. So thats when I would my first dose of pain med and muscle relaxer. All along I have to continue with my antibiotic, multivitamin, and vitamin c. The rest of the evening was decent and the kids was gentle with me except once. My 18 month old through my phone at me. Luckily it didnt hit me in the boob. It still hurt, because my ribs are so sore. Is that normal???? Today is my post op apt, cant wait for him to take my bra off. I wanna see the girls so bad. I need to go to get some Arnica, but I havent gotten it approved my dr yet. So I plan on asking him about it. I know alot of you girls have taken it. But I know alot of drs have different healing plans. This morning I woke up less sore. But still unable to use muscles without it hurting, well not really hurting, but you post op girls know what I mean.
For all you pre op girls. I promise you the experience isnt nearly as bad as you are worrying it will be.

Thanks guys for being here for me along the way. Yall have made this experiance much easier. I definably haven't felt alone.

I do need to add, especially yesterday my mind was like in slow mode lol. Today its a bit better, but still slightly groggy. LOL..
Feel free to ask me anything and I welcome all advice...

Even with the soreness...so far this is well worth...

Even with the soreness...so far this is well worth it.
Oh and the the mommies out there. I am still being able to be mommy. Not to the extent of taking care of them. But they can climb in my lap. And I can sit by them and rub there hair and back. A big fear of mine relieved.

So I just got home from my first post of apt. Dr....

So I just got home from my first post of apt. Dr. Edds said that I am already healing so well. He said I didnt need the band any longer. I was released to take a quick shower but I still have to continue wearing the bra this week. I go back next Wednesday.
I am not in much pain. I am continuing the scheduled medicine as directed to stay on top of it all. My ribs and muscles are what hurts the most. But overall I still feel decent...:-) I love my Dr. He is so nice and his whole staff makes you feel right at home. My dr said once my muscle loosens up I will be a tad bit bigger.
Thats all for now. I will update pics later guys. Feel free to ask me any questions. And again. Thanks for all the input. You guys have been making this such a wonderful experience.

More sore than I was but I think it's Cuzz I...

More sore than I was but I think it's Cuzz I overdid it today. Tomorrow I plan on resting a lot more than today. Pain level is still okay just mainly really hard to get up and down. The girls are still really hard and stiff esp when I first wake from a nap or in the morning. I'm still setting alarms for med. thanks to all the girls who stretched that to me. It's really helped to stay on top of the pain.

Glad to hear your doing well. I know what you mean about the mommy thing (worrying you can do it), after the surgery. We are troopers!!! Oh and the sore ribs....I totally had that. Glad to say HAD! It's gone! Did they lower your natural creases? I thought that was why my ribs were sore. Xo
I'm not sure. I was so out of it yesterday. Lol. Ill find out today. :-) how long were your ribs sore?
About 3 days...It will pass, sweets!

Woke up this morning with morning boob. Ouch! I...

Woke up this morning with morning boob. Ouch! I was like man. I started feeling slightly emotional yesterday. I'm not sure if its PMS or the fact I feel kind of helpless right now.
Over all I still am completely happy with my progress. And I can't wait to see all the bruising gone lol.
My 18 month year old was a little sad yesterday since I can't lift him yet.
Pain wise during the day isn't as bad as at night. It's hard for me laying down on my back but I'm dealing. Although last night I accidentally rolled on my side and ouch. But then I started freaking out bad. Like did I hurt them. Lol.
My mother in law has been super helpful. Yesterday when she was over watching the boys she cleaned up the kitchen as you room. We both love er to pieces.
Well that's all for now girls.

So I am attempting to cut off the muscle relaxer....

So I am attempting to cut off the muscle relaxer. I hate how it makes me feel. Once it kicks in l, I can't hardly keep my eyes open. Anyone else have this issue?

As time is going by I keep falling more and more...

As time is going by I keep falling more and more in love with the new girls. I know they are still pretty bruised. I still am afraid of hurting them but I love how they look on my body. My dr is amazing!
Yes, most muscle relaxers will make you extremely drowsy. They will oftentimes give you cotton mouth as well and overall give you a feeling of, "I don't know what's going on and I really don't care." I threw out my neck two days before I got married and was on muscle relaxers on my wedding day and that was the attitude I had the whole time which is probably a blessing in disguise, because I am typically an anxious person. Muscle relaxers are crazy!
I agree mariebee they are. I think I'm going to take mine before bed still to ensure rest.
I took Valium and I only took it at night to help me sleep because it made me a little loopy.

So today I'm a little bit more sore than I was. It...

So today I'm a little bit more sore than I was. It was a mistake for me to quit taking the muscle relaxer. I kind of feel like it set my healing back some.
I still am loving my new girls.
I am bruising a little bit. But my dr said it'll heal just fine without doing anything at all. M

I wish I had an idea what size I will be...any...

I wish I had an idea what size I will be...any ideas based on my pics?
I would be popping Arnica pills like tic tacs and rubbing the gel/cream all over the bruising (staying away from the incisions) .. also, pain killers are muscle relaxers are your friend! Use them! LOL! I still take my Valium at night sometimes so that I get a good night of sleep. It is so hard to tell what size you will be? Maybe a small C right now? It also depends on bra brands too. Plus you still have to drop and fluff and your chest muscles have to relax which could result in a larger size. I have some pretty large implants but my size ranges from a 36C to a 36DD, or a 34DDD - it is crazy. I know 1 thing is for certain, whenever I go back for a revision I'm going bigger with a higher profile. I went to VS 2 weeks post op and the lady said I'm between a 36C and 36D (I don't think she measured me properly) but either way I was sad .. I was thinking to myself, I'm 2 weeks post and supposed to be swollen damnit! Moral of the story - get measured at 4+ weeks and go somewhere that knows what they are doing like Nordstrom's. Good luck and looking good! xoxo =)
Check out this link: http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/mentor-breast-implants.html I think you'll be a good size! I found this to be very helpful ;)
Congrats! I think they look amazing! Try to get some rest, remember you are still healing ;-) I'm schedule for March 13, I'm sooo excited but nervous too! Big hugs and keep us posted!

Okay as I set here to update my so far experience,...

Okay as I set here to update my so far experience, I have fell asleep three times. Yes, 3! The percocet/valium combo my dr has me on keeps pains away, but in my case make me extremely drowsy. I do take note that extra sleep will allow my body to heal correctly so yay!

Side effects I am experiencing:
mood swings (which may be related to AUNT FLOW scheduled for the 14th)

New feelings with the new girls:
They feel heavy. I am not used to the extra weight, I have been experiencing some shooting pains. They don't really bother me unless I have been laying down and then the whole morning boob sucks. Of course I haven't been doing anything at all. My husband has been tending to me at beckon call. Today was the first day I did anything which was heat food up. Simple simple.

My bruising is going away slowly. I have read about the arnica, but like I was telling nomoreboobenvy I cant find it here and my surgeon said he didn't recommend one way or the other. So I guess I will be okay with out it.
For those of you that stopped your pain med early....Did you kind of ween yourself off? or what...

Also during showers. Did you guys just let the soap flow over the boobs or?

Thanks guys. I appreciate you all to pieces...XOXO
Ok so for pain I went from double dose to single dose and then off. I stayed on the ibuprofen a little longer and took it mostly at night. I have not had the luxury of being waited on at all...in fact I've been caring for my five children since 2 days post op. However my youngest are twins 3.5 years old and my oldest is 13 so it hasn't been too bad :) That said....I do believe I've taken some steps backwards and prolonged my healing a little as of my day 8 post op I've been in more pain (I drove myself for 7 hours total to get there and back). I had come off the meds and this afternoon gave into them again...at single dose. I'm trying to find a balance with my business!!! However....I began to have EXTREME nipple sensitivity today too. Anyways....as far as soap goes, I don't use it. Period. The shampoo and conditioner running off of my hair is enough. But having said that I'm not a fan of soap. I have been making sure I'm thoroughly dry and then slathering in Shea Butter lotion. My incisions are healed fully!!! Just still sore. My incisions were dissolving ones. I also didn't use any arnica. I have literally trusted nature to run it's course. Having said that my surgery cost was very high and I was only purchasing necessities. I hope this helps a little. We are all so different and pain tolerance levels can differ significantly too. So listen to your body. Our bodies are amazing! They have built in healers and cleansing!
P.S. I never put anything near my incisions!!! In fact I kept them covered with the surgical tape until today. I also had medical pads that I put over them and changed out after each shower.
I was on Vicodin every 4 hours and a muscle relaxer every 8 hours for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day (day 1 being surgery day) I took the meds during the day but didn't during the night. I only took one Vicodin the day after that and that was it for the meds. I couldn't stand how constipated they were making me so I dealt with being a little uncomfortable. It wasn't bad. Plus it kept me from over doing it.

Hey girls. Hope all you ladies are doing well. I...

Hey girls. Hope all you ladies are doing well. I have to say here. I over did it a little bit today. We went to the library, thrift store, and Walmart. By Walmart I was pretty beat. On top of not taking any pain med in 6 hours I got the hiccups. Ouch! I was like man that hurts. Every hiccup felt like some one was squeezing the crap out of them lol.
Anyway came home and took med then I guided my husband through supper instructions. I kinda dozed off in the recliner.
I feel better on so many aspects but am still sore on so many others
I keep getting scared I hurt my boob and keep checking them. I feel crazy lo
I keep looking down making sure they are still there.
I overdid it on Saturday - lesson learned the hard way, for sure! I was absolutely miserable all day Sunday. After that, I was a little nervous about going back to work today, but it really wasn't too bad. I've been able to back my Tylenol down to maybe just twice a day - and really could almost get by without the evening dose but I just can't bring myself to lay on my stomach without something to help dull the discomfort, and I am supposed to spend 15min there every evening for 4-6wks postop. I've been lucky enough not to have to deal with hiccups (yet), but coughing and sneezing aren't particularly fun. Oh, and I'm not using any creams or anything, nor any of the arnica. My PS hasn't even mentioned that. Granted I still have tape over my incisions, and I think will have until my 2wk visit on the 19th, and I don't know if he'll change up the routine at that point but so far I'm not using anything on my boobs or incisions. Definitely get some rest, and hope you're feeling much better soon! :)
Damn! I jinxed myself! I can now sympathize with you re: the hiccups!!!
Thanks so much limaboro. i do appreciate the story. im so tired of the med. my dr doesnt want me to take anything that is nsaid though. I honestly wish I could take it, because tylenol products never seem to help me as much as the others do. okay, so finally found someone else that didnt use arnica. lol. i appreciate all the advice to use it from everyone, but like i said my dr said not to really worry about it. that i would heal on own. i dont know how you took care of all your kids on your own. but i guess when a mother doesnt have a choice, she does it. im thankful my husband has been here with me. what does it feel like extreme nipple sensitivity? ive noticed mine being hard alot?

When I woke up today I was stiff like I have been....

When I woke up today I was stiff like I have been. I usually like to ease out of bed instead of just pop up, but my son got sick throwing up so I jumped out of bed which hurt but you mommies out there know my urgency to get to my baby.
So pain wise today: I'm been get a few shooting pains. My boobs feel like they are moving on the inside. It's all different and new feelins but I'm not horribly in pain just a little income table off and on
Girl I have more energy back. But once I begin to do anything I get wore out fast. How long before you lovely post op ladies actually felt like cleaning Etc?
It's interesting how the healing process seems to be so similar across the board. At POD6, I've also been getting some random shooting pains (last night and today), though generally my pain is quite minimal. I've not even taken a Tylenol yet today! As far as energy levels, I still have to rest after showering as well as intermittently throughout the day, but seem to recover more and more quickly. I really haven't done much around the house as far as any cleaning or laundry - and luckily my husband hasn't seemed to mind (yet, anyway!) and has been very helpful with doing any and everything that needs done.
When is your nex post op apt?
I'm not scheduled to go back til the 2wk mark, so it'll be Wed 2/20. You?

Girls I wasn't worried a bit really. But this...

Girls I wasn't worried a bit really. But this morning my right boob underneath started hurting pretty bad and you can feel the bumps from the stitches inside. I'm like omg am I okay! Prayers girls please!

Hey ladies. I had 2nd post op apt yesterday. My dr...

Hey ladies. I had 2nd post op apt yesterday. My dr said that I am healing very good and my new girls look great. They feel pretty soft when I touch them too. One is a tad softer than the other. But I guess that is to be expected. So he said I get to come back in 3 weeks. I asked him if I could return to lifting my son, and they said I don't want to lift him too much and strain myself, but I could occasionally as long as it didn't feel bad. So that is good. I can return to taking my normal meds etc. My dr also wanted me to buy Vitamin E 1000 IU and Milk Thistle. So now I am on a multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Milk Thistle. My dr is very pro health. :) This is one thing I greatly admire about him.

I also got to learn my massages. I suppose to do them once an hour and every time I pee. I told him, that wont be a problem because I keep touching them anyway..lol. I got released to wear a non-underwire bra if I prefer, but he said I can still wear my sports bra for comfort. He wants me to put gauze as a padding over incision sites so it wont get rubbed too much by my bras. I had no outer stitching so there was nothing to remove except the tape. I still cant take baths because he said he doesn't want me soaking in water until the inner incisions are more healed. :( I miss my baths. I was also released to sleep however I want to.

When I wake up I am starting to be less stiff, but I woke up several times on my stomach last night, which wasn't very comfortable. It doesn't help much that I have developed a cold:-( and feel achy due to it. I am glad I am off of my pain med and muscle relaxer, but I tell you they was a huge help. I am now just taking Ibuprofen or Aleve. I still sometimes feel discomfort. Especially after using my arms a lot, reaching up high or behind me is kind of rough.

I was super excited to know that there was a shirt I bout ages ago and couldn't fit in the bust area, and now feel perfectly. I feel more confident and like my clothes cling to my body the way they suppose to.
Girls, you should had seen hubby's face the first time he saw them after they took my bandage bra off. lol.
I can't wait to feel back to normal. Everything is making me so wore out:(
I suppose that part is the depressing part. or maybe its just that I am fixing to start my lovely monthly lol. don't know which?

Over all though girls. I feel very happy and excited about my size. Yes I definitely would not wanted to go smaller, would had been okay going bigger, but I don't think it would had been as proportionate with my body. so that's the plus. but girls. i can understand boob greed haha.

So excited to actually it a bikini top. New pics...

So excited to actually it a bikini top.
New pics added!
Forgot to add something- Aunt Flow visited me 4 days after my surgery and I was wayyyy emotional during the entire first week of my recovery. I was overwhelmed at the fact that I couldn't really do anything for my husband or myself and had to depend on someone else for everything. Not to mention, I was saddened that my breasts were so sore and tight. So, the whole emotional thing I feel is just part of the recovery process....especially if Aunt Flow visits during that time.
Aunt Flow visited me about 3 weeks or so post op and I was REALLY emotional during PMS (I am normally not so bad) lol! :)
Well. Thanks girl. That def helps. The ups and downs always happen for me but not to this significance. It doesn't help any that cuddling still is uncomfortable to me. I'm like really clingy needy this time of the month and want affection. But I'm still like please don't touch if you know what I mean. My ribs ate feeling better but my underarms and chest feel so uncomfortable still:/

Post op day 10: Hey girls. I have to say this is...

Post op day 10:
Hey girls. I have to say this is the most normal I have felt since by BA. The last two days I was sick with the stomach virus which was not cool. But that's better now.
My stamina is slowly returning. I can pretty much do anything I did before with the exception of reaching really high. I am still sore but mainly just below nipple. Which I assumed because the implants are dropping in the pockets? And the skin is stretching? Anyone else feeling this?

Anyone else's dr restrict them from sex for 3 weeks after surgery and soaking I'm a tub for 1 month? I also suppose to keep extra padding along my incision lines such as a panty liner or gauze. Anyone else out there have to so this?

Thanks again ladies for all the support! XOXO
My PS didn't give me a sex restriction, but he did give me a no-bath restriction and no hot tub for 6 weeks. I was super bummed, because I had a girls weekend 1 month post-op and everyone went and sat in the hot tub at the resort we were staying at. I got into it, but only up to my waist and kept my girls out of it.
Smart!  Hot tubs (esp public ones) are filled with goodness knows what or a TON of chemicals to kill the unknown. ;)
Oh me that wouldn't be fun:-( I know they are right it's just so tempting after a long day lol.

So my right incision site is burning and slightly...

So my right incision site is burning and slightly raised where as my left is healing up fantasticly. So I called my PS and they want me to come in tomorrow for them to check it out. I'm nervous. It's not red or draining. So that's good. Please say a little prayer for me there.

On the other note. I'm starting to feel like my old self. I'm still sore to lay on them, but sleeping gets easier daily. Reaching up high still feels tender.

Over all I'm good. Just worried about the incision site.

Added incision pics.

Added incision pics.
I just got the tape off my incisions at my appt today; my left one looks like it's pulled slightly apart (comparatively, not open anywhere) and is a bit more red. I figure I'll just have to keep an eye on 'em, now that I can. I can post pics if that would help at all.
Hi yes please post some Picts :)
Yes please do. I'm going to see my ps tomorrow. Mainly Cuzz it feels like it's on fire. Does yours?

K guys. My ps checked me out and said all is good....

K guys. My ps checked me out and said all is good. At least I know it's normal to feel some burning sensation and my incisions are great. :)
Thanks ladies for the support.
Glad you are ok! Phewwwwf huh?!
Yes I was pretty worried. Thanks girl. How r u doing?
Well I'm still pretty uncomfortable...sternum pain flowing into my inside boobs. Just waiting for it to dissipate. Also I have not regained sensation on the underside of my boobs. I sure hope it comes back...

Okay guys. Please help me out. I just wondered...

Okay guys. Please help me out. I just wondered which sports bra you guys felt was the most comfortable/supportive. Also. Having a rough time finding band size 32. My Walmart carries 34 and up. I wanna getting a regular bra with no underwire, but don't wanna go to vs and spend a fortune till I'm not restricted any longer. Any suggestions?

My Hanes sports bra wide strap is really making my under breast hurt. My spandex type sports bra doesn't seem to have enough support. And my compression bra squeezes the girls. Please help. Thanks ladies.

Oh yes. How long did u stay in a sports bra?

I've been alternating between Champion sports bras and some very lightly padded underwires during the day. At night I'm freeboobing it. I was really pretty (pleasantly) surprised when my PS told me I could wear whatever I wanted and go without anything at night at the 2wk mark!
I wish my ps would give me the green light soon. im ready lol..i actually had to give myself like a 10 minute break out of one today. i hope that is okay....
Lol, I think you'll probably be fine. I gave myself a couple hour break one night! In my sleep I unfastened my bra - I vaguely remember having been itchy at one point - but had no idea that I'd undone it and left it open til my husband pointed it out as he was getting ready for work the next morning! Whoops!!

Hey girls. So today is my 3 weeks out. I am feel...

Hey girls. So today is my 3 weeks out. I am feel super great. The girls are dropping and fluffing wonderfully. My only complaint now is the underside still being tender. But I can pretty much do anything I did before. :)
I can't wait to being able to go bra free for a break though. Lol.
I got for my 1 month post op next week:)
Hope all you girls have easy recovery like I did.
Btw the burning went away except if I'm really busy all day the. It does a little bit.
You look very pretty, lovely size for your frame, congrats x
Hey girl! They are looking great! Glad to see you are healing so well. I am exactly one month post op today. Went to see my PS for my 1 month PO appt on Friday and she said they are dropping and softening up nicely. I still have to wear a sports bra for another month...bleh! But at least it's comfortable lol. I'm with you in that I can't wait to wear an actual "pretty" bra lol. Take care! And thanks for continuing the updates :-)
Are you using anything on your incisions? I feel like my scars are really noticeable (I'm about 2 months out now) and they aren't fading at all, but your incisions are hardly noticeable!

Hey girls....Today is my 4 week post op apt....

Hey girls....Today is my 4 week post op apt.

How I am feeling:
I feel wonderful. There are some tender spots occasionally. My only issue is my nipples are leaking milk. I know this might sound strange...I did google it and it can happen. LOL. But the truth is I am a little embarrassed to tell my PS. Any thoughts...?

I have to say it is totally worth it and I absolutely love my new body....
Mine leaked PO day 2. Lol. Doc said its totally normal and will stop.

So yesterday was my post of apt for 4 weeks. He...

So yesterday was my post of apt for 4 weeks. He said all is looking great and to start wearing underwear. I can sleep without a bra now and soak in a tub a well. Yay! As far as the nipple leakage he said no touching my nipples until it stops which should take a few weeks. Lol.
After I left I went and shopped for some bras. I tried on a few and found I am a 34c:) was a great feeling. I left with 3. Lol yes I know it's crazy. But I was so excited.
Hi there you look awesome! I'm considering getting the same cc's! But wanted to know how y'all you are an weight? If you don't mind me asking:) I'm 5'3 an 100 pounds an Don't wanna look to fake looking want to look as natural as possible. My BA is in 5 days!
You look great!!! Can you believe how fast this month has gone!?!?
Thanks girl. I know it's flown by. I didn't expect my month and recovery to fly by like it has.
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