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I am 2 weeks Post op Tom! I still have a lot of...

I am 2 weeks Post op Tom! I still have a lot of dropping to do but I'm very pleased! My DR & staff were wonderful!

Also, I was a 34A. Really not even that! I got...

Also, I was a 34A. Really not even that! I got saline implants filled to 370cc. I want to be a big b/small c. I can't wait until I can wear normal bras! I go back feb 29th! Hopefully then I can start wearing normal bras & quit wearing this strap that pushes them down. Feb 29 will be one month post op.

I went and tried on bras yesterday just to get an...

I went and tried on bras yesterday just to get an idea. Two of them, 34C fit. In one I believe it was either a 34/36B. I know my boobs will drop more but looking at others pictures, I feel like they haven't dropped like other peoples have in 2 weeks. What do you all think, do they look normal?

Today I am 2 weeks and 5 days post op. I am doing...

Today I am 2 weeks and 5 days post op. I am doing great but when I sneeze my chest still feels really tight and hurts for a few seconds after I sneeze. It seems like when I take a deep breath under my right breast it has a weird feeling. It's not really pain but it's just a different feeling. Is this normal? My surgeon told me I could run 3 weeks after surgery. If my sports bras are in I plan on running Tuesday, so we shall see. I used to run quite a bit before surgery so we will see how that goes.

I am a month post op tomorrow! I started back...

I am a month post op tomorrow! I started back running 7 days ago! It felt weird at first but now it's fine! I was doing abs today & something in the right side of my chest kept popping when I would lean up. I'm not sure what it was but kind of freaked me out. I go back to my dr Wednesday, I can't wait to hear how he thinks everything is going. I feel like they have dropped a lot. In a way I almost wish I would have went bigger. I can wear mostly 34c's & a few are b's.

I went to my PS today for my 1 month check up. He...

I went to my PS today for my 1 month check up. He told me to start taking singulair bc my left was harder than my right. I asked if it was bad & he said no he just wanted them to be perfect. He told me to keep massaging a lot. When I left I googled it & read people take singulair to help with capsular contracture. My PS didn't mention that but it freaked me out & i cried. Idk what to think. :(

Today I am one month and 5 days post op. I am...

Today I am one month and 5 days post op. I am updating some pictures today. In my pics you can see where the left is a little higher than the right. I have been massaging like crazy on the left one. It seems to me that it isn't quite as hard, it may just be in my head I'm not sure, but hopefully it is getting softer. Has anyone else had theirs getting softer just from doing a lot of massages or did they HAVE to take singulair 10 in order for the scar tissue to break down?

I am 6 weeks and 4 days post op today. Things are...

I am 6 weeks and 4 days post op today. Things are going good. My left one is still a little harder than my right but I'm massaging it a lot. I go back to my Dr in a week and a half.

I am 2 months post op today! I went to the doctor...

I am 2 months post op today! I went to the doctor yesterday & he said he thought everything looked good & that he thought I'd be okay w the one boob that was harder! I was relieved! I go back in 2 months so he can check on everything! I got fitted at Victorias Secret yesterday! I Fit into a C but a D fit also! I was excited!!!!
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He answered all the questions I've had. The staff was friendly & helpful. I wasn't even nervous!

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SO glad you are happy with your results! Yay! The popping noise sounds like it could warrant a call to the doc. If you cannot afford the meds tell your doctor. I have had doctors give me meds free. --Nice brown paper bag full of them! lol -- They are very understanding. If a med could Help the popping that would be good. I have heard of meds are docs give to help reduce the chances of capsular contracture (sp?) too. SO do make a call. maybe its not a big deal at all!! Good to ask.... maybe if the meds will help you, they will give you the meds you need. Ask if any drug reps have left samples that you might take advantage of due to limited income to budget for the meds right now. After all, they do want EVERY patient to have a GREAT lasting result! And, by the way you do look great! Congrats on your new look!!!
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When I went back the last time the doctor said he thought they both seemed the same and that I would be okay! So hopefully when I go back in a month or so it will all be okay again! The popping noise still is happening some. It's usually when I stretch my arms out or bend down to do something it will pop then pop back in. It doesn't hurt just weird. But thank you!!
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Did u find out What was popping when u were doing abs?and do u think the medication has made them softer?
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I never got the meds bc they were so expensive! & no it still pops some! Dk what it is!
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Where did you have your incision? I am trying to decide what to do about both size and incision choices. I am leaning heavy toward armpit ( like the doctor) -- But, may have to go silicone due to my size and lack of breast tissue, that doc doesn't do silicone. So hard to know WHAT to do with all of the decisions and how different we all are!! One can have 323CC while another 400CC and look so much the same. The incision seems to be confusing. I have strong pectoral muscles and work out a lot. You sound like one that also works out a lot. Did the pectoral muscles have anything to do with your decisions? Do you think you will drop less due to the pecs? Ant thoughts or info from you would help me so much. THANKS!
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My incision was done underneath! I had hardly any breast tissue & saline have been fine! It is weird with sizing! In a way I wish I would have went bigger but everyone says they look great, soooo. I run more than anything but I did arms some. I'd say in a way the muscle there could make it not drop as good, but I'm happy with where mine are now!
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Did you get Gel or Saline, Its very rare to get CC if you have Saline but for gel it is 1 out of 10.
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I got saline! It's just worried me pretty bad! My left boob is still kinda squishy just not as much as my right. It's also a little higher. Hopefully it's still dropping. Tuesday I'll be 5 weeks post op.
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You have awesome results! Is that a typo on the price? I live in Huntington,WV. Most drs here charge upwards of $7000 for an augmentation. I'd like a lift and augmentation so I'm guessing it would be more.
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Thank you! & no the price is right! Normally it's like $4125 or something & they had a "holiday special" going on! I'm going to try and add some updated pics in a day or two. The left is slightly higher than the right, which is the one that's harder too! Hopefully it'll drop more & all be okay!
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Your results look great! Congrats. I did a whole mommy makeover on the 24th. My boobs are so high. I call them neck pillows! : ). Can't wait for them to drop!
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congratulations on the new boobs! they look great. my operation is on the 20th and am so excited! I love that this website exists because it has definitely helped my relax knowing there are so many people in the same boat. please keep us posted with your recovery!
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Sounds like you had realistic expectations and a good experience. Thanks for posting here on RealSelf! Let us know when you get to wear the fun bras! :)

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