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Zerona Helped Get my Body Back After Our Baby

After 2 of my girlfriends went thru the Zerona...

After 2 of my girlfriends went thru the Zerona treatment with great results, I decided to also give it a whirl. I had been trying to get my body back to pre-baby form, but could not shake my back bra area or tummy.

I had a little reaction to some recommended supplements, but otherwise the Zerona was pain free and a very comfortable treatment. Nothing like my hair removeal a lifetime ago.

I am not a big girl by any means, but i was able to lose 2 pant sizes and my back fat is flat out gone. Hubby and I are very pleased and even thought he could benefit. My thanks to Dr. F and staff, for helping me lose what I could not on my own. Highly recommend!

i live in kc and would like to try Zerona. where did you go?
I understand your pain Trikkegirl, and i would be upset myself if they had to check 10 different places to reach 3.5 inch. I can understand why they do that though. The effect of the Zerona also reaches nearby fat cells in the body so when you treat one area you also get a reaction from another area. Anyway, i wish only hald the happy people would post here about the Zerona and then you would see the real success rate of it.
That is good to hear. More people who have had positive results need to express their pleasure with the procedure.
Kansas City Dermatologist

Brenda (Consultant and R.N) helped to explain the procedure and map out the procedure to best fit my hectic schedule with the little one. Very professional and being a Doctor I felt very secure in my decision. The results were guaranteed and that was good enough for me. 10.2 inches overall.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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