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No Results from Zerona - NONE!

This provider told me initally that I was an...

This provider told me initally that I was an excellent candidate for Zerona, and of course, after I showed no results, suggested other, pricier treatments to try.

I followed the recommended protocol - took the supplements, healthy diet, daily exercise - all things I was doing in the first place, which made me an "excellent candidate", as well as wore a compression garment.

This provider did not take more than 4 measurements when I started the treatment (the manufacturer requires 10), and I noticed she measured me with her finger under the tape! She only took 3 after measurements, and with the tape tight enough that it cut into my skin. So while her records show a very small change in measurement, mine show no change.

Also, I believe she failed to operate the machine properly. Only once in 6 treatments was the laser placed exactly 8 inches from my body - in all other treatments, the various technicians "guessed" the distance with the width of their hand! The laser was supposed to be directed toward my body, but I could see it moving on the wall, next to the table I was on!

My provider claims she has never had a client that Zerona did not work for, but I have consulted with another Zerona provider in the area, who has told me that she has re-treated three of my provider's dissatisfied patients. Perhaps Zerona does work, but I don't believe I had a chance of success with the hit-and-miss way I was treated.

what is the cost of zerona laser
Zerona is a rip off!! how dare they advertising it as a laser lipo??? I haven't lost even a quarter inch!! AED 10000 down the drain!!!
Whoa. You paid 10K for yours? Exactly how many sessions did you get for all that? That seems really excessive, even for this expensive little walk thru the park.
Midwest Medical Aesthetics

I cannot recommend them. They are unprofessional and inconsistent with treatment protocol.

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