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Scheduled for Trisculpt this Tuesday and am...

Scheduled for Trisculpt this Tuesday and am getting cold feet after talking to friends about botched lipo procedures. Any help would be appreciated. I am getting upper, lower abs and upper and lower back done. The procedure well be done at sono bello by Dr. Dillon. I went for consultation last Tuesday and only spoke with a patient advisor and not the doctor or nurse. I also felt pressured to put a down payment immediately. I'm really worried I'm making the wrong decision. Please help!
Good luck with your workouts.
That's very soon!  So the doctor is listed as being in Chicago, but the Sono Bello location you are talking about is, I'm guessing, in Kansas City?  Please correct me, because I'm thinking maybe we linked the wrong doctor by accident?   I want to see if I can find other patients for you on here who've had the same doctor, but I want to confirm the info first.
Thanks but I have cancelled the procedure. I will just continue to workout and eat healthy. Also looking into waist training.
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Scheduled to perform but no contact with him yet

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