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I've been reading all these reviews an am thrilled...

I've been reading all these reviews an am thrilled to have access to all this info! I went to my first meeting about surgery in May and I weighed 218. I qualify for some help from Medicare which thoroughly shocked me. My Cigna insurance won't pay anything. After my July 1 meeting I was told I would be getting a call from scheduling in two weeks. No call. Finally today I received THE call with a date of Sept 9th. I have told a lot of friends an family about this and have little to NO support. They all think this is to drastic. I am on the borderline of diabetes, have high blood pressure, an high cholesterol. I have zero willpower. We are winter Texans with a party everyday so I am concerned about how this will affect our social life. We are use to eating out a lot and of course margaritas n beer. We also have a lake house for summer months with lots of parties, etc. I am worried my decision will have quite a lifestyle change for my husband of 40 yrs.
Good morning just seing this post now! You will glide into your healthy life style . I had MGB in November 2013 am down from day before surgery 253 (start of paper work for approval 268) to 172.I eat small portions and what ever i want.Of course I have rarely like a fried food. I have clients who have had sleeve drink a few beers or wine here and there.I have not didnt before. It is like the surgery gives you a different mind set and taste for bad stuff lol.Dr.Peraglie has been wonderful. Has taught me to not diet and balance my food choices.So if I want a taste of cannoli have it but trade it off on occasion to take care of craving. My blood work is that of 35 year old they say am 59. My husband plays out in classic Rock and oldies band does not bother me to not drink . You will figure it all out! Hopefully people around you will support you! Good luck will recovery :)
Your post was extremely helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to update us - it is so helpful to hear from someone that had the surgery and is still doing great one year later!! Makes me even more excited (if that is even possible!) for the surgery!
You are so welcomed .I get excited when someone has made surgery decision it all works out!!Never worry you get thru it !!
Dr Drahota

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