12 weeks post op - still very happy!

Just had my consultation with Dr. Quinn in...

Just had my consultation with Dr. Quinn in Overland Park, KS. Instant connection, and I loved his portfolio of work. I felt a little impulsive, as I also booked him that same day. But I feel comfortable with him, liked his staff, and his work. I'm doing it. Otherwise, I'll procrastinate, find excuses, etc...

My stats: Female, 46, Widowed (hubby had pancreatic cancer and passed at 41), 2 kids 5 & 16, breastfed both briefly. 5'10", 155 lbs. I think I am a 36B, but maybe smaller? Had my last child at 41. Things just don't stretch back like after baby #1.... Don't regret a thing, am proud to be a mom, just want to amp up some curves and get pre-baby body back while I have time to enjoy it.

Thanks to those who have posted to this site - your stories give me hope and motivation. I've thought about this for years, and talked about it for years, and now I've finally booked a surgical date!

Happy to know that Dr. says I don't need a lift. He wants to do the armpit incision with silicone unders. Says I'll have some great cleavage. I was initially liking 420-450 cc, but am all freaked out to be that big once I got home and thought about it. It's easy to be big as I am tall, I think. Am hoping for a natural, larger look (if those 2 things can go together! lol) Sizing appointment on Dec. 7th.

He's also going to do a full tummy tuck - new belly button, removing extra skin, repairing muscle. I've had 2 c-sections. I don't think it's terrible, but when I sit, I feel like my belly sits in my lap! He says I could have a slight vertical scar if he can't pull down enough skin to close my old belly button hole. I'm most excited about muscle repair and to have a flat tummy. Since I'm already under, why not do the breasts?

Will try and post some "before" pictures shortly! I have 42 days and counting...

My dr office will offer a discount for cash, as I'm paying in cash! But I had to ask about it. Hey, 5% is 5%....


Glad the holiday preparations are taking my mind off surgery. 37 days. Haven't told really anyone. Probably need to have an awkward conversation with my parents about it...but will wait until after Thanksgiving. Excited to think about next summer...
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By the way I got 500cc if you go to my review I have a before after pic of my boobs
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Hey! Good luck on your journey to the "flat side!" It is very exciting to go from looking prego when you aren't to looking in the mirror and seeing that you aren't going to have to worry about "holding in" your stomach ever again!
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Can't wait for my sizing appointment this Friday. ...

Can't wait for my sizing appointment this Friday. Did anyone bring a bra in the size they hope to be after surgery to put the sizers in? They recommended bringing different tops, which I will do. Just wondering if I should bring a bra? I initially liked 420cc, but panicked when I got home that I would look unnatural. I am 5'10", 152 lbs, and am hoping for small D.


I don't think that size will look unnatural / you are tall;-)
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Good luck to you!! I used doctor Quinn for my original BL/BA in 2009.
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Sizing appt today - went w 450cc silicone. I was...

Sizing appt today - went w 450cc silicone. I was worried about how huge they seemed at the consultation. So glad to try them again. I've been wearing my add-2-cups bra for the past month, so the 450's don't seem ginormous anymore! I think that will give me a great look. So excited - 19 days out. Pre-op appt is Monday. Oh, nurse says dr is giving me high profile. I've thought about this for so long - and along w flat stomach/muscle repair, it's almost unreal!!


6 days post op! I'm up and around, living in my recliner. If I put a little roll pillow from my bed, it really helps the back. I'm up and around, standing fairly straight but moving slowly. Showered yesterday w press n seal over the incision. I feel like I can't get cg snug enough. Worst pain are my boobs. I feel like the are swollen into my armpits Dr says to be smushing them together. Which helps. I'm loving the size - hp 450s under, armpit incision. I've got fairly good range of motion w my arms. Bad news - my primary caregiver (wonderful bf) has a really bad cold. He's banished so I don't get it ! Yikes. My mom came over and her first question is why I did this to my body. Ugh. I regret telling them. It's supposed to snow here so not sure if I'm getting out to 2nd post op appt. sorry not much posting, haven't taken any pics yet by myself. Happy healing to those who have gone before me!
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That is a bummer that some people just can't be happy for you! I told my sister-in-law who was shocked and a little upset. She just kept saying that it was really dangerous. But oh well, I did it and now I am LOVING the way I look. I think her whole angle was that she was jealous, to be honest.. She was saying she just went to VS and got sized and that she couldn't believe that she was really a C.. Yeah.. doubt it.. Anyways, I am a 34DDD now =) Ha! Don't let others get you down! I'm not sure why people aren't more supportive.. I mean, its our bodies! We want to and deserve to look good and feel good about how we look! It's important!
Choosing the PS is the most important decision..You started over when you had your last child, everything is so different from the time with your oldest..lol I have HP and love them , don't see alot of ladies choosing them..what made you select HP
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Day 6 post op. Still taking an occasional...

Day 6 post op. Still taking an occasional painkiller, can't stand up straight yet (pulling in upper abdomen, hurts), taking it very easy. Walking around, quarantined all my support as they are all SICK! Ugh. I can't bear to cough, so hopefully I'll bypass it. My 5 is with me for the first time today. She was worried that I had a baby while she was gone. aw! She is also sick, so the odds are not in my favor.... In good spirits, taking it slowly, enjoying the rest. My boyfriend drops off wonderful food for me to eat (it was salmon for lunch today). He hates to be quarantined, but understands.


You look great! Boobs are a good size for you, they look natural. I hope all your helpers get better soon!
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Just read your review. Your new breasts look good on you already!! Good luck with everything.
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Our BB's look very similar! I was worried mine didn't go in enough but they told me not to worry cause I'm swollen and it will go inward more. Congrats!
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Ladies I didn't do a good job posting right after...

Ladies I didn't do a good job posting right after surgery! I had first slot, anesthesiologist was wonderful, met w ps and got marked right before surgery. I'll have 2 low scars - he couldn't believe how low my first c-section incision was. Said if he went that low things would be pulled up unnaturally - WAY unnaturally if ya know what I mean. It's 16 yrs ago and doesn't bother me. So he split the diff - I told him I'm prob not wearing a string bikini so make the best decision for best result. I'm more concerned w skin removal and muscle tightening. I would have a vertical scar as well, but again that's no big deal for me. It's maybe an inch. Surgery was 3 hours, I did amazing he said, and was overall very pleased. Slept for 2 hours in recovery, got an anti-nausea patch behind my ear. Ate some applesauce and drank a ton of water and home we went. Note if you touch nausea patch and rub your eye, it dialates your eye and you can't see right for a few hours. My bf was amazing, he was holding my hand when I woke up. The first three days were rough, but not as bad as I was expecting. Stayed on top of meds, had help up and down, could use bathroom no prob, and miralax was my friend. My ps said this is not bedridden-type surgery, and he wanted me up and around some, even if I couldn't stand up straight. I think that's been key to quick recovery, plus lots of fluids, vitamins, healthy foods. I used Valium the night before, and the first three days just at night. I think it's a depressant, and didn't want to slip into a bout of sadness, regret, etc. so i quit taking it I'm very happy w my results and decision to do this. I'm realistic about recovery, and each day is better. This is my first "elective surgery", and I feel good about helping myself feel better. I can't help but think how my core strength will improve, protecting my back/health when I am older. Health is such a gift and as an older parent of younger child, I'm there for her.


Looking good! Hope your recovery is still going well!
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Thanks gokus! Good luck on your upcoming date! It's a long recovery, but keep your eye on the prize.
Mama, your results are looking amazing! The nurse really got down and in my bb w a qtip

Had my 4 wk appt today. Breasts are beautiful and...

Had my 4 wk appt today. Breasts are beautiful and I can wear a bra. No binder anymore and no Spanx, ready to start scar treatment w mederma. I got 450's thru my underarm, and I love it. Full range of motion w arms, and such an unnoticeable scar. I'm perfectly even/symmetrical. My right is slightly smaller than left, but they are sisters, not twins. I didn't adjust the implants. Measuring at a 36DD, high profile. Slight swelling as normal at 4 weeks, never went thru the "swell hell". So excited to shop for some sexy bras and actually looking forward to swimsuit season. Released for exercise at a gradual pace, starting slow. And to wear an exercise binder, like Grmom got from walmart Of course no sit up/crunches for a good 3 months. No signs of capsular contraction. So very pleased w my results, which dr says will improve even more. Happy I did this and can enjoy it. I'll enjoy swimming w my 5 yr old this summer! My family doesn't understand or really approve, but my body image / issues aren't something I openly discuss w them. Clothing and bombshell bras can disguise a lot. I think I can prob pay for surgery by listing all my vs 36b bras on eBay! Lol. Having a hard time finding bras - one brand is one size, another is diff. Like starting all over again! But a good dilemma to have. Happy healing to everyone and good luck to those about to go! I promise some pictures. Also, I've been back at work for 2 weeks. Hugs everyone!

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Nothing noteworthy with recovery. My skin on my...

Nothing noteworthy with recovery. My skin on my stomach still feels "tender", so I haven't tried wearing jeans yet. It feels like it would hurt. So I'm in yoga pants weekends and at the gym, and hidden elastic waist ponte pants from Coldwater Creek to work. Can stand up 100% straight, the sharp pain (ps said like a "bone bruise") on upper rib is gone. Still sore from the lipo on flanks, scar healing ok. Need to be more diligent with laying on the floor on my stomach and "rocking and rolling" as my ps recommended to keep my breasts soft. They feel really soft and natural. I'm totally happy with how they turned out. Not sure what I'm more excited about - to lose all the extra skin or having 34DD's. yay. Sometimes I'm even a 34DDD.... I still keep feeling them and can't quite believe I have boobs. After 46 years.... My boyfriend hasn't stopped smiling about them. But he loves me the way I was before. So happy we met - he's a keeper. So glad I did this for myself. Not a lot of people have noticed (I wore my bombshell add 2 cups bra for months and it's amazing what clothes can hide!). My parents think it was weight loss surgery. lol. I forgot to ask what cm the muscle separation was before surgery. Most excited to have that pulled back together! My scar is higher than most on here, but I'm good with that as it was the surgeon's placement that would give me the best result. He's the expert. I'll just get a littler higher-waist on a bikini bottom, not an issue for me. My vertical scar goes clear to my belly button, but that will fade to a white little hairline over time. Not an issue for me. superficial. Haven't posted too much, as not really much is going on. Working M-Th, chasing after my kids, trying to sneak a date in here and there... pretty much life as normal. Not being crazy at the gym. Nice and slow - light cardio only right now. So glad to have this site, and thanks for the courage of those before me to inspire me to finally do this for myself. And I love all the girls in the Nov/Dec forum! You guys rock.


Hi KC , so sorry to hear about your husband . My husband of 25 yrs passed away at age 44 from renal cancer . It's been 3 yrs sense his passing . I'm remarried to another awesome man . You look great ya for u . Happy healing :-) !
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Sissy - sorry for your loss as well. I only had 7 years of marriage w him, and we have a beautiful daughter together. She was 2.5 when he passed. I'm glad you've found happiness w a great man! I'm dating someone very special, and it's wonderful to have those feelings again. Happy healing to you!!

12 week post op appointment this morning. All...

12 week post op appointment this morning. All looks good! I have a little "thickness" in upper abdomen where lots of muscle repair happened. Dr. says will go away in a few months. Gently doing a deep slow massage on that area will help (with moisturizer/lotion) Just using bio-oil on scar, which is healing nicely. No swelling at or below incision, which is great. I've had hardly any swelling, but I am still tender to the touch in my upper abdomen above the incision. Still reluctant to wear jeans, as the pressure is uncomfortable. It's getting better, so it's just a matter of time. Breasts are "perfect" (in his words) - I'm thrilled with my size choice and how they fit my body. Feeling like they're more part of myself now. Haven't hit the gym hard-core with my weight class, just taking it easy working back in with some cardio to start with, and some walking. Have been released to do core/ab work, but I feel like I need to wait. Other exercises work my core, so not pushing myself. Can do compression if I need it. I've been binder free since about week 7. Only when I exercise. And I think my Wal-Mart blue belt helps shed any swell/water too. Anyway, haven't been on in a while. Got a little frustrated with bra shopping, so I'm going to wait a while then try again. My right is slightly smaller than my left, but I'm not sure a larger size would have helped - it might have made it larger then the left! (I'm prob the only person who would notice it anyway) I just know they are sisters and not twins. How God made me, just a little more "enhanced".... loving my outcome and SO happy I did this! Hope my December surgery pals are doing great and healing along nicely.


I just had a consult with Dr Quinn last week for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. He seems very nice. I felt comfortable around him and am anxious to have my surgery too (hoping for Feb 2014 as my target date). Thank you so much for the information you have provided! It has been helpful.
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Dr. Quinn did an amazing job! So pleased with his work. It's hard to believe I'm almost 6 month po. Big difference between 3 months & 6 months. Just remember that it's a slooooow recovery for the TT. I think Dr. Quinn is known in the area as the best "breast man". I would agree! I had 450 hp silicones thru my armpit. The incision is almost invisible now. Hardly any discomfort and am so thrilled with my results! Good luck to you on your upcoming date! You'll have plenty of time to get prepared.
KCmama, you look great!!! Thx for sharing your update!
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