I'm a mom of 3, all c-sections. Consultations...

I'm a mom of 3, all c-sections. Consultations coming up.. Nervous but excited.. I for the first time in my life want a flat stomach.. Bikini here I come..I'm 5"3 135 pounds so I would like to lose about 5-10 pounds before surgery. I have was pretty heavy all my highschool years and finally about 5 years ago for the first time reached the 120's. But then I had a little girl, only gained 28 pounds lost it and 2 years later had my son who is 6 months old now. I'm having a little bit harder time getting back into the running like before. I'm hopeful that at my consultations they will be able to make my dream come true to have the flat stomach I so imagine. Of course my husband says I'm perfect thank goodness for him, but this is something I want really bad. I'm nervous about the surgery and recovery. A friend of mine just had her tummy tuck done no muscle repair and said it was the worst pain ever. Yikes! But her doc didn't do a pain pump so I'm hoping that will make a difference. My two consultations are coming up and I have a page of questions, hopefully they don't think I'm nuts lol.. Wish me luck..

Okay so I had my first consult. The doctor...

Okay so I had my first consult. The doctor explained the procedure told me that he would try his best to use the same scar as my c-section. He does do lipo but only on flank/hip area and said I might still have a little extra fat after tuck since the bulge above my belly isn't getting lipo, so I might have to go back which I wasn't thrilled about. He seemed nice but very old school. His price for the tummy tuck was over $7000, $3000 of the was the surgery center and anesthesia. My appt was at 1:00 and he didn't see me till 2:15. Not sure if them running late or not. I asked about lovenox to prevent blood clots, he said that he wasn't against using them but didnt feel comfortable prescribing he would want me to go see a hemotolgist to get there opinion. ( I have no history and no risk factors except the surgery) so it would only be for preventative measures. So I kinda felt weird about that. I did ask him about possibly getting larger implants total cost was over $14,000.. He seemed expensive. My fiend just had a mini tuck, lipo of flanks and silicone implants and her total was $9100 and she looks great. I seeing her surgeon in August..hope that goes better

Okay ladies my consultation is coming up soon and...

Okay ladies my consultation is coming up soon and of course I seem to be nervous. My friend had a mini tuck and breat augmentation with the PS i'm seeing on August 6th, She has nothing but good things to say about him and Ive seen his work and she looks great. What impressed me even more was last week she was having this weird pain in her back, she wrote him an email within 30 minutes he wrote her back and they tried to call her on her cell phone (we work in a hospital so she wasnt getting reception). So she wrote him and gave him our work number and within 10 minutes he called her at work..while he was on vacation in California. That to me shows a lot about what kind of doctor he is.

There seems to be so many things running through my head, I'm taking off three weeks from work, and I should have help those whole three days. After that i plan on returning to work but my big concern is getting my 1 year old in and out of the car. I know he will be able to walk on his own by then (he's almost 7 months now) but on the days that my husband works (he's a firefighter so he works 24hrs) how I'm gonna get kids in the car to drop my oldest to school. My 3 year old can get in and out so it will only be my 1 year old that will be the issue.

Has anyone else have an issue with there inlaws knowing what there doing? They help out with the kids while there at work but I really dont want to sound selfish that I spent 7000.00 when we have three kids to put through college..Any advice??

Okay ladies I had my consultation with Dr.H and I...

Okay ladies I had my consultation with Dr.H and I really liked him. He told me straight up what he could do, not only for my tummy tuck but my breasts as well.. I have saline now and have some rippling so silicone it is. My scar will be from hip to hip, he will contour my flanks and hips with lipo and even said he lipo a little bra fat yeah!! So I'm scheduled January 14th..7am..

So now that Ive scheduled my surgery it all about...

So now that Ive scheduled my surgery it all about the sit and weight game.155 days to go.. Sounds so far away..I bought myself a bikini today and hung it up in the closet so when I get scared I can look at it and remind myself how I wish to look and what I would love to wear. My husband is supportive but at the same time hasent really asked any questions just said as long as I am okay he's okay. So for now I'm just sitting and waiting...

Well i still have over 140 days to go but I...

Well i still have over 140 days to go but I realize the more and more I think the more questions I have..lucky my PS is great and never makes me feel the "crazy lady" i'm sure I sound like. I was wondering if any of my fellow tummy tuckers are prescriped lovenox or had it with there past surgery..the question is according to lovenox the only approved place is belly..but Ive read others have done it in arm and thighs.. Was just wondering what anyone elses PS recommened. Otherwise just counting down the days I hope everyone is as excited as me..

Nothing really new to report, just counting down...

Nothing really new to report, just counting down the days. I find myself checking out real self almost once a week ready the stories. It's just gets you sucked I have asked my surgeon so many questions that I think Ive tapped them out. I did ask him if I could revisit with him about a month before surgery to just go over and confirm what to expect and of course without hesitation he said he would love to see me again. I kind of want him to draw on me like he would the day of surgery so I could physically see what is going to be done..

Okay ladies I have a question, have any of you...

Okay ladies I have a question, have any of you other mommy makeovers either passed or coming had there surgery performed any other way except for general anesthesia?

Hello ladies!!1 well Im still 104 days still my...

Hello ladies!!1 well Im still 104 days still my surgery but things are moving along. I was hoping to lose a couple of pounds before surgery but it looks like that might not happen. i was hoping to be 130 before surgery but the scale hates me and goes to 134,2 then the next day right back to 135.8..ugh! On another note I kinda have a dilema, I have implants that were done in novemeber of 2009, after I got them done I did have a child and breastfeed so they arent as "perky" as they were. I'm adding a picture for those of you willing to give me your opinion. I was thinking about replacing them so I had the fullness back. i was told I dont need another lift but I currently have 350cc saline. In order to get the fullness I would have to go to about 450-500cc and silicone. (i have some ripling you can feel but not see), I keep on changing my mind I mean do mine really look $4700 bad??? that's what it would cost to add it to my TT/MR and lipo of flanks. Im worried about what if I play with them and I have issues like capular contracture..I have no issues now should I play with it and get them redone or just leave them be..any opinions would be appreciated..

93 days to my surgery, yes it still feels like far...

93 days to my surgery, yes it still feels like far far away. It must be getting closer because today in the mail I got the bill for the surgery center $1350, and the anesethsia bill $950.00. I will be paying the surgeon for it all and they will be paying it out but still made my heart sink a little, figured they must give the 90 day notice to come up with the cash. I think there are times when I drive my plastic surgeon crazy, I'm still on the fence about how big is too big when it comes to implants. I have 350cc saline and am definitly swicthing to silicone, but I was concered when he said my pocket is larger cause of beast feeling and he would like to put in 450-500cc to fill it and make it full again..any other ladies out there go holy geez that sounds huge!! but another girl that i work with had surgery last week with him and she's pretty much my size, before i asked her cc's I just asked to see her, they looked amazing. But then I said I think I want mine just a tad bigger, she said really? I said yeah maybe why how big are your..550CC she said. Soooo l guess my ps was right never go with cc's just go with what size you want to be..and for me a full D is what I'm hoping for. So I'm going ahead with the replacement of the implants and i will let him decide how many cc;s, takes alot of stress away from me I guess. I was hoping to loose about 5 pounds before the surgery but apparently my scale only like to tell me the same numbers 135.6 to 136.8 i think it hates me lol. My recliner is being delivered on tuesday, I did see alot of people renting them but when I called it was $27 per week without tax..kinda seemed silly when I could buy one for $200. I'm getting really siked, I even started looking at fredricks of hollywood today to imagine what i would look like in one of those sexy getups for my hubby, it is so hard to imagine not having this flap of my friend says..maybe after this I'll stop dressing like a

Hello ladies well according to my calendar...

Hello ladies well according to my calendar countdown i'm now at 76 days to go, yes I know it still a while away but it's getting closer. Seems like I'm trying to just ignore my fears for the moment. When I stop and think I get scared and then there comes the pros and I selfish,.is it really that bad..oh my god some people say the pain is I strong enough to do this. It seems easier for me to just kind of put it all in the back of my head..atleast till after christmas..I do have an appt (just to confirm) what's being done in November. My friend who is getting the same surgery but December 11th, is coming with me. I'm hoping he calms our fears and it will be a smooth ride till January.

Okay so it's been a little while but I have 12...

Okay so it's been a little while but I have 12 days to go and I feel like my stomach is in knots. I'm nervous about the surgery itself the outcome not making it..ugh the list goes on. I have to go pay my bill tomorrow, I'm afraid I might throw up on the receptionist lol. I see all this pictures and I can't wait to look and feel like these other women but the waiting is torture. I could use any words of encouragement cause accidentally I was looking up supplies and food for afterwards and I came across this site that talked about the risk of dying from a tummy tuck was 1/600.. What??? God I wish I would have never seen that..

Well ladies, I had to postpone my surgery because...

Well ladies, I had to postpone my surgery because the week before my eye started to twitch and I got a bad sinus headache which lead to a bad cold. I went to the pharmacy to get a decongestant and the pharmacist said to call my PS first to make sure they were okay to take, I spoke to his nurse and she said yes they were fine so I feel better and ready for surgery but a little freaked out because some of you lovely ladies say that your PS said no to decongestants, I'm freaking that when I get there on Wednesday morning the anesthesiologist will tell me I have to reschedule..ugh!!! I'm assuming my surgeons nurse knows what she's doing and saying she's been with him for 15 years...anyone have an encouraging words?

I had my mommy makeover done on Wednesday the 23rd...

I had my mommy makeover done on Wednesday the 23rd of January. My pain is minimal, I have been taking one pain pill every 6 hours and one muscle relaxed every 6 and I feel like I'm able to get up and down no problems. My surgery was 3.5 hours and I can tell I look worth it!!!!

Having problems adding photos

Having problems adding photos
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

He did an amazing job, I couldn't be happier. I habe a flat tummy for the first time in years. My pain is minimal. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I'm so happy..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Where did u rent your recliner? Thanks
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Hi, I decided to go for dr hall in 3weeks. How is your result? Did they use a pain pump? Did u do blood test before the surgery? Is your tummy very straight flat?
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Hi, I'm going to have a consult with Dr Hall this week and saw your profile. I've seen Dr Quinn and Dr Hall will be my second consult. I've heard great things about both, so I'll have to decide between them! I'm getting a mommy makeover, but I'm nervous about the TT, since I'm in between needing a mini and a full. dr Quinn said I might need a small vertical scar as well. I have no boobs to speak of, so I'm super stoked about the BA!
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So which dr did u end up with? Do u like your result?
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I had my surgery the same day as you so I'm 3 weeks po as well. I still swell too but sometimes it feels worse than it looks. You look great! (and I love you tattoo by the way).
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Congrats on your makeover! You have that classic hourglass shape. Don't worry about the swelling. Its a part of recovery and be sure to get as much rest as you can. Your results will be beautiful!
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I am 3 weeks out and still get swelling. Everyone does. You look great! Please don't worry yourself about the swelling right now. Or anytime soon! This is such a loooooong process and the swelling is completely normal, albeit frustrating and depressing! Hang in there! It WILL get better!!! (((Hugs)))
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I'm 2 weeks today, and feeling just like you. I almost have a shelf of a belly above my incision. I think we're both worrying too early, I think you look great, actually! You are rocking that dang bikini! But I also think you've got some swelling and will be even hotter!
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How much did ur surgery cost
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Glad everything went well and you liked Dr. Hall! He is good in our area. I used Dr. Quinn and am pleased as well. post some pics! Hope you're healing well. Sounds like you're doing great.
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Congrats!! So happy for you! Give us updates & pics when you can!!!
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I was ok'd to take sudafed (the real stuff) the week before surgery. As long as no NSAID's (ibuprofen, aleve) or aspirin were in it. I'm sure the nurse knows what he says is ok. :)
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I had a mid face and neck lift a week ago. I had to stop aspirina, herbal vitamins and nasal and sinus decongestants a month before my surgery .. You should check with your doctor.. I got all the instructions in writing and by email (PDF) in case I had a question during my work trips.
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I work in an office with 3 different docs, and if there is one thing that I can guarantee you is that each one is different in their choices and opinions on everything! If your Nurse has been with him for 15 years she knows his beliefs, I have been with all 3 of mine for 5 and I know them all and what their opinions are regarding their practices, so you should be able o trust her fully. Good luck with your surgery, I look forward to hearing and seeing your results!
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We are surgery buddies! I'm having my mommy makeover on the 14th as well! I also have 3 kiddos ( youngest is 15 mths) so I'm right there with ya:). Lets keep in touch through this! I'm waaaayyy nervous!!
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Hi, I just came across your profile and wanted to wish you the best of luck in your journey to a new you and prayers be with you on your surgery day. As for you seeing the site of 1/600 die. The surgery itself is not what people die from, its afterwards of surgery(any type) the one that surgeons worry about is the blood clots forming in legs. Keep busy and focus on the positive , how good you will feel and look after this is all said and done. I know easier said than done, cuz when its your time for surgery its nerves nerves. You will be fine, you have been cleared for surgery so theres medically no reason for you to die during surgery, after surgery they have you walk around and some places put the massaging leg equipment on the legs to help prevent blood clots. Hope this helps and cant wait to see the new you.
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Where to get the leg massaging equipment? Thanks
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What would it call? Thanks
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You can go to and look for air compression leg massagers for 79.98
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Do u think I can use it for a long flight? Did u use it? Thanks
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If your flying you should get up every 2 hours to stretch your legs, do range of motion (ROM), and if you get one battery operated( which the one I referred u to is) then you should be fine. During one of my surgeries u used leg compression massager cuz dr required it and 2 I was paranoid about getting a blood clot in my legs, I retained a lot of water and swelling in my legs, I had cankles. But yes defiantly use one if you can spare the dough for one. But don't solely rely on it, get up to walk and while sitting do ROM every 15-20 mins.
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Thanks for your advice. I will purchase one for safety. Thanks to let me know there is such the product exists
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You welcome anytime.
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Kansas, I went w 450cc hp silicone thru armpit incision. I just posted day 6 pics of my new boobs! Still sore and settling. I waffled hard for at least a month. Trusted that ps said its perfect size for my chest measurements and proportionate for my height weight. I'm really pleased with them so far! No regrets on size. Of course he says "beautiful!" when he saw them Monday
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