Twelve years ago, when I was 24, I made the...

Twelve years ago, when I was 24, I made the impulsive, VERY impulsive, decision to get breast implants. Being an extremelly small 34AA, the only thing on my mind was the ability to buy cute bras and actually fit into a bikini top.
I won't lie, in the beginning, it was a rough transition. I wasn't prepared for the psychological affects having fake boobs would have on me. But after a couple of months of my new 34C implants settling in and becoming more natural feeling by the day, my self esteem increased dramatically. I could wear almost anything. Oh, my priorities were right on track, huh? Lol.
Well, over the last 12 years, with lifestyle and career changes my implants have moved, shifted, and become kind of uncomfortable. They're just plain uneven. I'm constantly feeling the need to adjust them throughout the day. It's a very odd feeling.
So, here I am.... still deciding and teetering. In the past week I've had two phone conversations with two different PS in my area. I also have a face-to-face consultation with my original PS nurse on April 22nd. It seems that money is the only thing holding me back right now. And I'm trying very hard this time to not be impulsive.... ; )

I tried... No coverage on insurance.

I just contacted my insurance provider, Cigna, and unfortunately the removal of breast implants is not covered. Now, the woman I spoke with did say that if I'm having complications or leakage, I could get an authorization then the removal could possibly be covered. I'm not suspecting that I have any issues besides the strong desire to get them out. I'll just keep shopping around and try to find the cheapest PS...

First consulation

I just got home from my first consultation with Jill, my original PS nurse. She was informative and non-judgmental, which was a relief. It went well although she quoted me a cost of $2550. That includes the surgeon fee of $2000 and surgery center fee of $550. Hopefully my PS will quote me less, although I doubt it. She took my questions (i.e. definite cost , anesthesia options, removal/non-removal of capsule), felt around and made sure everything was as it should be (everything is still soft and my implants move freely in the pockets), and took new pictures. I made a second appointment, tentatively set for May 29th, to speak with my actual PS for further info. I asked about the "complications," I described on here, and she told me that my PS doesn't deal with any insurance. Whether my issues would be covered, I'll never know. I'm still in "shopping" mode as of now. As bad as this sounds, and as badly as I want this done, I don't want to spend thousands of dollars to have this procedure done.

2nd consultation, still searching

Let me preface this by saying "I'm sorry for the rant."
Yesterday, at 10am, I met with Dr. Leahy. Long story super short: I'm still searching. I don't now what I'm supposed to expect when I walk into a consultation. I feel like it should be a warm situation with who can empathize with my concerns and feelings. While Dr. Leahy was nice enough, I don't want a car salesman approach. I don't want to sit there, mid-conversation, feeling like stock. Just because I'm not replacing my implants doesn't mean the ps is going to lose money on my removal operation. I don't want to hear new advancements that will "cure" my current issues. I don't want to hear that I'm not going to look like I did before I got the BA. Really? I'm fully prepared for my outcome. I've been researching this for months. I had zero breast tissue before and lived with it for 24 years and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have zero again in the end. **shrugs shoulders** Oh well. I REALLY don't want to hear that none of my clothes will fit after an explant. These are a few of the salesman tactics the ps used yesterday. I'm still not sold. He did, on the other hand, agree to do the removal in office and under local anesthesia. He quoted $1700. He'd numb me, use my prior incision, deflate the implant and pull it out, clean up inside the pocket, and sew up the incision. To keep the cost down, per my request, he wouldn't remove the capsule. He says that requires general anesthesia. He seemed a little uneasy about it. It's not something he generally does. I'm thinking that's a sign as well that I shouldn't settle.

Consultation #3: May 28th

I just scheduled my third consultation, with Dr. Gary Hall, for May 28th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
I was hoping to schedule another one with Dr. Quinn, who is highly recommended, but it was going to be $125 even though his website says "schedule your complimentary consultation." That is taken off the cost of the procedure if he ended up being "the one," but it's too pricey for me since I'm just checking around. Plus, he only does general anesthesia. : (

October 21st is my removal day!! **clapping hands**

I had my third and, glad to say, final consultation today with Dr. Gary Hall. It was a quick and painless process. Basically, he'd cut around my original inframammary scar, through the muscle, drain the implant, remove it, and sew up the new incision. Easy peasy. He was so... genuine and very friendly. I never got a judgmental vibe from him or his nurse, Shauna. Neither of them asked if I was sure I didn't want to replace my implants, nor did Dr. Hall tell me that I wouldn't like my outcome. That is huge to me!!
Now it's just a waiting game until I have enough money to pay cash and a couple of weeks off work. : )

Removal date is moved up!!

I was getting impatient so I opted to move things around. I changed my vacation time at work, along with my removal date, which is now Sept. 9th. I'm going to Dr. Hall's office tomorrow to pay then I'm 100% set to go! I can not wait!!

Everything is good to go!

Just received a call from the surgery center. All the bases are covered. It's hitting home know that I'll be boobless after 8:00 Tuesday morning. Lol. Eeeeeek!!!

They. Are. Outta. Here. ; )

What to say, what to say? The implants are gone and my boobies are non-existent. Lol. I don't think I could feel any better about that! My fiancé and I woke up at 5:30 this morning to get ready for the day. Once we arrived at the surgery center, at 6:30, everything went like a machine. Everyone, from the lady at the front desk to the surgical
staff, and of course my surgeon, was magnificent! I felt very well taken care of! I changed into hospital attire, plopped down in the hospital bed, IV was started, and went over every aspect if the surgery with each individual that had a part. I couldn't have asked for a better group to be taking care of me today. I don't remember it being such a friendly environment when I had my implants put in. Although, that was 12 years ago... Lol. I digress. I was taken back to the actual surgery area around 7:30 and then it was lights out. I woke up in recovery around 8:15. When I woke up I could immediately tell a huge difference. I felt, and still feel, amazingly light! I was sent home around 9:00 with a narcotic rx just in case but I haven't even had to have any Tylenol. Probably won't be filling that one. : ) I layed down in bed around 9:45-10 and I've been sleeping off and on since. Just beat from the anesthesia I think. I'm not having any pain whatsoever. It's crazy! Just a very airy feeling from the weight being gone. I think I was expecting it to be similar to implanting, the incredibly sore muscles and being looped out if my mind all day. This is a such a welcomed feeling!! I couldn't be happier that I decided to do this. Now I wanna go for a run!! ; )

Day 1 post op : )

Well, it's been a full 24 hours since the explant and I still feel fantastic! I took a shower this morning and, to be honest, I was nervous unwrapping the ace wrap. I wasn't sure what to expect. I removed my wrap and just giggled!! Although they look lifeless and sad, I still have what resembles my old shape which is a total surprise! I was expecting nothing at all or concave. I do have a puffy area underneath my actual breast, around the incision. I'm not sure if that's fluid, stretched skin, or just the incision itself. I called my surgeon's office and I'm waiting to hear back. I'll just use an ice pack until I hear something.

Phantom limb? More like phantom boob.

Hello! Not much to update in the way of visual changes. Still feeling great and haven't had to take any meds. I did notice last night my left incision area started feeling a little irritated, with a slight burning sensation. I'm thinking it was from the ace wrap sticking to the steri-strip and tugging it a little. All is well this morning though. The little squishy areas are still there and look exactly the same. I do find myself still trying to adjust and move my "breasts" when I'm laying down. Lol. I'll roll over on either side and try to pull it out from underneath my ribs. That was one of the things I couldn't stand about my implants. Now, when I do this, I laugh inside because there is NOTHING there. Lol. Another great discovery from my shower this morning: I can now shave my underarms without there being a deep pocket in my right armpit. My right implant had shifted so when I raised my arms I had a cavern of an armpit. Lol. Not anymore!! It really is the little things in life... ; )

3 days post op

Well, ladies, I feel like I should update but not much has changed. I'm just poking around the house, doing laundry, and random cleaning projects. I've noticed my energy level is a little depleted. I figure if I get up and move around then that will wear off soon.... I hope. I've posted some pics today. I feel like a little bit of fluid has been absorbed since two days ago. Mostly on the left side, the right still looks pretty full. I bought a new sports bra from target. I've been wearing it over my ace bandage for a little extra compression. Gotta speed this process up somehow. ; )

More pics to add to last update

One week down...

Hi! It's been exactly one week since my explant surgery. I couldn't be happier. I had my first follow-up appt, yesterday. My surgeon confirmed that the puffiness isn't actually fluid, like I thought. It's just extra skin that will need time to contract. He said everything looks great and to follow-up again in a month. After my second follow-up I shouldn't need to be seen again. He did tell me that while I was in surgery one of the nurses said "she's gonna want something back in there." I told him, after a slightly uncomfortable giggle, "I don't think so. It feels way too good without implants." He just nodded and smiled. It's a nice feeling being completely comfortable in my own skin. It's amazing being flat and weightless. Lol. I wish I had this feeling of myself when I was 24...

Over the past few days, since my last update, I've been taking it easy... for the most part. My fiancé and I went on a 4 mile walk (he ran) Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to get out of the house. Seems like it's been months... Lol. Yesterday evening we helped a friend move, and I think I may have lifted too much a little too soon. The muscles in my shoulders, underarms, and biceps are a little tender today. : / I'll take the soreness as a friendly reminder that I should workout more often. ; )

Two weeks post op...

Welp, it's been two solid weeks since my explant. I returned to work yesterday after being off since the 9th, and admittedly, it was bittersweet. Lol. I miss lounging!

The healing process has been amazing. I'd like to think I'm at 100% but, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I noticed, at work yesterday, if I bounced too much, like running down a flight of stairs, I could feel in my incisions. They still feel a little raw inside. I hope that's not true because I pulled my steri strips off in the shower this morning. They were loose so they came off easily. Now that the strips are gone I can definitely feel the scar inside. Any pointers on massaging that so it smooths out?

Although the physical healing is going smoothly, my mental healing had a hiccup. Lol. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had a mild meltdown last Friday night. My fiancé and I made plans to have dinner and drinks with a friend of ours, and my almost non-existent girly side reared her ugly head. I couldn't find a dang thing to wear. I put on a cute tank that looked good prior to the explant and I asked my fiancé for his opinion. I wanted his honest opinion. Really... I did. He told me, nicely, "i don't think it's meant for your new body type." Maybe not but it was comfy. I just walked back to the closet and stood there crying cause I couldn't find anything, besides a T-shirt. Bless his sweet, sweet heart. He apologized and just hugged me until I stopped bawl babying. Lol. All was well about 15 minutes later and we had a great night.

For some reason my pics won't upload... I'll try those again later. Have a great day everyone!!

Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Meeting Dr. Hall was a refreshing experience. From the minute he walked into the room, at my consultation, he was very friendly. He wasn't judgmental, and made the process very comfortable. He didn't push me to reconsider replacing my implants. He went through the steps of my procedure and was straight to the point. Meeting, and talking with, Dr. Hall was a very welcomed change from the other consultations is had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just checking in to see how things are going for you!
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Bless your heart..I would have cried too. Just know you are who you are being natural. You will purchase more cloths and be cute as a button. Just love yourself as you are. All of us explanted ladies have to do the same. We all got boobs for the same reason..we didnt believe we where good enough being natural. Now we do believe WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH AS OUR REALSELF..XXXX
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Thanks, Frisky2002vrod! I know its been a couple of weeks now but, congrats to you on your explant! How're you feeling?
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Wow you look awesome! Mine is in 4 days. Any tips/advice? What post bra did you use? Any lotions or anything special because you look great so I want to use what you used :)
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Thank you, H8mybbs!! Your day is right around the corner! Are you excited? You'll love it!! : ) I didn't really do anything extra, or out of the ordinary, prior to surgery or even now. When I had my implants put in, my original PS required I take a grocery list of vitamins and supplements. I didn't ask too many questions then so I don't know his reasoning behind that. This time, with the explant, my new PS told me to stop taking EVERYTHING, except Tylenol (if I needed it), two weeks prior to surgery. After surgery, like everyone is, I was wrapped with an ace bandage. I wore that everyday for the first week. To help keep it in place, and to add a little extra compression, I wore a basic sports bra over it. During the first week I used an ice pack for about 20-30 min every night while laying in bed to help with inflammation. I'm not sure if I needed it but, it felt good. As far as creams or lotions, I don't use anything. I do drink A LOT of water though. I hope this helps and inside you the best of luck! Keep us posted! : )
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Grrr... Autocorrect. Lol. That is supposed to say "I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!"
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Thank you! I drink one coffee in the morning and the test of the day is water. My dr also said no vitamins nothing except Tylenol one week prior. Silly question but I'm stressing over what to wear to the surgery lol what kind of shirt? Also its supposed to be 90 on Monday do you think tighter yoga capris would be ok? But seriously the shirt thing has me stressed out lol
  • Reply
You're very welcome! Yeah, Im a sucker for a sweet, creamy caramel iced coffee from McDonald's! I get one almost everyday. Lol. I wore a tank top (the grey one from my photo above), a zip up hoodie, and a pair of shorts, and flip flops. I think it was in the mid 70s when we left at 6:00am the morning of surgery. Are you going to have general anesthesia or local? I had general and I was a little chilly on the drive home afterwards. I guess that's normal. I'd think your yoga pants will be fine. You'll be super comfy! The preop nurse i spoke with, the day before surgery, said that a loose shirt, or something that's easy to get on will work. Don't dtress out. You'll be just fine! : )
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My doc isn't using drains and doesn't do compression! He told me to pick out a nice front zip sports bra with a lot of compression. Victoria secret makes a good one with some padding and said that was fine. I'm hoping the lack of compression won't be an issue. Maybe I'll ask him if I should bind up anyway. Someone on here did and she looks amazing! I've also heard that wearing a push up type of sports bra helps keep the tissue higher! Hmmmm
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Try to wear a shirt/gym cover up that either has a zipper or buttons for easy on/off access. Your yoga pants should be fine. My feet get cold easily and since they like to keep those surgical rooms cold, I had fluffy socks on. Comfort is the key. No jewelry, not even your wedding ring. Don't stress....Not worth it. Remember it's all about comfort and hydrate with water as much as possible after your procedure. I always put a slice of cucumber and a meyer lemon in my water for healthy skin benefits plus it makes the water taste good.
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I wore a loose button up shirt with a vest top under so if I had drains it's roomy and practical ( I didn't need drains in the end) with loose casual trousers and comfy pumps - all easy and relaxed - funny I stressed over clothes but in the end it was all Ok - you'll be fine xxxxx watch a film xxxx
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I hate to ask but do you have any updated pics! I think your body is amazing! I will be thrilled if I have your result!!!!
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Wow!! Thank you, 2727!! You can ask anything you'd like. : ) I've actually been trying to upload my 'two week postop' pics but I'm having some trouble. I asked the Realself helpdesk for assistance, I'm still waiting to hear back. As soon as I'm able to, I will definitely post pics.
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Thanks! I had a revision done in January replacing 14 year old saline with silicone and my new surgeon believe there was nerve damage in the surgery because in in terrible pain. At 37 years old I have decided to just remove them. I was a 32 maybe a cup on a good day so I'm nervous about removing! Were you nervous? My doc says taking them out is the best chance to help the pain. He also said "won't it be nice to never worry about your boobs again?" Why don't they tell us these things the first time around????
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I have to say I agree with your PS about removing for pain reasons. He sounds like a great surgeon! I like that he asked "wouldn't it be nice not having to worry anymore?" He's taking your health and happiness into consideration over his bank account. That's incredible! Since I've removed mine all of my issues have disappeared. I never had true pain, per say, just more of an uncomfortable, pulling feeling. I always felt crooked. Lol. If I didn't wrap up like a mummy things felt... weird. There wasn't a single day where I wasn't aware of my boobs. Lol. They never felt like my body. Just foreign... Was I nervous? I really wasn't. I had my few fleeting moments of doubt. Like all of the other ladies I wanted to know what I was going to look like. Like having that info was going to be my deciding factor. Honestly, If I hadn't found this website I'd probably still have my implants. The support on here has, and still is, phenomenal.
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Aaawwwww Sonnybutters I think having some hiccups is normal. How sweet of you to share this as it confirms that we all need time to get used to the new (old) us! It's only been 8 days for me, and I trip out every single time I put something on and I see so much flatness (especially with this compression thing on). I have a wedding to go to on 10/11 and I am thinking about wearing this same dress I wore a couple of months ago to a different wedding. I'm a little concerned on how it will look on me and the last thing I want to do is go dress shopping. After all, I have a whole bunch of new bras I HAVE to buy! Being vulnerable and expressing our feelings is a beautiful act - thank you for sharing as it helps all of us on guiding our way on this adventure of acceptance! I'm glad to hear you ended up having a great night!
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Hi Happy! How're you feeling today? Sure hope you're feeling fantastic. : ) Thank you for being so sweet!
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Thank you Sonnybutters. ...I walked a couple miles today (slowly) and it felt good. I hace a post-op appt. Today so let's see what the Doc says. I seem to just have swelling on the upper pec area on right side and top shoulder are of left side. ? Not sure why but I'm feeling pretty good....thank you for asking!
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Hi - (I like the shortened happy) happy - how did post op go? Did you find out about the swelling? X
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Post-op went well. He's not sure why I have swelling in the upper pec area and thinks maybe I pushed or pulled something too hard. Doc suggested I massage the area and place a hot towel on it. I called an old friend of mine who is an acupuncturist and he did a treatment on me. I felt much better and will go back next week for another one. He also gave me a therapeutic Chinese oil to massage in the area. Thanks for asking Bluebell - how are you?
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I think a high neck tank looks lovely on small chests. I think regular tanks look fine too though. My husband has been so supportive and only initially expressed concern that I wouldn't be happy. I certainly hope I am but I think I will have days that that too. It will be a huge change.
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I really need to learn to dress this "new" old body. I'm going to take some of your pics you sent with me when I go. ; ) Thanks again for those! I sure hope you're ultimately happy with your decision! I just about bet you will be. Being implant free is so comfortable. How are you feeling with the deflation so far?
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Everything feels great. Absolutely no pain. Although I see no change since the deflation and I've read that can happen. Oh well, surgery is next week so I'm not going to do anything more until then. So much for a slow deflation process!
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Oh that's great! I've not really heard much about deflation. Is it a way to help the skin contract slowly? Well, Oct 2nd will be here before you know it! You'll look, and feel, great!
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Helping someone move?! Wow! I'm so impressed with your healing.
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