Twelve years ago, when I was 24, I made the...

Twelve years ago, when I was 24, I made the impulsive, VERY impulsive, decision to get breast implants. Being an extremelly small 34AA, the only thing on my mind was the ability to buy cute bras and actually fit into a bikini top.
I won't lie, in the beginning, it was a rough transition. I wasn't prepared for the psychological affects having fake boobs would have on me. But after a couple of months of my new 34C implants settling in and becoming more natural feeling by the day, my self esteem increased dramatically. I could wear almost anything. Oh, my priorities were right on track, huh? Lol.
Well, over the last 12 years, with lifestyle and career changes my implants have moved, shifted, and become kind of uncomfortable. They're just plain uneven. I'm constantly feeling the need to adjust them throughout the day. It's a very odd feeling.
So, here I am.... still deciding and teetering. In the past week I've had two phone conversations with two different PS in my area. I also have a face-to-face consultation with my original PS nurse on April 22nd. It seems that money is the only thing holding me back right now. And I'm trying very hard this time to not be impulsive.... ; )
Hi sonnybutters. I am in Canada and thankfully removal is covered here. It never even occurred to me until I read it on this site and I was thrilled when I called and found out it was true. From reading many other reviews I urge you to dig into the fine print of any insurance you have. Do not accept no for an answer. I have also noticed that the price quotes are all over the map for explantation so keep shopping around. I just found this site a few weeks ago and already have an appointment tomorrow with a PS. Like you it was a ver impulsive ill thought out thing to do (unfortunately I let my ex talk me into it). They look fine and I have had them for 18 years but I just have always hated them. It is scary and I have my moments when I wonder if I am being impulsive again by getting them out so quickly but I know in my heart that these things are just not safe or healthy no matter what any doctor or company says. When I have doubts and get scared I just come to this site and look for support from the only people that can possibly understand what I am going through. Keep us posted.
In Georgia BCBS is covering my removal.
Hope you get sorted are lucky that insurance will pay...I am in the uk....have had implants for 8 years and have a rupture...was just told they only cover for 5 years so will cost £5000 to replace....then found this site and decided to remove the things completely ....glad I made the decision ....having mine removed on the nhs....awaiting a surgery date xxxxxx good luck Hun

I tried... No coverage on insurance.

I just contacted my insurance provider, Cigna, and unfortunately the removal of breast implants is not covered. Now, the woman I spoke with did say that if I'm having complications or leakage, I could get an authorization then the removal could possibly be covered. I'm not suspecting that I have any issues besides the strong desire to get them out. I'll just keep shopping around and try to find the cheapest PS...
I've had my implants for 12 years. No problems, or so I though. About a year ago I began developing neck and shoulder pain. I'm 95% sure it is from the implants, but why now? How do I convince a doc (and insurance company) that I'm having problems from the implants and that they need to be removed?????
That's a very good question... Have you spoken with your PS , or another PS about your pain? I have a consultation set for the 22nd with my original PS nurse. I plan on picking her brain and telling her every detail about what I think is wrong and see where that gets me. I'm not good at "haggling" in these types of situations. If my insurance says, and they did, that an explant won't be covered unless there's a complication or leakage then that's when I say "ok, thanks" and go on. Lol.
Hi Janety2k what did you find out? Have you made an explant decision. Mine was covered through medical if you want to PM me feel free. Also, in some cases going through medical insurance can be as much if not more depending on your plan coverage/deductible

First consulation

I just got home from my first consultation with Jill, my original PS nurse. She was informative and non-judgmental, which was a relief. It went well although she quoted me a cost of $2550. That includes the surgeon fee of $2000 and surgery center fee of $550. Hopefully my PS will quote me less, although I doubt it. She took my questions (i.e. definite cost , anesthesia options, removal/non-removal of capsule), felt around and made sure everything was as it should be (everything is still soft and my implants move freely in the pockets), and took new pictures. I made a second appointment, tentatively set for May 29th, to speak with my actual PS for further info. I asked about the "complications," I described on here, and she told me that my PS doesn't deal with any insurance. Whether my issues would be covered, I'll never know. I'm still in "shopping" mode as of now. As bad as this sounds, and as badly as I want this done, I don't want to spend thousands of dollars to have this procedure done.
So did they recommend removing the capsule? I'm also in the shopping stage.
Yes I was recommended to remove the capsule. The PS said I have - for sure - calcification around the implant. My dilemma is, I had no breasts before. I mean I've even looked at photos of AA cups and they seem to all be more than I had. There was nothing hanging over, nothing to push up...nothing. So as I understand it I will have a empty sac. I had 3 kids and sure, when I had milk my boobs were huge in the beginning than went up and down during BF times even though I am sure BF was affected by the implants. So what I am saying is, after removing the implant and the capsule and calcium and really is a big decision as to whether I should have anything put in. It's hard to find anyone with a similar story because it seems most had some sort of boobies! :) so I am limbo because they just weren't too attractive before and they won't be after and yes, it's superficial!!! But when I had it I weighed 120lb at 5-9. I'm not that skinny anymore! My boobs are a B, I would say they are on the small side but I can push them up with a bra, and they seem to balance my more average body now...I never had problems for 22 years with my implants except my daughter jumped on me a couple weeks ago and that is when I noticed a hardening, and it continued so I saw the PS. This week it's gone soft again so I am confused. My husband thinks I should have them taken out but to have something put in so it's not a loose pocket of skin...I was hoping he would say he didn't care. He's a nice guy, he's not superficial, but he thinks I won't like the results to just be without breasts again...
Jill, Dr. Bennett's nurse, said that Bennett does remove the capsule. I asked if it was solely his decision or if I had a say and she said it's what he recommends. I wasn't too thrilled with that. I didn't have much breast tissue to start with. It's be nice to have more in the end even if it is just scar tissue. Lol. I haven't had an issue with capsular contracture the whole 12 yrs I've had implants... She also mentioned, and I should've asked more questions about it, that sometimes a mammogram is required with implant removals. Has anyone else had to have one? If so, why? After today's consultation I'm still not sold. I did search around and find another PS and made a consultation appointment for May 5th. The lady I spoke with on the phone said he can do in office procedures under local anesthesia. That's more up my alley. We'll see what he has to say...

2nd consultation, still searching

Let me preface this by saying "I'm sorry for the rant."
Yesterday, at 10am, I met with Dr. Leahy. Long story super short: I'm still searching. I don't now what I'm supposed to expect when I walk into a consultation. I feel like it should be a warm situation with who can empathize with my concerns and feelings. While Dr. Leahy was nice enough, I don't want a car salesman approach. I don't want to sit there, mid-conversation, feeling like stock. Just because I'm not replacing my implants doesn't mean the ps is going to lose money on my removal operation. I don't want to hear new advancements that will "cure" my current issues. I don't want to hear that I'm not going to look like I did before I got the BA. Really? I'm fully prepared for my outcome. I've been researching this for months. I had zero breast tissue before and lived with it for 24 years and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have zero again in the end. **shrugs shoulders** Oh well. I REALLY don't want to hear that none of my clothes will fit after an explant. These are a few of the salesman tactics the ps used yesterday. I'm still not sold. He did, on the other hand, agree to do the removal in office and under local anesthesia. He quoted $1700. He'd numb me, use my prior incision, deflate the implant and pull it out, clean up inside the pocket, and sew up the incision. To keep the cost down, per my request, he wouldn't remove the capsule. He says that requires general anesthesia. He seemed a little uneasy about it. It's not something he generally does. I'm thinking that's a sign as well that I shouldn't settle.
Hi Sonnybutters, definitely keep looking until you find the right doctor! I had 5 consultations before I found one I really liked - and definitely got my share of pompous, egotistical doc trying to pressure me into a revision, or a capsulectomy. One even told me that the reason I don't like my implants is because they aren't silicone. Most PS seem to offer free consultations, so while it will take time, I suggest you take advantage and see as many as it takes for you to find the right one. Good luck - and don't let them tell you what you want!
Thanks NaturalBeauty77. : )
Don't be discouraged by the docs suggesting you will want implants and won't like your size! I think they must get that a lot, but for someone who truly is done with the implant they know what to expect. Especially b/c you have been on this site and doing your research. I also think they do want to sell more implants. Mine was the same way, but just 1 day post-op I can tell I'm going to be fine. Clothes will fit great! Better than busting out of those tops. And really, if you wanted to have something put in on down the road it's not like you can't do that. If you are like me and just done with surgery though, then explanting is the way to go! Some docs even recommend explanting first, then deciding later if you want a small implant. They just make sure in office b/c of course its easier now to replace b/c the pocket/capsule is there. Once you remove, the body starts to heal that space up and adding another implant would mean getting another pocket created. Like I have told you in our messages, my doc and nurses were surprised I didn't want a replacement. But the whole entire office has gigantic boobs, so they just don't get what I'm going for (which is small boobs, all natural). I regretted getting mine altogether. My nurse even said over the phone "oh you'll want a lift" ... horrible manners! Doc didn't even suggest that, so she just needed to pipe down lol ;). I'd go with Monarch, they are highly recommended. My doc would probably charge you $2300.

Consultation #3: May 28th

I just scheduled my third consultation, with Dr. Gary Hall, for May 28th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
I was hoping to schedule another one with Dr. Quinn, who is highly recommended, but it was going to be $125 even though his website says "schedule your complimentary consultation." That is taken off the cost of the procedure if he ended up being "the one," but it's too pricey for me since I'm just checking around. Plus, he only does general anesthesia. : (

October 21st is my removal day!! **clapping hands**

I had my third and, glad to say, final consultation today with Dr. Gary Hall. It was a quick and painless process. Basically, he'd cut around my original inframammary scar, through the muscle, drain the implant, remove it, and sew up the new incision. Easy peasy. He was so... genuine and very friendly. I never got a judgmental vibe from him or his nurse, Shauna. Neither of them asked if I was sure I didn't want to replace my implants, nor did Dr. Hall tell me that I wouldn't like my outcome. That is huge to me!!
Now it's just a waiting game until I have enough money to pay cash and a couple of weeks off work. : )
Good luck! I had my explant yesterday and do not regret it! I don't even regret getting the implants as they have taught me so much about myself and they really did help me to put my priorities in order! You're going to look great! I also have zero breast tissue and actually prefer the look over my DD/DDD's. Soft hugs!
Hi Plentyful! Sorry, it's been a while since I've been on here. Hope you're doing well since your explant. I can't believe it's been a month and a half. Time sure does fly!! I'm hoping to be in your shoes sooner than expected. Maybe in a couple of weeks if I can change my vacation time around at work. **fingers crossed**
Did you enjoy them while you had them in? I'm 26 and had mine done 10 weeks ago. I'm seriously considering having them taken out and hoping my skin goes back to normal. I booked an appt with surgeon. No idea what he's going to say or charge, or even if I still want to remove them

Removal date is moved up!!

I was getting impatient so I opted to move things around. I changed my vacation time at work, along with my removal date, which is now Sept. 9th. I'm going to Dr. Hall's office tomorrow to pay then I'm 100% set to go! I can not wait!!
How exciting!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes. I totally agree with you, I'm ready for my "littles" again! Good luck!
Thanks, LindseyE03!!
I'm glad to see Sonnybutters that you moved your date up - congrats on setting it and it's obvious that you are mentally prepared for it. I will follow your updates since my explant is only a few days after yours on the 15th. Like you, I am completely okay with having super small boobs - implant free is the way to go!

Everything is good to go!

Just received a call from the surgery center. All the bases are covered. It's hitting home know that I'll be boobless after 8:00 Tuesday morning. Lol. Eeeeeek!!!
Soft hugs your way - everything will go smoothly tomorrow - you're in my prayers!
Thank you Happy and Holistic!! Xxx

They. Are. Outta. Here. ; )

What to say, what to say? The implants are gone and my boobies are non-existent. Lol. I don't think I could feel any better about that! My fiancé and I woke up at 5:30 this morning to get ready for the day. Once we arrived at the surgery center, at 6:30, everything went like a machine. Everyone, from the lady at the front desk to the surgical
staff, and of course my surgeon, was magnificent! I felt very well taken care of! I changed into hospital attire, plopped down in the hospital bed, IV was started, and went over every aspect if the surgery with each individual that had a part. I couldn't have asked for a better group to be taking care of me today. I don't remember it being such a friendly environment when I had my implants put in. Although, that was 12 years ago... Lol. I digress. I was taken back to the actual surgery area around 7:30 and then it was lights out. I woke up in recovery around 8:15. When I woke up I could immediately tell a huge difference. I felt, and still feel, amazingly light! I was sent home around 9:00 with a narcotic rx just in case but I haven't even had to have any Tylenol. Probably won't be filling that one. : ) I layed down in bed around 9:45-10 and I've been sleeping off and on since. Just beat from the anesthesia I think. I'm not having any pain whatsoever. It's crazy! Just a very airy feeling from the weight being gone. I think I was expecting it to be similar to implanting, the incredibly sore muscles and being looped out if my mind all day. This is a such a welcomed feeling!! I couldn't be happier that I decided to do this. Now I wanna go for a run!! ; )
Please keep us updated and show pics. I am just like you-very small breast size, and am too looking to explant. Still searching. Had a consult today and was quotes $6500 :/ I might have to fly out of the country to do it. Good for u and for being brave. Many women get their implants removed, but still have plenty of breast tissue. You (and I), don't, but that's not stopping us :)
I wish you the best of luck, Mrs. Pickles! : )
Loved reading about your explant. Thanks for sharing!

Day 1 post op : )

Well, it's been a full 24 hours since the explant and I still feel fantastic! I took a shower this morning and, to be honest, I was nervous unwrapping the ace wrap. I wasn't sure what to expect. I removed my wrap and just giggled!! Although they look lifeless and sad, I still have what resembles my old shape which is a total surprise! I was expecting nothing at all or concave. I do have a puffy area underneath my actual breast, around the incision. I'm not sure if that's fluid, stretched skin, or just the incision itself. I called my surgeon's office and I'm waiting to hear back. I'll just use an ice pack until I hear something.
Sonnybutters!!!! You look so so very cute!!!! I love your athletic fit look! It's ONLY been one day...your skin is healing beautifully!!!!! Yay!
Thanks, Happy and Holistic!! I was just sitting here remembering when I came home implanted. It was a miserable experience. A far, far cry from the explant experience! There was so much pain, pressure, and so many emotional flare-ups that came along with the implants. I believe that was a sign... It's amazing what time does for our minds, bodies, and emotions. I feel so whole, like I'm my 24 yr old self again... only a lot wiser. It's an amazing feeling!! The 15th will be your day to feel outstanding!! I can't wait to hear about your thoughts and experience!!

Phantom limb? More like phantom boob.

Hello! Not much to update in the way of visual changes. Still feeling great and haven't had to take any meds. I did notice last night my left incision area started feeling a little irritated, with a slight burning sensation. I'm thinking it was from the ace wrap sticking to the steri-strip and tugging it a little. All is well this morning though. The little squishy areas are still there and look exactly the same. I do find myself still trying to adjust and move my "breasts" when I'm laying down. Lol. I'll roll over on either side and try to pull it out from underneath my ribs. That was one of the things I couldn't stand about my implants. Now, when I do this, I laugh inside because there is NOTHING there. Lol. Another great discovery from my shower this morning: I can now shave my underarms without there being a deep pocket in my right armpit. My right implant had shifted so when I raised my arms I had a cavern of an armpit. Lol. Not anymore!! It really is the little things in life... ; )
Wonderful to hear that you are so happy. I started to notice that skin underneath really drawing up after week 1. I think in 6 months you'll look like your 'arms raised' picture all the time.
Thank you, Cat! Only a week? That's good news!! Thanks for that. : )
Yup. Especially on your left side. :-)

3 days post op

Well, ladies, I feel like I should update but not much has changed. I'm just poking around the house, doing laundry, and random cleaning projects. I've noticed my energy level is a little depleted. I figure if I get up and move around then that will wear off soon.... I hope. I've posted some pics today. I feel like a little bit of fluid has been absorbed since two days ago. Mostly on the left side, the right still looks pretty full. I bought a new sports bra from target. I've been wearing it over my ace bandage for a little extra compression. Gotta speed this process up somehow. ; )

More pics to add to last update

How are you doing today? Any changes?
I'm doing great this morning. Thank you for asking. : ) My skin seems to be retracting more and more everyday. I'll update and post pics after I've taken a shower. ; )
Can't wait to see. I think our body types are very similar so I am always looking for post explant pics of ladies with tiny boobies!!!!

One week down...

Hi! It's been exactly one week since my explant surgery. I couldn't be happier. I had my first follow-up appt, yesterday. My surgeon confirmed that the puffiness isn't actually fluid, like I thought. It's just extra skin that will need time to contract. He said everything looks great and to follow-up again in a month. After my second follow-up I shouldn't need to be seen again. He did tell me that while I was in surgery one of the nurses said "she's gonna want something back in there." I told him, after a slightly uncomfortable giggle, "I don't think so. It feels way too good without implants." He just nodded and smiled. It's a nice feeling being completely comfortable in my own skin. It's amazing being flat and weightless. Lol. I wish I had this feeling of myself when I was 24...

Over the past few days, since my last update, I've been taking it easy... for the most part. My fiancé and I went on a 4 mile walk (he ran) Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to get out of the house. Seems like it's been months... Lol. Yesterday evening we helped a friend move, and I think I may have lifted too much a little too soon. The muscles in my shoulders, underarms, and biceps are a little tender today. : / I'll take the soreness as a friendly reminder that I should workout more often. ; )
Helping someone move?! Wow! I'm so impressed with your healing.
Yeah... Lol. Although I never did have any pain after the explant I probably shouldn't have lifted as much as I did. My muscles where sore the next day. Oops! It's crazy because I've worked at FedEx for almost 10 years, and I lift, pull, and push packages all day and I'm never sore but, being off for a week my muscles have gotten lazy. Lol.
So happy for you. Our bodies are naturally beautiful and you look great. I am due for explant oct 27 .

Two weeks post op...

Welp, it's been two solid weeks since my explant. I returned to work yesterday after being off since the 9th, and admittedly, it was bittersweet. Lol. I miss lounging!

The healing process has been amazing. I'd like to think I'm at 100% but, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I noticed, at work yesterday, if I bounced too much, like running down a flight of stairs, I could feel in my incisions. They still feel a little raw inside. I hope that's not true because I pulled my steri strips off in the shower this morning. They were loose so they came off easily. Now that the strips are gone I can definitely feel the scar inside. Any pointers on massaging that so it smooths out?

Although the physical healing is going smoothly, my mental healing had a hiccup. Lol. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had a mild meltdown last Friday night. My fiancé and I made plans to have dinner and drinks with a friend of ours, and my almost non-existent girly side reared her ugly head. I couldn't find a dang thing to wear. I put on a cute tank that looked good prior to the explant and I asked my fiancé for his opinion. I wanted his honest opinion. Really... I did. He told me, nicely, "i don't think it's meant for your new body type." Maybe not but it was comfy. I just walked back to the closet and stood there crying cause I couldn't find anything, besides a T-shirt. Bless his sweet, sweet heart. He apologized and just hugged me until I stopped bawl babying. Lol. All was well about 15 minutes later and we had a great night.

For some reason my pics won't upload... I'll try those again later. Have a great day everyone!!

How are you doing? Any more changes? Hope you are well.
Would love a new update!!!!
You look amazing natural! Great result:) I hope my explant result is similar to yours. Congratulations on getting through the surgery and being so brave! Looking forward to more updates on your progress. Xx
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Meeting Dr. Hall was a refreshing experience. From the minute he walked into the room, at my consultation, he was very friendly. He wasn't judgmental, and made the process very comfortable. He didn't push me to reconsider replacing my implants. He went through the steps of my procedure and was straight to the point. Meeting, and talking with, Dr. Hall was a very welcomed change from the other consultations is had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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