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I have been a patient of this practice since 2003...

I have been a patient of this practice since 2003 and recently went in with a small area on my cheek that wouldn't heal- I thought it was infected. I first, with an appointment and the receptionist, ( the nice one who wears gloves because she has a latex allergy) told me they were running about 40 minutes behind schedule. OK, no problem. I actually waited 2 hours to get into a room, then when I had been in the room 20+ minutes they came in and told me I had seen the PA "Lindsay," even though it had been 3 or 4 years ago, so I would need to see her, even though they had scheduled me with someone else. It was clear they were trying to make an excuse for horrible scheduling. Eventually, Lindsay came in and did not apologize for the 2.5 hour wait I had just endured. She spent a total of 5 minutes with me and pooh poohed my concerns about this wound on my face, even though I told her it had been this size and this way for over a week and was not a deep scab, it should have stabbed over and fallen off by now. She gave me some Bactroban ointment and some doxycycline and said she wanted to see me again in two weeks. She did not culture it or anything. 10 days later, again with no change, I sent a picture of it to a friend in CA who is a doctor and he said I needed immediately to go back, that it looked ( by a picture!) to be a very bad infection. I had to BEG this office to get me in. I saw Lindsay again and again, expressed to her I thought something was VERY wrong. She said I needed to leave it alone and even though it again had not reduced in size, she was very pleased with how it was doing. I told her it was oozing yellow fluid, she said that was a good sign of normal healing. She even recommend that I go off of the doxycycline that I had finished a 12 day course of. Dr McCune has all of these YOUNG assistants, PA's working for him and when I left the room with Lindsay they are all standing around and stare at you. I felt frustrated and humiliated. Fast forward a week and I had to go to KU ER room on a Sunday morning and had a 102 degree fever, my cheek was the size of a golf ball with red streaks coming out of it. They had to do a CAT scan and there was massive amount of infection inside my cheek. It was a staph/MRSA infection and had turned into a cellulitis infection. I am now left with a HUGE scar right on my cheek, when if it had been treated correctly, would have gone away. Once the KU ER got me onto the right antibiotic, it reduced in size immediately, but the infection had drained through the outside of my cheek clear through the inside. I am left with a huge scar and have had to go to a plastic surgeon in Chicago to talk about fixing it, since I do not trust anyone in KC to do it. Luckily, it did drain or the MRSA could have gone to my brain directly from this spot on my face and killed me quickly. This office has people practicing that should not be. They have no bedside manner, no respect for your time and/ or your concerns. No way would I ever see them again for anything.
Personally, I don't understand going back the 2nd time. It's not possible to predict everything would have been "fine" with quicker treatment, but it surely would have been better. A work colleague had MRSA on her face and also ended up at emergency room. Tracing source could be helpful for others. She thought microdermabrasion so I never went back to the place she recommended! I'd suggest you complain to your insurance carrier. If that doc or his P A are on your plan it will make a difference! The ins co won't be hapoy they cost the co more. Many lay people on staff don't really comprehend the diff between PA and MD. While you often get more time with a PA the training isn't comparable. My own new derm's staff argued with me and ins co about charging 50% copay for PA. The full amt was for "specialist". A PA is a paraprofessional. So I see the one in my derm office for treatment as she gives more liquid nitrogen hits per visits @50% copay. But I rely on the MD for initial diagnosis. And they let me choose which I see on each visit.
I am stunned by your awful experience....MRSA? How unbelievably careless of Lindsay to write you off the way she did. Sounds like this office cattle calls in its patients without regard or respect not just to your time, but the way your symptoms and obviously infected lesions were misdiagnosed. Actually I wouldn't even consider this a misdiagnose, as this means a mistake, which can happen . Yours could not possibly have been even analyzed or looked at at all. It's my understanding MRSA infections can be diagnosed with just a visual. Everything you had to go through could have been prevented. I see PAs and ARNPs more often than MDs and all have been very thorough and even given me more time than the MDs. I hope you consult with a medical malpractice attorney. I'm serious. Get all of your documentation and organize the time line with the facts and an attorney should give you a free consultation. You are owed pain and suffering but most important this needs to be documented against the practice. Or contact the county/city medical board. I had to laugh at your giving a five star for payment processing!! Julie
Thanks-I was trying to be honest about the entire situation, they are really quick and easy when you check out and pay! One thing I forgot to mention is that Dr. McCune has his own scheduler that does all of his appointments. I talked to her and wanted to see if I could get in with Dr. McCune after the wound had closed up so he could look at it, see what his thoughts were and what he would advise if I needed to have an excision and or scar repair. Jackie acted like that wouldn't be an option since his schedule is SO full. She said I could talk to one of his nurses and plead my case and see if they could work me in to see him. This is AFTER I explained to her that his PA had treated me incorrectly!
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Lindsay was the PA. I argued with her about how concerned I was about this small place not getting better. She should have cultured it on my first visit, but waited until I had been on an antibiotic for 12 days before she did. According to 4 other doctors (2 dermatologists and 2 ENT facial plastic surgeons she should have cultured it immediately.

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