4 Wks PO and Doing Great After Ftt/lipo on Legs and Flanks - Overland Park, KS

Well, it's been 4 weeks today since the big...

Well, it's been 4 weeks today since the big day. I have been back to work now for 10 days and everything has been pretty easy so far. The first couple days I was in moderate pain and stopped taking the percocet around day 5. After that just extra strength tylenol. I have been so fortunate- no hunchback and was standing almost straight at 4 days and standing completely straight a little bit over a week.

I was not constipated thanks to prunes, stool softener and Amitiza. If you can get your PS to prescribe, it's great!

No real swelling besides my incision and no seromas (yet...) I'm praying it stays this way. Today I had the most swelling ever and I think it's because I didn't drink enough. Drains came out at about day 11 which I was so excited about. I could finally see the results and loved what I saw! No real exercise yet so trying to eat clean and little carbs so I don't gain weight. Apparently the PS took off 9 lbs!! I told myself I would not weigh until week 8 but got on the scale at week 3 and weighed exactly the same as what I did when I went in. The good news is that there must be a gob of fluid retention so I'm hoping to see a bit of a loss soon. No more scale for me for awhile. I get too depressed over it. Being a curvy woman, it's not my friend :).

By the way, I consulted with 4 PS in the area and they were all fine doing the procedure eventhough I am about 30 lbs overweight. I lost about 20 lbs this past year and just hit a plateau!!

I can't say I'm really excited to get back to the gym since I am not into it too much but I'm sure once I'm released and back there, it will be motivating. Right now I generally try to get my feet up after working all day. Trying to walk a bit during the day. I hope to get released next week. I hope this swelling goes down. I don't understand how I have had virtually no swelling in the abs until 4 weeks later. Oh well, I'm not too worried.

Anyway, this journey has been long and once must be patient but it's so worth it! Last thing, the lipo on my legs really didn't hurt. However, the last couple days I'm noticing some tingling in my legs. Blood Clots have been my biggest concern and anxiety over them so I put a call into my regular dr today and he didn't think it sounded like anything to worry about it but we would watch it for a few days. I'm thinking it's just the nerves walking up after surgery. Hopefully it will subside soon. This site has been really wonderful during my recovery and I love to check in with the Oct Tummy Tuckers every day. Good luck for those still waiting! It will be great!


You look so curvy with an hourglass. That tummy being flat really makes you look slimmer! You have that waist to hip ratio that women want. Congratulations!
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Sorry, *I* am 50, lost 80 pounds so far, have 20 to go to be in the "normal" weight range for my height (am short, the weight is mostly around the midsection, and every pound shows, lol) but without surgery will not have a normal belly, inner thighs or arms even at normal weight. I'm pretty sure I can lose the weight, lost the 80 through low-carb, going to add exercise now and see if that helps (need to improve muscle tone anyway... I know this will add weight for a time but it has to be done)... also my body is apple-shaped so will never have that lovely hourglass figure as you have (jealous of you women who look like *women* lol) but would just be happy to get my extra folds and baby apron off, along with wrinkly inner thighs - I want to swim again, doggone it! :)

Completely understand the overanalyzing... we are our own worse enemies sometimes. Be at peace, be patient with your healing self, you got beautiful results imho, and as the body continues to heal it will only get better. :)
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Hi roflol, sorry for the delay! Awesome job in the weight loss ! If you are at a plateau , the tt might get you motivate although that doesn't sound like an issue for you :). Thanks for the kind words! I continue to eat clean and stay positive. It's all very exciting. Im sure you would love the results. You deserve it!

I am 5 weeks PO yesterday and all is well for the...

I am 5 weeks PO yesterday and all is well for the most part. Went to PS on Wednesday and he was happy with my healing progress, yea! I just have a small spot on my incision that is taking a bit longer to close but he won't see me for another month. He gave me the green light to exercise except for ab work. I went to the gym yesterday and did some walking, precor and light weights. Tried a moment of running...not gonna happen for some time :). The area on my outer thighs that were lipoed feel weird jogging. PS said if anything hurts working out- don't do it! I wanted to get back to my level of activity sooner than later but looks like it might be later than expected. Can you say baby steps?? I am very reluctanct to do leg exercises etc that seem to work the abs some. I'm just trying to be very careful. Needless to say, I had 2 evenings of work events this week and I felt like crap when I got home. Tight and sore at the incision. I raced home to get horizontal as quick as possible. I feel great during the day but it's just those long evenings that aren't good for me. It's my big 45 b-day tomorrow and I'm watching my daughter race her first 5 k at 7 am and then we are going to a play in the evening with dinner after. Little worried that I will be toast by dinner. Maybe just a rest in the afternoon will help. Anyway, all is great. I really love my new tummy, curves and all :).


Vicky you have a perfect curvy Marilyn Monroe shape!  OMG it looks wonderful.   

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Hi Mommy4lipo, that is really sweet of you. I need to learn to love my shape more. Maybe when I drop another 10-15 lbs. In the time being, I am enjoying the results!! Thanks.
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