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I have been teased about my nose since I entered...

I have been teased about my nose since I entered middle school. Everything of mine matured early and seemed to stop growing when I turned 13, except my nose. It seemed like every year it got bigger and bigger. When I moved to a new school, people would make fun of me and call me Tucan Sam and when they saw me would yell "Tuci Tuci!".

I have also been called Jew nose and other slanders. It has caused me to have a very low self esteem and low standards when it comes to partners. I start college in August and I hope the new me will bring about confidence so that the first thing people notice about me won't be my nose for a change. Because lets face it, when we meet someone new we tend to characerize them by their flaws, even when we don't realize it.

I am not too nervous about the surgery, I trust my doctor, however I am nervous that the results won't be what I expected and I will have shoveled out all this money for nothing. He said the surgery will not be too complex since all he needs to do is shave off the bump, so hopefully my recovery time will be more minimul because I do want to enjoy my summer. I will update once the surgery is done!

One year post op

So it's been a year since my surgery. I'm still not completely happy my results but my nose does look natural and has improved since befor so I am grateful for that. I severely doubt I will have a revision due to how my body reacts to anesthesia (hairloss), but my hair has also grown back nicely it just took a while (it's been a year and it still hasn't grown back completely). Overall I would say it was worth it in the long run, I am definitely more secure with my side profile.
Dr. Clinton D. Humphrey

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I think it looks lovely. Be thankful that you look natural, still like you only better, and that surgery did not cause additional problems :)
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Very nice and Big improvement even from 3 mths to a year!!!
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Your new nose looks really great, like it fits your face very well. I understand where your coming from with others ridiculing you. Even my good friends would tweak my nose and laugh. I'm glad that your final verdict is worth it in the long run!
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Wow! I think it looks really natural and a very nice profile. We are always harder on ourselves. Thank you so much for updating your review with a stages photo. This is so helpful for anybody considering this procedure. I have not heard of hair loss. How much did you lose? And how long did it take to grow back?

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I experienced significant shedding, and my hair became very thin. It also broke off a lot. However, I never consulted a dermatologist so it could have had nothing to do with the surgery. It just seemed to line up and I read that some people react that way to anesthesia. It has grown back nicely though!
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How did your surgery go??
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Tomorrows your big day! Thinking good thoughts for you and a swifty recovery. Do you feel prepared? Let us know if you need anything as there are tons of resources on RealSelf and the forums!

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Small world. Bullies are pathetic, they used to call me the same thing.. Middle school is a tough time, especially when that's when you start to develop some sort of confidence. You're so pretty, & I'm sure that once you get your nose done, you'll feel so much better!
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You ARE so pretty now I am just certain that your results will be great!! I can't wait to follow your progress :) best of luck. When is your surgery?
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You're so pretty to begin with, it's going to look great! Seems like it will be a pretty simple procedure since it's really just the bump that he has to take down. After that the focus will be on your eyes! I'll be following your story!
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Toucan Sam? That is just insane! You do have a bit of the dorsal hump, but you're so pretty! Kids will find anything to pick on. Anything at all. I'm sorry you were teased.

Make sure your surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist and that you've talked at length about what you want done.

Looking forward to hearing more as the big day nears!

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