Over Correction from Fat Grafting

8 months ago i had fat grafted to my cheeks and...

8 months ago i had fat grafted to my cheeks and eyes and it makes my face look oh so unpropotional not to mention crooked..1 month after the procedure i got pregnant and so my doctor told to go see him after the baby. I have not gained any weight on my face and minimum on my body but i still look horrible. I want to stay hopefull and want to know if anything can be done to reverse this


HELP! It looks like I am in the right discussion. I had fat transferred from my stomach to my lips 10 years ago. Really bad doctor and a bad decision on my part. My bottom lip is fine. My upper lip is not fine. He put so much fat in the upper lip and above it, it has changed my smile. The fat above my lip actually pushed the red part of the lip down creating a distorted look, and my lips are further from my nose. I had a terrific smile, but because of my decision (and not researching the doctor and procedure) I rue the day I did this. I have searched tirelessly for a doctor to remove the fat above my lip. I have been in agony for 10 years about this. I believe that mistakes can be corrected to true satisfaction. If anyone can help me, you'd be giving me back my peace of mind. God Bless and am looking forward to the solution. Please email me if anyone has a true remedy. mlpharo@gmail.com
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helen mcain I do not understand you say "I had one area reduced but he over reduced it and caused damage under my eyes. " and then you go on and on about how it cannot be reduced and can it be reduced. Did Your doctor reduce an area or NOT???? And if sso how did he do it???
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Gkola- how are the cheeks? have not heard from you in awhile, I have similar issue.
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