Update: on tray set #34

Got my first trays today, and it went much better...

Got my first trays today, and it went much better than I expected, based on comments I had read here and other places. Trays went on easily and pop off just fine (though I have long fingers and some decent nails!). They just felt tight, and after about 7 hours were aching like I remember feeling as a child when a molar was fighting it's way out. Then the aching subsided. It actually feels weird to take them off, like my teeth are suddenly fragile.

Lisped a tiny bit on my S's for about 2 hours then it was all gone. No more lisping! My kids didn't even notice until they remembered that I was supposed to get my trays today, and asked to see them. They are very smooth, smoother than my actual teeth so my tongue does just fine with them, no sore areas. The only thing I'm noticing is that I'm producing LOTS of saliva, which is making me feel just a tad ill at times after swallowing so much of it. I assume this will subside as my body/mouth adjusts to the trays.

About my treatment: I have 44 trays for both top and bottom, although we may stop as early as 36. My ortho plans over-correction into treatment just to make sure that things progress far enough. We are correcting many things (90% overbite, crowding, prominent canines, mis-alignment on right side and in front, plus most of my teeth lean inward), hence the large number of trays. My ortho is a preferred premier provider which I believe means he's done over 1000 cases. I made him show me clinchecks of other severe patients and they look great. They have never had to put braces on a single person after invisalign treatment so I feel like I'm in good hands.

I'll have 10 "attachments" total, starting with trays 4. Two on top, each side, and three on bottom, each side, but none on the front four teeth, top or bottom. Plus my first three trays, at least, have "ridges" on the top front four teeth and one of the bottom teeth. Ridges are like little horizontal lines/indentations, which make the very edge of the tray flare out just a tad. I haven't seen much mention of ridges on this site. The ortho originally thought I'd have to have rubber bands at some point, but there are none on my clincheck video so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I had assumed that the first set of trays didn't do much except get you used to wearing them, but they are definitely doing something! When I take them off there are definitely some teeth that are sore, so something is already being moved, however slightly.

Time for bed, hopefully the night will go smoothly. Will probably slobber way more than I'd like to :-)

Will load "before" photos in the next day or two.

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Forgot to add that I am a 38 year old female. I...

Forgot to add that I am a 38 year old female. I decided to give myself straight teeth for my 40th bday in a year and a half!


Can't wait to see your pictures & watch as you progress through treatment!!

There is a forum posted that talks about the difference in the different provider designations that I thought might interest you since you mentioned that in your post. You can click here to see it.

Thanks for mentioning about the ridges. I haven't heard about those yet, so it is good to know they are being used. So I'm guessing they just make  little indent in the models of your teeth they use to create the trays and then the material fills in the indent to create the ridge. Is that what it kind of looks/seems like?

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October 5, 2011 Second set of trays...ouch!...

October 5, 2011
Second set of trays...ouch! These ones are definitely doing something to my top two front teeth! I'm keeping the trays in as much as possible since my teeth are so sensitive when I take them out. All four top and four bottom front teeth now have "Power Ridges" on the trays which were annoying the first day but now I'm used to them. They make the tip of the tray flare out a little bit on those 8 teeth, which scrape against my lips just a little.

Does anyone else have "power ridges" (horizontal indentations that are closer to the root/edge of the tray)? I will have to ask my ortho about them at next visit. From what I gather from the little I've found online, they can be used in some cases in place of attachments, and are only used on the four front teeth, top and bottom. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In my 3rd week I'm finally starting to be able to go 6-7 hours at a time without eating. As a lifelong grazer, this is quite a feat! However it leaves me with little energy for running :-(


Have my Clincheck videos to share! Am posting the...

Have my Clincheck videos to share! Am posting the full view, and the right side, which are the most dramatic (also have top, bottom, and left side videos).

Got 10 buttons on my teeth earlier this week (Week 4). They are actually not that visible when my trays are off, moreso with the trays on, I think. They do not rub my cheeks, just feels like I have food stuck to my teeth when I am eating and the first day I was afraid I would bite one off accidentally. The trays are not hard to get on or off.

Also found out that I apparently will not need elastics. Amazing!


the "power ridges" are used to tilt the teeth outward. you mentioned your teeth are mostly inward, so this puts force on the top of the tooth near the root to help the tooth tilt outward while its being repositioned.

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What a great update! It sounds like you are tolerating treatment really well & things are moving along nicely for you.

Thanks for posting your Clincheck pictures & videos. It is so fun to see what your expected outcome will be!

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On tray set 7. Don't see anything happening which...

On tray set 7. Don't see anything happening which is frustrating, but my bite is definitely off and my teeth are hitting each other in new places so something must be moving. I will have 34 trays on bottom and 36-42 trays on top so still have time to see something happen! Trays are tight the first day, then after that they pop off and on easily. Makes it tempting to move to the next tray earlier than two weeks, but I will be good and follow the directions :-)


Thanks for posting an update MTGirl!

I'm glad you are sticking with the recommendations for wear that your dentist gave you. If you are finding your trays are really loose you might want to ask your dentist about moving faster. Some people have written in their reviews that their dentist/orthodontist has approved this in their particular case. Very wise of you to not just make the decision on your own though. :)

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Am currently on tray set #34, top and bottom. My...

Am currently on tray set #34, top and bottom. My original treatment is 36 trays top and bottom, with 6 more for overcorrection. The current plan is to do new molds after #36, for a revision that should put the finishing touches on my teeth, I'm guessing another 6 months or so. It's been a long journey, and apparently will be even longer! However, I'm very happy with the results so far and it has definitely improved my self confidence. I love smiling in photos now! The photo I am attaching shows me smiling at a friend's wedding in November 2012 at about tray set #31, showing all my teeth, something I never used to do! If you were to blow it up and look closely you can see some of the attachements on some of the side teeth, but you have to really be looking for them.

My son got metal braces this past summer so it has been interesting to compare. They were pretty much the exact same price. I think mine are definitely easier to keep clean but he doesn't have to really think about his (which is why he has the metal ones, that he can't lose!). As a 40 year old woman I would be very self conscious with the metal ones but he blends right in at school as a 12 year old!


Great smile! Glad you enjoy to smile now, Nobody should be shy of their own smile. Unfortunately some of us were and I guess that's why we're here :)
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Oh my gosh - your smile is looking so beautiful! Love, love, love that picture!!

It sounds like you have a great attitude about your refinements. It'll be worth it in the long run. :)

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That is soo interesting - I noticed little ridges at the top of just one of my teeth and thought it was a mistake in the mold - haha - but its actually doing something! And it is on my tooth that tilts backwards. Guess I should have asked my ortho - but just forget when Im there.. Thanks for that - amazing what you learn from these reviews.
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