Painful and Gross, but WELL Worth It!

OK, I had this done 04/29. 05/01 my entire lower...

OK, I had this done 04/29. 05/01 my entire lower face was swollen so bad that I didn't even look like myself, but on the up side, I didn't take anything at all for pain that day.

It's 05/02 and I awake to see that the swelling is going down some, still there, but not nearly as bad. And the pain is pretty much gone. I began dabbing with a vinegar and water solution, as ordered by my doc, and I continue to apply ointment provided to me. I'll update more as I progress.

May 7th and day 8 after procedure and WOW!...

May 7th and day 8 after procedure and WOW! Alot of the scabs (gross) came off over night to reveal new pink skin.

As of now it looks as if I'm about 90-95% wrinkle free and the skin "seems" much tighter. My Doc told me that over the next few months the collagen production to this area would increase to even further the improvement. It looks as if another full week will be needed for the remainder of tissue to completely heal, but that is just my opinion based on how things look today. As always, I'll update more later. Feel free to ask questions.

I finally changed from a thumbs down to a thumbs...

I finally changed from a thumbs down to a thumbs up even though I have more healing to get behind me.

Hoping to change overall satisfaction to Very Good or Excellent in the near future.

May 11: I went back again today for another follow...

May 11: I went back again today for another follow up visit. My Doc says everything looks like it's right on track. He recommended that I begin using Obagi Nu-Derm Clear along with Tretinoin .1% on my face avoiding the newly peeled eye area. This will help with the sun spots and uneveness of the skin tone. My next visit will be in 2 months and hopefully I will be good as new by then =] What's next (?), hmmmm, BOTOX in those hideous forehead lines! lol

Thanks for the positive comments, it means alot to have a support group, so to speak.

be VERY VERY careful! some peels are same for darker skins...BE SURE the doctor knows what to use!

I had the Phenol Peel under and around the sides...

I had the Phenol Peel under and around the sides of my eyes as a follow up to my Bleph surgery. The procedure itself was a breeze, just a mild to moderate burning sensation thanks to the numbing creme.

About an hour or so after the procedure I was in alot of pain. My whole face ached, even my teeth hurt. It's the morning after my procedure, I look very scary and I'm still in quite a bit of pain....which I clearly understand and expected. It's very hard to be positive about the unknown, but I remember feeling scared and unsure immediately after my Bleph also, so I'm going to kick back, relax, (as much as possible) and just wait.

I'm giving this a thumbs down...for now, but will update as the healing continues and hopefully change to a thumbs up.

is chemical peeling only for whites??
Hello tshillo, The Type I had done is only recommended for fair skin due to the fact that it will cause hyperpigmentation, which lightens the area peeled due to it's strength. There are many peels out there that are safe for the darker skin tones though. I recommend that you use the "ASK A DOCTOR" tab and ask which one is best for ethnic or darker toned skin. The doctors on here are GREAT and will probably provide you with lots of options. GOOD LUCK!!!
Jen you are going to look SUPER NICE and BEAUTIFUL!

Don't you just love BEFORE and AFTER pics? I mean...

Don't you just love BEFORE and AFTER pics? I mean they show you right before and then the after is always bright and new, BUT I wanted to share the DURING that is so often over looked. Hope this will give you a clearer idea of what happens BEFORE the AFTER! lol =]

wow great
the plastic surgeon probably could recommend something.
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