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After having positive results from just one...

After having positive results from just one Sculptra treatment a few months ago, my doctor asked if she could use me in training reps and other doctors in platelet rich plasma therapy.

After researching the procedure I decided it could be the answer to my dark hollowed circles under my eyes.

I've tried other fillers and found they faded within a few weeks and didn't provide the results I wanted.

I liked the idea of using my own blood for rejuvenation.

My doctor is familiar with my face, but we went through a thorough consultation for the trainees. As I held the mirror she asked me what I'd like to see improve. I let her know dark hollowed circles mostly, as well as the smile lines. I also asked for a few units of Botox for good measure between the brows.;)

She applied a numbing cream while she prepared to extract 2 vials of blood. We had initially planned on just one, but the reps had asked for 2, which I was okay with.

From 2 vials (I'm told I have good blood) we were able to do under my eyes, marionette or smile lines, and a few areas around my chin that were scared from acne in my teens. We had a little left and injected into the cheeks.

The procedure was not very painful at all, less so than other fillers. I found it didn't have that heaviness the Sculptra has.

There was minimal bruising on the side on one cheek and swelling all over which I was expecting.

I sat under a red light that is supposed to help reduce bruising for twenty minutes. After the PRP we put approx 45 units of Botox between my eyebrows, a few in my lower forehead and some in my chin, which is a new spot for me.

I'm 11 hours post injections now and swelling has gone down significantly. Face still feels very stiff, but overall a very easy treatment.
Dr. Khulbe

She's incredible! So knowledgable with great artistic eye.

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You look almost identical to another person commenting on Real Self. She had fat transfer treatments from a Virginia plastic surgeon. Amazing!
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Would you be able to upload a current picture at all? I am going to have this done under my eyes (I've noticed your eye bags are MUCH less noticeable after PRP.. along with lines around your cheeks and mouth) To my knowledge PRP is not immediate and takes a few months for results to appear
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i have just went over your review. How is it now? Pls, let know if results are persistent. I want to get informed in case I consider a procedure further. I went through a cool laser ablatio - a deep resurf procedure.
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Can you expand a little more on the laser procedure - is it an ablative fraxel laser? The Co2 one? I am looking into that for trauma scars, which are tethered down. They are on my face. I am very keen to find someone who has had the deeper laser, the one that tightens and goes deeper than non-ablative. Thanks.
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I went to a lecture by Dr. Roper in Clearwater, Florida and she had enlarged photos of some amazing results from the deep laser treatment where you do it once, not a series. It hits every cell and people with deep lines looked like they had a total facelift. She charges $4000 and it's probably worth it but I am getting four regular laser tx because what she does is so drastic it almost scares me more than surgery.
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HI thanks for sharing. Do you know if it was the fraxel Co2 or the regular? It makes a big difference. I would not have the regular Co2 because I understand it causes hypopigmentation -- you lose pigment. That natural flush, for example, you get after running. It takes away natural pigment, but does wonders for skin like a facelift. But the fraxel often called Active FX goes deep, does great results in the right hands. I have heard of Dr. Roper, and she is very expensive. She wanted to charge me $200 for one unit of Botox used to release -- as she put it -- tacked down scars. The laser she showed you would have been better, but gee, she never mentioned that. I think she is one to be wary of. I've done so much reading online since my original post, and learned the deepest fractionated lasers are the Lumenis brand Active FX (deep for wrinkles) Deep FX (for scars) and Total FX (just the deep and active together). That is what I want done, now to find an excellent well practiced practitioner. No matter who you call, they always have the best laser, but there are so many and they are not all equal in what they can achieve. YOu are right to follow your instincts. Desperate patients with scars -- like me -- are easy targets for practitioners who are unscrupulous. I've had a lot of disappointments after hearing this and that. Now I do my research beforehand. good luck
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Love to see how you are getting on now.....def thought there was a difference straight up! Also got to say you have great eyebrow / eye lift.... Did Botox help or are you just blessed with great genes / youth ? :-)
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Ok, please update me! How are things looking?? Can you notice changes in the fullness of your face? I'd love it if you would post a current picture so we can compare. :)

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I had the procedure done last week and am very pleased with the reduction of pore size. I had some pitting that I just gave up on that is now hardly noticeable. My face also feels firmer. As far as wrinkles it is hard for me to say because I also had filler in a few trouble areas. I am 56 and will do it again.
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