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Hi everyone, After reading all the posts for...

Hi everyone,

After reading all the posts for the last two weeks, I've decided to tell my story. I am a mom of triplets and an older boy. My stomach has paid the price. I wanted this surgery for many, many years, but felt selfish as at the time I hadn't entered the work force. Well I have been working for five years, and my husband, who is very supportive, said I need the surgery. I have noticed that I have developed some kind of hernia. I went to my consult and the doc said I definitely am a candidate as I need muscle repair. So I'm doing it. I am schedule March 26th. It seems so far away, but I have a lot to do before the surgery so hopefully the time will fly. I haven't prepped too much. I have the "granny" style underwear, but am wondering if I really need all those supplies? I mean if I managed to be in hospital on bed rest for six weeks holding my triplets in and then having a c-section and then shuffling the next day. How bad can it be? I also found out I had thryoid cancer and had surgery three weeks after the c-section. I got through that??? Anyway this is a "me" surgery so I am excited. I hope to be wearing a cute tight top by June. That is my ultimate goal to not hide my triplet belly anymore. Just wear whatever and not be self conscious. I am currently 170 lbs. I used to weight 200 lbs 11 years ago. It takes me a long time to get weight off, but I am happy with my body now, but the last step is to lose the belly. I am wondering if there are any Canadians out there who have had Dr. Callaghan in Ottawa? IF so how are his results. Also what kind of pain meds do the administer in Canada? I am not a fan of Tylenol 3 and am wondering if I asked for Percoset, they would give it to me to manage the pain. Also it seems Valium is the choice for muscle spasms. My doc hasn't mentioned giving me anything for that. So many questions. LOL.

Great website. So nice to be sharing the adventure with people going through the same thing. I think some people are sick of hearing me talk about it. So at least you guys won't. LOL

just read your story...YAYYY im soo excited for us..cant wait to share this journey with you
So good to hear your story! Triplets sure do a number on us, but it was worth it. :)
Yippee for you!!! I'm 11 weeks post-op and loving my new tummy. My recovery was much easier than I thought it would be. I spent the first night at a post-op facility....pricey, but worth every penny. Only took Rx meds for the 1st 2 days then switched to Tylenol (didn't want to experience constipation). I didn't have anyone staying with me and was fine...but, I did prepare. I didn't rent a hospital bed or chair...but, I did buy a bunch of pillows to support my different positions in my "normal" bed. The 2 things that I found to be most helpful were the granny panties (wear them inside out, so the seam doesn't rub against your skin) and mens "wife beater" type undershirts. They both served as protection between my skin and binder. My PS wouldn't allow me to take a shower until after my drains were removed, so I didn't have to worry about the drains showering. I went back to work after 2 weeks. I'm an RN, but in administration. You'll do great!!! I have not had one day of regret...good luck to you :)
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