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Thermage Eye Very Painful - Ottawa

Just had it done today, so will only notice...

Just had it done today, so will only notice results in a few weeks/months. I did thermage eyes for hooding and droopiness. I am forty so decided I wasn't ready for surgery. I had read all the negative reviews along with some positive. After speaking with my physician decided to go ahead. I was not expecting any pain. I must say, it was. After placing the drops to numb the eye, she placed the disks to protect the eye in...this is where it got painful. She had a lot of trouble. It hurt with each pass over the eye as the disk would push against my eyeball. I have done fraxel before and was expecting the same pain, this was much worse. I am very disappointed with the experience. The pain got so bad she had to remove the disk and start again. I am quite concerned that I will have no results... I will however post again once the required time has passed. Will try to do before and after pics as well...

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I loved the fraxel tx's. I had five fraxel re-store and then one of the new fraxel treatments for skin pigmentation. They all did wonders to my skin! Got rid of all my age spots and almost all of my wrinkles. There is down time for them though but really not that bad. Worth the dollars for sure. It did help my pores and all of my forhead lines. This is one proceedure I would recommend. Still on the wall for thermage but too soon to tell if it will have helped my hooded eyes..
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How did you find the fraxel treatment? Did it smooth out the skin - get rid of any fine lines, large pores?
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I'm in Ottawa too and torn about whether to have a bleph or thermage for my saggy eye lids and crepey skin around it. Also have some bags and puffiness under eye. Went to surgeon who said only surgery would do, and a doctor in Orleans (I suspect the same one -in a spa) who said I shouldn't get surgery at this point as it would leave me with a "tight" artifical look (she does thermage for eyes however, and has admitted to being new to using it around the eye area - how do I know she is not being biased?). I thought I'd go for the thermage as it seemed like a safer option but the number of negative reviews on the web is frightening. I'm 45. Any suggestions? Ottawan - please keep us up to date with how your results are progressing.
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Hi there, I just posted a reply but it doesnt seem to have posted...okay so I would say to go for the thermage if you're not ready for surgery. Surgeons will always say "cut" it's in their nature. I do believe our doctor is honest...I do trust her completely. She has done many things for me, including fraxel and botox/fillers. I don't think she would push such an expensive proceedure without some merit. She has even done it on herself...She is new to the thermage eyes..I had trouble but if my results are what I hope then it will be worth it. Just be realistic with what she can do with thermage. I'm almost 41, and when I turn 50 will do the surgery if I see I need it...good luck and keep me posted!
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I am also in Ottawa and debating hard between upper bleph and less invasive (and less effective) procedures. Do not know anyone in person who could recommend an exceptional local doctor. Please keep us posted on what you decided to do.
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Hi Anna, I sent you a reply to your private message. I did do the thermage last year with no result...1600.00 wasted. I decided this year to go ahead and do the upper eyelid surgery..should have done it last year instead of wasting all that money. Honestly the thermage did nothing at all and was very painful. I certainly wouldn't recommend it.
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Thurs. April 18. 2012

Has any one over age 65 had:
(1) Undereye Thermage and were you pleased with the results?

(2) Face and Neck Thermage and were you pleased with the results?

If you were pleased with the results what is the name of the doctor? Thank you.

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Hi there, yes she's in Orleans. She has been amazing with everything else I've had done...botox, juvederm, fraxel etc. Just this one proceedure was just awful. Cannot say I see any change yet, but it's only been a couple of weeks and it could take two months...good luck with your thermage!
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April 13, 2012

Sand 37 - Sorry to hear that it was painfull. I am thinking of having my face and neck done. Was your doctor in the east end of Ottawa say Orleans.
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Hi Megan. She has done Thermage Body for a year, but is relatively new to Thermage Eye. I went to her because she has such a vast experience with everything laser. I know thermage is not a laser, but the principles are similar. I think the real problem lay in the fact that I needed an XS disk protector and she only had small...the pain was with the disk insertion. If I get great results then the pain/trouble will have been worth it...
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Oh ouch...I always cringe a little at the thought of the disks, they just sound so unpleasant, but even more so if its a touch too big. :(

Please update us on what changes you are seeing!

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Sorry to hear what a rough experience the Thermage was. Do you happen to know how much experience your doctor has performing the procedure?

Hopefully you will see some really great results that will make this worth what you experienced!!

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