Asian Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage Graft (Ottawa, Canada)

I wanted to change a bulbous nasal tip and flaring...

I wanted to change a bulbous nasal tip and flaring nostrils.

I completely regret the surgery, as the communication between the surgeon and I was poor and he did not use digital imaging. I am now seeking a revision rhinoplasty.

I had an Asian augmentation rhinoplasty 2 months ago and what I'm most concerned about is that the surgeon placed an ear cartilage graft at the top of my bridge, and now my nose is uneven. I did not have any concerns about my bridge before the surgery, it was a last-minute suggestion from my surgeon. Now I want it removed asap, is this possible?


A few months after surgery, I had to get the implant removed as it was protruding and looked awful. He was supposed to put an implant along the entire nose bridge but did a poor job at everything. It was Peter Brownrigg of Ottawa, Canada.
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You should post the name of the doctor so we don't go to him.
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Also, how can you afford another nose job when most people can barely afford one? Or is the original doctor going to fix his mistake with no additional charge? Not that it looks like a mistake, I think your new nose actually looks nice!
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Name not provided

Does not use digital imaging, poor communication.

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