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I've had coolsculpting done one year ago, in...

I've had coolsculpting done one year ago, in Ottawa. I had 7 sessions done around my stomach area. It did not work at all.

Then, I did the standard diet and exercise. I finally lost 35 pounds, on my own. I do a 30min jog 4 days a wk, and yoga with Pillates.

I'm proud that I did it on my own, but feel stupid to have thought that the zeltiq would do it for me. You have to work hard to get the results you want. Don't waste your money like I did.


I had great results from Dr. Laughlin's office at Laserderm. I am an exercise therapist and personal trainer and am in my 50's. I had some modest-size fat bulges that were not easily reduced through diet and exercise. I am not sure where your procedure was done but I was informed at Laserderm that the procedure was not meant for weight loss but for spot reduction for specific areas of fat. It is most unfortunate that you did not seek the Coolsculpting after all of your hard work and effort to help reduce the areas that the exercise and diet did not affect. I have trained many women and men who for some reason or another ( genetics, hormones, menopause, stress, lack of sleep) tend to carry excess body fat in certain areas. For myself it was my belly and my outer thighs. I have done a lifetime of squats, core work, proper nutrition and will have never of achieved what I wanted unless I wanted to lower my body fat percentage to an unhealthy low number. I saw my before and after pic today of my abdominal area and was thrilled with the results. The procedure was a gift to myself. I will most likely go back for the stubborn pocket of fat on my outer thighs. I wish you a great summer, never stop moving!
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BE CAUTIOUS!! beauty_fox works for Laserder. and Cyberderm.Please read this person's previous posts!
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Hi! I just came across this post and while I completely understand- it's disappointing when you spend that kind of money to not see results- I've had a different experience. I had a Coolsculpting treatment at my dermatologist's office in Ottawa, Dr. Sharyn Laughlin at Laserderm- and at 7 weeks in, I can see a really nice diminishment of my tummy bulge! I'm so excited about it- I exercise a lot and eat well but this is one of two areas that just won't get better. I'm going to try doing my back now- I have that bra chub that I'm not a big fan of, and there is muscle underneath, I just need to get rid of this layer! Best of luck to everybody on their own personal journey.
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