35 Years Old, DDD to C - Ontario CAN

I have always had a love hate relationship with my...

I have always had a love hate relationship with my breasts. I was a D cup at a young age and suffered from weak shoulders. In my early 20s I started lifting weights to strengthen and found that really helped my shoulder pain but unfortunately it made my breasts look even bigger! After having 2 kids and slowly gaining weight my chest size was a 38 DD but a DDD was probably more like it. I finally bit the bullet and had the surgery. I was tired of never having any choices in bras and clothing...the shoulder pain. Not to mention I wasn't a fan of the male attention. My doctor told me he'd make me a C. "Not to big, not to small."

Almost 2 weeks post op

Well this is really a journey!
Week 2 and I'm more mobile but have to limit my activities. Even cleaning up supper dishes got me overheated yesterday. I started driving my kids to the sitters and it's a little tough when I hit pot holes. I am out of Tylenol 3, (stopped taking Percocet due to a reaction) and I'm feeling really swollen today. Still sleeping in the recliner chair. My doc doesn't want me in a bra, just fitted tank tops. I'm adjusting to my new size but think I'm smaller than the C/D he promised. I mourned for a couple days. My husband seems ok with it but it's hard to tell. I found I had post op blues for a bit but some retail therapy has helped! I will post pics soon.
first time I saw mine I was like this is small, then ohh they are bigger than expected, then today after 7 weeks I do think they are perfect. they do change. as far for the swelling . try to not do so much you are only at 2 weeks.. try to rest (when you can of course) try to sit down instead of being up too much (that can causes the swelling too) :)

Pics DD/DDD 38 to C/D

Wow you look great.
They are beautiful. The sooner you can get off pain meds the better. I was off after 28 hours.

More pics

Suture tape is starting to fall off. See the pic of my suture under my arm...does anyone else's look like that?
the incision looks really normal for 2 weeks :) time will do the rest :)
Thank you!
Did you take anything else for pain? I gave up the Percocet on day 2. They were making me freak out. Every loud noise sent me through the roof. I couldn't cope, couldn't breathe. It was horrible. I moved to Tylenol 3 but only need it if I'm up and moving around and in the evening the pain gets worse.

Pain relief

Just wondering what's everyone doing for pain relief? I've never been on pain killers other than ibuprofen or Tylenol. The pain isn't bad if I'm relaxing but not cool once I start doing things. I can suffer through it but I'm irritable with my 7 and 4 year old. My daughter can tell when im getting overheated and will ask. She says she can see it in my face lol. Since the Percocet made me crazy anxious I started taking Tylenol 3. But now I'm down to extra strength. I also picked up something at the health store called Traumeel. It's supposed to help your body recover. Best taken before surgery and immediately after but I just found it today. Also trying to eat healthy, take iron and eat more protein so I heal quickly.
You look great !!! I had to take pain meds because I had nerve damage as a result to the br but it eased up and I was able to survive on Extra Strength Tylenol. Each day will get better !!!
I did stop talking my pain killer after day 3 or 4.. I did take tylenol and that did the tricks. for the scars I am using dermatix ultra scar treatment it is been refer to me by my friend that works for a plastic surgeon in Montreal :)
You do look like the size really suites your frame, did you take any before pictures you can look at to remind yourself why you had the surgery? I haven't had my op yet, but I have taken loads of before pictures because I am a bit worried I may feel like you do. I think your size looks really good.

Question about redness and itching

Tonight after showering I noticed that I've developed redness on the breasts near the nipple but not too close. Wondering if it's a reaction to the tape. Also today I've had increased swelling which I chalked up to being off Tylenol 3. I'm also starting to itch on the upper part of my breasts away from sutures. I'm finished the antibiotics as of last week. The itching is getting on my nerves!!
well as far of the itching I will say you are healing and/or your skin is dry.. try to put some lotion on your skin. on the incision you can always use polysporin (if your PS said it is ok of course). and I did notice for my part that after a shower and/or at the end of the day my incisions are more red (irritated)
itching could be a reaction to the antibiotics. is the redness and itching over a large area or a small one? for small areas it could be spitting stitches. in general terms stretching of the skin during surgery can lead to it getting dry and itchy, i had this and used some lotion on the areas away from my incisions
Doesn't seem like dry skin, and I've been off antibiotics for a week. Today it's still red but not as itchy. Still got the tape on so thinking it might be a reaction to that...

Week 2, what I've learned

This is a life changing event. Not just physical. It challenges me on many levels. I've never had to take care of myself like this before. Not even after giving birth was I allowed to put mySelf first. I've never expected my husband to do this much for me or asked for this kind of emotional support. I'm trying to figure out who this new "me" will be. What will I take on now that I don't have this cumbersome appendage that kept me constantly on alert on the placement of my clothes and other peoples gazes. I didn't realize how much I defined myself by the size of my breasts!
I've learned that I was so harsh on myself after surgery. I was terrible! The way I spoke to myself and judged was awful. I finally had to stop and say, what the hec are you doing? You just had MAJOR surgery and you are berating yourself about every flaw on your body! If your friends or husband spoke that way it would emotional abuse.
I think in took that "talking to" fairly well. So far so good anyway!
What fantastic results Ange, you look great. Well done for taking the plunge. Best wishes. X
Thanks BobbiLou!
Your attitude is amazing and it makes a big difference in your recovery and it awesome to have a loving supportive husband - my hubby was great and has been a rock and constant encouragement over the past 10 weeks :-)

2 week post op pics

Experiencing swelling but starting to like the look. Was worried I was a B cup but tested some bras out for fun and it's clear I'll be a C or D. My doc has me wearing camisoles and no bra. Feeling very free!
You look great! Amazing that in your most recent photos it had only been 16 days.
You look beautiful and I love that camisol!! I tried mine on over the weekend - one that I've had for about 10 years that busted out of but was so pretty I couldn't part ways with it - I fell in absolute love with it again :-). Wow - your doctor says no bra?! what the heck?? I've been wearing sports bras every days and my compression bra every night for the past 5 weeks!! I'm wondering about my ending size - I think I'm a full C and REALLY wanted a small D. You look great though!
Thanks :) I really want a small D too so fingers crossed. Yeah, no bra! But it's starting to get on my nerves because they are softening, and with all the winter pot holes my SUV hits, it's really starting to hurt when they bounce!! I see my PS on the 19th so I'm going to ask him why no bra or compression bra... I find I'm swelling a lot these last few days. Especially first thing in the morning. Do you have swelling in the morning? I wonder if it makes a difference with the bra...

The Ahh Bra, Reiki energy healing and stinging nettle tea...

3 weeks today and the time has flown. I'm supposed to return to my desk job on Monday but not feeling like its a good idea yet. I have quite a long commute and driving is really hurting me. It seems like the road vibrations are causing pain more than before and I assume that's because things are softening.
Since I get a bonus week, I decided to amp up my healing regime. I'm taking aloe Vera juice - Yeck!, bought a large size Ahh bra, which is too small -grrr, and booked myself for a reiki session. It was so relaxing and the practitioner didn't know I had surgery but could sense something in that area. He asked me afterwards and I told him what I had done. The whole time I was seeing flashes of colour and light and could feel my chest vibrating. Here's hoping it helped!
I also picked up some stinging nettle tea which supposed to be high in iron and good for healing the stomach ( perfect if the ibuprofen is causing damage). I started taking liquid iron last week and make green smoothies almost every day.
I was feeling super emotional this week but after the reiki I feel so calm and centered. On to week 4!
Love your posts!! Hope you continue to heal well. Yay team small boobs
Thank you!

Dropping and fluffing!

Heading into my fourth week and feeling like I'm coming out of the fog finally! I don't know what I would have done had I not had this site to consult. I thank you all who've shared so thoroughly and supported so many.
I caved and went out to buy some bras yesterday. As I mentioned before my PS told me to wear only a camisole with gauze to protect the wounds and to apply polysporin on clean wounds every day. It was fine at first because the pressure from the swelling made me feel like I couldn't breathe with the tensor wrap I had on initially so was happy once I was free of that. But things have started to hurt more lately which I figure is due to softening and dropping. So I went out and bought a bunch of soft bralettes. Hanes Comfort Flex. Blows my mind that I have to wear an XL though! I'm a size 10 and just had 3 lbs taken off my breasts!!!
Anyway the Hanes comfort flex has padded cups (whaaat?!) never worn a padded bra in my entire life! It's very firm and comfy. Hoping it will help with the swelling. Realizing that my PS didn't give me a whole lot of info before or after my surgery. I see him again on the 19th, I gather for stiches to be removed...
I tried for fun again a regular bra in a C38 cup and it still doesn't fit but I can't really force the girls into the cup yet. But they definitely are wider than a C cup for now. Amazing how I felt like an A cup after my surgery!! I was really trying to keep it together that first week.
I'm nervous about returning to work though. Initially I thought it wouldn't be that noticeable but I'm sure it will be now. I realized the other day that no one told me I look good other than on this site. My husband said so when I asked him but I have yet to get an earnest "you look great!" from anyone in my life. I had a visit last weekend with my sister in law and she said nothing other than it was pretty noticeable... She also went on to tell me my stepmom told her she couldn't believe I was getting a BR. I was pissed off!
As a matter if fact, I'm easily irritated these days. My kids, my husband.... All getting on my nerves.
Someone else posted about their hubby not wanting to look. Mine either. He's squeamish and frankly in feel like telling him to man up! See, told you I was irritable :/
I can't believe that you are not getting compliments all round, you look gorgeous. A D cup is fine after this surgery as the base of the breast cannot be easily narrowed. It is nice to have pretty breasts rather than huge ones or none at all. I feel like showing them off now instead of hiding them :)

Latest pics

You look fabulous and I love the pink bra. Don't worry about your emotions - you are on an emotional roller coaster and still recovering from surgery. I berated myself after surgery too - women often say horrible things to themselves. Don't worry about bra sizes just yet - you are still swollen. Good luck with the rest of your recovery.
Thanks, I'm feeling better every day :)
Forgot to add, the people that know and say nothing are usually uncomfortable with the subject, or jealous. Like your sister in law appears to be. BTW, you look AMAZING!!!! You look thin and athletic and even thought I dont see before pics I know you prob. look like you dropped at least 10 pds. :)

The first compliment :) (other than you ladies of course!)

So yesterday my dear friend came to visit me and brought me all kinds of lovelies. Rose/geranium body spray she made herself, homemade lentil soup, a lulu lemon sports bra and even gave me the cozy sweater off her back. This girl knows how to cheer up a friend!! She hadn't seen me since my post op and her instant remark was "oh you look beautiful!" I decided to wear something fitted so that she could see them in earnest. She remarked later that the only thing she felt was noticeable was the lack of cleavage showing. I was wearing a V neck t-shirt and historically, a tank top would have had to cover the cleavage constantly trying to emerge. I love not having to constantly pull up my shirt! I love bending over without having to put my hand at my chest so as not to flash the room!
Today, I donned my new Hanes Comfort Flex with built in soft cups and am really pleased with how I look. The little thin layer of padding gives just enough shape that it's looking like a much better version of my old bosoms. My friend said I look very much in proportion which is nice. Because who knew having the option of a little padding to boost your confidence while still having beautiful perky breasts of your own could be so liberating :)
As this is likely my last week home I am trying to make the most of it but feeling super lazy. I'd like to be productive in my time alone but my energy level is against me. My kids are 4 and 7 and not pleased with me that they are at the sitters on their spring break... I'm feeling a little guilty about that but since I can't really do anything fun with them right now I figure they are better off there than here climbing the walls and bickering....
Looking really good. OK to put your recovery first, your kids will benefit in the end

4 1/2 weeks

So another week has passed. Tomorrow I see my PS for the first time since a few days after my surgery. I don't know if he's taking stitches out. Feeling a little nervous. I called in to work for an extra week off (this is week 5) because I just don't have the energy back yet and incisions still pull like hell. No to mention the 1 hour commute one way. I felt super guilty but just didn't feel ready to go back yet.
Sunday night I pulled the last two pieces if tape off which were on righty at the t joint. Boy, can I ever feel the difference. Lefty doesn't pull at the incision nearly that much. So I wonder if it would have been better to take the tape off sooner.
I've upped my intake of bromelain and Traumeel (arnica etc) and it seems to make a difference in the swelling. No wonder everyone was raving. I didn't realize you had to increase the recommended dosage.
Getting used to the new girls. Husband still refuses to look because he said he'd want to touch. Haven't slept in the bed yet. Just my husbands recliner. Hats off to Cindy Crawford for designing it :/. It's fugly if you ask me but 4 1/2 weeks and no back pain! I will update more tomorrow after PS visit.
Glad you are finding the bromeliad helped, I took it 3 - 4 times a day between meals for 7 weeks and thought it was fantastic. I am 7.5 weeks now and feel back to normal, started swimming again this week. The next few weeks you will see big improvements.

4 1/2 weeks pics

Your blog is very helpful. I am at the consultation phase. 38H hoping to go to a full 36C/D. At one month post you look great. What size are you now?
I'm so glad! This site has been very helpful to me too. Wishing I had pre-op pics but I was too chicken. Might ask my PS tomorrow. I'm still a 38 because I didn't need/get lipo. Would like to see that number go down! As for cup size, PS says C maybe even D. I tried on bras a couple of times but because they aren't quite softened up yet I can't force them into a regular bra. They were too wide for the C cup but it was hard to tell if they'd fill out a D once relaxed. I was wearing DD before but probably could have moved up to DDD in some bras. Always wore a minimizer. He removed nearly 3lbs combined and as of now I'm happy with the size.
You look just great

Should say....

I hesitate to admit it but at the moment, I have very little sensation in my nipples. I'm in a bit of denial over this. When my PS mentioned it was possible to lose sensation I'm embarrassed that I kind of fluffed it off. I was so nervous about the whole thing that I barely asked questions. I see him tomorrow and I'm nervous that he won't be optimistic about sensation returning. Right now I can feel touch, but can't actually tell the difference between touching my breast and touching my nipple.... :(
Also there a few hard spots that worry me. I hope it's nothing...
I am at week 10 and my nipple sensation came back around week 5-6 as far as hard spot this is normal after a breast reduction or any type of surgery :) massage :) but not too close of the incision
Good to know :) I hate the massaging. I need some wine first lol
massage everything a couple of times a day. nipple sensation can return months later, very unpredictable

Follow up with PS

Met with my favorite PS today for my 4 week follow up (at nearly 5).
I started panicking once I got in the room because I forgot to take a preventative Advil in case he did any stitches removal or firm hands on investigation lol. I didn't even know if my stitches were all the dissolving kind! Turns out they are. I had one stitch poking out which I noticed the other day but it must have fallen off. I'm not as brave as some of you girls pulling your own out! Keep in mind this is the only medical work I've had done aside from orthodontics :)
I'm happy to say, PS was pleased with the healing. Said the lumps were scar tissue and would resolve with massage. He also reiterated that sensitivity could return. I'm suddenly very itchy tonight and haven't been since I stopped taking pain killers on day 3. Hoping it's a good sign.
He gave me the go ahead to start wearing an underwire bra already if I'm able to tolerate it. Said that compression from the wire would actually help flatten out the scars and break up that hardness. Crazy!
I really like this doc. He's young and very professional. I guess my reasoning for not asking a lot of questions from the get go is that I really felt at ease with him. Even though he was extremely handsome....can u say Awkward!
He gladly gave me a letter for the additional week off and sent me on my way. I don't see him again for 6 months. Feeling relieved and ready to get back to my regular life but with Boobs 2.0!!!


Husband FINALLY looked. He's squeamish so I knew better than to ask before the blood was all gone but come on!! It's been more than 30 days. He went to the PS with me but refused to come in. His reason was that he didn't want to see before he could cop a good feel. Lies!! He was really just chicken. I threatened to flash him and he gave me "respect my wishes...." At which point I stated, this has been a huge journey for me and incredibly scary. It feels like a complete rejection of me that you can't just support me and know that this hurts me. Shortly thereafter he said ok, show me. And when he saw, his eyes got wide and he said "did a pretty good job!" Obviously or I wouldn't be showing them off :p
It is a great job. They look fantastic!

Back to work

Well on my 3rd day back to work after 5 weeks on the couch. Doing good, feeling tired. I'm out of the house for 10 hours so I think it will take some time to get my energy levels up. I've been taking liquid iron as I figure the blood loss from surgery and me being prone to low iron is probably part of the tiredness. I am looking forward to spring here so I can get out and be more active. It bloody well snowed here again last night.
I'm super happy I took 5 weeks off because I feel worlds better this week than early last week. A friend told me that the mere fact I was questioning going back meant I wasn't ready. She was right.
No one at work has seemed to notice or said anything. And I haven't seen any sideways glances either. I feel a lot more confident and am not always crossing my arms when talking to men. But even if I do, my breasts don't sit on my arms anymore! Small thing but it makes me happy :)
I am struggling with the massaging. I HATE the way it feels. It turns my stomach. I still feel all kinds of hard spots so I know I need to but I just dread it....
I am from Ontario and just read your journey. I have my BR April 10. You inspire me. Thank you for sharing.
Sounds like a good reaction from your husband at last!!!! Mine saw my boobs before I did when the dressings came off.

6 week pics

You look fantastic. One of the best I've ever seen. I just had breast reduction and tummy tuck in January....about nine weeks post op. I actually had a breast reduction ten years ago, but they did not take quite enough and with a little weight gain and some hrt, mine grew back. What I wanted to say was that I too lost nipple sensation. After a year or so, I was not numb to the touch but I lost that "special sensation." It was a little disappointing, but so worth it to have the reduction. Honestly, about four years later, I started noticing increased sexual sensitivity. I was surprised that it could come back.....Not to the full degree, but almost and certainly more than I had at the beginning. So be patient and know that healing and regeneration honestly continues for years out. Happy healing and be well!!
Thanks Andystrad! I think the surgeon did a pretty stellar job too. They are better than I dared imagine. I looked at your review too and your results are awesome. I wish I'd had the tummy tuck too! Thanks for the advice about sensitivity. It's a trade off for the confidence I now have. And your most important sexual organ is your brain! Hope you are healing well :)
Hah! So true!

7 weeks

If you're reading my review and considering this surgery, I highly recommend it. I wish I had 'before' pics to show you. I was a large DD and after 1.5 and 1.3 lbs removal, I am now a C.
What does this mean? Means I no longer feel like all eyes are on me. Means I no longer feel 10 years older than my 35. Means I can walk around topless in front of my husband and not feel embarrassed. Means I am not conscious of my boobs flopping around during intimate moments...
At 7 weeks, my breasts are still somewhat tender but I don't have to protect them like before. The only part that bothers me is below my anchor incision on the ribs sometimes. It feels like pulling.
I would recommend that you take no less than 3-4 weeks off if you can. I ended up with 5 and I am so greatful I did.
I took it very easy. And because of that, I am recovering well. I never had any bleeding. Little bruising and my swelling now, even after an active day is almost non existent. I have been wearing underwire for three weeks. Only one of my incisions wept after the tape came off and it was pea sized at most.
The emotional and mental recovery was the difficult part for me.
With that behind me, I feel confident to make more changes for the better. It was worth investing the time in me. Worth the guilt, worth the anxiety,
Not a single person I didn't tell has asked me what I did or mentioned a change.
I feel so normal :)
Thank you for posting a review about a typically easy recovery and good result, people need to know that it is not all pain and problems. You look fantastic.
Thx Peedie, it has been good but I think I took my recovery very seriously and that is why it went so well. I slept and slept. Walked a little every day, ate healthy, took many supplements and basically listened to my body. When I caution people that it can be an easy recovery, I say that with the caveat that it's still major surgery and needs to be treated as such :)
I did all the same things, what upsets me is when people are not well informed and they just passively let the pharmeceutical companies push lots of unneccessary meds on them, then end up taking more to counteract the side effects etc forgetting that although this is major surgery, our bodies do know how to heal naturally given the right conditions!

Feeling awesome

So my surgery was feb 14, and I am really starting to feel great. My boobs haven't swelled in weeks. I'm still waiting to get measured for a proper bra size but I expect I'm pretty much a full C. Perfect for me! I can actually still wear some of my old bras that were minimizers. They fit well with no spillage. I never have to adjust my bra through the day anymore. I sometimes have to pinch myself. Today 3 bathing suits I ordered came. And all 3 fit my boobs! No specialty sizes for me woohoo!
Looks like you healed good are you A BIG C OR SMALL D Im two weeks post I still keep Paper tape for sensitive skin on my scars the PS told me it will help keep the scars flatten out I have always did this feels like it gives me good sport I have a few bras like your pink one Do you have the removable pads I never could wear them I finally got my review up and started Looks like your journey went well.
Havent been measured but I think I'm a regular C now. I haven't been using anything on my scars for the past month other than the odd time I put on vitamin E. They seem to be healing well. I do have the removable pads in a few of my bras. They add a little extra which I like :). Good luck on your journey. I hope the healing goes well.
You look beautiful, and I thank you for your review. My surgery was April 1st, and I'm glad to hear you did not have a lot of energy for a while, because I'm beginning to think I'm a big whiner here! I don't feel particularly bad, just tired. Thanks for posting.

Bra Size

Yesterday I was in the city so I went to Victoria Secret to get sized. I've been wearing C38 since my surgery and prior it was DD/DDD 38. I wish I'd been previously measured! I am a DD34!! What the whaaat? Kinda funny :). It's fine by me because I feel small. And bonus to find out I'm a 34 not 38! What a great experience shopping at VS. The girls working the dressing room were so professional. Every bra I tried on fit me! Push-ups, unlined, t-shirt. It was so lovely. The very sexy was my fav but a little pricier than I wanted so I'll wait for a special occasion ;)
Your Results LQQK GREAT for your Frame ! Very Nice ! I'm sure you are so Happy without hauling around all of the Weight !
if you were wearing a 38DDD before surgery and are now a 34 band size, chances are you should have been wearing about 34G before surgery. an amazingly high proportion of woman wear the wrong size and many larger ladies are in denial and can't face buying a G sized bra.
Could have been! I would go up a cup size when the cup runneth over and up in band with when it felt too tight on my ribs. Never went into proper bra stores because I was too intimidated! I would have bought the G had I known it would fit better!

5 months

5 months have passed and I am still very happy with the way my breasts are looking. Unfortunately sensation is minimal and hasn't improved. My scars are healing well and I don't think of them much. The ones on my sides have little dog ears but honestly, who cares. I feel like a warrior! I'm surprised I still feel tender at times and itchy as well. Occasionally it feels like something is picking me inside my right breast but I'm still enjoying the freedom and feel so lucky every day :)
Could you please provide me with more info on your doctor. I'm going to be looking for a doc in the ottawa area. He did an amazing job. Thank you in advance.
Sure thing! His name is Charles Etien Feron. He works out of the Montfort hospital. I was referred to him by my family doctor. I didn't spend a lot if time with him but he did a great job and I am pleased.
Beauuuutiful results. We are the same age, and around the same before size. I'm about 5'6"/5'7", and a US size 10. I'm a muscular 174. I just weaned my 18 month old, so I'm preparing to see a surgeon for the consult in the next 2-3 mo or so. ....can I ask how tall you are, and what clothing size you are? I only ask to get perspective as I am thinking of what size I ultimately would like to shoot for.

Funny Story about back sleeping

Next week I go for my 6 month check up. Quick update on me:
Nipple sensitivity is still almost nil.
Breasts are still somewhat sensitive but not bad.
I'm still a DD 34. Which is fine because the size suits my frame and they are so pretty. Perky perky perky! So happy I did this.

Funny story about having to sleep on your back during recovery.
I slept in a recliner the entire 6 weeks after surgery. I became convinced my house was haunted during that time. Kept waking up hearing footsteps on the stairs. Dreamt of an old lady a lot. I'd experience sleep paralysis regularly. Finally I googled this and these are all symptoms that can come from medication and back sleeping!! Crazy huh. Never happened once I moved back to the bedroom. Thought I'd share in case anyone else thought they were going crazy or experiencing "malevolent" spirits while sleeping in a recliner ;)
Loved reading your review again. Yours was one of the very first i read! You have such a natural, beautiful result. At 11days po, I see a lot of my result in yours! Which gives me so much relief.....I have struggled thinking that I didn't end up as small as I wanted, but I am coming around. ....they're so pretty! Thanks for your encouragement along the way!
Thank you! I saw your results and you are looking great. Perfectly proportioned to your body I think! I'm envious you have your sensitivity back :)
Your boobs are nice an perky!

6 month review

I had my follow up a couple of weeks ago and according to my doctor, I healed really well. Better than most at this point he said. I still have internal weirdness but he said that was normal, and keep massaging. I still hate doing that.
My scars only recently spread wider but I couldn't care less because my boobs are awesome!!
I read so many reviews saying ladies wish they were smaller but I am relieved he kept me at a D. He took out 1.5 pounds and 1.3 pounds so I def feel lighter and my breasts are never in the way.
I bought some more VS bras after my appointment and decided that I wasn't that disappointed that my bras are still pricey because at least now they can be pretty. True I can pick up a cheap bra that will do the trick in a pinch. But I guess I like quality.
The doc said nipple sensitivity will not likely return. I feel guilty that I maybe should have massaged more...
All said and done I say WORTH IT.
To the ladies fretting over their results please just wait. Wait until you see with new eyes and new clothes!
I will say that being a D34 I still have a hard time getting my size in most stores because 34 is small for a D cup apparently. I had this issue as a teenager too. But who the hell cares!! I know that my boobs look great no matter the tags on my bras.
Your results are wonderful looking! I'm at 3 weeks tomorrow and still don't feel ready to go back into the office so I will take your advice and take another week off. I've been able to air mine out quite a bit with being home all the time. Plus, my PS never had me wear a surgical bra after the surgery. I was so happy to read that the hardness is scar tissue. I have the same thing happening around my left breast nipple. I was nervous but hoped it's normal. Did you also experience a lot of itching? Mine are so itchy!!!
Brava! Well said! How wonderful for you! I think some of these set backs (loss of sensitivity, size not being what's expected, pain, etc) is a good reminder that there is sooooo much more going on in the world besides having perfect boobs. My quest for perfection can really take me over....and it's really caused me to evaluate my "problems".....because I'm so blessed, and *MY* problems really aren't the end of the world. ________ I'm sorry you don't have the nipple feeling. I didn't think it mattered, and I know there's still a possibility it could wax and wane over the course if healing. The process keeps us humble, doesn't it!?
Dr Charles Ferron

Dr Ferron was very professional, very kind. His secretary was great as well. My consultation with him was in May and surgery date not till February due to my schedule. That may have been too much time. I would have liked if he'd given me written instructions before and after because I was too flustered to remember most things I was told.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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