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It's almost been a year - here's an update with 3 new pictures!

It's been great to read so many reviews on this...

It's been great to read so many reviews on this site, so I figured I should join the ranks and share my experience too!

I am 26, I have no children, I have an athletic build as I am a fitness competitor. I have always had naturally round breasts, but when my body fat is as low as it usually is (around 10-15%) I feel that my breasts get very flat and empty. I have been thinking about doing this procedure for about 10 months now, and once I made up my mind (about two weeks ago), I decided I wanted to get them right away!

I had my first consultation about a week ago, and it went okay. The doctor recommended I get between 250 and 310 cc, and we decided that 290 was the way to go. After that consultation I did a lot more research and decided that I probably wanted to go a little bigger. He gave a conservative recommendation based on the fact that I sometimes have very low body fat (in the weeks around competitions). However, I am by no means sure that I want to compete very often, and so it's more important for me to get something that I am happy with when I am in my off-season shape.

I then went for another consultation at another clinic. I had much better chemistry with the doctor there, and I felt that she really made an effort to understand what I wanted. That's important for me! After trying a few different ones (275, 290 and 320), we settled on 320. I got very confused looking at before and after pictures because different sizes look so different from person to person.

I also chose the second clinic because they have a much better warranty system. I'll be getting Natrelle silicone implants, which are FDA approved. I think that is important, as horrid stories about shoddy implants keep coming up in the media. The requirements in Europe for getting them approved are more relaxed than in the US, so I feel confident that FDA approved implants are safe and durable!

My operation is scheduled for Wednesday next week, and I'm really excited! I'll post more pictures then! I'll also post more before pictures when I get them from my surgeon.

Day 1: I had surgery yesterday morning at 8 AM. I...

Day 1: I had surgery yesterday morning at 8 AM. I hardly slept the night before, my head was just churning with pictures of my dream boobies, and nervousness about the surgery itself. The clinic staff were all great, and the surgery itself went fine. I ended up getting 335 cc Natrelle silicone implants above the muscle. I started waking up from the anaesthesia around half an hour after the surgery. My throat was so dry I was dying to have some water. The nurse brought me water, and a little food. They called my boyfriend to come pick me up, and I left the clinic about an hour after the surgery.

It was great to see my boyfriend, and to be driven home. I slept quite a bit the first afternoon, and only had mild discomfort. I watched some TV shows, and had a pretty normal appetite. Unfortunately I didn't sleep at all last night. The nurse warned me that the medication can have that effect on some patients. :(

Day 2: I eventually managed to sleep for about three hours late this morning. The pain is worse today, but I am taking my pills as directed. I've had several peeks at my new breasts, and they look so swollen, and feel so hard. It's definitely not quite sunk in yet that they are a part of me! I hope I'll start liking them more as the swelling subsides, but right now I feel so bloated, stiff and ouchy. I still haven't told my parents, and I am unsure about how they will react. As of now only my boyfriend knows.

I'll keep you posted over the next days, and weeks, and will add more pictures as we go along. I'm still waiting for my doctor to send over the before pictures! I am posting some pictures from the day of the operation itself with my amazingly sexy recovery bra! Enjoy! :p

Day 3: I finally slept last night! I feel a bit...

Day 3: I finally slept last night! I feel a bit better today, although the scars under my breasts are hurting a bit. I am considering taking a walk later as I am feeling restless. I'll see how I feel in a few hours! :)

Day 4: I'm due for my first post op shower today,...

Day 4: I'm due for my first post op shower today, but I am going to wait until my boyfriend comes home so that he can help me. I can't really lift my arms for long periods of time, and my long hair needs a good wash. I slept really well last night, but this morning the incision site was hurting like crazy when I got up from bed. Especially on the right side. Everything looks normal, and after about half an hour of reading stuff on forums I am convinced that the pain is normal too. It's seriously painful though, ouch! Those meds had better kick in soon!

Day 4: I'm due for my first post op shower today,...

Day 4: I'm due for my first post op shower today, but I am going to wait until my boyfriend comes home so that he can help me. I can't really lift my arms for long periods of time, and my long hair needs a good wash. I slept really well last night, but this morning the incision site was hurting like crazy when I got up from bed. Especially on the right side. Everything looks normal, and after about half an hour of reading stuff on forums I am convinced that the pain is normal too. It's seriously painful though, ouch! Those meds had better kick in soon!

Day 5: Yesterday afternoon my right breast was so...

Day 5: Yesterday afternoon my right breast was so painful. Every little move sent shocking pain on the side of, and under my breast. I figured it's a nerve that's irritated, and I know that often happens after this kind of surgery. My painkillers don't do much for this kind of pain, however, so it's pretty hard to endure.

I woke up feeling weak, and nauseous. I forced down some breakfast and called the clinic to ask about the pain. They told me to come by to have a check up. Unfortunately I couldn't hold down my breakfast, and I had to vomit several times after that. My belly wouldn't hold down anything, and the nerve pain got worse from all the movement. The bus ride to the clinic was the worst ever. I even had to get off midway to puke, and wait for the next bus.

At the clinic they had a look, and confirmed that it's a nerve issue (intercostal nerves IV–VI), but they said it's at its worst now and will improve over the next week. I sure hope so! They gave me a bra with a wider band since I'm still so bloated, and gave me more nausea meds. They insisted that I stay to have some salty crackers, and were really nice to me. I don't know if I'll be able to get back to work tomorrow as I planned.

1 week day! The nausea subsided yesterday, so...

1 week day! The nausea subsided yesterday, so that's a relief! I'm using a different bra today (a standard sports bra) as the other one rubs way too much on the spots with the worst nerve pain. My right one is still more painful than the left one, and my range of motion on that side is much smaller too. I managed to do some laundry and cooking today, and I'm going back to work tomorrow. I'll post some new pictures over the weekend!

2 week + 1 day: I stopped using pain medication...

2 week + 1 day: I stopped using pain medication about a week ago. I hardly have any pain at all when I do ordinary stuff now, although I can't give people proper hugs yet. It feels so great to be able to do things around the house again, and I'm able to work without difficulty. It's amazing how much things have improved in such a short time!

I'm posting some new pictures! I am pretty happy with the result. In terms of size I am very happy, it's just strange that the nipples look so uneven in pictures. I hardly notice when I look at myself in the mirror, but every time I take a picture of them I'm like "Wow, they are so uneven". But they were uneven to start off with, and the left one is still more swollen than the right, so maybe it will even out a little more. It doesn't really bother me that much to be honest. They are starting to feel softer, and I have started sleeping without a bra for increased comfort. I still can't sleep on my side, but luckily I sleep well on my back, and I still use an extra pillow.

I've been to the gym pretty much every day for the last week. I've just been doing cardio on the cross trainer, and I don't use my arms. The exercising seems to have helped with the bloating, because I feel back to normal now! The skin around my nipples is peeling and sensitive. I guess because of the stretching. Has anyone else experienced that the skin peels?

Week 3: Things are going great. I've been trying...

Week 3: Things are going great. I've been trying to sleep on my side lately, but that doesn't quite work yet. My nipples are still the most sensitive part, but even that is getting better. Most of all I'm getting used to having bigger boobs, and I love it! :)

4 weeks! Time seems to go so fast! I can finally...

4 weeks! Time seems to go so fast! I can finally sleep on my side now, and they are getting so much softer! :D I don't feel any pain at all, and am working out as before (everything except chest that is). I am very happy with the result, and I definitely feel like I made the right decision to get them!

Week 5 1/2: I can't believe it's almost six weeks...

Week 5 1/2: I can't believe it's almost six weeks since my op. I am totally comfortable with my new breats, and I am so happy I had the operation. The scars are healing nicely, although they itch a bit from time to time. I don't feel like my breasts look a lot different now compared to when I took the last pictures a few weeks ago, but they certainly feel like they are getting softer. My boyfriend loves them too, and he's so careful when he touches them. I am much more 'to the point' and prod them properly to feel where they might be numb, and to see if I can feel the implant. Fortunately I don't feel any particular numbness. Thanks for all the compliments, and positive feedback. It's fun to follow your journeys too, and I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have! :)

Hello! I can't believe it's already been 7 1/2...

Hello! I can't believe it's already been 7 1/2 weeks since my operation. Everything is back to normal now, and they feel so much softer. I did my first chest workout this week, and it went really well. I didn't lift that heavy, but I look forward to slowly increasing the weight I lift! I'm on vacation now, and I've been swimming every day, and showing off my new twins. They look great in my bikinis, and I haven't actually had to buy new tops. The old ones fit just fine! There isn't that much else to report. The scars are healing nicely, and I found some skin coloured surgical tape to replace the white one I started off with. I am a bit worried people will see the tape when I'm wearing my bikini, but it's really not that easy to see unless they slip up a bit, and even then you need to be looking for it to see it. I hope you are all doing well too!

It's almost been a year - here's an update with 3 new pictures!

On the 28th of June it will have been one year since my op. Since my last update the scars have become lighter, and the implants have settled nicely. I don't see the scars at all myself unless I lift by breasts. I'm very happy with how they look and feel (and so is my boyfriend). In January I finally started wearing underwire bras and push ups! I followed doctors orders and didn't wear underwire bras until six months after the op. I don't know if it's necessary to wait so long, but I became quite used to soft bras. It actually took me about a week to get used to wearing underwire bras again.

It's great to wear push ups and have a nice cleavage occasionally, but I also love the fact that the size I chose doesn't scream 'IMPLANTS'. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

I forgot the scar pictures!

Bra size increase:

80B pre op, to 70D post op! :)
Mette Haga

There are only three clinics in Oslo that do this procedure, and I went to two of them for consultations.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Congrat on ur 1 year mark!!! After reading your story I felt like I wasn't alone lol.. I'm having terrible shooting pain thru my breast and its making me just wanna cry!! Taking pill didn't even take it away! Today is the first time I've gone couple hrs without shooting pain! Oh it's the worst!!! I'm going on day 6 any advice?
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Awh, I'm sorry you're also experiencing the nerve pain. It was so hard to endure, but thankfully for me it mostly passed after 2-3 days. The first days after surgery go so slowly, but I hope you can take it easy, and that you have someone to help you do basic stuff. All I can say really is that it will get better if it was like mine! Hopefully you'll be fine before you know it! I'd get occasional pain during the first month after surgery, but switching to normal sports bras, and other soft bras made the situation a lot better for me. The bra I got from the clinic was a Triumph granny bra, and it had a band that was seriously uncomfortable. I got some Abecita soft bras called 'Little wonder top' that I loved wearing the first months after surgery. I hope you heal quickly!
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both of them look the same size to me! I cannot see what SincerelyLaine is taking about. I think they look just beautiful:)
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I agree!  
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holy wow those are awesome
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Why does your left breast look bigger than your right breast?
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Hi! As you can see they were slightly different to begin with, one is a big higher and fuller than the other, albeit only slightly. To be honest I have never been bothered about the difference, and I hadn't really noticed until my surgeon started measuring me and marking me during my first consulation. I think the difference is less noticable after my op. Since I've taken the pictures myself with my left hand, some of the difference you can see in the pictures is due to the camera holding. In real life I really can't tell that they are all that different (and that's what matters to me!). I'll get my bf to take some new pictures soon. Maybe it will be less apparent then. =)
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Wow you look amazing! I workout a lot and also compete. I'm trying to decide on a size at the moment and plan to have mine done in January. Awesome results!
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Sorry about the late reply! What size did you settle on? All the best with your op! :)
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I got mine done on the 3rd and I went with 375cc HP unders. So far I love them. How are you coming along?
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Congratulations! I actually visited your page right after I wrote the comment above, so I realised I should have asked how you were feeling, rather than wishing you luck with your op! I hope you recover swiftly. It's great that you are already happy with them. I still love mine, and they softened really fast, so there hasn't been that much change since the last update. I will post some new pictures, and a new update soon though! You figured unders wouldn't interfere with chest workouts? I'm curious to know how quickly you can get back into gymming. What class do you compete in?
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I'm actually feeling good. Today is day 4 of recovery and I haven't had to take any pain meds which is awesome. I'm nothin any pain m, they are just still swollen and high. Doing massages like crazy so they can soften up. I'm sure they will probably interfere with cheat exercises so ill probably go lighter on direct chest exercises. I'm hoping I can workout in the next few weeks or so...legs at least. I'm only 5'1 so I'm in short class.
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Your most recent photos look ah-mazing! Fantastic, girl. What an awesome end result. :)
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: D
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ur boobies look great for being over the muscle!! An u have a great body! How did the surgeon manage to make them look so natural with being over the muscle?!
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Thank you, Aurora! I guess you'd have to ask my surgeon. She was very good and chose the right size for me, at least. I wanted moderate profile, and she chose the biggest implant I could get with regards to my breast width.
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Your new girls are so soft, wow! Thanks for the pictures and update!
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I am very happy with them!
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Beautiful! You could be the poster child for overs.
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Awh, you're sweet! :)
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Look at those boobies! Pip you look absolutely gorgeous! The bikini top was designed just for your boobies correct?
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Yeah, Kim, of course! ;) Thanks!
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Hey Pip, nice to follow your story. My PS has recommended over the muscle for a few reasons, one being I too lift (just got back into it) and have enough skin coverage to pull it off. Did you get a lot of grief for going over the muscle? I feel everyone is telling me not to do it.
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I don't know what kind of grief you are referring to exactly, but I haven't noticed anything bad about it whatsoever. I haven't lifted any weights for the chest muscles yet, but other strength training has been just fine to do for a couple of weeks already. What kind of 'grief' have you been getting? I think you should go with what the PS recommends, and what you feel is right for you. I certainly am very happy with the result, and have no qualms whatsoever about having had my surgery over the muscle. =)
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