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Tomorrow is the Big Day!! I am so nervous that I...

Tomorrow is the Big Day!! I am so nervous that I am going too big! I picked 450cc silicone round. I am 5'5, 130 lbs, deflated small B cup. Being that I see some pics of people with 450cc and love them. Then see others that are HUGE. I know everyones body takes them differently. Any advise to calm my nerves and reasure myself??


This is a pic of me with flat pancakes!! Four kids breast fed left me with droopy small b if that.


My pic isnt loading

morning post 3

I don't take drugs well so coming out of anastasia was rough. Last night I was finally feeling better but VERY sore. Can't take vicotin cuz I hate the way it makes me feel. I have a pain pump to numb the area. Day1 and 2 were painful the tightness was bad. I have no idea how some feel fine right after. But they do look great, and my husband says the same! Now for them to d&f. Ended up with 425 high profile. Dr tried others but these looked the best, and I wanted to look normal. . I didn't know they sit you up during surgery to see them. AND I knew the nurse from high school. So a small area and I was hoping to know nobody!!! Oh well.


what are people taking for nausea it is really bad

post day 4

Finally feeling back to normal. Still very sore but at least I can walk around. Took the pain pump out early cuz it made me feel miserable. Still hard, and I have throbbing by my incisions. Ps said no bra till Wed just this awful strap!

Post Day 8

Went to Dr and everything looks good, except I have to wear the strap more! I got yelled at cuz I don't wear it to work. Ugg. It is not hidable. Pain wise, it is improving slowly, still very hard to sleep. My back really hurts with the combo of more weight and not sleeping correctly. And it hurts anytime I go from laying to standing. All movements are very thoughtout. They are dropping slowly, still very sensitive. No massaging yet, he said 2 more weeks. But to keep touching them to help desensitize them. I am not allowed to wear sports bras or underwires. Just curious on everyone that I see on here wearing them soon after surgery, and what your Dr says? I am not going to per my dr but just curious. Nurse said to wear cami's if I felt I needed a little something otherwise no bra is best for another 2 weeks. I will post pics tonight when I get home. Hubby is in love with them, he keeps saying how good they look. I tried a swimsuit on last night and he couldn't keep his eyes off them!!

day 12

I am feeling about 90%. Sleeping is still not comfortable. Took my daughters to Chicago this weekend, did lots of walking feel great. Wore a tube top shirt with no bra... awesome feeling. Still waiting for them to soften up! They are dropping slowly, wearing this awful strap. Loving them more and more everyday!!!

13 days post

Dropping nice, left is ahead. I feel great. Still not 100% my incision area is sore, when I bend over or move quick its a little painful. But overall good. Still waiting for them to soften!


Healing slowly

I feel they dropped!

Omg. Looked in the mirror and its like I missed them dropping! So happy with their progress! Still not really soft but hopefully any day! Pain wise still some very minor irritation not real pain. Mainly armpit and incision areas. I see ps wednesday so we will see what he says. I just noticed my left incision area has a numb feeling, is that normal? Overall I am loving my new additions!!


I would like to add taking pics of your boobs is not as easy as it looks!!!

2 1/2 months

Everything seems normal. I get a little bit of sharp nerve pains but you will have that. I am a little asymmetrical which I can live with. But they still feel hard. I can move them squeeze then but still feels hard. How soft do they get? Hopefully I will still soften in the next few weeks! I do wish I went a bit bigger but overall I am happy! I will try to post a pic tomorrow.

Not right!

I look lop sided! Love them in a bra and clothes. But something isn't right. I don't know if one side dropped too much and other not enough but I don't care for them naked! Trying to wait till 6 month post to go back in hoping time will adjust them and they will settle. Anyone else have this????
Dr Serret

Very informative. Patient, never seemed to be rushed. Explained everything completely. Gave me just what I was looking for!

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Hey:))) I would go to dr sooner than later. To me that's a big difference. I'm not a dr but I've looked at a lot of boobies on this site lol and for the most part they seem drop together. Give or take Idk!!!??? I would just go and see what he says. I'm sure if anything needs to happen it will be a simple fix ??!! Hope I didnt freak u out. Keep us posted k. Good luck
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Did you got HP or Moderate?
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How is the incision scar treating you? Any new updates?
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I bought the silicone lotion. Still red bit looks better every day. The are not hard anymore which is good.
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How's recovery going? Is life back to normal now? Still softening at all?
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How do you post pictures? I did but, I do not see them anywhere. Thanks for your help with this. Girls in hawaii
  • Reply Copy and paste this link. It will tell you how to post pics.
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You look great!!!
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Holy crap how did you drop so quickly?!? You look amazing already!!!
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Thanks! I have wearing the stupid strap 24/7! Hoping I get cleared of it tomorrow!
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Mine are too! And I learned some good massages by putting in drop and fluff massage online and I found this also, which helped explain why they drop and sometimes get bigger: . My scars are numb too, sometimes overly sensitive. The most pain I get now is from the strap and irritation, Im 13 days post op they are way soft and supple after one day of massaging them.
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I go Wed to PS so I am hoping for clearance to start massage. He said I should wait until next appt. I hear people massage right away, every dr is different. But once I can start I will definetly start watching videos!!
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Look great
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Omg your incisions are soooo neat! Great ps work! Mine look all knotty! . . Hummm am a little worried now and I'm only 2 days ahead of you!
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Mine are straight and look like they are going to heal nice BUT they feel hard and like there is a lot of scar tissue. I wouldn't worry yet, still very early in healing.
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They are beautiful! And dropping so nicely. Its funny cuz they look really soft, not hard.
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My husband says the same thing. Hopefully soon, I am a little impatient!
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The back pain will get better. I was in so much pain too but your body is just adjusting. Hang in there! Your right all the doctors instructions are different but I believe it is because all women are different and have differing wants out of their results. Whatever it is they do, most of them seem to do a great job! Your looking great!
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Last night was a little better, and getting out of bed this morning was 40% better. Yah... When do they start to soften up?
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Mine we already starting by 1 week but I didn't realize it. It wasn't until I went into my 1 week post op and my nurse was squeezing and pushing them around that I realized how soft they were ... Very strange first experience haha I was kind of freaked out when she just squeezed them with no problem.
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I am afraid to squeeze them :) I just gently touch and push. I go in on Wednesday for my 3 week and hoping I can start massage to speed this up a little.
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My stap came off the 5 day and no underwire bras or sport bras, 6th week you can where a bra with no underwire or any pad in the bra on the sides. You do not want a uni boob do you. I am 400cc and had nothing before the surgery so the stretch and dropping will come. Everything in your breast are traumatized so it takes at least 6 months for the discomfort to wear off. I rub alchol on my back for the pain and take advil once a day that may help iwith food. Have a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner lots of fruit. I could not stand to wear anything touching my breast just loose shirt and the incision under the breast will be sore since the weight of your breast is sitting on the incision for a while and my doc initially gave me a bacitracin ointment and now a scare cream to help fade but I am a good healer and have very little scaring. Not moving your arms outward will let you know you are doing something your not ready for but the shape can be distorted if you wear the wrong bras before the 6 months of having your breast. I have to say my are a 10 plus although he wants me to wear a bra I love not having to wear one since they sit up real nice. My husband is more excited when I wear nothing and after all he invested in them too so it ought to enjoy them as much as you do. Really embrace the pain and breath and be happy you made it this far and its only going to get better from this point forward. Every doctor is different from all the reviews I have read but I think my doc is the best in the field and he had to correct many a bad boob job. The picks he showed me were numerous and horrible. So I think you are doing well if you are at work with little pain. I did not move for an entire month and only now at 10 weeks I am able to resume to a normal activity but with instruction from him to continue the massages and a medication called singular was given and that helps with the contractular problem that some women get from over doing it and believe me you will know it because your breast will get hard and hurt. Smoking is not good for anyone and not that you smoke it is a good opportunity to quit if you do if you are having trouble breathing at night. Yes the swelling will cause your back to hurt especially if you are in bed as much as I was but I am 56 years old and you are much younger so you probably are okay with what you are doing at work. Take it all in and enjoy them and the healing process and thank the lord and pray that helps a lot. Take care and hope these comments are helpful oh yah do not let the shower water hit them and have hubby help you with the massages that's probably the most painful or it feels good let him have some joy as well because it will be a while before he will be able to really grab them until you feel no pain at all. I did not do any posting but I will soon as soon as I get some picks down and show my before imaging to what I thought I would look like but best of all I love wear a sleeveless top that now doesn't fall because I have nice boobs now. forgive typos and run off sentences........... thanks for all your feed back girls cause we all need support......... after all this is surgery and no fooling it does hurt and some say it worse than child birth.
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Thanks! I may have to invest in nipple pads if I cant wear a bra for that long!! I am doing what dr says... just wish healing was faster.
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I got those nipple pads from Amazon but I have not wanted to stick um on. Face it that if you are off of work for 2 weeks you can just wear prescribed bra that you wore out of surgery with the ace bandage around your back and chest. I unwrapped cuz it was tight but kept it on and it hurt less but sounds like you are further long. I got a lace type stretchy bra from Amazon it covers but you feel like you are wearing something to cover nipples and then a loose cotton knit shirt and wear a little vest or short sleeve like shell shirt and it ties in the front to cover them if they still poke thru. They are going to be that way for a while...mine are still real sensitive but I am glad I still have feeling some woman loose that. Healing is faster if you get the proper rest and food. And lay on your back and not sides it still bothers me sometimes to lay on my side and squeeze them for you want a cleavage not closer than a credit card my doc stay to avoid uni boob especially if they are large I think mine are larger for my frame but you want to feel like it matches you. I think what bothered me in recovery was that my arm kept hitting them but not any more but in the early stage that was something that hurt so ... listen to you body and do what's best until about 3...4... month and you will begin to feel ready for the beach sun..... depending on where you live I live in Hawaii,,,,, by the way is not good for them in the first month at least to expose them to sun. Take care tis0626
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