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Boobs for now- Springfield, MO

Hello everyone, first off I would like to say how...

Hello everyone, first off I would like to say how much I enjoy reading everyone’s blog and how much it has helped me. I am a single mother to 3 wonderful children 11, 7, 4 all delivered by-c section. I could blame my unfortunate body on carrying babies, breast feeding and c-sections but that would be a lie. The truth is I was built like a brick **** house and gaining weight as a child did not help that. I have thunder thighs, a gut even before babies and saggy, lifeless boobs. I have never been able to wear a bikini or skirt or dress comfortably.

As a child I had very low self esteem and no confidence, as I got older I started losing weight and gaining self esteem and confidence and by the time I was 21 I was at my lowest weight 149lbs and even though I am not quite 5’4” it is a good weight for me. At the same time I found out I was pregnant, go figure. I gained around 40 lbs with each pregnancy and fortunately had no problem losing all but about 5 lbs in very little time, which I still feel comfortable with. However, I also smoked for 17 years; I quit smoking Nov. 2008 cold turkey and gained nearly 50lbs, in 9months, which hasn’t been so easy to lose.

I have worked my butt of and I have lost 53 lbs since May of 2010, which is more than I gained. I want to lose 10-15 more lbs be I have surgery. I have my first consult on Tuesday Sept. 4th. I am going now for just lipo on arms, inner thigh, outer thigh, abs, flanks, just below the butt and breast augmentation.

My consultation went very well today. The doctor...

My consultation went very well today. The doctor was very pleasant and even though it was at the end of the day like 4:30 he was not in a hurry. He explained everything thoroughly, answered my questions even though I asked the same ones more than once because I wasn't completely clear the first time(all me not him). The ladies in his office are very sweet and knowledgeable. I was all around a good experience. I would like to say yes this is then one but i cant because he is soooooo high the fees are $14890 for breast aug/lift and tummy tuck w/ muscle repair and lipo of waist and flanks (he says that he can do just lipo on my stomach but i wont get the results i am looking for.) So i will just have to see what the next one says hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

I have scheduled a second consult on Sept 12th

I have scheduled a second consult on Sept 12th

I went to my second consult today. I have found...

I went to my second consult today. I have found the doctor I will be using for my procedures. I will be having breast aug no lift ( first doc said he would not do it with out a lift) I did not think i needed one. TT with muscle repair and lipo of love handles, inner and outer thighs. All this and more than $600 cheaper. I also believe he will do very good work. I have not scheduled yet because i wont be able to do this until end of Jan early February.

I have scheduled a date (Feb 21st) to have my just...

I have scheduled a date (Feb 21st) to have my just my boobs done for now. Because of my divorce i have very little time to take off of work and don't have the money to do it all right now. I am Super Excited to do this, the time seems to have slowed down since i scheduled lol...its taking Forever. When i had my consult i told the Doc hat i Wanted to be a full D and he said 350-400....but after looking and comparing i Am positive that will be to
small....i want to go 500-550. I cant remember The profile however i know its not high profile. They will also be mentor silicone gel. I ill post photos later.
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I hope it does fly by. He says i will be able to go home the same day.
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I'm glad you found a PS you like so well! Does he require a hospital stay or give you that option for what you're having done? I'm excited for you, the months will fly by and your time will be here before you know it!
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The first doc gave me the option to stay overnight at no additional charge. I just read you review your surgery is very soon how awesome. May i ask how much your paying? I hope to get my surgery no later than the first of the year. i really was not expecting to this to be as high as it is and not for everything i want to do. I hope my next consult is less. The next place i am going to was referred to me by two co workers who had BA there. I would also like to know the Dr you would not recommend. I think you can message me privately if you'd like. I am looking forward to following your journey.
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Dr Prada is almost a 4 hr drive for me, but I am fortunate I can make it work out. I have to say I am dreading that first drive home after surgery though. He does keep you overnight the first night in a hospital for just $400. So, I will be on day 2 really by then.
I hope you find a PS you really like and can give you the results you're looking for after all that hard work with weightless you've gone through!
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Dr.Prada was once on my list but i live more than two hours away and I just don't think its feasible being that far away with the time i wold have to take off of work to get to check ups and all.
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I'm not sure who you saw, but I live in Missouri also. I'm going to Dr Prada in St Louis. I am very impressed with him. My other consult, I would not recommend. Dr Prada's work is beautiful. Good luck and keep us updated :)
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Congratulations on your weight loss! I know 3 kids are a lot to keep up with and keeping that weight off makes it so much easier to do!
Have you chosen a PS yet?
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Thank you twinsmomma. I have not chosen a PS as of yet. i did have a consult today and it went very well i like the Doctor, however he is extremely high or at least i think so. I will be going for a sec consult as soon as i can just to compare prices.
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Congratulations on your weight loss and quitting smoking. You have some serious resolve! I'm looking forward to following along on your journey. If you haven't already, check out JenBob's post about what she wishes she knew before a mommy makeover. Good stuff. I hope your consultation tomorrow goes well!

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