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I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip...

I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip pretty much all my life. I used to be able to bleach it using Sally Hansen's products, but the hair eventually grew so thick and long that it was still highly visible even after bleaching. I ended up going to an electrolysis; she charges $35/15 minutes or $50 for half an hour. I've gone every one or two weeks for nearly a year now. The hair is only 75% gone, but much less visible. It can be a long and frustrating process. She uses a rather old-school machine (the flash type of electrolysis) rather than the blend method. I did go to another electrologist once, but she burned me badly and caused hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on my skin. I've already spent so much money on this, but I guess I'll be going to my biweekly appointments until the hair's gone.

*To add to my annoyance, a patch of chin hair showed up about a year ago. I swear, this never ends! I'm not even going to touch that until I get the hair on my upper lip completely removed.

As someone who has the same issues as Mainer84, I have discovered that, while painfully slow, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal out there. at least something can be done!

Awe, sorry to hear what a frustrating experience this has been for you. I'm assuming you don't like getting the hair waxed off & were looking for a more permanent solution, is that correct?

Also, have you considered trying laser hair removal? I'm doing that on my under arms right now...we'll see if it works. Hair in the "wrong" places is the worst, isn't it?!


While laser is beneficial, the FDA only recognizes it as permanent hair *reduction*, not removal.

Are you tweezing while getting the electrolysis done? I've been considering electrolysis for an area of particularly coarse hair on my chin... do hairs occasionally come back or cause ingrowns?


I just wanted to update this post -- it's been...

I just wanted to update this post -- it's been about 2 years since my first appointment, and I'm now 90% hair-free on my upper-lip. I've been vigilantly going to my 2x a month appointments the last two years, so god knows how much I've spent on this. Unfortunately, I do believe that this is the only permanent solution, so it's worth the money.
I too, have PCOS. I've gone through $1,000s of dollars and years (yes, 3 years since there was a two year "guarantee" if no results after your paid for sessions) of laser hair removal that did practically nothing for my face. This was before I knew of my diagnosis and of the fails of laser (2006). I'm riddled with black hairs on my chin, neck, and upper lip. I feel it is definitely worse now. I have been plucking (I never knew you shouldn't!) , and/or shaving every day of my life. I do know I haven't gotten my PCOS under control either. It's a horrible thing to have to go through. I am so happy to hear your results though! I am just finding out that electrolysis is the only way to go. I was looking for someone with my hormonal issues that this is working for. I'm so glad you shared your story. Thank you. I am beginning my search. Any other advise you'd give?
My Electrolysist told me that hairs that appear on your top lip/chin/neck/chest should NEVER be plucked or waxed. This is because they are caused by hormonal imbalances and actually have extra roots which can only be removed by electrolysis. Mine zapped a hair and pulled it out and showed me these strange white roots hanging off it, quite eerie looking!. Normal plucking or waxing will just leave this extra root in your skin and it grows bigger and stronger. Electrolysis is a painful and long process, but I'm not the bearded lady anymore so it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. (If only I'd done it sooner, sigh..) To achieve a good outcome : - Find a properly trained Electrolysist, mine has certification from a school in London. - The sooner you see an Electrolysist after a hair/hairs pop up on your lip/chin/neck/chest, the fewer treatments you will need to eliminate those hairs. Think of it this way, everytime you pluck the hair, it needs 2-3 more treatments to remove it. - Before your first treatment, buy a numbing gel and dry antiseptic powder. - 15 minutes before treatment, take a painkiller and apply a topical numbing gel 15 mins - After your first few treatments, you should avoid getting that area wet for 2 days to prevent getting red sores. Antiseptic should be used, but apply a powder antiseptic, not a liquied. - Apply a hair retardant gel after, although I only started doing this after about my 6th electrolysis treatment when my skin had become less susceptible to getting sore. Makes a BIG difference. - Cut or lightly shave the hair when they first appear or in between treatments, NEVER pull out hair. Good luck, I hope you end up as happy as me !
Hi, do u know what machine did she used? I did my pubic area( see my profile) it hurts so much! How it was painful for u?
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