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TT MR Lipo scheduled 5/30/12

I'm a 26yr old mother of 2, ages 10yrs (yes, I...

I'm a 26yr old mother of 2, ages 10yrs (yes, I had him very young) & 7mos. My hubby is very supportive and I'm so grateful for that. And although he's as supportive and wonderful as he is, I'm embarrassed being around him naked. I currently weigh 144 lbs but my ideal weight is120 - I'm a short one, measuring in at only 5 feet flat! I've always dreamed of getting the TT done ever since my 10 year old came into my world. My belly is wrinkly and saggy, I have muscle loss and lots of stretch marks. I consulted with 3 physicians and my last consult is April 17th. My gut is set on the doctor I'll be seeing on 4/17 (no pun intended, ha!) because of his credentials and extensive training & experience with TT's. Not to mention his outstanding reviews all over the net. Anyway, once I meet with him I'll be able to make my final decision - then I'll be booking the surgery date for the last week of May. I'd love to network with anyone out here that can offer advice and support throughout my scary, but amazing, journey! Here are some before pictures of me. I will keep updating this post as I move along.

I find myself thinking about this surgery every...

I find myself thinking about this surgery every day. In fact, the last few nights I've been actually having weird dreams about it. I can't wait to get this last consult out of the way so I can finally come to a sound decision and book the surgery. Here's to bikinis!

So, I'm curious. To any readers out here, what...

So, I'm curious. To any readers out here, what size were you in pants pre tummy tuck, then after TT?

Lost about 5 lbs within these last 2 weeks,...

Lost about 5 lbs within these last 2 weeks, I'm 139 now. Hoping to lose 14 more lbs before surgery. I'm currently a size 7-8 in jeans and my goal is to fit into a 3-4. I posted new before pics of me fully clothed. I'm telling ya, my clothes hide so much flab and skin, it's not even funny! Third consult is on April 17th and then I'll make my final decision on Dr. and book the surgery for the last week in May. Can't wait!

I consulted with the third PS today and ended up...

I consulted with the third PS today and ended up making my decision. He took his time with me, showed me exactly where the incision will be placed, discussed my concerns (want BB to look as natural as possible, and scar placed as low as possible). When I removed my gown so he could take a look, he asked if I was athletic or did any gymnastics because my legs were very defined - I thought "SCORE"!!! At least something stayed in tact after my babies ;-) My hubbs wasn't able to leave work to be present during today's consult, and he felt bad because he knew how important it was for me, but hey I'm a big girl and regardless, as soon as the PS left the room I felt confident that I was making the right decision. Not only that but one of the ladies that works at the office had a TT done with him and she was nice enough to provide an in-person reference and also show me her results. He places drains and requires an overnight stay. His practice is huge, looks like a mini mansion, and they have the same licensing standards as hospitals so my overnight stay will be right there in his facility. Pre op appt is set for 5/14 and surgery is scheduled 5/30. Hubbs will be present for both. I'm so excited I can barely wait! Oh yea, and the garment I will be wearing will support my legs?? Apparently for better circulation and reduction of possible blood clots.. is this standard?

Oh yea, forgot to mention, not that anyone really...

Oh yea, forgot to mention, not that anyone really cares but me haha, but I weighed myself this morning and I'm 2 lbs lighter than last week. Down to 137 and my goal is to lose another 12 lbs before surgery.

Oh... also, I'm now 27 yrs old - bday was 4/11...

Oh... also, I'm now 27 yrs old - bday was 4/11. Had a great bday week.

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You must be excited about your upcoming surgery. My preop appt is 5/15 and my surgery is set for 6/1 and I can't wait! I am so ready. I have no fears although I am trying to lose more weight hoping my upper abdomen will go down more. I'm just ready to get this done!
Hi CarJen! This is Miah27.. I created a new profile with a new review - I'll no longer be updating this one - I added my PS's info to this new profile and more recent pics. Let me know when you add your review if you'd like so we can follow each other's progress. Cheers!
Thank you Golden Girl. Looking forward to seeing your progress and results.
Congrats on your decision. Time will fly,
The last week of May will be here before you know it!! I scheduled mine in January for April and I get it done this Friday. It seems like it went by so fast. My stomach looks like I got attacked by freddy krueger LOL

Good luck on your next consult!!!
Lol aww.. I bet you are so anxious for Friday! I wish you the best of luck with your procedure and a speedy recovery. Let's keep tabs!
See at least 3! I picked the 3rd one and I am so happy I did! He is awesome, plus his surgical center in connected to the hospital, so that made me feel better! When you go there takes notes on everything, girls at the front desk, the nurses, etc. I am not familiar with that Dr. But you know when he/she is the right one.
Yes, he would be my 3rd. And thanks!!! :)
Don't worry about your upper abdomen. They pull your tummy so tight, it's unreal!!! Who is your PS in Orlando??? I am a nurse and knew a few where I worked.
My last consult is scheduled 4/17 and it's with Dr. Armando Soto. I had my mind set on him already after his reviews, background and experience, but my final decision will be made once I have a chance to meet with him.
Thanks for the info, Jodiinsocal! About the weight, I'm not so much concerned about my size on my lower abdomen, it's more because of my upper abdomen. I just feel like if I lost 10 lbs I'd be a tad bit smaller up there and it would all come together evenly. I just worry about my upper abdomen protruding lol.. My PS will perform lipo regardless but I'll definitely bring up this concern when I see him in April.
Hi Mom of 3! I just had my TT with vagioplasty on Mar 26th. I am also a mom of 3, having my son when I was 16, but my stomach was still nice and flat after him, it was my 6 yr old that did it!! LOL! We moved from Orlando in to California in July and PS is much more open to talk about here. Just make sure you have someone to help you!! Seriously, I thought I would be ok, but I needed help for 2 days after. Don't worry about losing weight! I weighed 170 (I'm 5'7) 30 mins prior to surgery and I'm currently 163. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! There is just too much to write!! Good luck to you!!
I may have posted my reply to you the wrong way the first time.. I posted it as another comment below yours on my profile.. whoops - I'm a newbie. Anyway, thanks again for sharing! Do you have any before and after pics? How are you recovering so far?
Thank you jodiinsocal, I do appreciate all the info. I really would like the time to fly so I can get this over and start healing and moving on with the new me.... I am thinking about this all the time.. Makine me crazy
Hello LovelyLis
We have a very similar situation, I was also 16 when I had my oldest daughter (she is now 25).. I have 3 wonderful children and my stomach looks close to yours. I go in May 4th for my TT, I am excited and scared all in one. I would love to chat with you along the way, just to keep each other from going crazy. After mine is done you can see my results and pick my brain.
Hi mom of 3,
That's great! I bet you think about it every day. I know I do and I haven't even booked the actual date yet.. I do know it will be the last week of May though. And yes, let's definitely chat and keep tabs on our progress. There's no better support and understanding than women going through the exact same procedure. Our stomachs do look pretty similar so I'm anxious to see your results. I'm trying to lose another 10 lbs at least before surgery.