Sceduled for March 10 - Orlando, FL

I have had 5 different abdominal surgeries...

I have had 5 different abdominal surgeries including two c sections. I am tired of everyone even my mother sayin I look just fine, its just my stomach. I am tired of trying to work it off, cuz its not going anywhere.

I called to make an appotment for the procedure today and the only day available is in two weeks. So I took it, and I put down my deposit. Now I am scared to death. I have wanted it for so long that now I feel overwhelmed. I am actually thinking of how many people could eat off the money I am spending on making myself look better. I am glad I only have less than two weeks to do this because i see I will drive myself crazy!

Hi March ladies, Woke up this morning with what...

Hi March ladies,
Woke up this morning with what I think is a gum infection. Im waiting for the MD office to open to find out if I can take antibiotics. Does anyone know if I can take antibiotics? I am a nervous wreck!
I think they put you on them anyway so it might just work out fine.
You are only 4 days ahead of me :) I'm the 14th.
Hope it works out ok for you with the med.
Thanks, I went to my regular dctor today and got my clearance! So thrilled. The gum infection will be cleared up with a mouthwash. Im just happy I don't have to take anything. Now that I have the appt scheduled, I just want it to be over!
Good news on the green light! I hear ya, I just want it done now!

Since I posed at the MD office, I thought I would...

Since I posed at the MD office, I thought I would give you girls the same treat of my befores! lol
YaY!!! Your surgery is tomorrow already :-) You must be so excited!
Hey! So you joined the bare your tummy club! Cool, I think you are going to feel like a brand new woman! It will be fun to be able to track your progress :-)
Me and you will go in together! I'm going on the 10th also :)We're gonna be hot mamas again soon!

March 11, I cant believe it is over and I made it....

March 11, I cant believe it is over and I made it. My fear of not coming home to my family was great and now I see totally unfounded. The anesthician told me five second of discomfort and then I would fall asleep. Next thing I am in my car going home. My hubby has been great and I slept reclined in my bed last night. I got up every two hours or so to pee and my vajjay is a little swollen( don't know why). Today is not so bad. I am eating light. I get a little naseaous but I am not throwing up so thats good. I walked around the house abit, but that just made me tired. I find that i will be watching tv and pass out for like ten to twenty minutes without even trying. Over all I dont think its a bad experience so far.
I'm so happy your doing well ! Take it easy and post postop pics when you feel up to it :-)
Hope you are healing without too much pain.

Day 3 still no bm. So tired of trying.

Day 3 still no bm. So tired of trying.

Day 6. I am moving around so much better. I hope...

Day 6. I am moving around so much better. I hope to have the drains emoved tomorrow. I posted some pics of my drains, I hate them. Also, even though I got to # 2 on Sunday, I still have not gone for seconds. Has this happened to anyone else? I cannot wait to see my tummy tomorrow!I also posted pics of my flatter profile! I know it will only get better in time.
Looking good! Sounds like each day does really get better.

From all the pics I've seen, it seems like I would prefer the drains to be just above the pubic area instead of on the hips. Not sure why.
Yes it is definetly better with the drains above the hip. Whenever I accidentally pulled one, it hurt like hell, I cannot imaginge having to come in contact with it if it was above my pubic area. My girlfriend had it in the crease and she was in pain. Thanks, I do see it getting better everyday.

Ok, so I got one of the drains out! whoooohoooooo!...

Ok, so I got one of the drains out! whoooohoooooo! Now that was a feeling that I have not yet been able to describe. Feeling that thing coming out of your insides is kinda......weird! Oh well I feel great and will get the next one out next week!
I am soo happy I went online and read this. This has really helped me i had a tt on 3/12 and I don't like the healing process. I was told to wear the girdle under garment around the clock and when I take it off to wash my stomach is so tight I feel like my insides r going to fall out. I sure hope it gets better
What happened to my after pics???? I posted tham and now I don't see them anymore!

First off I cannot find my post op pics that i...

First off I cannot find my post op pics that i posted before on here. Second, although I am feeling good, I am concerned about the end of my scar. I looks like I have a piece of skin hanging out and the holes where my drain is looks particularly ugly. I posted pics. Does this go away? I have post op appt on Wed but I am driving myself crazy looking at them!
Hello, My Doc and others as well said they are called dog ears. They should go away with time and healing. Mine are slowly smoothing out. Everyone heals differently. I do know that if those white sutures stays on too long the scar will start to stink and slow the healing process down because if you are taking shower and it is getting wet the scar is staying moist and it will not heal properly. It needs air. My drains were insert in the front at the top of my vajjay and was removed about 8 days later. Good luck on your recovery you look good. It all takes time be patient this is just the beginning. God bless
Thanks for answering my post. I go back to the PS today. I cannot wait to have this drain out, it is so uncomfortable. i hope those things do go away. I will let u know what my pS says!

I was feeling a little good today, so I decided to...

I was feeling a little good today, so I decided to do laundry and cook dinner.....wrong move! Now I am swollen like a manatee. I looked at the calendar and was truly surprsed to see that it has only been 18 days aince my surgery. tomorrow I will rlax and not do anything.My scar feels so tight and I also made the mistake of stepping on the scale. Another bad move. :-)
Hey Ms. getting rid of it
I stopped on your page to check out your photos. Are you able to post some recent pixs.
Your tummy looks flat even being swollen.
Those drains were a pain in the neck. I had two of them. Mine were inserted thru the top of my vagina. They were taken out 5 days later.
I don't know why I didn't see you on here before.
Let's keep each posted on our recovery...since our surgeries were a day apart.

Today I am three days shy of being at the one...

Today I am three days shy of being at the one month point since my tt. I am feeling good after my scare of the scar separation. I am going to see my PS tomorrow and hope he will tell me its ok to start walking at least. My body is craving exercise. I posted new pics of my progress so far. My opening seem to be doing well.
Congrats on having your surgery! If only I could have managed to get cared for sooner, I'd be going under sooner than 4/27 LOL. Can't wait to see some more photos of the new you.
Your pics look really good. One of my openings looks to be healing good. I am still treating the major one. Yesterday I had company and my friends little boy gets into everything. He opened the pool enclosure and without thinking I picked hime up and put him out of the enclosure, should not have done that. He is two and weighs way more than a gallon of milk. So today I will be chilling out and hoping not to let anything else happen.
Your scar is healing nicely.
OMG I did the same thing with my daughter. She is two yrs old. She just came home tonight I have not seen her in a month! I lifted her up to put her in her crib...had a pulling pain in my navel area. It stopped hurting 10 mins later. We have to remember no heavy lifting!
The right side of you really does look great!

Hello all. So today I went to see my PS. He...

Hello all. So today I went to see my PS. He removed the stiches areoung my navel and from my side where they were really bothering me. I told him I felt a little mishappen and he said it was swelling and for me not to worry. Problem is, I do look misshappen, it was my first time in the waist nipper but still, I am going to post a pic and you guys tell me what you think!
WOW!! You look GREAT!!! CONGRATS!!
Thank you lady, how are you feeling?
Thank you!

Seven weeks and three days I feel fabulous! I...

Seven weeks and three days
I feel fabulous! I love my new body. I am thinking of getting my boobs done next year, but for right now, I am chilling at the pool with my family in a two piece and life is GOOOOOD!

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