July 29th - Orlando, FL

I have wanted to be rid of my flabby tummy for 18...

I have wanted to be rid of my flabby tummy for 18 years now and I am finally doing it!! Yay!!!! Still can't believe it and at times think I should cancel but would obsessing over it for another 18. I am 5'1 and gained a lot (gestational diabetes didn't help either) nor having a baby that was almost 9 lbs. Oh well, here I am... been working out 3-4 times a week for over a year and even trained and completed my first half marathon in December. And yup, you guessed it the flabby tummy is still there. Even wearing between a 2 -4 in clothing its still there.

Worried more about the swelling and totally grossing out my boyfriend who is not as excited about the procedure as I am. My girlfriends are awesome. The ones that I have told anyways. Will tell my son beforehand as I will need his help no doubt too.

Love love love this site. Must confess that when I read some women still dealing with the swelling months out I get a little nervous but with less than 60 days to go now, no turning back!

I went for a follow up today at a little over 4...

I went for a follow up today at a little over 4 weeks now. I got my bb stitches out, no pain at all, and was told I didn't have to wear my binder anymore. I could not be more excited leaving the office today. Yes, I am back to moving a little slower but to be rid of that awful binder is just heaven. I wanted to ask if I could sit and work with light weights but figured the no binder thing is totally worth waiting 2 more weeks before I start working out. It's so funny as some days I feel like this has been a long process and then looking back it might be long but soooo worth it. Who would have thought I'd be so excited to get back to working out but wow, I am obsessed about it. What's 2 weeks, right? Lol
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Everything about Dr Soto and his staff have been amazing. If you have the opportunity to go to Dr Soto, do it you will not be disappointed.

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1pm at Starbucks, corner of Sand lake and Dr. Phillips after you turn right onto Dr. Philips its the shopping center on your left.
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Sure thing! 1pm works for me. Let me remind hubby he's on babysitting duty! Panera Bread right … on corner of Sand Lake and Dr. Phillips?
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Ali & 419,
Ladies, I received the gift card in the mail today. I am super excited for next Sunday. How about we do 1:00pm. Does that work well?
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Enjoy ladies!

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Hey 419, Ali and I have been trying to set a coffee date. We figrued a Sunday afternoon works best for us and picked the 25th of September. Does this work for you? We aren't sure where you are located, but we thought Dr. Pilips area where Dr. Soto is located might just be best. Let us know. Thanks
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I'm in Oviedo so that works for me. I just don't know the area well at all. Tell me where and what time and I'll be there. Chris
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Sounds like you are doing pretty good so far. Yes the first day is the worst! It was pretty rough for me too. Wondering if I did the right thing over and over but I know it was the pain because now...so glad I did :) Hang in there, with each day it gets better!
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419, I bet Dr. S made you beautiful!!! So sorry the pain meeds didn't work for you … somehow they didn't make me sick just sleepy!! The swelling does improve, but slowly. The walking bent over in the beginning gets old, but you'll do fine. On my site I listed all kind of things I was feeling each day in the beginning. I was bored too and read everyone's profile on this site about 2x!! I tried to read actual books, but kept falling asleep b/c of the pain meds! Maybe you'd have better luck there! Glad your boyfriend is turning out to be a good nurse … you need one the first week or so!!! Take it easy and good luck on the recovery road. Keep us posted on your progress!
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I guess I'm day 4 now, counting the day of seeing I went first thing. Friday was not pleasant by any means. I would have cried wishing it gone if I could. This was only because of the nausea that I had. Tried eating yogurt, crackers and even some protein shake before meds but nothing helped. I stopped taking the pains on Saturday and switched to Tylenol . Best thing I ever did. Have felt great ever since. Been able to get up and done by myself using legs and arms. Thank God for those early morning trips to the gym. Haha. Had my 1st BM today and honestly that was more painful than anything else so far. Let's hope that feeling never returns. I was concerned as my boyfriend was not super excited about me doing this. To say he has been great is not even close. He HAS BEEN AMAZING! My son keeps his distance as he is grossed out what is happening with the drains and all. He does call or comes and checks on me tho. Can't expect too much from an 18 boy. Lol swelling and bruising have not been bad at all. Keeping up with the water which keeps me getting up to pee. Lol thats my big excitement for today. Sure hope everyone else is recovering well too. Anyone in Orlando looking for a dr. Cannot say enough awesome things about dr soto and his staff. B-friend says the incision is already low based on where the tape is. Didn't look at the belly button yesterday when I showered but thats on the agenda for tonight. Big night ! :)
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Congrats on your recovery so far. I am sorry about your nausea, but I noticed when I went to a non-narcotic it helped so much. Each day it will get better. I am 7 weeks now, and can feel how out of shape I am from not working out for 6 weeks. I'm in Va. Beach visiting my parents. Its been my second day of swimming and I can feel the stretch of my muscles as I swim from one end to the other. It feels good, but a sign of how out of shape I am. Keep taking it easy and take care of ourself. You will feel great, but as Dr. Soto would, your muscles aren't ready, they are still healing. LOL Take Care
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Tomorrow is your big day! I am so excited for you. You will do fine. Remember to take your meds when you should and don't fret. You might feel a bit of regret the first few hours. It will subside by the next morning! You'll be loving your new figure in no time. Remember to eat until the last minute tonight and drink a ton of water before you go to bed!
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Way to go!!  Please do not let the swelling scare you.  It is just part of the healing process and will end. 

Focus on the prize and stay positive.  Soon you will have that beautiful new tummy and will be smiling from ear to ear in a bikini:)

You are another little tiny tot like me..5-1.  We are "Fun Size"...LOL

Your boyfriend will be fine in the end.  When these men get a look at the flat and tiny tummies they go wild :)

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Yes, this site has been unbelievable. Well, I am one of those that still will wear a bikini just always try to be laying down the entire time. I cannot cannot wait until I can stand in front of a mirror and like what I see. Way way too many hours spent in the gym to have such a nasty belly. Thank you for all the support
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Hey 419, so glad you wrote up your review. That is awesome that you completed a half marathon. I still want to do it, but haven't trained very hard in the running department. I rather have a bit of puffiness, than the slab of wrinkled skin (too much info) sorry. I can't wait to be rid of this tired belly and droopy boobies. Its a good thing that I am getting this done. Because, had I known how much my boobies would shrink during the weight-loss, I don't think I would have tried to lose the weight. But actually I feel healthier and better for doing it.
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I have been saying I was going to get a tt done forever. My boyfriend and I have been together now for over 7 years, he would say, if you stay with working out for 6 months, I'll go with you and discuss having one. Well, I figured what better way to get in shape than running. Well I have been at it for over a year now. The running has slowed down right now due my schedule but still go to the gym at least 3x a week. And the belly is still here. Well until the 29th of next month. Yay! I decided that I want to lose 5 lbs before the 29th so I am hitting the running and weights hard until then. If you ever want to train for a half, I'd do it with you. Never a full but half yes. :)
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My plan is to train for a half and try my hand at that. I have a co-worker that runs 5k and half marathons almost every weekend. He doesn't have young children. I find it difficult to get a lot of training in with working, young children, etc..
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I hear ya and I don't have small children. LOL I found that once I get into a routine I miss it. It hard for me to run on the treadmill now and I work out in the mornings before work. So I can't run outside at that time but have stayed with going to the gym and I run when I can.

I will be thinking of you. Can't wait to hear about your adventure. Good luck!
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