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I have recently looked into having a mommy...

I have recently looked into having a mommy makeover on myself. I have two boys and have tried to lose weight, get back into shape, etc... but I still have the saggy skin, stretch marks and floppy breast.

I am 30 yrs old, 5'10, usually weigh around 170lbs but trying to get to 160lbs. My weight prior to children was 155lbs. I gained about 60 lbs with my first born and 50lbs with my second born. After my first born, I was able to lose the weight and get back into my clothes within a year of his birth (literally- his 1st birthday). However, my second son I still have about 10lbs to get back to pre-preg. weight and their is the issue of stretch marks, sagginess, love handles, etc.. all that won't go away.

I have 4 consultations with highly rated plastic surgeons in a few weeks, and plan to actually have my surgery next summer (June 2011). I am researching everything from breast lifts/ augmentation, tummy tucks, etc...

I am also working out at the gym to get my muscles in shape for the recovery.

I am looking for advice regarding Drs, Questions, Procedures, Pre-Op To Do, Post-OP To Do, expectations, etc...

I hope to update as I progress to my date.

Since I have joined, I have been...

Since I have joined, I have been thinking more and more about my upcoming consultations in the next 3 weeks. Looking at the success stories is truly inspiring. I just pray it will be for me as well. One thing my husband asked me- was if I would be excited about shopping for clothes. Since I hate how certain tight shirts/blouses look on me (stomach and sides). Thinking about it is so exciting yet, nerve wrecking too. I can't wait for the next three weeks to pass for my consult. We decided to cancel one consult. The Dr. we are canceling is primarily a breast doctor and only does mini-tummy tucks (which I am not a candidate for). I'd like to find a 4th Dr. to replace that consult. However, it is so hard to pick a Dr. with a good reputation. I don't know anyone who has had PS. I wish there was an easier way to pick a DR.

I have a dilemma and I am not sure if it is worth...

I have a dilemma and I am not sure if it is worth the worry. My husband and I had decided no more kids. He got snipped because it was cheaper and less evasive for him. My dilemma is what if the vas tubes reconnect and I get pregnant. I know it stupid-but I am not fixed so I can still get pregnant. That is something we don't want- we are happy with our two boys. I hate to put so much time and money into a surgery and have that happen. Has anyone else thought of this? Anyone else who isn't fixed but has had a tummy tuck?

So yesterday and today were my consult days. I met...

So yesterday and today were my consult days. I met with three PS yesterday and today was supposed to meet with the "one" that I was truly excited about meeting. I meet with the first, really enjoyed him, felt comfortable and confident in his recommendations. He recommended an extended tummy tuck, a breast lift with lollipop incision, and 325cc low profile implants under the muscle. I actually tried on a sports bra and the implants to see what I would look like.

The second PS within the first few minutes was wrong. I knew immediately that he was not the one and his recommendations were completely off. He recommended a mini tummy tuck, and breast lift with lollipop incision, and then waiting to get implants later. The entire examination was completely awkward.

My third consult was as nice as the first, he recommended a full tummy tuck, a breast lift with lollipop incision, and 275cc high profile implants under the muscle.

Both my husband and I were confused by the contradicting recommendations on the implant size and style. The first PS explained why low profile vs. the high profile would be better. I told both of the PS (first and third) that I wanted to be round, full, but not porn “style” The third PS I don’t think listened to my wants. After thinking about both PS (first and third appt), I felt that the first PS would give me what I truly desired and I felt confident that he would give me the right look, without having lumpiness, or other issues.

Another confusing factor was the major price difference. Our first PS quoted us $22,000. The second quoted $14,000. And the third quoted $16,000. It’s amazing the difference in price. My consult for today was canceled for an emergency (on the Doctor’s part). I was very disappointed in the cancelation. I have rescheduled for next Tuesday, but have to take some time off for work for the consult. I am frustrated about having to reschedule (third time this PS has rescheduled my consult). However, this is one of the PS that I have been interested in seeing. I want to hear what he has to say and what he recommends. I have seen so many positive comments about this PS and the before and after pictures are amazing.

So needless to say no decision to be made yet.

Picked my PS out of 4 consults and decided to go...

Picked my PS out of 4 consults and decided to go with Dr. Soto. I scheduled my Pre-Op for may 24th as well as my Surgery for June 13th and my Post-Op for June 17th.

I still have 6 months until my surgery. however,...

I still have 6 months until my surgery. however, my husband and I are planners. I wanted to know the ins and outs of the mommy makeover and have plenty of time to determine my PS. While I wait out these next few months I am lifting weights at the gym, watching what I eat and making healthy decisions for me. I want to work for this makeover and I am determined to keep it looking good. I Don't want all that money to go to waste.

Still working on losing weight. I've lost 10...

Still working on losing weight. I've lost 10 pounds. Eating better and healthier foods. I honestly feel better now that I have eliminated junk foods. Working out with weights and doing zumba twice a week. Looking forward to my second appt with my PS. Feel like time is ticking slowly by.

So the other day I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not...

So the other day I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not surprised, I've always had very heavy periods. However, lately my periods (still heavy) have been very irregular. Also I have had horrible adult acne. The crazy thing is that if you watch your diet and exercise your hormones could re-balance. I have been doing that, watching my diet and exercising. I’ve improved my Triglycerides over 105 points, my bad cholesterol has improved several points too (wasn’t high to begin with). Since the weight loss has been difficult and my skin horrendous, I am contemplating taking BC again to help regulate the hormones. The side affects of PCOS are very unfeminine anyways. I rather not grow facial hair, nipple hair, belly and back hair, male pattern baldness... all that sounds horrible. None of this should have any affect on my upcoming mommy makeover, the only positive outcome, is the birth control is extra protection from getting pregnant.

SO the last 6 months did fly by, faster than...

SO the last 6 months did fly by, faster than expected. I went for my pre-op appt today. MY hubby was with me so he could listen and learn all he has to do to help me. I filled out all the paper work. I am so ready for this and I can't wait. Dr. S. and I talked about my "breast" desires. I was still unsure until I realized that I honestly want to look similar to Scarlett Johansson. He agree that on my body frame, it would look natural and I agree. I am not sure how I am going to focus for the next 13 days. I also took my pre-op pics in office. I think I held a bit of it in :( it is hard to relax and let it all out. I've been holding that fat in for too long.

5 days post-op, feeling great. Just tender in some...

5 days post-op, feeling great. Just tender in some areas. I'm itching quite a bit under the garments. ready for my right drain to come out in a few days.

I am on Tylenol only now and just uncomfortable....

I am on Tylenol only now and just uncomfortable. Getting harder to sleep. I pray these drains come out so I can get into bed and sleep! A week in the recliner has done me in.
Last night during our evening binder check (put antibiotic ointment on blisters, etc..) We noticed a few stretch marks remain below my new belly button. A little disappointed. figured they would be so low that a bikini would hide them. :(

8-Days Post-op. Had my first Post-Op appt today....

8-Days Post-op.
Had my first Post-Op appt today. I met with Cassie (Dr.Soto's Nurse). She said I look great, but very swollen.
She took out my right drain only. Oh goodness that felt weird. Its one of those things you can describe except weird and yes it felt like a snake squirming around in my belly, running over my ribs!
Basically my blisters are from the tubs and compression binder. I just hope no more form. The office was soooo cold, I was shaking, she had to get me a warm blanket. She showed my husband and I how to do breast massages. WEIRD and a bit painful, but I don't want to ruin my new breast.
Also got to see my belly button for the first time. It looks pretty, actually I am lying, it has stiches. But I think it has the potential to be pretty.
I thought that my husband was putting on my binder tight, obvisouly it wasn't tight enough. Man, Cassie wrapped that binder so tight, I feel like barbie! The tighter is is the more the fluid will drain and I can get my left drain out a week from today. Oh I can't wait.

Day 12 Post-op I know that I am going to have...

Day 12 Post-op I know that I am going to have numbness. I definitely can't feel the section below my belly button, and I can't feel my right nipple and the area surrounding the right nipple. My left breast is fine (thank god). I just hope that sensation will come back to my right breast. I am happy to have great looking breast, but no sensation will suck.

2 Week Post Op pictures

2 Week Post Op pictures

24 Days Post-OP I am going into Dr. Soto's...

24 Days Post-OP
I am going into Dr. Soto's office today for a quick check up. Last night when I was changing my incision tapes, my right breast was very red from where the tape was applied. I also had bleeding from my skin, not the incision. My left drain is not healing, or closing. There is yellow pus oozing from it and its swollen and red :(. Hoping they can figure it out.

4 Weeks Post-Op Pictures and upclose of incisions....

4 Weeks Post-Op Pictures and upclose of incisions. I sewed my binder another inch (maybe inch and half) closed again. It was getting too lose and felt it wasn't helping my swelling. I hope that was OK, it seems that my swelling isn't improving. I am feeling very lazy with not working out and sitting on my butt all day!

Sorry the pictures are blurry. My husband...

Sorry the pictures are blurry. My husband didn't realize and didn't want to re-shoot them. :(

Posting a Breast pic- get a good look. I will be...

Posting a Breast pic- get a good look. I will be taking it down in a few days.

6 Weeks Post-Op. Went in for my 6 week check up....

6 Weeks Post-Op. Went in for my 6 week check up. Cassie removed my sutures from my belly button and one more from my breast that she had missed. I don't have to wear the binder anymore! YEA, Thank goodness. I can start working out, slowly, but I can! I have to use silicon (Kelo-cote) on my incisions to help them heal. I feel like a new woman. I am going back on Thursday for cool-sculpting on my back (bra-fat).

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I have heard excellent reviews about Dr. Soto and knew that I had to meet him. He didn't dissapoint me. He was very thorough in his explanations. I feel comfortable with him and felt that I would receive the best results with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your results were amazing! Congrats! I hope after all this time your still happy with everything.
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If you dont mind me asking, who were all the ps you saw before picking dr s? I am at that point trying to pick one out÷/ difficult!@
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Hi- I'm in the process of doing tummy tuck consults and had a similar experience as your self with conflicting procedure explanations and a BIG price disparities. May I ask who you had consults with? It would help a ton! Dr. Soto is one on my lists hat I met with. :) thanks!
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Sure, I'll see you at 1 at Starbucks. My email is {Edited by RealSelf to protect you from spambots. Please communicate using RealSelf's PM system.}

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I am so sorry to hear about your brother, Chris. Your family is in my prayers. Ali, We can go ahead and meet and then meet again later with Chris. I wanted to send you a message with my number so we could communicate better. I'll check tomorrow morning to see if you are still wanting to meet.
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Chris, yes I did hear about that senseless act of violence and I pray you & your family can find peace somehow. I have brothers also, who are very dear to my heart.

As for the coffee "date" ...321, do you want to still meet or reschedule when Chris feels up for it? We can also meet 2x …again when Chris feels up for it. Either way …
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1pm at Starbucks, corner of Sand lake and Dr. Phillips after you turn right onto Dr. Philips its the shopping center on your left.
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Hi ladies, I'm sorry to have to back out at the last minute. Not sure if you heard about the musician shot and killed 2 weeks ago in Winter Haven but that is my brother. I am just not ready to do meet. Please don't postpone or anything. The next few months will be crazy with things. I am super happy with my results. I was cleared at 6 weeks to work out and am back to it. Ab workouts are light still mostly because they are weak. And tight. Enjoy tomorrow and I'll be there in spirit. Chris
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OMG Chris I am so sorry! I know from dealing with the death of my mom that it just takes time...even more so under those circumstances! Just hang in there and lean on your family.
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Wow … GF from RealSelf … awesome!!

321, sorry to hear your BB isn't healing well. I'm sure you/Dr. Soto will get it fixed up. I promised to report …I did some ab exercises for the first time last night and I could feel the burn right away. I wasn't very strong, but I did have enough strength to participate in the workout. I am so impressed ...working abut 2x a day …that's GREAT. I can barley manage 1x.

421, I get that rubber band pull & pop feeling too and it scares me! I think that has been why I have been hesitant to stretch, but I am stretching now and hopefully that makes the tightness subside a bit!

I personally, am so sick of numbness, but I've done it to myself again w the CoolSculpting. I had my procedure almost a week ago, but I am still feeling weird on sides. Kind-of a pins & needles numbness?? It too is supposed to be temporary, so hopefully by next week the "handles" are moving toward slimmer with normal sensation!

Can't wait to meet you gals!
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Only 2 more weekends until we meet.

So I have a friend joining me at the gym now. Its nice to workout with someone else. I've been doing crunches on the floor, but last week I tried to do the actual machines at the gym. There is one where you lift your legs up to work lower abs. I literally felt like it was tugging on my stitches where my muscles are sewn together. I just need to keep working on it.
Ali, you should get the feeling back in a few more days. I don't believe it was numb for long. Sore, bruised (since mine was on my back). The numbness on the belly will take forever, but I don't care. I rather be numb on my belly than, have a Freddie Kruger mess!
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Hey ladies … I decided that I've gone this far, so I might as well try the Zeltiq coolsculpting on the love handles. I had my 1st treatment (I plan to do 2) on Thursday Sept. 1. I am numb there too now and did bruise a bit. So .. we'll see if this helps? 421, were you numb?

I am trying pilates tomorrow night which has a ton of tummy stuff, so I'll let you know if I can do it!. My tummy is still SO tight … I think I need to start stretching (pilates, yoga or dance) to improve the tightness.
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@aliorl - here's the main Q&A section on RealSelf for CoolSculpting.  Please consider writing up a Coolsculpting review so others know whether it's worth it!

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Wow, I just got back from my 3 month post-op. All went well, my numbness in my right breast is still there, but since I can feel pressure, he isn't worried. He was concerned with my belly button. He didn't like the way the scar looked. I'll admit, it is bigger and thicker than the other ones. So I am putting scarguard on it a more effective scar silicone for worse scars. If it doesn't get better, he will either do laser therapy, injections, or a revision to cut it out and make a new one.

I've been jogging/speed walking every morning at 4:40 before work. In the afternoon I hit the gym, but I do an ab workout at home in the evening. Its getting better, but still slow.

I did have numbness on my back from the cool sculpting but only for a few days and the bruising faded fast.

I found out that there is a panera and a Starbucks over by Dr. Soto's office, they are across the street from each other at the Dr. Philips blvd and Sand lake intersection. Realself has offered to treat us to our coffee date :),so Kimmers is sending us a giftcard. How exciting is that? I thinks its a wonderful offer.
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Dang! You go girl!!! I go back for my 6 week check-up on Tuesday and should get the green light to start working out. It was so weird as I was sitting in my recliner last night( as usual being a couch potato these days) and I had this twinge on my right side most of the night, then a few hours later the soreness in my abs is so much better. It freaks me out when I do stretch a little and feel that rubber band pulling feeling but to start running/walking/doing arms is exciting.
That is very cool about Realself treating too. Looking forward to our coffee date
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Hey! You are ahead of me… I haven't even tried crunches. I been trying to build up the cardio workout w walking and running. I still feel a pull when stretching ..
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I've been working out for a few weeks now. However, I can't do the ab machines or low ab lifts like I used to prior to the surgery. Its like I have no ab muscle control or strength anymore. I can do small crunches on the floor and butt lifts. Has anyone else had a problem too with their abs. I know I have to build my strength back up, but I literally have nothing. :(
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Christina, that's IS the key .. getting into a groove w food and activity! I ran more today that I have since the surgery. Bummer was that I forgot to take my iPOD so I'm not sure how long the run was? It took approx 45 min … can't lie … did some waling too, but it felt totally fine!!
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There is NO shame in walking! A couple of weeks ago I had a 16 miler but I underestimated the humidity and I started late. Probably around mile 12 I started hitting a wall so I added in walking...and I finished :)
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Sunday afternoon sounds good; however the 11th I'm taking my daughter to Disney on Ice and I have to work a trade show on the 18th. I'm open September 25th. Would that work?
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Sunday September 25th sounds great. I'll copy this too 419's page to see what she thinks.
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Getting back in to the groove of working out is hard but it gets easier with each day. Even now I notice I get tight when running longer 10 or more miles or do a lot of ab exercises. I sometimes need to remember it has only been 8 months :)
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I know, last night I was stretching and felt so tight, (my skin, not really my muscles). Sometimes I feel so odd, with the numbness, the working out. I'm almost three months. I just hope the numbness improves.
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My hubby and I are working out the "work out" schedules. He's going to go 6 am and and I'll do 6 pm while the other stays w kiddos! I jog/walk on a regular basis, but it is just not enough. The YMCA is 20 min away, but there is a CrossFit place right around the corner from my house …we are going to a trial class next week! I hope my tummy can take it!!

Anyway, Coffee .. let's plan it! I live in College Park (north side of Orlando). Maybe it makes sense to meet near Dr. Soto's office on Sand Lake Road? I am flexible around work appointments during the week, but weekends do work good for me also. I'll be out of town here and there, but that can be worked around! Let's toss some dates and places out ...
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My hubby and I have been talking about schedules and working out a lot too. Last year when I started the "real" dedication to working out and eating healthy. He didn't concern himself. Now he is working out every morning on the bowflex and elliptical. I am pretty impressed. My plan is to run in the mornings, gym to lift weights in the afternoon and possibly do the elliptical on the opposite evenings of him.
So coffee, how about a Sunday afternoon? Maybe the 11th or 18th of September. We can meet over in Dr. Philips area, lets see what and where 419 might want to do too.
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