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I have recently looked into having a mommy...

I have recently looked into having a mommy makeover on myself. I have two boys and have tried to lose weight, get back into shape, etc... but I still have the saggy skin, stretch marks and floppy breast.

I am 30 yrs old, 5'10, usually weigh around 170lbs but trying to get to 160lbs. My weight prior to children was 155lbs. I gained about 60 lbs with my first born and 50lbs with my second born. After my first born, I was able to lose the weight and get back into my clothes within a year of his birth (literally- his 1st birthday). However, my second son I still have about 10lbs to get back to pre-preg. weight and their is the issue of stretch marks, sagginess, love handles, etc.. all that won't go away.

I have 4 consultations with highly rated plastic surgeons in a few weeks, and plan to actually have my surgery next summer (June 2011). I am researching everything from breast lifts/ augmentation, tummy tucks, etc...

I am also working out at the gym to get my muscles in shape for the recovery.

I am looking for advice regarding Drs, Questions, Procedures, Pre-Op To Do, Post-OP To Do, expectations, etc...

I hope to update as I progress to my date.

Looks like you are doing your homework starting with 4 appointments. I went to three. The first and last were not for me and I ended up going back to the second one. I was happy that the second and third were really close in what they suggested it made me confident with my decision. You do look like a great candidate.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and posting your photos! You look like an awesome candidate for a mommy makeover. You'll find tons of information on RealSelf. I would suggest reading through other women's reviews, checking out our forums and reading through some doctor questions and answers. Also feel free to post in these areas of the site.

Good luck and please keep us updated on your process!

Hi. You look like you are going to get a great result. Being in good physical shape really helps with the recovery.Im sure once you start going to consult appts you will get a good feeling for who you feel comfortable with. I live in the orlando area as well and visited with 3 doctors, I learned something different from each one. Make sure they spend plenty of time with you, answering your questions and offering advice on what procedure they think will suit you best.One doctor was so rushed, he spent under 10 minutes with me and when I started to ask questions he said we would discuss this at the pre-op appt. I couldnt get out of there fast enough! I was really lucky I found a great doctor on this website and almost 6 weeks after my tummy tuck Im sure I made the right choice. Good luck!

Since I have joined, I have been...

Since I have joined, I have been thinking more and more about my upcoming consultations in the next 3 weeks. Looking at the success stories is truly inspiring. I just pray it will be for me as well. One thing my husband asked me- was if I would be excited about shopping for clothes. Since I hate how certain tight shirts/blouses look on me (stomach and sides). Thinking about it is so exciting yet, nerve wrecking too. I can't wait for the next three weeks to pass for my consult. We decided to cancel one consult. The Dr. we are canceling is primarily a breast doctor and only does mini-tummy tucks (which I am not a candidate for). I'd like to find a 4th Dr. to replace that consult. However, it is so hard to pick a Dr. with a good reputation. I don't know anyone who has had PS. I wish there was an easier way to pick a DR.

Here's a forum post about Tummy Tuck Consultation Questions to Ask

and another about Consultation Questions for Breast Implants

Hope this is helpful



I have a dilemma and I am not sure if it is worth...

I have a dilemma and I am not sure if it is worth the worry. My husband and I had decided no more kids. He got snipped because it was cheaper and less evasive for him. My dilemma is what if the vas tubes reconnect and I get pregnant. I know it stupid-but I am not fixed so I can still get pregnant. That is something we don't want- we are happy with our two boys. I hate to put so much time and money into a surgery and have that happen. Has anyone else thought of this? Anyone else who isn't fixed but has had a tummy tuck?

17 but who's counting LOL I am super excited for Jen who is closer then any of us! Those first consults are very exciting. I was referred to my doctor by my sis in law who went to her for implants and she did a ton of research before her surgery; it made my choice very easy :) I remember how nervous I was at our first appointment but she was really nice and was funny; I liked that! When she saw my breasts she was like oh honey, we need to fix those LOL Let us know how everything goes. My last appointment before surgery is 11/29 and I am putting together a list of questions too!
I know that some of you are literally days away from your actual surgery. Tomorrow I actually go for my first consults. I have three lined up tomorrow (literally back to back) and one more on Wednesday. I am so excited and nervous. I am excited because we are actually taking the steps to make this a reality. Nervous because I don't want to be let down in my expectations that I already created in my head. I met a lady at the gym this evening. She had breast augmentation and she offered tons of advice. I wish I could honestly meet more women and get honest advice. She gave me her name and number and we are both in the same profession. Which makes me feel better.
I must get off- I have to print off my questions for my appts. tomorrow. :)
I agree about proportion, eating in moderation and an occasional treat. A lot of people say- I don't need to lose weight or, "You look fine"- But you are right- They don't have to live in this body. I hate undressing in front of my husband, I hate being completely naked for sex! Its horrible way to live. I am ready for a change. I wish more people realized this instead of hating their bodies. I am so excited for you too, please keep updating so I can follow your progress.

So yesterday and today were my consult days. I met...

So yesterday and today were my consult days. I met with three PS yesterday and today was supposed to meet with the "one" that I was truly excited about meeting. I meet with the first, really enjoyed him, felt comfortable and confident in his recommendations. He recommended an extended tummy tuck, a breast lift with lollipop incision, and 325cc low profile implants under the muscle. I actually tried on a sports bra and the implants to see what I would look like.

The second PS within the first few minutes was wrong. I knew immediately that he was not the one and his recommendations were completely off. He recommended a mini tummy tuck, and breast lift with lollipop incision, and then waiting to get implants later. The entire examination was completely awkward.

My third consult was as nice as the first, he recommended a full tummy tuck, a breast lift with lollipop incision, and 275cc high profile implants under the muscle.

Both my husband and I were confused by the contradicting recommendations on the implant size and style. The first PS explained why low profile vs. the high profile would be better. I told both of the PS (first and third) that I wanted to be round, full, but not porn “style” The third PS I don’t think listened to my wants. After thinking about both PS (first and third appt), I felt that the first PS would give me what I truly desired and I felt confident that he would give me the right look, without having lumpiness, or other issues.

Another confusing factor was the major price difference. Our first PS quoted us $22,000. The second quoted $14,000. And the third quoted $16,000. It’s amazing the difference in price. My consult for today was canceled for an emergency (on the Doctor’s part). I was very disappointed in the cancelation. I have rescheduled for next Tuesday, but have to take some time off for work for the consult. I am frustrated about having to reschedule (third time this PS has rescheduled my consult). However, this is one of the PS that I have been interested in seeing. I want to hear what he has to say and what he recommends. I have seen so many positive comments about this PS and the before and after pictures are amazing.

So needless to say no decision to be made yet.

sorry orlando 321; also Dr soto has his own operating room in his office so he doesnt use the hospital; maybe thats the difference? im not sure....
Actually, these other two PS also had their own operating suites in their office. One PS didn't give me a time estimate- he said he would do it in one surgery. The other PS estimated 8 hours and was almost reluctant to do the breast lift w/augmentation and tummy tuck (with lipo) in one surgery. LOL Maybe he does stop for lunch and a game of solitaire on the computer. I am also 45 minutes from his office. I think I might rather go home, because I hate hospitals and I hate having to rely on total strangers (the night nurse). I would rather rely on my mom and husband who will be there. I know that 6 months isn't as far as I think. These last few months have flown by. I just hope the next ones do too.
orlando 321;

where do you live? I live in kissimmee, about 45 ,min from dr soto office; i was in surgery 5 hrs, from 1115am to 415pm; i was in recovery for 1 hr; than i went home. 8 hours??? that doctor must stop for lunch!!! lol

Picked my PS out of 4 consults and decided to go...

Picked my PS out of 4 consults and decided to go with Dr. Soto. I scheduled my Pre-Op for may 24th as well as my Surgery for June 13th and my Post-Op for June 17th.

I know you only have two more days. Do you feel ready? Do you have a line up of books to read or movies to watch? You should get a little bell to ring so your husband knows when you need him!! LOL- I would love to do that, he is such a baby when he gets sick. However, when I am sick- I never get to rest. I have been thinking of you and Baby Blues, knowing that you both are going in soon. Don't feel rushed to do anything!
Alright so this surgery is becoming more realistic and less than an idea fr me. Today I called and scheduled my Pre-Op, Surgery and Post-Op appointments. I also paid 20% of my surgery as well. With all that done, I realized tha tmy dream was starting to go into motion. In 7 months(further away than I thought) I will no longer stand in front of the mirror, pulling skin to see what I would look like without the muffin top.I swear its 7 months away but that I all I think about. At work I was sitting there at my desk, wishing that my fat wasn't smushed in my pants with a roll over the top, than I realized 7 months from now- It won't be. I keep reminding myself, time flies, and it will be here before I am ready!
It will fly by! I scheduled mine a few months ago and now I am having it done in two days!

I still have 6 months until my surgery. however,...

I still have 6 months until my surgery. however, my husband and I are planners. I wanted to know the ins and outs of the mommy makeover and have plenty of time to determine my PS. While I wait out these next few months I am lifting weights at the gym, watching what I eat and making healthy decisions for me. I want to work for this makeover and I am determined to keep it looking good. I Don't want all that money to go to waste.

Me too! So why do people want to make us feel guilty about that? My sister is hard up for money right now after being laid off, her ex employer is fighting her on unemployment (they fight every single person) and her case worker has only given her food stamps thus far. We have paid her rent, I just paid her phone bill, we have paid to have her car fixed...yes we have a two income household with no kids (we are DINKS) but that doesn't mean we are made out of money. I had to finance half of this surgery, I have payments, I have a credit card and I have regular household bills. I am not in a position to support two households and yet she keeps asking for more money or calls just to say how hard life is. There are days when I don't pick up the phone because I don't really want to hear about it. We took my neices, her daughters, last night out for a hockey game, dinner and a big ball drop downtown so they could get out and have some fun so when we went to pick them up I brought her a huge bag of dog food and gave her a few bucks to get some toilet paper...I am going to enjoy this makeover and not feel guilty about it...not feel guilty...not feel guilty...not feel guilty :) Thanks for letting me rant LOL
Exactly Christina. My husband's family doesn' struggle all the time. Each of his siblings do ok, but his younger sister and her 3 kids live with his parents. I want to be happy!
Money is why I didn't want my family to know. With my sister always being hard up for money and always asking for money, I knew what she was thinking. oh well, we have the right to enjoy the money WE have earned!

Still working on losing weight. I've lost 10...

Still working on losing weight. I've lost 10 pounds. Eating better and healthier foods. I honestly feel better now that I have eliminated junk foods. Working out with weights and doing zumba twice a week. Looking forward to my second appt with my PS. Feel like time is ticking slowly by.

I just watched my DVR of the series finale of BRIDALPLASTY! I am so happy that Allyson won. She completely deserved that wedding and what an unbelievable transformation. My husband and I couldn't believe that her lipo, breast lift and teeth cost 18,000.
Thanks, I work on my abs every day and it seems like nothing has improved. I just hope that after the surgery when I am cleared for exercise it won't take long to get that awesome definition that I want. :)
I bet u will really be able to see ur abs after ur tt! I can see them in ur before pic. Danger how our muscles separate and they fall forward.

So the other day I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not...

So the other day I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not surprised, I've always had very heavy periods. However, lately my periods (still heavy) have been very irregular. Also I have had horrible adult acne. The crazy thing is that if you watch your diet and exercise your hormones could re-balance. I have been doing that, watching my diet and exercising. I’ve improved my Triglycerides over 105 points, my bad cholesterol has improved several points too (wasn’t high to begin with). Since the weight loss has been difficult and my skin horrendous, I am contemplating taking BC again to help regulate the hormones. The side affects of PCOS are very unfeminine anyways. I rather not grow facial hair, nipple hair, belly and back hair, male pattern baldness... all that sounds horrible. None of this should have any affect on my upcoming mommy makeover, the only positive outcome, is the birth control is extra protection from getting pregnant.
OK, so I bought my Arnica Montana 30x and the Bromelain vitamins. I bought them through Amazon and got them cheaper than makemeheal. Sorry, I am all about saving money. My hubby and I also talked about the extra garments. He rather spend the money and get an extra garment for each through Soto's office. I agree, easier to determine the size, and not have any issues. Besides the Marena website is super slow :(.
I cannot believe your day is almost here! And on my birthday no less LOL I am SO excited for you. I haven't been around much but am going to try really hard to make time for these forums. I am 6 months post op now and I am so glad I did this and I know you will be too!
Thanks for dropping in. I was afraid that the November/December group of ladies would have forgotten about me. So much time has passed and you are probably back to normal, minus the annoyance of having the extra floppy stuff.

I can't wait, and I am starting to get a bit nervous. That is neat that my surgery day is on your birthday! Have a nice glass of wine for me, since I can't indulge and won't want to that day. I'll be loopy on my meds by the time its 5:00 o clock in Michigan.

I saw on YouTube the great video that Grand Rapids did to help boost their image. Loved the creativity and unity of the whole idea.

SO the last 6 months did fly by, faster than...

SO the last 6 months did fly by, faster than expected. I went for my pre-op appt today. MY hubby was with me so he could listen and learn all he has to do to help me. I filled out all the paper work. I am so ready for this and I can't wait. Dr. S. and I talked about my "breast" desires. I was still unsure until I realized that I honestly want to look similar to Scarlett Johansson. He agree that on my body frame, it would look natural and I agree. I am not sure how I am going to focus for the next 13 days. I also took my pre-op pics in office. I think I held a bit of it in :( it is hard to relax and let it all out. I've been holding that fat in for too long.
LOL- gotta love when men stare at the breast. I am just hoping that my breast are big as I wanted. I think they will be, but when I found out the size that he put in them, I was shocked. I think I have 325 in each side. My mom washed my hair in the kitchen sink today. It was nice and refreshing. I still want to shave my legs agggg. I can't take a full shower till all my drains come out, so its little sponge baths. I wonder if my husband will shave my legs for me before my post-op.
I also have a clean tank on under my garments, and twee-zed my eyebrows. My under arms are getting hairy too :( I usually wax those. I don't think that will be possible.
Thanks goodness that from the beginning getting up to go to the bathroom hasn't been bad, I could get down and get up from the toilet after the second time by myself. Sometimes getting up from the recliner is harder.
My post-op was supposed to be Friday, they moved it to Monday, because Cassie the nurse wouldn't be there. Then they called today and moved it to Tuesday. My husband isn't that thrilled with the office. Other than the rescheduling of appointments that we have dealt with, he also didn't think I was ready to come home after the surgery. Both my mom and my husband felt I was too pale and unresponsive. Yet they were ready to send me home. I'll admit, when I did come to, I was in pain. Those first few hours were rough. But by the next morning, I was more coherent. Definitely feeling better!
Every day you will notice improvement! It will be slow but in a couple of weeks you are going to feel tons better! For me after a week or so I really noticed that I was able to move easier, going to the bathroom was easier and I even made dinner...nothing much but it did feel good to do something around the house. I was so glad that I ended up taking the two and a half weeks off work because I needed every single day of it. You really are past the worst of it. Just remember how much you wanted this done when the rest of us were getting ours done :) It is all worth it. I was in Cancun recently and wore a bikini top and board shorts...I walked around in a bikini top and men stared at my boobs and I was ok with it LOL
So today I started off with throwing up the three measly crackers I took with my pain meds. We've decided to scale back the pain meds, since I keep throwing up. So I am on extra strength Tylenol and it might work. I've kept down a whole banana, half of a cheese sandwich, and a bowl of oatmeal. Yeah for me.
I also went to the bathroom #2. I've read about that being the worse part, but I just took the softeners, and laxative and gas x and it was fine.
My husband and mom switched my binder this morning for a clean one, seeing for the first time my belly (I didn't really see it, but they took a picture).I put a tank underneath the bra garment and the belly binder. I have a little blister on my left side above the incision.
I spoke to Cassie the nurse at Dr. Soto's office, she wrote me a non-narcotic pain med, told me to watch the blister, put anti-biotic ointment on it if it opened. I go back on Monday for my first post-op and hopefully one drain removal. They aren't that bad, but off course I am only on day 4 of recovery. Although I didn't start the day all that great, I am doing a lot better.

5 days post-op, feeling great. Just tender in some...

5 days post-op, feeling great. Just tender in some areas. I'm itching quite a bit under the garments. ready for my right drain to come out in a few days.

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well!

looking great for so soon after!
Oh and WOW, you look amazing!

I am on Tylenol only now and just uncomfortable....

I am on Tylenol only now and just uncomfortable. Getting harder to sleep. I pray these drains come out so I can get into bed and sleep! A week in the recliner has done me in.
Last night during our evening binder check (put antibiotic ointment on blisters, etc..) We noticed a few stretch marks remain below my new belly button. A little disappointed. figured they would be so low that a bikini would hide them. :(

8-Days Post-op. Had my first Post-Op appt today....

8-Days Post-op.
Had my first Post-Op appt today. I met with Cassie (Dr.Soto's Nurse). She said I look great, but very swollen.
She took out my right drain only. Oh goodness that felt weird. Its one of those things you can describe except weird and yes it felt like a snake squirming around in my belly, running over my ribs!
Basically my blisters are from the tubs and compression binder. I just hope no more form. The office was soooo cold, I was shaking, she had to get me a warm blanket. She showed my husband and I how to do breast massages. WEIRD and a bit painful, but I don't want to ruin my new breast.
Also got to see my belly button for the first time. It looks pretty, actually I am lying, it has stiches. But I think it has the potential to be pretty.
I thought that my husband was putting on my binder tight, obvisouly it wasn't tight enough. Man, Cassie wrapped that binder so tight, I feel like barbie! The tighter is is the more the fluid will drain and I can get my left drain out a week from today. Oh I can't wait.
321, u are a little over a week post-op. How are you coming along
alilori, glad to hear from you. I haven't been on, yesterday was so busy.
I feel like I am back to normal except for a few things: I get tired easily after a lot of walking around or moving around (like light household cleaning).
My back (between my shoulder blades) hurt from sometimes not standing up straight. I can stand up straight now, but its hard after I have been sitting for a while. I use a heating pad on it to relax the muscles.
My binder bunches up and I always need to check it and pull it down. I am still taking antibiotic(because a drain is still in).
I am no longer taking meds through out the day. I take the pain med at night so I can sleep comfortably, no more muscle relaxer, only tylenol if needed.
I am going to check your page to see how your first day went.
Yea!! Glad u sound to be feeling ok!! That's great happy healing

Day 12 Post-op I know that I am going to have...

Day 12 Post-op I know that I am going to have numbness. I definitely can't feel the section below my belly button, and I can't feel my right nipple and the area surrounding the right nipple. My left breast is fine (thank god). I just hope that sensation will come back to my right breast. I am happy to have great looking breast, but no sensation will suck.

2 Week Post Op pictures

2 Week Post Op pictures
OMG you look awsome!!!
Thanks so much, Right now it feels like such a waiting game. Not being able to wear certain things because of the binder. I will be so glad when the next 3 weeks are up! Whoa, bikini shopping spree then!
Oh no, a cold! What luck. A few days ago a cough came up and surprised me … and it hurt! So, I feel for ya couching all the time. Have you gotten your belly button stitches out yet?

24 Days Post-OP I am going into Dr. Soto's...

24 Days Post-OP
I am going into Dr. Soto's office today for a quick check up. Last night when I was changing my incision tapes, my right breast was very red from where the tape was applied. I also had bleeding from my skin, not the incision. My left drain is not healing, or closing. There is yellow pus oozing from it and its swollen and red :(. Hoping they can figure it out.

Oh I want to just hug you both for helping to put my mind at ease!!! THANK YOU! I can't believe this is all getting ready to happen. woop! woop!
In no time you will be recovering and thinking how silly your fears were. Hopefully in September we can all meet.
419, the preop is going to be a wealth of information. I left the prep appt feeling secure about the decision and really excited! Don't worry about the TT scar. 321 is right; it is sooo low, pencil thin and symmetrical. The recovery hasn't been bad at all either. After a week you are moving around alright, but I was slow, tender and wasn't standing upright totally. Now, at two weeks I'm standing good! Sleeping isn't all that fun .. I am a side sleeper too. My only complaints at this point are 1) the swelling around the TT 2) the tapes irritating my skin 3) the binder is uncomfortable!! good luck!!

4 Weeks Post-Op Pictures and upclose of incisions....

4 Weeks Post-Op Pictures and upclose of incisions. I sewed my binder another inch (maybe inch and half) closed again. It was getting too lose and felt it wasn't helping my swelling. I hope that was OK, it seems that my swelling isn't improving. I am feeling very lazy with not working out and sitting on my butt all day!

Sorry the pictures are blurry. My husband...

Sorry the pictures are blurry. My husband didn't realize and didn't want to re-shoot them. :(
Gals, I thought we were meeting for coffee, but now we are joining a nudist colony??? Haha!! LOL.

419, the drains are a pain. I was always worried about pulling on them and that did gross me out a bit also. But, 321 and I both got the first drain out week 1 and the second out week 2. So, you won't really have them in all that long. I wore dresses for almost 2 weeks b/c it was the easiest to hide the drains under flowing fabric. I hooked my drains to the binder or my undies. Dr. Soto didn't mention anything to me about a vertical scar, so I can't make a educated comment either way on that issue. Because I work with docs, I'd venture to guess that no physician would guarantee any type of medical outcome. You are going to do GREAT!!

So, I went shopping for the first time today … more on that later ...
I had asked about it is the only reason it came up. My biggest fear is the location of the scar. Well the reality is starting to set in and the pain is becoming a thought too. I didn't have that whoa feeling this is gonna hurt when I was pregnant until I got to the hospital . Lol so this is early for me.
Oh I want to hear more on the shopping. Between moving and paying for this shopping has been off limits for the last 30 days. Yes, I have a shopping problem. First step admitting just not ready to take the 2nd step. ;)
419, Don't worry about the scar, his are barely noticeable. Also the pain is minimal. Just take the meds around the clock and within a few days, you probably will be able to switch to Tylenol.
AHH. SHOPPING! I haven't shopped in over a year. I stopped so I could save up, and felt it was useless to buy clothes anyway. I have been dying to go shopping just haven't had any time!My oldest son is sick and my youngest got ran through a huge any pile and literally has 50 bites all over his body.:( It might be a while before I can shop. I've purchased two tops on sale(TJMaxx, gotta love that store). I also purchased a sundress from Victoria's Secret! So happy for that to arrive. I am just itching to get out and shop all day.

Posting a Breast pic- get a good look. I will be...

Posting a Breast pic- get a good look. I will be taking it down in a few days.

OMG....I am walking down the sidewalk and my binder just un-velcroed by itself right there. I swear people could hear the rip. At least the binder didn't fall out, since I was wearing a dress. My exit wasn't so stelthy. Lord help me with this crazy thing. It all bent up, doesn't recover its shape after washing and apparently the velcro is losing it's stick!
Yes, there were times that I thought that was going to happen to me, especially since my hubby puts it on tight and I've been shopping for clothes. Trying on clothes can be tricky with it, plus it can snag the clothes. I am so happy that tomorrow might be my last day.
That would be embarrassing, but not that embarrassing. How'd ya get it back on? I have to wait for my hubby to put it on.
I'm thinking that I start on the exercise this week too, Monday to be exact. Really light, low-intensity 30-min walk. Monday would be the start of my 5th week. Safe right? I think I can walk w/o "bouncing" too much to make the breast hurt. Honestly, the TT is still numb and I can't lean totally over, but the breast are more sensitive than the the TT now. That's odd isn't it? The TT hurt more at first, now the breasts?

I forgot to tell you all that my right side was hurting more than my left at the drain site and apparently there was a stitch stuck in there that Cassie dug out. Nice, right!! But, at least it's starting to feel better now. Speaking of sides, Can you all sleep on your sides yet? My breasts feel like they pull when I sleep on my sides. How long did you sleep propped up?

I am feeling a bit better after my emotional day a week or so ago, but I am going to really get specific on the flanks, lypo and swelling questions at my next appt. At least I feel a bit liberated … no more Zbra for me. YEA!!! I feel like I have passed one recovery hurdle! Are you all wearing any sort of bra to sleep?

6 Weeks Post-Op. Went in for my 6 week check up....

6 Weeks Post-Op. Went in for my 6 week check up. Cassie removed my sutures from my belly button and one more from my breast that she had missed. I don't have to wear the binder anymore! YEA, Thank goodness. I can start working out, slowly, but I can! I have to use silicon (Kelo-cote) on my incisions to help them heal. I feel like a new woman. I am going back on Thursday for cool-sculpting on my back (bra-fat).

Your results were amazing! Congrats! I hope after all this time your still happy with everything.
If you dont mind me asking, who were all the ps you saw before picking dr s? I am at that point trying to pick one out÷/ difficult!@
Hi- I'm in the process of doing tummy tuck consults and had a similar experience as your self with conflicting procedure explanations and a BIG price disparities. May I ask who you had consults with? It would help a ton! Dr. Soto is one on my lists hat I met with. :) thanks!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I have heard excellent reviews about Dr. Soto and knew that I had to meet him. He didn't dissapoint me. He was very thorough in his explanations. I feel comfortable with him and felt that I would receive the best results with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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