Update: new photos!

I'm a 32yr old mother of 2 boys, ages 8 & 5...

I'm a 32yr old mother of 2 boys, ages 8 & 5 and wife to a wonderful, supportive husband. My weight is 128lbs. I was a stay @ home mommy for 7 yrs. I used to weigh 140lbs before working and now that I lost the weight, the skin on my tummy really began to sag. I mean, it was always there before but now it looks worse! I am so shy to undress in front of my hubby that it breaks my heart not feeling comfortable naked around him. But he is so sweet, has no problem with it luvs me no matter what I look like. I hate getting dressed up. I like to wear my clothes fitted and it never looks right when my sides are bulging out. Anyway, I'm so ready to do this to feel confident and comfortable with my body.

I'm going to see my PS Aug. 18 2011 to set my date (Full TT with Lipo & MR) I'm very excited, nervous and scared. Here are some before pictures of me. As soon as I get my surgery date I will update my post. Any advise and support that can be offered will be greatly appreciated. :)

Your tummy looks just like my co workers before her tummy tuck but I'm going in on aug 11th for my liposuction and a tummy tuck but I can't wait!

Thanks for the support ladies. I have chosen
Dr. Brian Joseph
I felt very comfortable with him and his staff when I met them, Plus I knew someone who had her TT done by him. My date is not set and I am so excited (3-weeks. I will keep posting LadyTaz. I am hoping I can get in for ending of August.

who is going to do your surgery? Can't wait to see the results!

Yes yes yes I am so excited! Im scheduled for Sept...

Yes yes yes I am so excited! Im scheduled for Sept 19 2011. Counting down the days.. :)

Three more weeks to go. Got my shopping list ready...

Three more weeks to go. Got my shopping list ready for things I need before surgery and after. I am so excited and happy that I made this decision for myself. I'm hoping for great results. My goal right now is to lose some more weight. All in all I am very happy :)

Hii everyone! well yesterday was my Pre-Op appt....

Hii everyone! well yesterday was my Pre-Op appt. It went very well. Took my before pics and My doctor told me everything I had to do and not do. Also got all off my prescriptions and blood work done. I am feeling very excited. One week to go!
Thank you all for the support :). I am very excited. Marinemom Thank You for the advice. I've always been taking my Vit. C Luv it. Just added Zinc Vitamin also for these few days left. I will keep you all updated. Luv4u :)
I know u must b soooo excited! Mine isn't til feb & im so ready for it
To be over! I'll be looking forward to hearing how urs went. Good luck!
Luv4u, Good luck on your surgery, I think you will have an excellent outcome! I wish you all the best. Make sure you take extra Vit. C and up your protein, that's my soapbox for all of us! Both are essential for tissue rebuilding! Can't wait to follow your journey!

Wow how time flies. One more day to go ladies....

Wow how time flies. One more day to go ladies. Right now I am getting my duffel bag ready for my overnight stay. Pain Meds check, Robe check, socks check and everything else shall be given to me at the Hospital. Drinking plenty of H2O. Got the house clean, grocery shopping done and 2 weeks off from work. wow wow wow I am EXCITED!!!
Please any other tips and advice would be great. thanks :)
Good luck tomorrow! The hardest thing is the IV going in... everything else will be a blur until you wake up and even then you will still be high on all those drugs. Get your rest.
Hi Luv4u, Good luck tomorrow! It will be tough the first week, so don't try to do much but what is necessary: Drinking lots of water and moving often! If you have not gotten bigger underwear you will want to go buy a package, get two sizes bigger than you need. You will be very swollen and it is more comfortable to wear granny panties the first few weeks. Trust me you WILL toss them, mine are already gone and I am 2 months post op. No one will see them and it's for you comfort.
Good luck!
Good luck to you! My advice is get some easy waist'd pants, skirts or dresses. I find that to be the most comfortable to me. I went to Old Navy and got all of the above. Like goucho pants or yoga type skirts etc...I wear them to work with my garment of course and cute tops. You can't even till that my bottom half is "casual".

Hello everyone, I am 2 days post-op feeling great....

Hello everyone, I am 2 days post-op feeling great. walking, eating, pain is not so bad. drains are getting clearer fluid. I will put pictures as soon as I can. Thank U all for the advises and support :)
So glad that you are feeling better! Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Hi Ladies, I am doing very well and feeling great....

Hi Ladies, I am doing very well and feeling great. I got one Drain taking out on Thursday. It was not bad at all. Here are my AFTER pictures. I'm sorry for the little bit of nudity in the pix.
Luv4u, you are looking good~I know you are just so excited to be on the "other side" now!

Looking good!

Wow! U look fantastic! I want to b able to sit down like you & not have any stomach n my lap! U must b so happy!
I'm doing mine n feb. Take care of urself.

Wow day 15 already! I am doing very well. I'm in...

Wow day 15 already! I am doing very well. I'm in fitted T-shirts and sweatpants and back into my regular undies again. My tummy feels nice and tight, no more loose skin on my lap when I sit or bulging skin on my sides. Swelling is going down day by day but then again it all depends on how much walking I do too. I Cant wait to post sum pix. especially one with those jeans on! You all have a great day :)
You look great!
What a difference! Imagine how good you will look when the swelling is gone!

Hi ladies, I had to put each new photo up one at a...

Hi ladies, I had to put each new photo up one at a time on here, I did a side by side comparison. any way I am doing very well feeling great. luv getting dressed now. I play dress up when I come the shower its just too funny. I do wear my binder 24/7. I ordered my silicone scar sheet and it should arrive sometime this week. I'm excited about that.
till next time you all take care :)

Oops I forgot to mention.. I do the marble trick...

Oops I forgot to mention.. I do the marble trick too, but I use soft ear plugs instead. For those who don't know about the marble belly button trick: its basically using a marble or ear plug placed inside your belly button(make sure its healed first)to get it round. I started doing this because I noticed it was a long slit and I did not like that.

Hi love! I love your look and what he did to you! I'm looking for a ps in Orlando, since I will be a destination patient. ( traveling from out of state). I'm trying to decide between 2 doctors. I love the look deform Dr. Joseph and I have been researching Dr.Soto as well from Orlando. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Luv4u, you look great!!Where did you order your silicone scar sheet from? I was wanting to check into ordering some of those for my post surgery scar. Thanks so much for the new updates/pics...just keep posting...can't wait to see what the new jeans look like...
Hi Stephaniepln, Thank You :)
I ordered my scar sheet from Amazon.com
Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch... Its the perfect length I don't have to cut it and I also received one Free from my doctor so now I have 2.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Joseph is everything you want in a surgeon: Personable, Precise, and readily available to his patient pre and post-op, he explained everything and answered all of my questions. I had my surgery done in a private hospital. His staff is so friendly and caring they made me feel comfortable, both Dr. Joseph, and his staff, called me after my surgery, repeatedly, to insure my comfort and safety. That was very nice of them. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and have a new level of confidence.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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