3 weeks Post Op! Feeling Awesome.

Hello my name is Gaby I'm 32 y/o mother of...

Hello my name is Gaby I'm 32 y/o mother of twins. I've decided to have a mommy makeover which includes. Breast lift, Gel implants, full tummy tuck and lipo on my upper and lower back. I'm scheduled for the end of the month and quite frankly I'm scared as all hell. It seems to me like alot of surgery at once. My doctor has assured me that it can be safely done given my size and overall health. He is a board certified surgeon with a very successful practice and has been voted best plastic surgeon in orlando a few times now. I guess all the horror stories on here don't help.

Thanks Angie,

i read the article and it was great, lots of good info.

You might want to start out by reading JenBob's great article about her mommy makeover. Also, take a look at that Worth It score for mommy makeover--98%. I think chances are good that you'll be thrilled with your results. :)

Please keep us in the loop and let us know how you're feeling as your big day nears.

thanks MM,

DEEP down i know im doing the right thing. how long were you under for?

So it's less than 20 days till the surgery. I've...

So it's less than 20 days till the surgery. I've been doing alot of reading and I'm now second guessing my choice of implants. I decided to go with the silicone gel low profile 375 cc implants. I'm afraid the low profile implants will not project as well and end up looking saggy. My surgeon fit me for both the low and moderate profile and said I would carry both well. The moderate implants would take me up to 420cc. Anyone have any experience with low profile implants?
Congrats on your decision to do this! There are so many more success stories than there are horror stories on here. I can understand your fears though and most people here have had the same thoughts. Have faith in yourself now because you have done your homework and picked a great PS. I only tried moderate and high profile and I'm glad I chose the high profile. I think either one would have worked for me but having just turned 49 I am THRILLED to have these boobies haha. The gel feels fantastic and real.

Today I had my PreOp appointment and final fitting...

Today I had my PreOp appointment and final fitting for the implants. Everything went really well. I decided to go with the Moderate Profile silicone gel VS the low profile implants. I'm going with 375cc in my right and 425 in my left to achieve asymmetry as I have one breast bigger than the other. Got all my scripts called in and I'm checking off the stuff on my list. Now the count down begins, 12 days to go.
I'm just a few days away. The idea that I'm getting so much done to my body at once has really set in. I find that I'm stuck in neutral and can't seem to get anything ready, despite the time I have. I realize I need to post pics, but again, Im frozen. Monday will be here before I know it .
Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I am sure everything is going to turn out great.

It's the night before the surgery. My bag is...

It's the night before the surgery. My bag is packed for my overnight stay at the surgeons office. My kids are being soooooo bad. I know they sense the anxiety in me and it's not going well. They are usually in bed and asleep by 8pm, it's 9:30 they are up and screaming at the top of there lungs. I should have dropped them off at their grandmothers house. I'll post some before pics eventually, I was hoping to do it tonight but that's not going to happen.
Good luck tomorrow. You will be happy when it's all over. Keep us posted.

Well i made it. My doctor said i did beatifully. I...

Well i made it. My doctor said i did beatifully. I have no pain,just my tummy feels like i did 100000000 crunches. Im staying overnight and my nurse is awesome. My boobs great and my lipo areas dont at all but i cant see them. Imgetting released @ 8:30, wish i could stay here though, i love my bed.
Congratulations! Now take it easy and let it have time to heal. Stay in touch here...it really helps to hear how others did, how they cope, and even just to whine and gripe from time to time.
Glad to hear it all went well!! Congrats!! Now have a happy and healthy recovery!

Today is a bad day. Didn't get my drains out at...

Today is a bad day. Didn't get my drains out at post op appointment and then I coughed so hard I think I popped a stitch on the inside. My husband is not being nice and I can't stop crying. Got to see my tummy and boobies today and they look fantastic, so I guess that's a plus.
One day at a time girl! Do your best to keep your spirits up! Watch a funny movie or read a good book! You have a lot to look forward to! Sometimes our hubbies just don't get it and you can't let his attitude affect yours! Keep your head up, breathe deep and smile. This is a process with even more amazing results to come!
CONGRATS on your surgery and keep your eye on your prizes "your new body" its gonna be just fine
Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. This only means there are better days ahead. Hang in there.

Wow what a difference a few days can make. Today I...

Wow what a difference a few days can make. Today I felt great. I even ventured to ikea for a little shopping. The swelling is going away quickly and my homemade Arnica oil has gotten rid of all my bruises. I'm bearlly draining and fluid, so I'm hoping the drains come out on Tuesday. The gurgling in the boobs is a little strange but I asked a friend with implants and she said it was normal at first. I let my husband see my boobs for the first time today. Now he won't stop asking me to lift up my shirt. Boys are funny:0)
Glad to hear all is well. Good for you!
Hopefully your drains will come in very soon!

One drain came out today YAY! Feeling much better...

One drain came out today YAY! Feeling much better and even with the binder on you can see how thin and trim I look around my midsection.
Congrats on the drain coming out!
Yay to drains coming out!! Healthy and happy healing.

Second drain came out today. But I am leaking...

Second drain came out today. But I am leaking heavily and am a little concerned. One of the twins kicked me in the tummy while she was asleep next to me and I saw STARS. It hurt sooooo much, I can't help but wonder if the heavy leakage is related to the kick. The other side never leaked after they pulled the drain out. I saw the tummy tuck scar today for the first time, it's thin but a little higher than I expected. Don't think I'll have a problem finding a swim suit though. My waist is tiny, can't complain there.
Yay for your tiny waist! I can't wait to see photos! If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you and what was your weight before surgery?
I'm 5'4 and I was 138 day of surgery
Congrats on your surgery! Your post about your hubby wanting you to flash him made me laugh. Today my hubby said he remembers me breastfeeding and that was hard for him to watch. He's worried about me looking like a mummy after surgery. Once he gets a peak at the results I'm sure he'll act just like a "boy" too. LOL

Happy Easter all! Enjoying the day with the family...

Happy Easter all! Enjoying the day with the family. No drains, minimal pain and a lot more mobility.
Happy Easter to you too!

Rolling Pin! It's all about my rolling pin. One...

Rolling Pin! It's all about my rolling pin. One week post op I got a rolling pin, a metal one. On the advise of one of the nurses at my P.S . I roll it up and down my back and belly, morning, noon and night. It feels great! It really helps with the tightness and the swelling. Get a rolling pin ladies, it's the only way to go.
Would you mind posting an after pic? Thinking of going to a consult with Dr Fiala...
are you still loving your results? would you rec Dr Fiala? Would love to see pictures.
I usually differentiate weight by 10lbs. per inch of height. So, my sister is 5'8" and I'm 5'6". I'm about 158-159 and so she looks the same when she's in the 178-179 range. Since you're 5'4" and weighed 138, you're probably close to same body shape as me. How are your clothes fitting these days? I'm dying to see photos. :) How do you feel being 3 weeks out? Do you work? Just wondering if you worked and how you feel about going back. How old are the twins and how are they doing? My 16 mo. old daughter is at my moms and I miss her. She'll be back tomorrow night.
Dr. Thomas Fiala

Dr. Fiala has been amazing. He met with me twice for consults before I scheduled my surgery, for free. I met with his nurse an additional two times for my pre op appointment and an additional sizing session. I met with two other surgeons before Dr. F and although both were nice and knowledgable, but Dr. F made me feel the best about his ability to help me achieve optimal results. Let me also add that Dr. Fiala turned out to be the most expensive out of the three. However, when it comes to my body and my life, I don't want to take the cheapest rate. I paid for experience, knowledge, compassion and ultimately a work of art. My body looks amazing after a week post op. I bought a used car, I shop at the outlet stores, I'll splurge on my plastic surgery.

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