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Full Tummy Tuck - Orlando, FL

I have a 3 year old daughter & I am now left...

I have a 3 year old daughter & I am now left with loose skin & stretch marks. I am 5'3 & 122lbs. No matter how much I work out or what creams I use, I am always left with no luck.

Tomorrow, I am visiting Dr. S in Orlando. I want to see if a full tummy tuck is enough for me or if I need liposuction as well. I am really nervous, but I know that this is what I want. However, I have a very busy schedule & I am trying to schedule the surgery before summer so that I can travel. I hope everything goes well!

At first my husband was not listening to me about wanting to do the surgery, but now i think he finally get it. Me wanting to do it for myself.. not for anyone else.. I told him, he can enjoy the benefits of looking at me when i am completely heal... I already have all the help lined up, I am having my surgery in late November...
I am 61 years young and have finally decided that I want a tummy tuck. Met with a plastic surgeon in AZ where we spend the winters and will have it done in Nov. of this year when we come back. Yes, also nervous and excited about procedure, but great support from my loving husband! I would like to hear from some mature divas who have had this procedure done! Comments and thoughts would be appreciated! Have heard and read from the younger generation, but need feedback from my age group.
I am writing you from Turkey. I am 38 years old with two c-section kids. Before my surgery, I didn’t have loose skin or stretch marks but I’ve been looking like 6 months pregnant. I had a mini tt (sort of) with extensive lipo and ab muscle repair 3 weeks ago. Muscle repair above the belly button was done with endoscopy so that the navel was not cut from inside but only slided a little allowing a mini tt. My surgery took 5,5 hours. In the first 3 days after surgery I had significant discomfort and pain. Pain was mostly in the form of a feeling of burning and pressure on my ribs. Pain killers didn’t help much to this form of pain so I didn’t take medicines much. Coughing and sneezing was a big problem as in c-sections and because of the tickling caused by anesthesia you need to cough. Shivering for 30 minutes after anesthesia was terrifying but in a week I’ve been feeling much better. The surgery was quite a success and I get very nice comments from my friends. I like my new me and I think it was worth it. I got back to my office work in 10 days. Before the surgery I found this site very helpful so I wanted to share my own experiences as well. Good luck to everyone.
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