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I had my saline implants in over the muscle in...

I had my saline implants in over the muscle in December of 1998. I was barely an A cup so my 400 cc's brought me up to a full D. I was 25 so I thought that was great. I also modeled so I felt more confident with the D's. I'm now 38. I dont do much modeling. More acting and stunt work now. If I am needed to stunt double a girl with a small chest I usually lose that job. Over the last three or so years my right breast has been hurting. I can't comfortably sleep on my right side because the pain is a bit much. When I hug someone I bend weird so they won't think that I kneed them in the chest! Yes, my boobs feel like my knees! They look great until I lay flat then they look like two upside down bowls on my chest. I have been very sick and extremely tired lately and in the last week since I decided to have my implants removed, I learned about autoimmune diseases. I have several of the problems listed. Red eyes, head aches, extreme fatigue, dry skin. Maybe I'm making myself paranoid. Who knows? Oh, yeah, lately my hips hurt and pop and crack like crazy. I had to get a mammogram last year and the implants are so hard that they couldn't grab anything to smash. Breast cancer really runs in my family. At the chiropractor they had to order a special pad for me to lie on my belly. It has two circles cut out! I dig holes at the beach so I can tan my back. I'm sooooo tired of it but I am terrified of surgery. I have my consultation this Thursday (April 5). I will let you all know what he says. If you have implants over the muscle try the flash light trick in a dark room, they glow! Great at parties! Haha!

Ok, had my consultation today. Not sure about the...

Ok, had my consultation today. Not sure about the Dr. He kept me waiting in a tiny room for an hour and twenty minutes, yay for IPads! I'm scheduled for removal on thursday May 17! I'm such a whimp. I'm going to only be on Valium. I hope they give me five of those suckers. It'd be best for everyone in the building! ha! I told him that I think that they are making me sick and he didn't seem concerned. He says that usually only happens with silicone implants but not saline. I hope to prove him wrong when I feel normal again. I think that I'll take a week off of work. My real job is super easy, but I randomly do stunt work for movies. I hope that I don't have to turn down an amazing job. I'll cry! :-)
Tomorrow I will return the three fabulous size 34 D bras that I just received in the mail from Victoria's secret! I'll take the refund because the Dr said I'll probably be an A/ B in a few weeks. Who knows?!
I will update again!

So, tomorrow is the day. My surgery is at 1:30 but...

So, tomorrow is the day. My surgery is at 1:30 but I have to arrive at noon to get my I.V. In and have a heart attack! I don't think that I'm going to sleep tonight. I told the nurse on the phone yesterday that I need a relaxer as soon as I get there. She said that it won't be a problem. It's going to be so strange going from a D for 13 years back to probably nothing! I am going to post pictures soon!

I had my implants removed on Friday. It is now...

I had my implants removed on Friday. It is now Tuesday. At 2:30 I will have the drainage tubes removed! I can't wait! The first night I had 40 ml in one and 50 ml in the other. The next day I had maybe four drops in each. So they were there for no reason. It's the long holiday weekend so I had to wait until today. The surgery took about 1 1/2 hours. I was going to try and be tough (don't know why) and not take my pain pills but I ended up taking them every six hours! I'm a whimp. The people at the surgery center were all very nice. Today my breast feel like they are super sun burned. The incision itches (healing) and I'm getting the sharp pains (nerves growing back). I looked at my new natural breast with the tape and bandages still on. They look like someone stepped on them! Haha! But I know that in a few weeks they will fill out! I think that I made a great decision!

I had my surgery 4 weeks ago. I feel so much...

I had my surgery 4 weeks ago. I feel so much lighter (3 pounds lost from my chest feels so different) I have been going to the gym since since day ten but started working out my arms last week. I get sharp stabbing pains in my breast (nerve endings healing) but that's normal. They look weird but I guess by week 7 I will know exactly how they will look. That's ok. I'm now an A/B (from a D) so I feel better in regular clothes but a bit self conscience in my bikini. I still think it was a good decision!
Dr. Rotatorri

The Dr did a great job but he has a big problem with staying on time. Both times that I had an appointment (first consultation and pre-op) he was over an hour and a half late. Today I get the drains removed. I hope that he's not late again. All of the nurses were great.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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If you're still on this site, update us NOW as to how you are, all these months later!! It would be interesting!
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Hi! Well, I'm not happy with the way that they look. My implants were above the muscle and when they settled I have a weird crease that looks like a fold. I had hoped that it would go away but it never did so I am very self-conscious. I look better in clothes but in a swimsuit I'm very self-conscious. Physically I feel much better, however, I do not like the results, but I do not want to get new implants put in. I don't think it's worth it. The surgery was quite painful so I don't want to go through that again plus breast cancer runs in my family.
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Well, it's ok look better clothes & you feel downside there...I'm sure somewhere out there there's a bathing suit that would look good on you....some of those black one-piece with either strapless or a mesh-looking halter top are really sexy!
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Hello! Just wondering how you are now?
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Hi! I'm happy with the decision to have them removed. It's nice being able to sleep on my stomach again. And it's not so heavy! But, I still look weird in a swim suit. I can't get used to that. Once in a while I get the stabby pains but my Dr said that it's just nerve ending healing. I remember that happening when I had the implants put in. Sometimes the sharp pain hangs around a little bit too long but usually it's just a quick surprise. I bought a few size 34B bras but I'm probably going to go try on 34A bras. The B cups seem a bit loose. Booooo! Hahaha! I'm pretty sure that I won't have new implants put in. It's just not with the health risks and discomfort. I can handle looking a little strange in a swim suit. It just makes me motivated to do more crunches! Let me know how you're doing! Take care! -Courtney
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What do you find strange in a swimsuit? I tried a bikini on and it was ok. Maybe you could try a different style?

I got those pains a bit too, but they seem to have gone now.
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I hope so too! These things are so overrated! Breast implants are hit or miss, even if they were done by the same doctor in the same manner! I have mine under the muscle and one started to harden this year! I am so over these things, some days wonder what the heck I was thinking! I am going to love my natural state...its just has to be that way! Good, bad, cute, or ugly...they are mine!
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lol! You just saved another woman from changing who she is! As for the explant - I can almost imagine - no one will notice the difference because afterall people see who you are by what you are feeling inside.....If you feel good they will perceive/see the goodness! I will definitely keep you posted! I want to put pictures up but I think I will wait to post all of them after the explant! ;))))) Take care of yourself!
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I sure hope that I talked her out of getting them. It's so funny that I've told several friends who have implants and they have the same reaction "GASP!" as if I'm shaving my head or cutting off a limb. I'm also amazed that most of them don't have any problems with their implants. Mine are over the muscle and everyone who has them under the muscle say that their implants are still soft. So, if in a year, I'm still sickly feeling (main reason for removing them) and if they don't snap back I'll consider having them under the muscle. I doubt that I will though. I'm excited to see if my health improves!
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I had under muscle for 28 years and both sets went hard...I'm having mine out next week.
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You'll probably be so much more comfortable after they are removed. Mine were so hard and scar tissue started pressing against a nerve on my right side causing terrible pain when I tried to sleep on that side. I knew then that if wasn't going to get better. You're making s great choice. For me, it hurt having them removed. So, take a week off if you can. I think that I took two weeks off. Good luck! :-)
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I will keep you in my prayers that your surgery will go well and that your spirit will be calm! I am scheduled for 2 May with full anesthesia! I am nervous as well since I was a low B prior to but after children I am now a DDD! Not sure what the heck they are going to look like but at least they will be OUT!!! Take care!
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Thanks! I think I would be a lot calmer if I was going to get completely knocked out. You'll have to let me know how it goes on May 2nd! I keep thinking that this time next month, it will all be over with and I can hopefully start feeling better! I can't imagine being a DDD! Wow! I'm just a D and they are in my way! I know a 23 year old who is an A and was telling me on Saturday night that she wants to get implants. I wasn't going to tell too many people about the explant for my own entertainment. I plan to wear a tank top and see if anyone notices! But I told her all about my problems and told her to squeeze my rock boob! She freaked out because they are sooo firm. I don't think she wants them anymore! Haha!
Good luck with everything! Keep in touch!
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How are you feeling? I hope that everything went great. I rescheduled for May 25 so I will have full anesthesia now! Bad thing is, I have to wait an extra 8 days. More time to grow an ulcer! Haha!
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I'm in the waiting room for my consultation right now. I'm having second thoughts. I know that I'll do it, but I'm freaking out! I'll update later!
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haha @ the flash light trick! I too have/had saline implants for about 15 years. I have had all my consultations and fee quotes to get them out but now it's just a matter of saving up the money to do it. My doctor did a really cool thing and DRAINED them in his office with a needle. He numbed up a little spot and then inserted what appeared to a freakin' turkey baster and just pulled the saline out. It didn't hurt one drop. The cost was $150 for it. The good thing is that I've been able to get a general idea of what I will look like after and I immediately lost the need for large shirts. I believe mine are over the muscle because I can feel the shells really well and they also dent in and look weird as heck. I've been assured they won't look like that when the shells are removed. At any rate, it was a slight preview of what's to come!

Keep us posted on how things go!
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That's crazy! I am so phobic of needles. If I saw the turkey baster, I would have ran! Haha! I'm rescheduled to the 25 of May. I can't go through with it if I'm awake. I don't care how many Valium he promised me! So I will make the full payment of close to $4,750.00 on Tuesday when I have my blood test and find out what time the surgery will be. I hope that it's super early in the morning so I can just wake up and get it over with. Let me know how you are doing!
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OMG, boobs as a party trick. That is extremely funny! I truly hope you don't have any autoimmune diseases and that the weird symptoms go away once your implants are out.

Don't be surprised if surgeons try to talk you into replacing your implants. You'll have to stand your ground if you really don't want implants anymore.

I love your story. Thank you for starting it. Please let us know how your consultation goes!

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