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I have always had insecurities about my nose...

I have always had insecurities about my nose especially cause I am of middle eastern decent and no one has my nose in my family so I feel like I don't belong :(. I love my front view face but my profile I absolutely hate. I hate getting pictures taken from me from my side, so I crazy excited/nervous to get my rhinoplasty...which is coming up on Monday :)

Rhinoplasty for at noon today, And since it was...

Rhinoplasty for at noon today, And since it was soo late in the afternoon and not bright and early I had to do stuff to make busy to keep my mind of it and not get nervous, so did some shopping and ran some errands and before I knew it I was a the PS office getting undressed and vitals put in. The RN knew I don't really care for needles so the used some lidicane(sp) to numb the area they were going to use for the IV.. So that part was since. I made some awkward faces but it didnt hurt that bad at all.

Then I went to the restroom one more time and they walked me to the operation room I went on the bed and they had this most wonderfully warm bubble blanket that kept me cozy, I was looking at all the lights and looking around the room and I my vision started getting blurry so I asked the Anesthesiologist when we was going to do the sedation and he said he already administered it and I should be sleep in about 30 seconds...I don't remember anything past that conversation then I woke up to them saying I had been out of surgery for 45 min, talking and stuff that I don't even remember so I apologized and they just laughed saying I was very polite and funny so I just kept talking so I could walk up and I asked them if they would get me some inject-able pain med that way my nose would stop slight burning and they did... My biggest fear was that I would wake up through the procedure or that when I got out the procedure I would be in excruciating pain...neither of them were deemed true...So I woke up pretty happy that Everything went well...

My Husband told me later that they doctor took a total of 3 hours on my nose because even though I said I had never broken it, It had been broken and the top and was cracked... and my septum was curved so he fixed everything and said that I should be able to breath tremendously better than before the surgery and I didn't even go in there with the thought of breathing better, Also the doctor told my husband that the way my nose looked surpassed the computer imaging so I am uber excited to see me nose I hope he didn't make it too much like a white girl nose and it stays true to my mixed heritage.that right now is my only concern

When I got home I got in bed and took the meds I was supposed to then knocked in and out of consciousness tried to see a little something and drank some fruit juice, put a cold compress on my head and drifted to sleep, I wasn't in pain per-say but discomfort knowing something punched me in my nose so I had residual ouch... I started getting and headache and started feeling pain earlier this evening and it was because my husband miss one of my pain meds :( so I felt pain so I took 1 and a half pill and am now feeling better but still pretty loopy...I have an adjustable bed so It is a light savor right now....It worth it as of doesnt hurt to chew hard food and suprisingly I can breath through my nose although i'm trying not to. I get my cast off next Monday so now the waiting game begins...if you have any question please feel free to ask, I am still using my drip pad and am extremely groggy.

D1-Good afternoon I'm still very loopy so If...

D1-Good afternoon I'm still very loopy so If anything is misspelled my bad. I took and axiety sleeping pill last night becuae my husband actually forgot to give me on of my pain meds soo I was in a light pain, like someone punched me in the nose. But I slept well kept waking up to drink water for my dry mouth and go to the bathroom. But other than that I cant really stretch my face cause the stitches are tight so im scared im going to dislodge something. No bruising yet, got quite a bit wheezy when I was cleaning out my nose with salience solution and antibacterial liquid soap and Salience nasal spray and then finishing it off with brand new bottle of vasilene...I think touching the stitches is was eked me a bit.

Im still in and out of consciousness.. but no pain...

Im still in and out of consciousness.. but no pain just slight discomfit, which in actually just means i have blood running out my nose. and I fee like pinching or stinging ever one is a while but for day 1 for what i was expecting the outcome to even after reading everything writer on this website I still have my thoughts. but everything is going incredible smooth im just relaxing im drugged up and in no pain, I can breathe out my but im not trying to cuase I dont know if I could dislodge anything. :) Iddnt feel like I had anything done. which is awesome. woke and was laughing with the I woke up...the only so far is that my husband made me accidentally miss a pain med so that was the only pain i had. now time to go ice my face...still no brusing :)

Okie dok another day has gone by and I dont know...

Okie dok another day has gone by and I dont know if I am just and such an absurd lightweight but I have just been sleeping and cleaning my nose and trying to watch tv but cant get through a show without falling asleep :) I am in no pain at all I haven't even swollen up like crazy just my eyes a slightly puffy.. But this is a breeze, Im still using the drip pad...but I think tonight will be my last night at doing it....FYI for an ice pack for my face i used a surgical glove added some rubbing alcohol in it along with water, so when you freeze it is slushy and conforms more to your head...just a little tid bit. hehe

Okay So im stiil woozy as all every, I am a very...

Okay So im stiil woozy as all every, I am a very lightweight when it come to med/ alcohol anything so this is no shock to me Ive lost like 5lb which is a perk from a rhinoplasty... Today I feel fine exspect still groggy i only get out of the bed to clean my nose, saline it, and wrap it again and to go to the bathroom alot, since they pumped me with liquids during surgery I cannnot tell at all what my nose is going to look like it covered so much by the cast but take off day the 21st so Im uber excited!!!i woke up ro get a Popsicle eyes are swelling a little bit more but other than than the medication are thoroughly helping. my stitches are starting to itch and hurt every once in a while when I make a facial jester. my Dr. has called me to check on on me which is just wonderful.

D4- This recover has been a breeze my pain...

D4- This recover has been a breeze my pain tolerance is very low so I thought i would be moaning and groaning the whole time but Ive just stayed medicated and sleep with cold compresses on my head my family has been really helpful I only get out the bed to clean my incision and nostrils and to go to the bathroom other than that Ive just been relaxing, although this week has felt like a dream I can tell whats reality and what is not...So much has happened this week for me to have chosen getting a rhinoplasty....but Im still pretty happy and cant wait until Monday to get my cast off I'm nervous it will be to small and now look like me... I cant tell at all what the shape looks like the way my Dr. does cast... Did anyone else have concerns about whether or not your surgeon went trim happy?

Okay Im starting to get really nervous about cast...

Okay Im starting to get really nervous about cast removal what if I dont like my nose at all and I love the way my nose looked before...This is really starting to freak me out I cannot tell at all what my nose looks like yet in 2 days Im going to see what I actually had done to soo nervours, did anyone else feel this way and were your nerves true or not..did you hate your nose when you saw it..I just wanted a bump off my nose not a complete revamp..ahhhh nervous

D-7 I slept terrible last night I don't know why I...

D-7 I slept terrible last night I don't know why I have slept well every night since last night, I even don't know but while I was sleep I started to take my cast off in my delusion :/ I know kinda weird right.. But I am still in not pain not even discomfort I just want to know what the shape of my nose looks like and I will find out tomorrow what it looks like. I am getting anxious... and excited... But counting down the moments to take off..

Hey everyone I m Extremely Nervous about getting...

Hey everyone I m Extremely Nervous about getting the stitches taken it going to hurt terribly?

Okay so on Monday I got my cast taken off and I...

Okay so on Monday I got my cast taken off and I have been really unsure about my appearance...but let me start with I had an Open procedure I had internal and external stitches....I was soo nervous getting the stitches out but my husband held my hand get the ones on the tip taken out weren't painful but it stung slightly when he took them out and that was uncomfortable and I had internal splits that were huge I had no Idea they were in my nose...That was a little weird when they came out cause I had no Idea these huge surf boards were in my nose and then they barely fit to come out my nose...weird...anyways when they handed me the mirror I kinda just looked at myself and didnt really say anything my husband said it looked good..but I just didn't like what I saw to me it looked soooo narrow...I didn't want it that narrow, but as the days go by I am more content with it..but you have to realize you are fixing something on your face and you're used to seeing yourself a certain way and then all of a sudden it is different even if it is what you want you arnt used to seeing yourself a certain as of right now I don't know if I love my nose...I know its different...but I don't know if its different in a good way..

So I added some pictures today...Please tell me...

So I added some pictures today...Please tell me your honest opinion...Do I look horrid

Okay so, something you should know if you are...

Okay so, something you should know if you are going to do this procedure is it unleashes and array of emotions....ARRAY...I have been going threw it these last couple weeks...this Monday it will have been 3 full weeks... and I am now getting excited about my nose... The Doctor said that I would be excited because he surpassed the computer imaging.
My nose feels weird but it is healing really nicely... its swells randomly, sometimes I over do it and forget I just had a major surgery. I still sleep slightly elevated I think it help with the swelling and my nose feels weird when my head is turn all the way to one side horizontally as if its heavy, which is a weird feeling. Under my nose is still slightly red as if I had a cold or something and I have started rubbing scar gel on it to start diminishing of the scar...I posted some pic of before and after they are kinda misplaced...sorry.
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Looks great! Congrats!
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i think it looks smooth and natural, you look beautiful - the same- but your nose looks cuter
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Thank you, I wanted to look the same, like me, but only be able to fix my insecurity.
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Now I have a good idea of what my stitches will look like since mine is an "open". Looks proportional and harmonious on you! p.s. healing nicely!
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I dont know why but I didn't know there was a difference or a possibility that you could get a nose job without cutting underneath so with that part I didn't do my research I just found a Doctor I really liked and trusted and signed up... I would have had it any other way though now that I have had it done..Thank you I really appreciate your kind words.
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Love it!!!! Looks great
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it
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I LOVE your new nose (mind you, I would kill to have your 'before' nose also....)
You look very feminine and pretty!!!!!!
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Really, I really appreciate it difficult this early on because your mind plays so many tricks on you, your vision of you gets distorted. I think you nose looks good..
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Thank you so much, I know it will take time and that is what I am trying to give it, it seems like ever since I got it done under my eyes are so dark so im just trying to give my nose the time to heal so I can like the new me..
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Wow keep us updated! I know what you mean on complaints due to ethnicity. Don't worry I hear it takes time to get our brain used to seeing the new nose. Right now it's foreign to your brain because you've seen yourself one way the whole time. Just let your body heal and your mind adjust.
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Thank you Surrey, I starting to get more nervous about the stitches now..Did you have stitches was it painful to get taken out?
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No, I didn't have stitches. I had a closed procedure. I have no idea if it is painful..but think about all that you have endured thus far. Getting the stitches out will be a breeze. Plus it will be sooo worth it.
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You must be super excited to get the cast off. I was having feelings of "what if I don't like my nose" before I got the cast off as well, I think it's pretty normal. Hope it goes well :)
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i woke up ro get a Popsicle eyes are swelling a little bit more but other than than the medication are thoroughly helping. my stitches are starting to itch and hurt every once in a while when I make a facial jester. my Dr. has called me to check on on me which is just wonderful.
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Oooh, how exciting! I hope you'll let us know how it goes. You might want to check out this post about things I wish I knew before rhinoplasty.

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