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WOW!! This is for Real....tummy Tuck Here I Come! - Orlando, FL

I am a 31 year old mom of two beautiful girls who...

I am a 31 year old mom of two beautiful girls who is ready to wear a two piece again! I got pregnant with my first when I was 19, went from 110 lbs to 160 lbs during my pregnancy which I may also add was mostly gained during my last trimester. Needless to say the stretch marks were inevitable. I then had my 2nd child at 28 and controlled my weight gain ( only gained 30 lbs), however, although I gained no further stretch marks my already existing stretch marks were just made worse.

My decision to get a tummy tuck was not an easy one but after months even years of research I finally booked my tummy tuck with a board certified doctor who seems very confident and is very experienced.

I had my pre-op appointment today.....and it's official because I paid for it in full...so there is no backing out now!!! This site has been amazing and so very informative. I am scared to death and excited at the same time. I wish I could fast forward to the final results!

Oh...and here are my stats: 5'4 129 lbs tummy tuck w/ muscle repair no lipo

4 days to go......and I am a nervous wreck....my...

4 days to go......and I am a nervous wreck....my anxiety is through the roof. I couldn't even sleep last night, I felt like was having a panic attack! I am excited but also really, really scared! I feel selfish for putting myself in the position of possibly losing my life when I have children who need me! I just want to fast forward....to being 4 weeks post op.....

Okay down to the wire.....I am just hours away...

Okay down to the wire.....I am just hours away from surgery! I am sooooo nervous...excited...scared, anxious...omg I can't believe I am about to do this. Please keep me in your prayers!

I am 19 days post op today! Hmmmmm....what can I...

I am 19 days post op today! Hmmmmm....what can I tell other women out there....WEll first off the pain is NOT excruciating, it is bearable and manageable with pain meds (DO NOT SKIP OR MISS DOSE!)I had a hernia repair as well as muscle repair, and I can honestly say that the most pain I experienced was the first night when I needed to get up to use the bathroom. However, I will say that it is very uncomfortable and without a doubt you will need much assistance.
You will be surprised at how much progress you will have in just one week. Patience is a virtue...that I'm not very blessed with..lol. But you will need lots of it. I really wanted to stand up straight within a week...but your body will let you know when it is ready. For me that did not happen until last week (2 weeks post op). But you will notice a little difference each day. But even today at 19 days I am not 100% straight...not noticeable to the public but noticeable to me. Sorry for the novel...but this is my first update since surgery so I don't want to skip anything.
The drains are another major discomfort, luckily mine came out at 6 days post op. For those that have them in longer....patience....because the fluid build up is a risk, so better to have the fluid drain. Especially because swell hell will come...lol...sounds morbid not trying to scare anyone. I am going through it right now.
Lots of swelling...especially if I slip up and eat something I am not suppose to.
My energy level is climbing each day...which is great because I go back to work on Monday. But my best advice to the ladies that are preparing for their big day is to stay positive, practice patience...each day gets better. So at 19 days post op I'm just hoping the swelling goes down....I hate the swelling!!

Okay so yesterday I made 4 weeks post op! Time...

Okay so yesterday I made 4 weeks post op! Time really does go by fast. So let's see....I noticed that my swelling has gone down...considerably better than it was just a week ago. Although I know I still have some swelling, especially in the evenings. I went back to work and although I feel alot better i must admit I was completely drained by the end of the day.
Some of my complaints at this point are pretty minor but still annoying....sneezing is still a nightmare, coughing is a nightmare, my stubble growing back near my incision is sooooo very itchy... LoL..yes minor but annoying!
I feel so ready to workout but my ps is not giving me the okay, he said be patient and wait till my 6 week mark. So two more weeks to go. I'm still not lifting anything over 10 lbs including my 3 year old who weighs well over 10 lbs...lol. I also had a hernia repair so both ps and general surgeon want me to be cautious about lifting.
I'm still experiencing alot of tightness although not anywhere nearly as tight as it felt in the beginning. But if I sit for too long....it's like my muscle contracts or something. So I try to get up frequently especially at work. I also realize that I am not standing 100% upright. Im not hunched...I would say I am 98% upright. I can't arch my back...I guess if try hard enough I can but I don't want to force anything.
I am working very hard on my scar regimen. My ps gave me the okay at 3 weeks...so I purchased the silicone strips online and I bought pure vitamin e oil from the the vitamin shop. I've already noticed a difference.
Lets see what else have i noticed....well I've been able to sleep on my side for about a week now. But only my left side, for some reason the right side still feels uncomfortable to sleep on. This has made a huge difference....i know all of you ladies who are going thru the recovery process know what I'm talking about! Sleeping on your back for weeks really sucks!
Overall I am feeling great! Everyday I feel a little better than the day before. I am glad about my decision and can't wait to go bikini shopping something I haven't done since I was 18! I will post my 4 week pics later on.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Gonzalez was informative and explained the procedure in detail. I had about three consultations with him prior to deciding to move forward. The day of actual surgery, his confidence really put me at ease.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! I'm getting a mommy makeover with TT and breast reduction/lift 4/23/14. I can't wait. Was yours done at the surgery center in Lake Mart? How was the pain? I'm soo curious and excited!!!!!!!
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Hi Springycurls, how was your surgery? I have my first consultation next week for a mommy makeover and planning to have it done mid September.
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Look how tiny your are! The swelling will resolve itself...it may take months before it does...But you look wonderful...:)
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You look incredible!! I'm only five days post-op and feel good about my results so far, but seeing your pics gets me super excited about the future!
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Thank you! You will definitely notice a difference as the days go by! We will definitely be ready for two pieces this summer 8-)
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I am pretty swollen right now, especially near my incision. I'm not sure if Its a full size or half sizes....if I had to guess I would say I am about a full size larger because of the swelling. I have been wearing mostly stretch pants, sweat pants, or dresses.
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Oh my. I will need to find some things to wear when I go back to work. I sure hope I am not too swollen 7 weeks post op I have a business trip and dont want to buy all new suits.
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You look great, Honey, and your waist looks tiny too. I could relate to your comments re: anxiety for the upcoming surgery. Glad you got thru it ok. It's a relief to have it behind us. Just went for a mini w muscle repair on the 22nd. Just started having pain below belly. It's likely the muscle tightening suture. Ouch. Definitely swollen above incision......very much so. Glad to know this is a universal problem. How many days in ru?

Planning to post my post op picts at the one week mark.
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About how tight are you standard cloths after 2-3 weeks PO ? Little bit or full sizes tighter? ..or more. Does seem strang since you you smaller.
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Hey San Francisco, no I did not have the pain pump. I did stay overnight in the hospital so my medicine was directly coming from my IV. But other than that I was on percocet and a muscle relaxer.
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Thank u farz! I also want to add that my bio says no lipo because originally we were not going to lipo, but last minute my doctor made a judgement call and so I trusted his decision....which I think made a huge difference.
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You look fab!!, did you have a pain pump?
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all i can say is WOW !!!
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you look amazing.. i can really see the definition in ur abs.. ur tummy looks like mines. i still have the stretch marks at the bottom im a lil sad about that but over all im happy with my results..hopefully i can slim down a lil more
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Awwww...thank u! It's nice to get the compliments because I have been going thru all of these different emotions....like did I make the right decision...overall I'm happy...but this is really a mental process.
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Thanks ladies! Yeah the swelling really sucks right now But I'm keeping my eye on the prize! Although I'm not sure what I'm going to wear back to work since I can't fit into anything other than stretch pants or sweat pants ...which is ironic...I guess the squishy belly was moldable...lol.
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haha squishy belly! my son says "squishy belly button mommy! squishy squishy!" its his favorite thing in the world lol..anyways you look amazing now.
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You look AWESOME! and I can sympathize with the swelling bit, I'm only 12 days post op and I'm already fed up with it! It's SO frustrating!!! Hang in there!! Before we know it, we'll be free of swelling and admiring our new tummy's!
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Doing well San Fran: Three of the most important items that I believed help me get thru this....1. A walker (my back feels fine) a lot I'd not all the women complain about back pain. 2. A heating pad. While I was sleeping upright my head would hang down sometimes and I'd wake up with neck pain and heating pad would help that. 3. A pain pump. I believethe pain pump is worth it. It helps you a lot especially when getting in out of bed. Today I see mr Dr.today at 11:00am and I feel fine. No pain just soreness. There's only one thing I'm concerned about.... I am standing pretty straight... Not all the way yet but straighter than I thought I would be for 4 days. I'm concerned that that means my stomach isn't tight enough or wasn't tightened enough. I'm guessing that on a couple of days I should be straight or close to being straight again. I can't wait to see my tummy and I hope my concerned isn't anything to worry about. How are you doing?
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When you are feeling better let me know about the pain pump. Do you think it really helps? Take it easy and reast.
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How are you feeling leezah? Just checking in. Hope all is well.
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Well had an issue with a the pain pump... It didn't last the three days they said it would and Woa! I called my doctor and he opened up his office for me and installed a new one. What a relief! The walker I use fir my back is awesome. Feeling fine today just little aches and pains but nothing serious. Hope everyone else is doing good.
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Hey guys--- was home at 2pm and now it's 12:51am. I feel good... Just a little pain so far and I feel good about this. I haven't been able to see my new tummy because I woke up with a binder with lots and lots of cotton dressing in it. However my niece did get a sneak a peek while I was getting dressed and she said it looked awesome! This pain pump I think is making a huge difference. My doctor was great and so was the staff. Hope everyone else feels ok... Update please.
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How are you feeling today.? I really hope you are feeling ok. Keep us posted when you can .
Drink your water :)
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I hope you are doing well Honey! Prayers sent...Can't wait to hear from you.
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