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So here I am, I have been looking at this website...

So here I am, I have been looking at this website for weeks maybe even a month or two. I have seen people who look like me and decided to make a change. I have to say I am sooooo excited to get my tummy tuck on November 21, 2013. I seriously cannot wait.

I am a 23 year old female. Over the past 10 months I have lost 110 pounds. I started in November 2012 at a whooping 263 pounds. Now i weight 154. I have worked so hard, dieted, gave up my favorite foods, and forced myself to the gym numerous times. The amount of people i know that have lost over 100 pounds in less than a year i probably could count on one hand.

A year ago i got into a huge fight with what WAS my best friend. We went back and forth saying nasty things to eachother and finally my weight came up. She mentioned how we went to burger king because SHE was hungry and I didnt even want to go. When we got there I ended up ordering more food then she did! I was so ashamed when she brought this it up... So much for a friend huh? I realized though I have her to thank because if it wasnt for her, I would probably weigh 400 pounds by now!( I used to get triple burgers at 12 midnight along with fries and chili...not to mention a milkshake to go along) She made me realize I should change. AND NOW here i am. 155 pounds. I do not speak to her anymore but dang i would love to shove this new body in her face ;)

I have no children but i do want them. I plan on have children when im like 30 years old. I know that my tummy tuck will get messed up but I have worked so hard to lose my weight that i deserve it for myself. I am a poor college student working about 15 hours a week along with car payments, phone bills, and insurance to pay for. I dont care though, you have no idea how bad I want this. Its worth it for me. I will hopefully graduate in 1 1/2 years with a high paying job and can start paying it off raipdly.
If you're doing it for you do it! You should be happy in life
Well great job on losing that weight Your surgery will go we ll. DO You have children?
no i do not. And thank you! it took a lot of scarifice

1 month to go

Today is my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. I have to say I love him so much. He is supporting me 100 percent in my choice to spend this money and get this tummy tuck. At first he was worried about me and how the surgery will go. But anything that I want very badly and anything that I am willing to work hard to get he will support me 100 percent. He is my partner in crime. The love of my life. He is going to help me after my surgery. He loves me unconditionally and is such a kind hearted person. So unselfish and puts others before himself. He is my best friend and my other half. He keeps me laughing, calms me down when im worried or upset and bring me back to earth when I start getting a little crazy. We complete eachother. He keeps me sane and keeps me thinking realistic thoughts. Truthfully tho, we have sooo many people and odds against us. People would just love to see our relationship fail. Sorry guys, This is REAL.

I am just mentioning him because she is going to be a big part of my Tummy Tuck journey.

With one month to go, I am just trying to loose as much more weight as I can so that after the surgery I can work on getting those abs and cutting the last amount of fat. My goal weight was 120-130 and I have 155. So hopefully I can loose 10 more pounds before the surgery so i wont have to loose that much after. Depending on how the surgery goes tho, I might not even have to loose anymore weight. I have been going to the gym about 4-5 times a week and working on gaining muscle. Its getting hard to keep this up, so hopefully my surgery will get rid of the last fat I have.

Here are some pictures!

more picutres of loose skin


congrats and good luck!
I would wait until after the babies.. unlesss you are sure that they will be small to medium size fetuses... if they are lager you may undo what has been done
Btw theres all kinds of posts on baby center by women having kids post tt and many didnt need revision or only needed small revisions. Also theres a few responses on here. Just Google "pregnancy after tummy tuck" if you're interested!

The Ah HA moment..

Good luck!!
Congratulations on your weight loss and decision to lead a healthy lifestyle! I also had a massive weight loss (100lbs), and was left with excess skin, flab and stretch marks! I had a lower body lift, as well as arm and breast lift...All I can say is it has changed my life! I know you will love your results, they will be amazing! keep up the good work, I am looking forward to following your transformation.
Great weight loss! Amazing! So glad you were able to shred all those unwanted pounds and despite how it can to be your were able to find the positive out of a negative situation and make it happen. Congrats and all the best to you cant wait to see your flat tummy when your done. will check in on your progress..

prep almost here

hey guys. so pre op appointment is 4 days away!! nov 7. I am currently 153. which is not where I really want to be but hopefully my stomach will flatten and tighten up after the tummy tuck. I have been trying to keep losing weight but it's hard now. idk why.
I am starting to get nervous! especially since right now I am enrolled in radiography school and 2 times a week I am in surgery rotation at the hospital. I have to stand and watch the patient come in on a strecher, get transferred on a table, be put to sleep using anesteshia, and then get cut open and dragged around. I have seen/heard/smelled burning skin, sawing of hip bones and other bones, hammering of metal bars and plates into people's bodies, and also blood being sucked up through tubes and dripping all over the floor. all while I have to take xrays of these poor patients lol

jus makes me think like wow I'm gona be that patient soon that is put to sleep and cut open. makes me nervous but I know it's so worth it. I still can't believe I'm doing this. now more than ever I need my baby by my side

I know pretty soon I have to stop going to the gym. I don't know what I'm going to to with myself lol I go to the gym almost everyday. I don't want my abs/ ass to loose it's muscle while I am banned from the gym.

stil hard to believe that I was morbidly obese and now I will have a flat tummy weighing 150 pounds. amazing. I shock myself sometimes. and other times I'm really upset at myself because I feel so fat.

lastnight It hit me though. I used to not be able to wear my boyfriends belts because they were too small for me. couldn't even think about it. but yesterday my boyfriend tried to put on one of my current work belts and it was too SMALL for him. jus made me really proud of myself. I have never weighed less than him and now I'm 10-15 pounds lighter than him.

I just need to stay proud of myself.
Good job girl on what you have accomplished!  I also kept my tummy tuck as the last thing to be done after weight loss.  It makes you feel so good knowing there is nothing else you can do and it feels deserving!!   Good luck!  You will do great!
Awesome job! I am going for a consultation in Dec here in Vancouver BC. You think I could take off even 20lbs? I have yoyoed with my diet and weight for quite some time now. I'm 50 and have had 3 boys and gained tons of weight with each baby, lost it each time and now I am about 20lbs more than I would like to be and have a belly of loose skin I can not tighten up anymore. What's crazy is, I went for a consultation almost 20 yrs ago and have finally found my way back to the same doctor and plan to finally get this done in the new year! Best of luck with the surgery!
Great job hon, keep it up. very proud of your journey

NO turning back now!

So today was my pre op appointment. I was supposed to be Nov 7 but it got moved to Nov 8. It went very well. I took my before picutres and got all my information I needed.
I was a little nervous about where my incision was going to be but the nurse told me that it was going to be VERY low and that when i go into surgery to remind him that I wear my pants low and bathing suits low.

I am super excited and Its only 2 weeks away. I have to start taking my vitamin C and soon start my other pre medications. I am overwhelmed about how much money I spent but i have to rememeber it will all be worth it in the end. I cant wait to join the FLAT SIDE.

got my prescribed medication and oitments!

im going to go crazy not being able to go to the gym for 6 weeks after.. im going to feel like im getting soooo fat LOL :(

pre op pictures wont come until its over and i will be sure to upload them!

cant wait... less than 2 weeks. its crunch time!
Hope you are doing well. I'm 3 days post op.
thats amazing! i am doing good. my back is just killing me and my abdomen is so tight that its hard to move around and walk around. Are u standing up any straighter? how straight are u able to stand? Does your abdomen feel less tight than day 1?
Hey girl, how are you?

post op day 1

My stomach is very tight and sore and it hurts to get up on the bed and sit back and lean back. They said they took 5 pounds off of me! my tattoos are kind of messed up as well. Hopefully the artists can fix these later on. I cannot stand up straight at all i am almost flexed 90 degrees.

My muscles feel as thought i am having period cramping mixed with a intense ab exercise. I just hope this tightness elliveates in the next couple days. Its very annoying to deal with.

My incision looks to be very low which is a very good thing. My surgeon was amazing and he went pretty far back taking a lot of skin and fat off

One of my drains seem to constantly be pulling on my skin or under my skin i cant tell but its hurt sometimes as well..

I seem to be getting up and going to the bathroom (pee) every hour. I guess my bladder is being pushed and smooshed just like they say about your stomach. With my muscles being so tight its hard to tell if im hungry or if i have to pee!

Anyone going into their 3rd or 4th day? can you tell me if the tightness gets any better? AND are you able to stand up any better?

thanks for the support everyone. Pictures will come in the next couple days once im feeling up to it
I am at 5 days post op, and the tightness does get better. After the first day I did not believe I would ever straighten out. I am just now starting to feel like I am walking normal with a hunch. Good luck !
thanks for the info! ur ur pre op body reminds me of my pre op body. I cant wait to see post op pics of you! good luck as well
The tightness feels the same but I am walking much straighter for sure. I've just got my head and shoulders hunched, not so much my back. Yes the back ache for me is worse than my tummy! I haven't sneezed or coughed yet tho... I think my doc did lipo on my sides and thru to my back and that is making it hard for me to be comfy in any position I try to sleep in. The back ache is the worst! Can't wait for it to get better. If I was to compare myself now in day 3 to how I was in day 1 is a huge improvement in mobility. In day 1 I couldn't see myself getting to the car from the hospital bed but sure enough on day 2 i made it. Each and every day will be better than the one before (I hope!) I do feel your pain!

first pic

so I thought I would upload this pic I have. this is the best pic I could get right now. I'm not standing up straight so I can't get a full pic of my tummy. but my tattoo is almost totally gone. I'm gona miss it. I abs to think of something to cover it up with.

my inscision is sooo low. my public hair is right under the inscision.

my stomach feels as though everything around my belly button is swollen and my belly button feels as tho it's going to pop. all my skin around it seems to be pulling on it and it's creating like a bowl look to my belly. I hope that is jus the swelling :/

I can't wait to stand up straight and walk around normal. hopefully only a couple more days :/

my boyfriend had to go back to work today and I'm here laying down alone. I'm able to get up and walk around and go to the bathroom alone, I just feel better when he is here. 5pm please come faster!!

so I'm jus gona lay here and do some hw. please please please let me stand up normally soon
Lookin good girly, congrats!
Hope your recovery is going well, congrats:) BTW, i'm 10 days po and still cannot stand up straight haha! It's getting better and everyone is different. You may have no problem standing up straight:)

doing better but feeling down

ok so I can stand up straight now, it's jus when I get up from sitting or laying down it kinda takes me a little cause everything is so tight and it hurts to get up fast.

I am so comfortable with this tightness and I have pain on my hips on the sides. it's soo annoying and idk how much more I can take of this tightness. :(.

my drains are still not out. I'm putting out like 50cc still and my nurse said it has to be 30. OMG I may have these in for a whole another week! the sites of my drain look as tho the stiches are coming out. it looks like it's gona slip right out of my skin. has that happened to anyone? the drain site is painful and pulling at my skin. the stiches are not only being held by part of my skin. not all the way around. they feel like they are pulling at my skin. it hurts when the tubes move. I cannot wait to get these things out OMG

I had my post op appt on Wednesday and I asked the nurse about my belly. as far as my belly goes, I have fat rolls on either side of my belly button. like when I stand up they bulge out. I don't think he did a very good job of keeping my belly flat. the nurse said it should be flatter. the nurse said that it's too soon to tell if its swelling of fat, I think it's fat. but she said the doctor would lipo it at no charge. let's hope that's true
I'm kinda depressed about that. when I sit I will have a roll. hm......idk if it's swelling or fat. I can't tell the difference. I would like to say I don't have any swelling but I don't know the difference. also the skin on left side of my belly button is puffing out more than the right side. I don't know what that is either.

I'll post a pic so u can see someone can please tell me the difference and what I have lol

I am sick and tired of this tightness and tingling everytime I stand up. i can't stand up for too long and these drains just get in the way. it's hard to shower and I'm afraid of them pulling.

I have a small compression garment and I still think it's not small enough. I have it the tightest it can go and I think it should be tighter.

I'll post more pics when I actually get up out of bed and take. shower :/ feeling lazy. the tightness and pain makes me not want to get up :(
Im sure you are still swollen! I 10wks and still get it. This is a long recovery process! Be patient and soo you will be loving your new flat tummy! The tightness is a good thing and will loosen up. Take it easy! :)
You should be standing up until stitches out be careful unless they out already
Oh it will be tight for a while I'm at 7 months and it's still super tight and Lil painful to lay on . So my but t hurts and sides hurt at time. Stomach tightness is for about a year or so my friend is a year post op and still tightness in her stomach Hang in there plus you have your man for support

fat? 14 days PO

oK SOOO i need your guys expert opinions.. I feel like I have excess fat on my abdomen that he didnt take out. I feel like my belly bottom is a bowl and the fat on the sides are the edges of the bowl.. arent bellies supposed to be flat after a tummy tuck??

Im nervous that this is fat and not swelling. I understand I do have swelling here but this cant all be swelling!

also what do you guys eat post op? do u diet? or just eat normal? cause i cant exercise so i dont know what to do


Hey wait for a while. All of us were talking at the beginning about how the surgeon missed something and we were still fat or hippy or rolly. Now a few months later that is starting to really go away. My first bending over picture I looked deformed. Now it looks normal. At two weeks you are at the height of your swelling. You are going to look great!!
I agree with the other ladies. It takes a while for the flatness to come. Also for your waist to show up. I was thick and wide looking too, I still am, but there has been improvement from the first set of photos I took to last. Your waist will come in very gradually. And that swell hell seems like its the longest post op irritation there is. Hang in there...you have come such a long way. I know its hard to not be discouraged .I was in that funk too. Just keep posting here because all the ladies are so helpful. You'll get through this with all that support backing you. {{{hugs}}}

update in bikini

so I am feeling pretty good today. don't feel anymore fluid. jus swelling!

I know this takes time and I just can't wait to go back to the gym and tone my belly and sides. I hate looking like a square box belly lol

I have full confidence that my scar will fade well. cause it is a little high and isn't covered by my tattoos u know?


You look fantastic!
well till your scar heals you might want to get a two piece bottom that comes up a little further, I love those new "retro" style bottoms for bathing suits
You look fabulous. What a great result. Congratulations.

4 weeks!

I feel really good :) still staying the same weight I jus want to lose my back fat now :/

and I hate how my anchor tattoo looks now

my scar is soo red. I started bio oil on it a couple days ago

4 weeks

You look great! You can always fix the tattoo! Now that your 4 wks your energy should start to come back! Enjoy! :)

I am starting to work out again

so I am beginning to work out again but I have been feeling so lazy. I jus don't want to go workout!

I tried doing ab workouts but it's still hurt me so I try to only do a little.

I have a square wide belly and I don't know if that is because of swelling or not. I just have NO shape to my abdomen :(. I am giving it time but I think I will be like this forever

I am scheduled to get my dog eat off on January 20 so that's a good thing

more. help!

more pics. see a difference?

is his swelling?

will I thin out?

anyone gone through and looked like me at 7 weeks? I would love to see what you look like now and if I will change?!
You look awesome!!!
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