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Working On my Weight So I Can Get my TT - Orlando, FL

Hello! a lil bit about me! I'm 27yrs old, I have 3...

Hello! a lil bit about me! I'm 27yrs old, I have 3 beautiful boys (ages 4,3,1) After so many pregnancies, I gained so much weight and my belly is just Blah! I didn't feel bad about my weight since my hubby always complemented me! Until I saw a picture of myself! OMG I wanted to die. I was at 187lbs and then my journey to loose weight continued! I started on June 15, 2012 My birthday and so far I have lost 39lbs! I weigh 148 Its such a good feeling! So I'm still eating healthy trying to lose more weight so I can get my tt next year! I was searching online for PS and found this site! Thanks to all you ladies I've learned so much and am looking forward to continue this journey! :)


Keep up the good work you can do it!!! You will be tummy tuck bound in no time.
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Great job on the weight loss how did you all do it !!! I have lost 50+ but still have 70 more to go and Im at a stand still PLEASE HELP
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Great job on your weight loss! It's not easy but you've done a great job ;)
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