new pics ** almost 13 weeks

Wow... after reding all your reviews for over 9...

wow... after reding all your reviews for over 9 months now, I am finally 2 weeks away from the flatlands and I couldnt be more excited. I just had my blood tests, EKG etc.. I will get the results next Wednesday, so luckily, on Aug 14... I am getting this done. I was finally able to lose those 60lb that I have been carrying around for the last 7 years.. so now is the time, I know I will not regret it. I got 1 month off work, an great PS, supporting friends and family.. .so.. yes.. I am doing it :)

Ok... blood tests and EKG done and we are good to...

ok... blood tests and EKG done and we are good to go.... Aug 14... here I go
Hey! My surgery is set for Aug 13 so we can be TT recovery buddies! Haha!

I just picked up my meds today, I have five in total. Picking up my meds made it seem so much closer!

How old are you? I did not get any bloodwork or labs done so I wonder why.

Good luck!!!
Just wanted to wish you luck as we share the same surgery date. :)

Welcome to RealSelf!   Great job on the weight loss - wow.  

Get ready to saddle up and start the ride to the new you.  Keep us up to date on your process.  We will all be here to support you through your journey.  


Do you have any suggestion or advise 10 days...

Do you have any suggestion or advise 10 days before surgery?
Please, any comment is welcome :)
Thank you!
Hey!! yes!!! TT recovery buddies!
I am 33, no children and my ps wanted the blood tests and EKG to be sure I was in good health and all levels are normal. I thought they were routinary...
Good luck to you too!
lets keep in touch with our updates ;)
Thank you, and good luck to you too! Aug 14, here we go!! ;)
Thank you Kimmer, I am so excited and nervous at the same time.. but I guess it is just part of the whole transformation. :)

This is happening so soon!!!

This is happening so soon!!!
Hello pinkmarshmellow! Just passing by to wish you luck on your surgery Day! Keep us posted as soon as you can :) flatlands, wait for us!

Well im back after 17 days finally, the first 2...

Well im back after 17 days finally, the first 2 nights were really difficult, the pain from the lipo was terrible in my back and thighs, I couldnt sleep but by the third night it got better. One week PO my PS had to drain my back, I had too much liquid there making my back sore and very hard. Today is my third visit PO, I will post some pictures later.
Happy healing everyone!

Here are some pictures of my new tummy 17 days PO,...

Here are some pictures of my new tummy 17 days PO, before taking a shower and going to my PS.
Until now, Im so happy with the results! I am even able to put on my pre op jeans!
I will try to add more pictures with clothes on. I have ty wear my full body CG because of the lipo on my back, and thighs, but still with it, I feel great.
My new bb I feel it is not round, it is a little vertical but I still love it! :)

Well, I will post again on Monday after my visit to my PS again.
Happy healing eevryone!

Hi there! it’s been one month already, I went...

Hi there! it’s been one month already, I went back to work a week ago and being sit for so much time is really painful and uncomfortable as hell! My PS gave me a full compression garment and a binder to use on top of it. After sitting for some time and then standing up, I feel like everything hurts so much, my tummy, my legs, my back… then after walking for a little while, the pain goes but it happens several times during the day.
Luckily I have a 2 hour lunch break which I use to go home and lay down and rest.

About my scar, I think it is getting better, there are parts that are so perfect, very thin and pink, but in the front I have few parts that are like “open”.

I will post some pics about my scar and my tummy later today… I reaaallly hope it is swelling and not fat.

Please comment and happy healing :)

I am adding some after and before pictures. I am...

I am adding some after and before pictures. I am really happy with my results.
Happy healing everyone :)
Who was your PS I'm in Orlando too! and I'm still looking for one
Hi Pinkgal - great photos! Your before photos could be me! I'm having my tt on 10/2 (in just 10 days!!). Very nervous. I was mentioned getting back in your preop jeans. Did your jean size change at all?

Hey everyone! I hit my 6 weeks mark today and I...

Hey everyone! I hit my 6 weeks mark today and I could not be happier. I feel great and so happy with my results.
I was told by my PS today that I can stop wearing one of the 2 CG she gave me... I am excited and really nervous at the same time, I am not sure how am I going to feel with nothing pressing my belly... I only have to use one of them for 8 hours at least so I think I will use it during the day that I am sitting and walking and driving... and sleep only in my pj´s, lets see how that goes.
I will try to post more pics this week :)
thanks and happy healing everyone!
Hey omgitsdidi, I live in Orlando but a good friend of mine recommended a wery well known PS in Mexico City so I went there to have it done. I stayed there for 3 weeks and then came back.
I am sorry I could not help you more, but please feel free to ask me any question.
Good luck :)
Hi Lynn :)
Woow! October 2 is really close!
Yes, I am using my preop jeans and actually as I am still using two CG, I havent tried any smaller size of pants. I do feel them a little loose but it is still too soon to shop, I am so looking forward to be ready and go shopping! I guess in a month or so Ill do that.
Please keep us posted on you healing.
Best of luck!

Hello everyone, im almost hitting my 13 week mark....

hello everyone, im almost hitting my 13 week mark... wow that was fast!
take a look at the pics!
Hi, I'm at 6 weeks going on 7 next Wednesday. You seem to have the same thing I do, the swelling above the incision and roll. How long did it take for the swelling to go down and was it a gradual thing? I constantly have this roll/hard ridge above the center of my incision and so if I put on something tight it's this odd little pooch. Not sure if you can see it in my pictures but as I said I am six weeks and hoping it improves down the road. Thanks,
your results are amazing, you look like a totally different person, congrats xx
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