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TT Yesterday!!!! - Orlando, FL

Wow, not as horrible as I imagined!! Went in...

Wow, not as horrible as I imagined!! Went in Thursday at 6:30 am & was home a few hpurs later. Still in pain, hunched over, my tummy feels tighter than shoes laces pulled together as tight as possible, tired!! I'll keep posting :)Will post pics as soon as I have more energy & drains are removed!! Will I ever stand straight up again??? Lol


Try weening off the pain meds. I'm 2 weeks post op and my biggest tip is switch to Tylenol. I felt 10 times better after I switched. I'm now starting to sleep more comfortable. You will get tired to sleeping in the same position try to alternate to the couch or a recliner. Each day seriously gets better. Post ur pics and keep us posted.
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I have 4 weeks till full TT and am taking all the davice you ladies have to offer. Thanks for all the tips ...it goes to show me that my feeling are all normal.I am so pleased to find others in their late 50's who have decided to do this for a better quality of life.I am doing pilates 30 minutes a day to strengthen my body ready for surgery.I will keep you posted.
K-J, I am your age..good luck with your TT today.
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Good luck!! You'll do great!! Pilates will definitely make you stronger. I wish I had worked on my back muscles more, the hunching over is rough on the back muscles :-( Keep us posted!!!

Things are going well. I am one week post op. Went...

Things are going well. I am one week post op. Went to the doctor yesterday and he removed one drain. Still have one left, but that is ok. One is better than two. I'm still feeling well, getting a little tired and napping throughout the day. No pain meds. The surgery was WELL WORTH it ladies. DO IT if you are thinking about it. I don't have ANY REGRETS!! Posting some before and 1 week post op pics.


Wow Nancy, your belly looks great even if it is swollen. You're going to be slimming down in not time. Do you miss your stretch marks? I can't imagine a smooth belly without stretch marks!
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Hey Orlando 321, thanks for the compliment. I thought the same thing, I'll take swollen ANYDAY!! You can have a smooth belly without stretch marks too!! I never thought I'd see the day. My son is 17 so I've had this tummy for 17 years. It was a GREAT feeling knowing it'd be gone, lol. You're name is ORLANDO 321, I guess you live in Orlando? My plastic surgeon is in Orlando. His name is Dr. Armando Soto, he gives free consultations =)
hey Nancy your tummy looks really good. I got 4 days to go. yikes
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2 weeks post op today. I got my 2nd drain out...

2 weeks post op today. I got my 2nd drain out yesterday. It was painless. I'm still wearing my binder garmer ast tight as possible. I'm feeling great. Shopping for Christmas and taking walks around the neighborhood. I still get tired quicker than normal and my back aches a bit, but nothing terrible. For all you women who are not sure if they should do,I say GO FOR IT!! My expereince was so much more scary in my head than it was in real life. It was SO much easier than I had imagined!!


I have Dr. Soto as my PS as well. I saw him in November for a consult and I go back in March for my second consult. However, I already booked my pre-op and surgery! So excited.
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I bet you are excited!! My excitement outweighed my fear when it came to surgery day. I was so excited!! It will all be worth it! Good luck! Keep us updated...

3 weeks post op: went back to work this week. I...

3 weeks post op: went back to work this week. I work for a library and am on my feet 8 hours a day, 3 days a week. I can sit for (2) 15 breaks and a 30 minute lunch. My binder was snug at the beginning of the day but after three hours on my feet the binder was so tight from all the swelling. I am now taking ibuprofen and (still) taking Bromelain to help reduce swelling. Hopefully the swell hell will slowly dissipate. I can't wait for week 6 to arrive to get this binder OFF, ugh!!


Hey Nancy, yes my date is the 20th of this month that's next Thursday. How are you feeling? Are you finally standing straight up and are you able to do a full 8 hours at work? I can't wIt to see your 6 week pix.
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Im doing fantastic. Yes, I'm back to work and the 8 hour shifts are back to normal. No more tiredness. My back does not hurt at all. Actually, nothing hurts. Thank goodness. The only time I notice swelling in my abdomen is when I eat alot of salt products, so I've been trying to steer clear of those. Honestly I don't think I'd notice the swelling if it weren't for this binder/garmet that is skin tight. I've been walking daily too. Hopefully I can go back to working out soon. I know I won't be able to work my abs this soon from what I've read, but hopefully the rest of my body. I am down 2 pants sizes already. I can't believe it. It hasn't even been a full 6 weeks yet. I go back to dr on Tuesday & hopefully will be rid of this binder forever!! Good luck to you. I'm sure you will do fine!! I'm excited for you. It was the best decision for me! I have ZERO regrets!!
I am so happy for you. You look amazing!!! I can't wait till I'm taking my pix. My surgery is on the 20th It took me several years to get the courage to finally have this procudre done and reading your post gave me that little push I needed.

Again, you look amazing.
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6 weeks post op appointment was today. I'm...

6 weeks post op appointment was today. I'm actually hitting the six week mark in two days, but that's ok. I no longer have to wear the compression garmet. The drive home my tummy felt funny without the garmet. It almost feels as if my muscles are re-stretching out, but apparently that is normal. My 2 drain tube sites aren't completely healed, but they are getting better. The nurse removed 3 stitches that were kind of making the drain sites inflamed a bit. Posting 6 week post op pics. My belly button is so cute, I LOVE IT. It looks so natural and I think it's perfect. Dr. Soto did an absolutely fantastic job, better than I expected. Ladies, if you are not sure, do it!!!!!! I have ZERO regrets. It was worth every ounce of pain!!!!


Hey Nancy2929,

just wondering how you're doing? Have any new pix to share?
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I an having a tt with Dr Soto on April 4. You look wonderful hope I could come close to that! My question is was there ever a time in recovery where you felt like you couldn't breath well or get enough air? I look forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Longhorn, I had ZERO problems with the procedure or the recovery. I went in to DR S at 6:30 am. Dr S and his nurse & anesthesiologist all came in to talk with me. They gave me the IV in my arm and next thing I remember is waking up & having some crackers and juice. I never felt like I couldn't breathe or get enough air. I was still kind-of groggy when I woke up, but I stood up and was moved to a chair where the nurse helped me get dressed. About 30 minutes later I was heading home. It was ALOT less scary than I had imagined in my head. GOOD LUCK. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Soto and his staff are wonderful, caring, professionals. Their expertise and experience are proven by their outstanding results. My tummy tuck wasn't half as painful or scary as I imagined. I can't wait to show off my new tummy =)

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