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I have been wanting to get this done for at least...

I have been wanting to get this done for at least 7 years. I have two kids, 12 and 9, both born by c-section. I gained 14 lbs with my son and 8 lbs with my daughter. More than anything this was due to being sick throughout my pregnancies. Although I didn't gain much I carried totally in the front and my tummy paid the price! Now I am 5'3 155 lbs and still carry almost all of it in my tummy.

I am excited to get this over with and I totally trust my PS and can take pain pretty well. Here is my problem I am FREAKING OUT about having panic attacks after the the surgery from feeling like I can't breath!! This is really my only worry. So scared I'll wake up and be sown so tight from the muscle repair and swelling I won't be able to get a full breath.

I am reaching out to anyone whose had this done. Please let me know,good or bad, how this was for you. What helped and what didn't. Was breathing a big deal or not really?

I greatly appreciate any input. Thanks to every for sharing your experiences on this sight!!

So I went to my pre op Tuesday, been having stress...

So I went to my pre op Tuesday, been having stress head and neck aches since. Thinking I may need the muscle relaxers for the 2 1/2 weeks before surgery more than after. JK. I am already on some meds for panic attacks so my PS wants my Psych to sign off on all the meds he is giving me. Makes me a little more nervous but no one said it would be easy. Just worth it. I talked to 2 different pharmacists and they both said it shouldn't be a problem but to just try to take my meds about an hour apart from each other. Oh yeah also picked up a new rocker recliner from Lazyboy so I can recover in style. Well guess that's all from me right now. Hope everyone else is doing well on their journeys. Bathing suits here we come.

I started to get a cold Tuesday night and my...

I started to get a cold Tuesday night and my surgery is this Monday. I think I will be ok as long as it stays in my sinuses and not my lungs. I can't use a nedi pot because my ears are infected. Dr gave me a z-pack ( antibiotics) and trying to drink lots of OJ. Really hope this works itself out I don't have family in this state (besides husband who already took next week off). So grandmas are flying across country at the end of next week to help out. Guess that's it for now, I'll let you know if I get to have surgery or not when I know.

Surgery date was moved to the 11 th of April...

Surgery date was moved to the 11 th of April because my mom got sick. Hope I don't have to reschedule again.

Well I made it through! I went in Monday at 9:30...

Well I made it through! I went in Monday at 9:30 and went into surgery at 11:30. This for me was the hardest part. The sitting there thinking am I crazy am I really going to let someone do this to me? However I managed not to run out the door screaming and got it done. I left the surgery center about 4pm and was lucky and didn't really have any nausea. I won't lie the first days were tough but you make it through and it does get a little better every day. So far no regrets just waiting for some of the swelling to go down so I can get an idea of what I will look like. Hope everything is going well for the rest of my real self family. I'll post pics after I get my drains out.
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can you post pics...thinking about using Dr. Soto! How are your scars healing?
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happymommy2- I have not posted any pics online yet. Kinda weirded out about posting them actually. lol What I can tell you is 100% would I recommend Dr. Soto. My scar is super low and thin. I am 4 weeks today. My waist is tiny already and I still have some swelling. I will try to post a picture that shows my tummy but not my scar so you can see. I did have to have a vertical scar because of not having a lot of skin above and I was so bummed at first. Now, even without doing any cremes or anyting on the vertical scar its super thin and I really don't think it will be seen in time. And you can only see it if I wear a bikini. Not even in jeans. My entire process of dealing with Dr. Soto's office has been amazing. He must be the most kind ps out there. And typically when I find a dr that I like the office staff is just ok. Nope, everyone that I have come in contact with is amazing. I had met with one other ps a year ago and left there in tears. His demeanor of what my tummy looked like made me feel so bad about myself. And I am in pretty good shape but that tummy got messed up with a large baby. Have you met with Dr. S yet?
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Can't wait to see pics!!
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Longhorn, nice to read about your experience. I can't wait for my time. I pray that I don't have nausea. Can't wait to see pics!
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Longhorn! I have been thinking about you, because I remember reading about your panic attacks and anxiety as I am in a very similar boat. I am 2 dpo and could not do the Percocet anymore.. it was making me feel much too down an I am just taking Ibprofren 400 and a Xanax and I am doing great. I did have a bit of the "breathing fear" 1 day post- but, that was due to my tape under the binder being wayyyyyyy to tight for me to handle. Its off now, and I am feeling great. I am wondering how you are doing with the pain meds and the xanax....
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I know you are probably drugged and exhausted. I am hoping that now since its been 2 days you might be feeling better? Keep updating. Would like to know how you are doing.
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Today is the day that you get get to join the sexy tummy club!! Good luck in surgery! I'll be thinking about you today and sending healing thoughts your way! Here's to speedy recoveries and sexy tummies!
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It can be a scary thought that the doctor will cinch you up so tight tht you won't be able to breathe. But the doctor knows whatt he is doing and will not make things more difficult for you. Now it will hurt and you won't be able to walk straight up for awhile but it will be worth it. My doctor not only pulls in the muscles that run down th middle but also pulls the obliques in to. For the hour glass look. I have never had much of an hour glass figure because my hip structure is so narrow but I am starting to see the results and I love it. Have stool softners on hand as well as fiberous foods like apples and pears, bran cereal, prunes or prune juice, etc. NO BANANAS! I wouldn't eat cucumbers either because they cause a lot of gas...that is an ouchy when your system has slowed down. You will also need foods rich in protein. Keep your pain meds close by along with a lot of water. Do get up and walk, short distances. DO NOT do housework for awhile. If you start doing too much you will have healing complications. Lean on family and friends to help you. Especially the first two weeks. Also do your breathing excersises if you are given a breathing excercise equipment. That will help keep you from getting congestion in your lungs. It will be a little sore when you do it but it is a lot better to that than have to cough! Most importantly, follow your doctors intructions to a t. Also listen to your body when it tells you that you need to rest and it will....frequently. Looking forward to your after photos...:) Good luck...feel free to ask any question. That is what we are here for...:)
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Ok - so, I'm pretty excited about you using Dr. Soto! Out of all the pics I've seen on here - his work is most impressive to me overall! Yay for you!
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You will be able to breath! And if you're having a hard time, they will just strap oxygen on you and it's all right. :) I'm now 2 weeks post op (horray) and I'm feeling awesome.
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Thanks for the reassurance. Trying to keep positive thoughts. Glad to hear your feeling well.
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I can't wait to read about your experience. I am scheduled with Dr S in late July. It seems so far away and when I read about everyone's results I can't wait. I too waited 18 years after the birth of my son to have a tt done. I have been working out 3-4x a week for a year now and while I feel great the tummy doesn't show my hard work.
You will be great. You raised 3 kids (a set of twins) this will easy for you. :)
Keep us all posted.
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Longhorn!! I am so happy to read that someone else has this concern! I have major anxiety attacks pretty frequently and a major "trigger" for me is feeling like I cannot breathe! I alreadt mentioned this to my PS and I plan on bringing it up again on April4 at my pre-op.... I currently am prescribed Xanax, but think I might inquire about getting something a little more heavy duty for post op... and probably even the day before the surgery! I will be a mess I am sure... but, it still feels surreal so, I think thats why I havent really freaked yet.... When I get in the OR they better knock me out ASAP or I might go running naked out to the parking lot! Lol We will do fine, I am sure... Eye on the prize!!!
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Xanax is also what I use thats the one they are worried about mixing. Trust me I feel your pain about the OR they better strap me down and drug me fast. LOL We'll have to keep up and support each other. My TT got reschuled for Apil 11 instead of 4. Talk to you soon let me know what your Dr says about taking the meds all together.
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Longhorn, I am sorry your family had to push your date back. However, it makes me feel better that it was your choice and not Dr. Soto's. That is my biggest worry, rescheduling! Of course anything can happen to change the dates. You will be doing fine by July rolls around. The new surgery date is April 11th, right? I will only be 5 weeks healed, when I take my vacation in late July! However, from all who have had this surgery, they say by the end of the 2nd week, they really are so much better. You will still be tired and sore, but able to do a lot on your own. I still have 4 1/2 more months of waiting till my surgery!
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I am sorry to hear that your date was rescheduled. I know that has to be frustrating. How come your date got moved back to the 11th? That is a big concern of mine. When I initially meet with Dr. S., it was my third appt. The office kept having to reschedule the appt with me. So when I booked my 2nd consult, my pre-op, op and post-op. I asked Sarah if things get rescheduled a lot. I don't want to feel that I am on the back burner. She said that it rarely happens. I just don't want my surgery date to get it moved. We have it perfectly planned to fit with our summer schedule and vacation dates. I want to be healed as much as possible before our July vacation. However, from your description, you should have awesome results. Keep me updated!
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It was actually my conflict not there's I have family comming from out of state to help me and their schedule changed. It is hard to wait longer and now I will only have 2 weeks of help instead of 3 but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. We also have vacation plans in late July so here's to quick healing.
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you will be surprised at how much you can do by the 2nd week. The 1st week you will want alot of help and by the 2nd not so much, so don't worry about the change in plans, you will be fine on your own after 2nd week.
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Hi Longhorn,
We have the same PS. Your surgery is two months before mine. Very jealous. I actually go back to DR. Soto for another consult next month. I look forward to seeing your before and after pictures. Keep us updated.
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My date actually got moved back to the 11 th. I will do my best to keep you posted. I can't upload pics from my iPad but will see what I can do on my laptop. Good luck with your surgery.
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Hi Longhorn,

Yes you will be tight after the surgery from the muscle repair.  Just remember to stay calm and take slow easy breaths.  The more calm you are able to stay the easier it will be.  Trust me in saying that you won't want to take a deep breath after surgery so don't worry about that. 

If you find you are having a ton of anxiety just tell your doctor right away.  They have medication that can be prescribed for that.  Don't be a hero and try to go without meds.  You need them the first couple of weeks. 

Focus on the end prize and you will be fine!
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Hi longhorn,
Don't worry. I am almost 3 weeks past my tt and have had absolutely no problem breathing. Your stomach will feel like it is pulled tight, but of course that is understandable after everything that has been pulled and tightened. I am feeling good and stronger everyday. Just try not to be too anxious about the surgery. It will be a piece of cake and you will sail right through. Just be excited for what you are getting ready to do for yourself. Bikinis for all of us this summer. Yay!
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I think your fear is a common one among folks about to embark on a tummy tuck. It's a big surgery and requires a lot of thought and introspection. Your surgeon has a great reputation and I have a feeling you're going to do great!

For you or anyone else reading this who's interested, I'm hosting a webinar on February 15th at 5:30pm PST called "Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back". The panelists will be Dr. Elizabeth Lee, a plastic surgeon in the Bay Area, Kimmers, our wonderful tummy tuck moderator, and JenBob, a fantastic, hilarious and informative RealSelf user.

You'll be able to listen in and ask questions of the doctor and Kimmers and JenBob, who've both had tummy tucks themselves.

We have 80 more spots and expect a full house, so reserve your virtual seat now.

Hope you can make it!

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Yes I did feel that feeling of not being able to get a good deep breath at first. But, no worries!! It wasn't scary or anything...and believe me I WOULD have issues with that. I have had anxiety issues in the past and it's not fun.
This was very temporary and I just needed to consciously make myself remember to take some deep cleansing breaths when I felt that breathlessness. It was completely gone after the 2nd day.
I too have been able to do light housework and laundry by my 4th or 5th day.
Congrats on your decision to do this for yourself!!
Keep in touch as you approach your date...this site and the folks here are so supportive and helpful!
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I never felt "too tight" like I couldn't breath and my swelling isn't bad at all. Like others, I swell up more at night but it's manageable. If you think you are anxiety/panic prone then make sure you discuss this with your PS. I was given Valium in the hospital to help me relax and sleep at night. I'm sure your PS could prescribe some when you go home. I did have a little shortness of breath when I was walking around the first few days home and it could of been due to a little anxiety but it was not big deal. Best of luck!!!
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