TT and BL 7 weeks PO

32 years old, married with two boys, age 3 and 5...

32 years old, married with two boys, age 3 and 5 years old. Last year was in the planning stages, but due to family had to put it on hold. Had consult on 2/24/12 and have tt and bl scheduled for 4/10/12. Can't wait

I had my preop today! Surgery at 10:30 am on 4/10...

I had my preop today! Surgery at 10:30 am on 4/10 and my 1st post op is for 4/11 at 4:00. I will post pictures soon

Ate pizza last night and now have the bloated...

Ate pizza last night and now have the bloated after, getting all craving out now, because I will be on a liquid protein diet before surgery

Ok i had my tt and bl on Tuesday April, 11. We...

Ok i had my tt and bl on Tuesday April, 11. We arrived at 1000 and by 1130, i was out around 330. I remember the ride home. Took meds and was asleep the rest of the day.

I had follow up with my ps on Wednesday, they changed the dressing and e mptied out my drains. Had some swelling on the left side. The breast lift hurts more than tt.

My ps and nurse told us that day 3-5 will be swellings, i have been drinking lots of water and using the bathroom. I have this tickle in my throat that is dying to come out n im afraid to cough. Any suggestions

Ok today is not bad, I am standing without pain,...

Ok today is not bad, I am standing without pain, made a nice shower chair took a nice long shower. We have a walk-in shower brought in platic chair we bought for $.99 and just showered washed my hair. Walked outside for good 1/2 hour, expecting some family this weekend, so not much planned for the rest of the day.

Ok so today had my bm, i was expecting pain, but...

Ok so today had my bm, i was expecting pain, but not what i had...tmi portion, it came out without force. I don't know if it was because of the liquid diet and fruit eating since surgery. I didnt take lax, i did try to eat high fiber food.

It was an overcast day just stayed in and relaxed, drinking my fruit juices and eating my fruits. I actually ate breakfast with the family....eggs, diced potatoes, and fresh pineapples. I had a grilled chicken salad. I forgot about the almonds. Will try to go to the farmers market on Sunday for fresh fruits.

So had my two weeks PO visit. The stiches from TT...

So had my two weeks PO visit. The stiches from TT were removed, yes. Still have one drain in (the left-putting out 30cc) The stitches from BL only every other stitches were removed, there's still some tension. I am standing straight, no issues, some swelling. Staying positive!!

I am 3 weeks po (had tt on 4/10). I went back to...

I am 3 weeks po (had tt on 4/10). I went back to work this week> I am very happy, am being able to work. On Monday, I wore a skirt to work, had no issues, fit well over binder, by the end of the day, swelling a little all over. The rest of the week, I wore pants, I was surprised that they fit, was able to button and wear all day long, very happy. Everyday was able to have more room in the waist. I cant wait untill all the swelling is done, so I can see how many inches. I will start tracking my waist measurement 4 week po.

I also started walking/working out (in my mind Im happy) the first day, I took it slow and not sure how far I walked, but it was nice. Everday I have extended my distance(laps around the park, I'm not a fan of the treadmill. I am still listening to my body, not doing more than I think it can handle. Still enjoying every little daily victories
Still very happy that I did this happy healing!!! and ta

Happy Mother's Day to all you tt, hot moms!!! It's...

Happy Mother's Day to all you tt, hot moms!!! It's been a busy week, with going back to work and being mom again. What's new, I am doing my scar treatment, 12 hours, the evening night, with tape. In the morning after showering, I moisturize with palmer's vitamin E. This coming Thursday, my PS has me getting a massage, a lymphati Drainage massage. I am looking forward to it.

Exercise wise, I have increased my walking miles and added 3lb wgts doing around 5 miles or so. Now that I am able to wear sports bra, bl, I will be starting more physical activities, will be popping 30 day shred skipping the core/ab work out portion. doing lots of arm reps. and lunges and squats. get the rest of my body tone and tight.

Happy Healing

How is everyone healing???!!! Gracefully and...

How is everyone healing???!!! Gracefully and making progress everyday. I am, it's hard to believe that I had TT and BL 7 weeks ago. Well my massage-lymphatic drainage was very relaxing...I did and so do some my daily deep breathing and dry brushing. She also did some reflexology, I have to say, I really enjoyed my time. I am also do another massage at week 8.

What else have happened. I am exercising a lot. I have been approved for running, which I was enjoying, until the rain started, thank you early arrival of hurricane season in Orlando, so I turned to some Zumba and interval session with the speed rope.

I am waiting for approval for full wght training. I have done some very light sessions with 3-5 lbs wgts for my shoulders, upper back, biceps and triceps.

With work and all the running around I do daily, when I get home, I like to put a nice hot compress and massage the swelling down. The one area that I am looking forward to fluid reducing is in my hips. I fit into my pre-surger pants with and without my cg. I am ready for my hips to return to their regular measurements.

I must end now...Happy healing all and until next time...
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Very helpful. All of my concerns questions were addressed. I appreciated the staff honesty n questions concern of my family.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Wow!! You are brave to start doing exercise, I started to walk straight at 4 wks!!! Just take it easy you are still healing & wouldn't want to get hurt, is your PS ok with that? .... Ok just post some pics to see the new you!!!
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Bet you look great, cant wait to see your after pics!
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Awesome to hear that you are standing straight at 2wks po. Gives me hope!! Healthy and happy healing.
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Hey glad you are in recovery! As for the tickle in your throat, I managed to just keep doing the "ahem" way of clearing my throat, because the tiny cough I did let out made my damn knees buckle! Avoid coughing laughing and sneezing if possible! if you must do it, it only hurts for a second! Take care and rest
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Best of luck with your recovery!
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Hey lady, I hope everything went well yesterday and that you are recovering nicely with minimal pain. Can't wait to see your after pictures!
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Here we go, ready or not! :)
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mines is the 11 of april...
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sexy good luck n happy healing
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Good luck on ur surgery!!!!
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Thank u! U r looking hot
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Happy healing hun!!!!
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golden_girl_79, why are you going to be on a protein liquid diet? Is that normal? I don't recall being given any instructions about that at my pre-op.
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No special reason, just most protein shakes with fresh fruits, i had my pig out meal this past weekend. I have my eating plan n also help clean out my system tmi
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Another April girl in the house! Welcome!
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Hi golden girl! I'm scheduled for April 10th as well! Looking forward to sharing the countdown with you.
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Welcome to realself golden girl! I think you are going to find this site very helpful in your journey. Everyone is so helpful so any que
stions ask away! Feel free to post a few pictures to.
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