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I've been wanting to have this procedure done...

I've been wanting to have this procedure done for the longest time and finally, IT'S DONE. I got my TT on the 20th and I thought it was going to be much worse than it actually was. Yesterday I felt horrible because of the nausea but today I feel like a new person. I was able to take a shower and oh you ladies were all right on how good it would feel. I am extremely bent over but the little peek at my stomach made it all worth while. Even though I still have a lot of swelling and some bruising I am so happy that I did it. I'll try and keep everyone upto date with new photos as the weeks go by. Thank you all for the advice and the blogs that are on this site. A special thanks to Nancy292 for answering my questions.

I love that happy smile in your 4th photo! You're going to look amazing when this is all over. Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf. I'm thrilled that this site has given you the support and information you wanted.

You look awesome already. Please keep us updated on your recovery.

You are looking wonderful!  Rest up, take those meds and hang on! 

Yes, that first shower is the best ever:)  

Keep us up to date on your recovery process and keep posting pictures so we are all able to see your progress.

Thank you ladies for all the comments. I have my...

Thank you ladies for all the comments. I have my one week appt tomorrow and I believe I get one of my drains out. I feel great except for the fact that I can't stand up straight. I try to walk straight but it feels as if I'm gonna pop a stitch. Last night I tried to lean back in my recliner and I cried because I think I stretched to much and it felt like my stomach came apart. All day yesterday and Sunday I was basically crying not for bad reasons tho. Sunday and most of yesterday I was crying because I was watching something funny and everyone kept making things seem funnier than they actually were and I kept laughing and it hurt to laugh that I ended up crying.

So far so good tho. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't take any pills other than my antibiotics and my vita medica. I'm gonna try and go for a walk outside today and see how it goes. I'll take more pix tomorrow after my doctor's visit Again, thank you ladies for the support.

I haven't heard too many bad things about the tubes so I'm remaining hopeful.
The drainage tubes seem to be scary.
Kristi1966, I had my TT in Dec, almost 7 weeks ago. I was PETRIFIED of the drain tubes! I actually didn't do the TT surgery for 2 years because I scared myself silly watching tummy tuck videos on youtube & thought the drains looked horribly painful. The truth is, it's not NEARLY as bad as it looks. I couldn't believe it. The drain tubes didn't cause me any pain. The are annoying as he** but they don't hurt =)Mine didn't even hurt when they were removed. I'm not sure if everyone feels this way, but I did.

Well I had my 1 week follow-up today and the doc...

Well I had my 1 week follow-up today and the doc said I looked good. I have significant swelling but all in all I look good. The nurse took one of the drains out and it felt so weird. I have a video of it but I'm not gonna post it cause I don't want anyone getting sick on my account. LOL My next one comes out next week Can't wait. So far so good. I am SO GLAD I had the procedure done. Anyone considering it should. The first 3-5 days I think were the worse for me, now I just have to try and straighten myself up.

Thank you TRSmiles, I feel great. I was restless as well the day of my surgery... I got my second drain pulled today and I feel great and look amazing. I still have a lot of swelling but I'll take that over my old belly any day.. Good luck girl can't wait to see the new you.

Here's my week 2 pic. As you can see my right...

Here's my week 2 pic. As you can see my right side is starting to take shape but my left has an enormous amount of swelling. My scar seems to be coming along well but this garment is getting on my nerves. There are times when I want to rip it off and just go scratch crazy on my belly. Also, the top of my vajay jay is extremely swollen and hard. From what I've read on this site it seems to be normal but I'm gonna call the doc just to make sure. Oh yea can anyone please tell me when I'll be able to sleep normally on my bed? I've been sleeping on my recliner and tried to sleep on my bed but after 2 hours I had to go back to the recliner. Any suggestions?

Wow, your tummy looks amazing! Congrats on a great result and good luck with the rest of your recovery.


You look awesome :)
OH MY! So happy to see your updated pics! You look fabulous!! I mean FABULOUS!! good for you!
Keep us posted on your recovery. Congrats thus far!!

Photo Update

I know that's rite hun! LOL
Ok that's good! How long will the swelling last? Lol @ walking nude! Too funny :)
I don't know how long it will last. Some people say it could lasts months but I'm hoping I'm good and ready by the summer time cause I have to put this body on showcase now. Lol I'm so happy.

Well, its officially 3 months later and I'm still...

Well, its officially 3 months later and I'm still happy with my decision. Only thing that has me concerened is that I seem to have some pudginess near the top of my belly and just overall swelling. Thought this would be gone by now but guess not.Other than that feeling great.
i love the 3 moths pic, you look great!!
Wow… that three month pis is FANTASTIC!!! You are definitely NOT in Orlando there!! I had a TT and breast lift by Dr. Soto on June 23. So far I think my results will turn out good, but I still have lumps of swelling and my skin is numb & hard belly button down. Plus, I which he could have lypoed a bit more of the "love handles." Maybe with the tummy improvements I won't care by month 3!! Watching and waiting now ...
BTW, I have the same pudginess at the top of my belly! It's like that's where I store my food and swelling and fat, gets worse as the day goes you know if this ever stops???
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