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I'm a 38 year old mum of 3. Eldest being 6, then 4...

I'm a 38 year old mum of 3. Eldest being 6, then 4 then 1. I love them dearly but kinda done with the whole "Are you pregnant again" questions, especially since I've been working out like a b**** since last November! So, 1 week from today I will have a new belly thanks to Dr Soto! I'm a little worried about the whole drain thing and the fact that my belly button has a piercing. Apparently I will have an additional scare from it? Has anyone had this?

Mom arrives tomorrow, bless her! I hope the kids...

Mom arrives tomorrow, bless her! I hope the kids don't run her to the ground!

Today is the day

I have my comfy clothes on! Physically prepared yes!'s just really wierd to be having a procedure done that is not medically needed. Putting myself into a surgical situation for vanity reasons is really unlike me but I really want my flat tummy back! I live in Florida! I want to wear a bikini without people asking me if I'm pregnant!!! I'm small everywhere else and pretty toned too! I've worked out really hard and ...... Well...... This one is for me ..... Yipeeeeeee!

The morning after......

Feeling groovy baby!!! Meds are wonderful! And so is my best friend for lending her electric recliner to me! I guess the sofa would have been fine but I would be worried that one of my kiddo's or the dog could jump on me for a cuddle!
I did projectile puke last night which was fun! After I walked around it made me quite queezy, puking hurts, so I advice all to try not to Lol! I can also understand how ladies that have not experienced c-sections would find this tough but for those who have, only difference is not being able to stand straight or lie flat.

Before shot

2nd day post op photos

I toke the support garment off for the first time to shower. Didn't make it to the shower as I felt too light headed, but I toke these photos to share.

2 days post op

11 days post opp

Went out into the big wide world yesterday!!! Goodness it felt good to be out with the living!!! I drive too. I did a lot of walking which made me pretty tired physically. No pain though! The only pain I had was when my perfume made me sneeze! Ouch!!!!
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Thanks for sharing! I'm 5days PO today, and I very much agree with you. I feel it's similar to my Csection, slightly easier as I don't feel like my guts are going to fall out! Only difference is not being able to stand up straight/lie down flat. Either way, both made me miss tummy sleeping. Good luck on your healing!
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Same to you with the healing! Have you quit the pain meds yet? I haven't taken any today but still feel dizzy:$ just seeing if it's just the normal 'come down'
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How are you feeling today? Hope your recovery is not making you crazy!!! For me it's getting a little annoying as I'm so used to being in control of the house, urghhhhh my house is a disaster!!!!!!!!! I get my 2nd drain out tomorrow though so hopefully it wll make be feel more comfortable to try sleeping in bed!
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Sorry, I'm new to this site so I didn't know that you had replied! I'm 21 dpi today and feeling pretty good! I stopped taking my pain pills around 8 days ago. I've honestly had zero pain issues the entire time EXCEPT those evil drains! The very second the stitches holding them in were clipped I could hear angels singing! I've had mostly good days, but definitely broken down with my bad days of WTF did I get myself into. First one was about 7dpo and I was staring into the mirror looking at how gruesome I looked/felt. Then last week I had another meltdown because like you, my house has taken the brunt of things. I cannot wait to sweep, mop, vacuum, do anything! No one cleans like momma does ;) I'm still hunched over a little, my back is killing me. I'm a big time tummy sleeper so when I can stretch out and do that again I will be so happy! I have one last PO appointment in two weeks to remove my belly button sutures. Already I feel pretty great about myself. I use to wake up and worry "What can I wear today that I can hide myself in." I would get the how far along are you comments daily and now I wake up thinking what can I wear that I haven't been able to in years?!
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Great comparison with the c-section...I've done that twice, so I should have this down EASY! :) Happy healing.
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Don't watch anything funny on tv! It hurts to laugh which makes me laugh more!
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Welcome to the community.  Don't stress about the drains, they are temporary and not a big deal.  It's a very short term annoyance.  Besides they serve a very good purpose:)

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You will LOVE Dr Soto. I had my mommy makeover last November and I have never regretted anything about it.. He is amazing and so is his staff. You are in good hands, literally.
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Thanks! They are all so lovely!
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