ツ NEW PICS 8.5 weeks post op - TT, MR, Lipo 5/30

5'1", 137 lbs, 27 yr old with two...

5'1", 137 lbs, 27 yr old with two children ages 10yr and 8mos. Both delivered by c section which put a toll on my belly. Trying to lose 12 more lbs before surgery for a goal weight of 125. I'm currently a size 7 in jeans but my goal is to fit into a 3-4. The hubbs is very supportive which I'm thankful for. I consulted with three PS's earlier this month and decided on PS #2. His office staff is so pleasant, he has a beautiful facility which has the same licensing standards as hospitals so my overnight stay will be in-house, hes board certified by the ABPS, came recommended by two friends, and I also got to speak with an in-person reference that he also performed a TT on. Pre-op appt is set for 5/14 and surgery is scheduled on 5/30. Hubbs will be present for both. This is so exciting I can barely wait. Pics of me now are posted.

Hello lovely ladies. Did my blood work today.. Now...

Hello lovely ladies. Did my blood work today.. Now to play the waiting game for pre-op on 5/14.

Had a nightmare last night that I ended up with a...

Had a nightmare last night that I ended up with a different PS in a different location the day of my surgery. The PS in my nightmare had his shirt off, had a huge hairy beer belly, gave me a shot of anesthesia in my butt, and I remember asking him where he would be doing lipo and he kept ignoring me. Nightmare PS's nurse told me he wouldn't perform lipo unless I paid another 1k. I told her I had a set budget and she immediately got up to tell nightmare PS. He came around to ask me to pay in full up front (I guess the surgery cost wasn't due till after procedure).. and something kept telling me to run for the hills.. then I woke up LOL.. ugh. I hope that was the first and last dream I have about this procedure.

Happy mother's day to all you wonderful...

Happy mother's day to all you wonderful mommies. Hubbs treated me to an amazing breakfast then took me bikini shopping at Victoria's Secret. I uploaded a pre-op bikini pic..... oh the horror. -__-
The lighting at VS sucked. I don't ever expect to look like the VS bombshell in my bikini comparison pic, but I just want to have a flat tummy to rock this bikini later this summer or fall (hey we're in FL afterall)! I'm down to 133 lbs but still trying to lose another 5 lbs before surgery. Pre-Op appointment is tomorrow so I'll add another update afterwards. So far I have a nice comfy nest in my living room for recovery, I have a shower chair, a toilet seat lift/raise, and psyllium husk for constipation. I should have a better idea of what else I'll need after my pre-op appt tomorrow. In the meantime, any recommendations?? Thanks a bunch ladies!

Had my pre-op today, all paid in full. They went...

Had my pre-op today, all paid in full. They went over lots of information and they prescribed 4 diff meds - one of them is for anti nausea, two are for pain and one an antibiotic. TT is in two weeks. They will call me the night before surgery to confirm the time. I can shower 24 hrs after surgery - woo hoo! Oh and they recommend bioCorneum for scar treatment. Sweet! Waiting game continues....

This is it, tomorrow is my day. I've been pretty...

This is it, tomorrow is my day. I've been pretty mellow about it all. Not anxious or nervous. Wish me well beautiful ladies. I'll be doing the same and happy healing to the vets.

Surgery was close to 1pm after all the prepping,...

Surgery was close to 1pm after all the prepping, etc. I have 1 drain.. I'm staying the night here at the PS's facility. Everyone here is great and I'm so happy to have made this decision with this PS. Safety is definitely #1 for them. Hubbs went shopping while they were doing the surgery but was back waiting in the lobby before they could even call him back. I woke up from surgery a lil emotional but they were happy emotions. I teared up like a little wuss :) Pain level was damn near 9 when I first woke up but after my nap it lowered to around a 5. Nurse walked with me to use the restroom and although a little painful I did just fine. My pain did start to come back so I'm waiting on meds to kick in. I'll update with new pics once I'm back home. Happy healing and good luck to those undergoing this week.

Day 1 post op and I'm home doing well. The pain...

Day 1 post op and I'm home doing well. The pain today is definitely worse than yesterday. Hubbs helped me bathe and dress. I uploaded pics of my belly post shower. Please excuse the dirty mirror and floppy cow otters.. i mean, boobs lol. Those will be next ;-)

Holy sore muscles.. PO day2 has definitely been...

Holy sore muscles.. PO day2 has definitely been harder than yesterday (I cant wait till I stop saying that). I heard that at the 5 day mark things start getting easier. This compression garment is so itchy to my skin. I tried wearing a cami underneath it but it doesn't help much. I'm still hunched over and taking my pain meds round the clock. Hubbs has been a tremendous help. I don't have an appetite - just been eating spoonfuls of jello here and there but I get full quickly. Drinking lots of water which has me getting up constantly to use the bathroom. I'm exhausted by the time I get back to bed. Question - when did you all have your incision tape removed?

PO day 3. Feeling a bit dizzy and still don't have...

PO day 3. Feeling a bit dizzy and still don't have much of an appetite. The pain today is more tolerable than it was on days 1 and 2. So that's good. I'll post more pics after tonight's shower.

Day 4 PO - killer headaches today. Not sure if...

Day 4 PO - killer headaches today. Not sure if it's lack of caffeine or what. But my hubby got me an iced coffee and bought some milk of magnesia since I still hadn't had a BM. After an hour of taking it I was able to go and I'm much more relieved. He also bought a bunch of cucumbers and is in process of preparing a huge batch of cucumber water for my swelling. I heard it works so Ill keep you all posted. Not many changes today. Still feel exhausted after my bathroom trips. I'm listening to my body and wont be overdoing it. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow so it'll be just me and you all ;)

Well, I'm 7 days PO today and what a difference...

Well, I'm 7 days PO today and what a difference just ONE day makes.... Each day was miserable up until this morning when I woke up. Since my last update, things were pretty much the same as far as recovery is concerned. I caught a fever on day 5 so I went to see my PS and he put me on another antibiotic just in case. He also took off the tape to let the incision air out for a couple days. Had my first real shower on day 5 with the hubby's help and it felt absolutely amazing. Day 6 (yesterday) hubbs went back to work and I was home alone. I pretty much slept all day. This morning we went to see my PS for my 1 week PO appointment and I had my drain removed! It wasn't painful; just felt like a worm crawling out of my stomach lol. They reapplied steri strips to my incision and I have to keep them on for 1 month. He cleared me to drive and I can also start wearing high powered spanx so I'm a VERY happy girl. I am pretty swollen around my upper abdomen and near my BB (and my JJ) so they scheduled me for a lymphatic massage this Friday. That should help some. PS took off a lot of skin and pulled me really tight so I'm still hunched over - but not mad at that ;-) I'm still drinking my cucumber water religiously. I uploaded some pics so you can see my progress.

I'm feeling better each day. I think I overdid it...

I'm feeling better each day. I think I overdid it yesterday. Went to the grocery store and my son came with me to help. Since I walk so slow and hunched, it took a whole hour (I'm usually in and out in less than 15-20 mins). When I went home I decided to wind down and take a hot shower. I was SO swollen ... So after the shower I seemed to have sprung a leak from my drain hole - and I mean a LEAK that hasn't stopped leaking since! I have my lymphatic drainage massage today so I'll ask them if this is normal. I also haven't stopped leaking from my new BB since the procedure. Have any of you ladies had this issue before? My hubbs told me this morning that he sees I've lost some weight. I hopped on the scale and sure enough, I'm down to 126 lbs. I'm 5'0" and my goal weight before this surgery was 125 so I'm on the right track - even swollen! Uploaded some 9 day po pics.

18 days PO and I feel great. I can get in and out...

18 days PO and I feel great. I can get in and out of bed with no problems or assistance from my arms. I still have a slight hunch but it's getting better each day. I still have issues with swelling but I know that's normal at this early stage so it doesn't bother me too much. The only thing that bothers me is that my swelling is all in my upper abdomen.. and it looks weird. I will see my PS for my 6 week appt on July 10th. Hopefully he'll tell me to ditch the CG and start light cardio. Honestly the CG doesn't really bother me because I switched to Spanx 9 days post op and it's super comfy. I uploaded new pics.

8.5 weeks post op and I feel great lately. No...

8.5 weeks post op and I feel great lately. No more discomfort really and I was cleared to start working out back at 6 weeks post op (I admit I haven't even started though). I was doing P90X pre surgery so I'll start it again tomorrow. Doc said I can do what I want, but obviously if it hurts, stop. My upper abs feel slightly sore when I get up from a laying down position without using my arms, but it's nothing I can't handle.. Friends and family compliment how I look all the time, and I feel so confident - I would do this surgery all over again if I had to. Totally worth it. I have maintained my post op weight of 126 (was 134 pre op) and I recently went shopping for new clothes and I'm down to a size 3-4 in jeans, and a SM in shirts. Before my surgery I wore a size 7-8 in jeans and a M in shirts. I posted some updated pics of my progress.
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Looking great! I would like to get your ps name and number! I live very close and I'm looking into a TT and yours looks very nice. Thank you.
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Hi I am looking to get a TT and BA. I was wondering if your could tell me the PS you went to. I am also in Orlando. Thanks!!
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Christen27, I wrote you a private message.
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Thank you so much! I'm sure that you're feeling great right now! And looking great too
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Hi there. I have been able to maintain my weight after I lost 30 pounds by eating relatively low carb (and only the good carbs like whole grains, brown rice, etc). Lots of protein and at least 1 gallon of water daily. Good luck!
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Hello Ladies...I'm having my TT and waist lipo on Sept 4. I'm a bit anxious. I've had 2 c sections and I'm ready for a new body. I'm trying to shed some pounds before the big day. I haven't been too successful. Any tips?
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Hey there. Read the tip below for weight loss and maintenance. I tried replying to your original comment but it posted as a main comment, not a reply to yours.
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You look excellent!!! So skinny!
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Thank you!!!
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Looking great girlfriend
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Thank you. So do you! Hot momma!
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Looking good Freedom27! I know you must be excited about your results.
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Thank you! I really am happy with my results.
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Your swelling has gone down alot. You look fantastic!
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Thank you :)
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It's here to stay. I had 102 ml within the last 24 hrs. They want less than 30 for it to come out. Oy!
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Oh poo. Well hopefully not much longer. Maybe another week.
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You look amazing! Lucky you don't have any drains! They're a pain! LOL.
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You're looking great yourself. Yes the drain was a pain. It came out on day 7 thankfully. Hopefully you wont have to wear it much longer.
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Looking great freedom! Congrats
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Thank you!
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